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Light on plug doesn't come on

\015 I'm trying to get my toyotomi air conditioner to work. I can't even get the light on the plug to appear. I think I need to change a fuse?? But how?\015

Answers :

Most things are put together with a philps screw. sometimes star screws. start there unscrew all the screws you can find some might be hidden. no screws its a snap together plastic piece take a flathead screw driver to pry gently on a corner low...in case u dent it..if you ever get it open fallow the ac cord inside and it lead you to the fuses. sometimes they put a fuse link inline with ac input cord and heat shrink it...get your ohm meter out and test all fuses you find for continuity.\015\012replace with exact if new one blows you have a short somewhere.
Try opening it up to see if there's a fuse inside.

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My fridgedaire window unit A/C and heat won't come on. I had replaced an outside light fixture a couple of weeks ago and had turned off the circuit breaker that affected this unit too. Now the unit won't come on AT ALL. I've unplugged the unit, then flipped breaker off then on again. Then plugged back in and hit "Reset" Button on the plug, then waited at least 3 min. as instructed, but still no power. The light on the plug doesn't even come on when I hit the test button. Could it be a faulty cor

Plug a light into the outlet used for the A/C, if the light does not come on when reset then the circuit breaker that provided the power to the outlet need to be reset or replaced. ... Frigidaire FAS257S2A WallWindow Air Conditioner

I have an Everstar portable AC, the power light is on but no other light come on and the unit does not come on, except when I unplug it and plug it in it comes on for about one minute then goes off. No error codes no lights.

HI, your unit is equipped with a run time device(timer). It may be set to a short run time. Make sure the timer is not on.Secondly, Make sure the temperature in the room is not lower than the set temperature. This will cause a short run time as well. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Hisense ap-05cr1suvs that, after draining and plugging it back in, has all lights come on in sequence then shuts off. Any ideas? Troubleshooting in Manual doesn't cover this

... Air Conditioners

I have a GE window unit model number aeh12amg1. It has worked perfectly but all of a sudden it quit working. Nothing happens when you push the power button. I have reset the breaker in the plug and there is a green light showing there is power there. When I unplug and then plug it back in there is a beep and all the green lights come on on the key pad. any suggestions.

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

Ac wont come on trip plug lights for 1 sec then goes out.


A/C will come on when I plug unit in..but the controls are not lighting up or working.The remote does not work either, as it appears the electronics in the A/C are broken...unable to adjust the temp, speed, etc as the entire control window is not lit up.Unable to turn on or off with the contol panel..only be plugging in.

You need to change the control panel, but first find out what caused it to go out. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

No power i got the unit from my brother, who bought it a year ago and never used it. i plugged it in and it has no power. the green light on the plug in does not come on. i tried hitting the reset button and switching power outlets, but nothing has worked. if there is a fuse inside, does anyone know where it's at?

Do you hear a humming noise ?\015\012After sitting the compressor might take some timeto kick on..\015\012And after sitting - the blower fan can get stuck..\015\012Take the front cover off.. If you see the big barrel fan - give it a ... Kenmore 75085 Air Conditioner

My arctic king air conditioner won't come on after we have plugged it in and the control panel won't even light up we have tried all of the steps trying to get it to work and it still won't come on is there anything anyone could think of that would be useful to check or help solve the problem? Much thanks if so!

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Accidently unplugged unit without turning power off. when plugged back in power will not come on. i reset the plug and got the green light and when hit test it popped as per the instrunctions on the cord.

Because you used a common plug that already has 5 or more amps of current on it it would be bound to trip easily. Many modern homes that are put together fast have the wires pushed in the back of them and hence can't take a huge load like that. One ... LG Goldstar GWHD5000 wall/window Air Conditioner

Last night my husband turned off our window unit because it had gotten cold in the house, we got up this morning and went to turn the unit on and it won't come on at all. The light on the plug is on and when I click the reset button it lights up everything on the front panel but it turns itself back off. We always have to replace window units every year and this is quite costly and am getting tired of this. We have 3 other units that are older than this one which is only a year old but we also p

Must be a shorted capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

Air coditonar model 26370181. It's not working and it's a year old . Lights come on but won't blow. Fan doesnt. Come on what's wrong

... Air Conditioners

My samsung Split AC has some red light blinking along with a green one and its giving a different sound when i turn it on and the air/cooling does not come. It stays numb and the light keeps blinking. I tried fixing it by taking out the main plug and connecting it again but of no use. How do i get my AC started?

