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Fedders air conditioner beeps but doesn't turn on.

\015 When I plug my Fedders A6X05F2B air conditioner in it just beeps twice but doesn't turn on. The outlet I am getting power from runs my vacuum and anything else I plug into it though.\015\012Any ideas?\015\012thanks, Jim.\015

Answers :

Unplugged unit first. Take control panel out but dont unplug wiring. Cut Firth wire out from the center on the touch pad six wire plug. Cap both ends and plug back in. now unit will run on high cool and turn it on and off by plug and unplug

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Fedders air conditioner beeps but doesn't turn on.

Unplugged unit first. Take control panel out but dont unplug wiring. Cut Firth wire out from the center on the touch pad six wire plug. Cap both ends and plug back in. now unit will run on high cool and turn it on and off by plug and unplug ... Fedders X Chassis A6X05F2B Air Conditioner

My nec RSC3337 air conditioner is not taking the remote signal. the battery is good and i have already tried using the force start holding it for more than 3 sec. i am getting the beep but still its not taking any respond from the remote. i have been switching it on and off using the force button. but inspite of tht when i turn it off it doesnt turn off fully i have to use the remote to turn it off. in other words i have to first turn it off using the force button to turn it off and the the off

Try unplugging the main unit for a couple of hours; it may have just locked up. ... Air Conditioners

Fedders X Chassis A6X06F2A Air Conditioner will not turn on without remote...beeps when you plug it in but on button does not turn it on, and we no longer have the remote

... Fedders X Chassis A6X06F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Fedders portable air conditioner Model AEP09D2B. I have been using the heater feature at night lately. I turned it off when I got up this morning. About an hour later, it began to beep and the Warning light was blinking. I unplugged it and went to work. When I got home, I plugged it back in. The Warning light resumed blinking and the unit began to beep again.

Do you have the owner's manual for your unit to see what the warning light is trying to tell you? I looked all over to down load one from the net to see what it meant and I can't find one.It may be a simple as the filter needing cleaned a ... Fedders AEP09D2BCOM Portable Air Conditioner

Water tank full light keeps coming on an shuts the AC off after about 10 minutes on a Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner. I drained all the water out of it I could and it does turn back on after I turn it back on and will run for about 10 minutes. Then it beeps 6 or 7 times and the water full light comes back on and shuts it off. There is no more water coming out of it and there is a buzzing when it comes back on but it will blow cold air until it shuts off again. Please help!

Dod u get any help with your problem because i am having the same problem and ofcource the company is no longer around ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

The inside of my air conditioner is full of mildew. When turned on, it spits out small pieces of black mildew. The odor is very obvious. I cleaned the louvers (as much as I could reach) with a Q Tip and sprayed the inside with Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover. That helped, but the mildew continues to build. The air conditioner is in my bedroom and since I have asthma, this is not good. I have a Fedders in my living room and have never had this problem with it. The Haier is only two years ol

Ruth this happens alot ive answered alot of questions so im going to make it short please give me a vote and rating the unit needs to be pulled out and taken out side sprayed really well with cleaner homedepot and lowes sells coil cleaner in their a/ ... Haier Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders A1A10W2B in wall Air Conditioner. Was working fine last year. Turn unit on last night and ran the fan for a few then when I put in cool no cold air will come out. It will make this humming sound like it wanted to, but the air was just regular air. Any suggestions? Does it need freon?

... Fedders A1A10W2B Air Conditioner

Good day, I have an Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima air conditioner. It only works for 3 days then turns off with beeping sound. I store it for months & try to use it again & it works for 3 days only. This has happened year after year? I removed water, Error code is '' L E'' The L has a dash in the middle. Once it turns off it will not want start again. I push start & the fan comes on but turns off after 1 min.

... Air Conditioners


3000 Watts is a little short on the power necessary for the compressor to restart. When it compressor starts it may draw 27 amps or more for a split second. 3000 / 120 = 25 amps. when the fan slows down it is telling you the voltage has dropped and i ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

My air conditioner doesnt blow cold air turns on and blows but the air flow seems to be only a little house gets hotter and muggy

This is most commonly cause by a lack of freon in the system. Unfortunately, the only solution to that is to call your local A/C company and have a certified technician come and charge your system. The reason you need to call a professional is beca ... Air Conditioners

Sharp AF-R1108X Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner was working fine all summer. The past 2 days were extremely hot out. the unit was working around the clock. the unit was in low cool and keeping up fine. Then it started making beeping noises and going into energy saving mode and cycling the unit on and off constantly and would not allow me to turn it off by using the selector button. I had to unplug the unit to turn it off. I left it off for about ten min. hoping it would reset it self. I turned

... Sharp AF-R1108X Air Conditioner

GE APH10AA - beeps once when plugged in but doesnt turn on

It could be just the start capacitor for the compressor that has gone out. Easy way of checking is to take a screwdriver and short across the leads after you have unhooked it from the wiring connectors (don't touch metal while doing this, it CAN sho ... GE AGQ08AH Air Conditioner

Daewoo dc window air conditioner model #DWC-055RL. The unit won't go down/pass 73 degrees, even though my desired temp is selected at 64. When I turn the unit off it then will read the room temp again and will go pass 73 but just doesnt go pass it when turned on. What could be the problem?

... Air Conditioners

I cant turn the outdoor function off my lg air conditioner. ever since we had a blackout our air con has had an outdoor function come up and it doesnt seem to be heating our house as well as it used too. i just cant seem to get the outdoor display off my screen

... LG Air Conditioners

I have a maytag portable air conditioner model mep09d2a .im trying to turn the heater on but it doesnt seem to heat up ,i only get cold warm air. why is that

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Maytag Electronic Portable Air Conditioner Heat

It will turn on but no air is coming out. - Fedders V Chassis A1V10S2C Air Conditioner

... Fedders V Chassis A1V10S2C Air Conditioner

Hello. We just installed a a Fedders Air