... Samsung Air Conditioners

AMCOR Portable Air Conditioner - CF14000E Our portable air conditioner was working fine. I turned it off and was going to move it into another room, it would not turn back on. There was no green light on the LCDI plug. I tried it on different outlets but no green light coming back on.

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I have a Feddders A7T12FA air conditioner. It was just put in for this summer and it is now not working. When I first plugged it in, the control panel would light up, air would come out briefly and then it would shut down. This happened twice. I then got it turned on after taking the plug out and putting it back in. It was turned on less then 5 minutes before it shut off and now I can't get it to start up again at all. Please help!

Unplug the AC remove the casethen follow the plug wire until you see a fuse this is probably burned out but, is only a symptom not the problem next look carefully at the silver cans with the wires on top these are the run and, start capacitors one sh ... Air Conditioners

Amcor ALD12000EH Air Conditioner -The power light is blinking. Turned power source on and off. There is a steady green light at the plug where the reset button is. When I press the power on from the unit it comes on and goes off bet.3-5 seconds. Does this have any thing to do with the timer?

... Amcor ALD12000EH Air Conditioner

My Dimplex dac 14006 wont work. When you plug it in to the power source it 'pips' to register electricity but that's it. Has been stored all winter and was working fine last time I plugged it in. Some of the buttons on top were pushed in and can no longer be pressed up and down and none of the lights come on at all. Is it fixable or should I chuck it out?

... Air Conditioners

Light on plug doesn't come on

Most things are put together with a philps screw. sometimes star screws. start there unscrew all the screws you can find some might be hidden. no screws its a snap together plastic piece take a flathead screw driver to pry gently on a corner low...in ... Toyotomi TAD-30F Portable Air Conditioner

GE APH10AA - beeps once when plugged in but doesnt turn on

It could be just the start capacitor for the compressor that has gone out. Easy way of checking is to take a screwdriver and short across the leads after you have unhooked it from the wiring connectors (don't touch metal while doing this, it CAN sho ... GE AGQ08AH Air Conditioner

I have a Goldstar LX86HACG dehumidifier. When plugged in, the light comes on and when turned on max you can hear a humming noise. The fan doesn't run and it collects no water.

Hello,there are reasons why your dehumidifier isn't collecting water.Normally, the dehumidifier draws air across a set of refrigerated coils called a\015\012condenser. Moisture in the warm air collects on the cooled coils and\ ... Air Conditioners

Have just bought a mondeo and air con doesnt work light comes on inside car and fan works on engine but not getting cold??

Probably needs a charge of refrigerant. A low pressure awitch keeps compressor from running if the system is low or over on refrigerant to protect the compressor. ... Air Conditioners

The light for the water comes on and the tank is empty? I removed the plug in the back and it drain but take a short time to have the same problem.

Check the sensor make sure it not full junk. ... Danby DPAC10061 Air Conditioner

I have a Samsung Window Unit model AW12EC87. There is no power at all on the display. The light on the plug is on and goes off when you press the test button and comes back on when you press reset so I know the unit is getting power. I do not have the owners manual

... Soleus LX-120 Air Conditioner

The unit is plugged in, and the timer digital light comes on with a beep, but nothing else on the unit works. Is there a fuse that I may need to replace? the unit worked beautifully one day, and the next day it was not working anymore.

... Fedders Q Chassis AEQ08F2E Air Conditioner

It has no power. the green light on the plug does not come on. i tried resetting it, and changing power outlets.

When you say you've change the power outlet I guess you mean the socket on the wall, and if am right then check the circuit breaker from the main consumer unit it has tripped and you need to reset it. ... Kenmore 75085 Air Conditioner

I have a never used air conditioner, I put it in window plugged it in, when you hit reset button the green light power indicator comes on, when you hit test it shuts off, the power will not turn on at all, can you help me?

I'm assuming that you're hitting the buttons on the GFI outlet. The test will test the grounding of the outlet. The reset fixes it. These have nothing to do with the A/C. Hit reset and leave it alone. There is a control panel with fa ... Samsung Air Conditioners

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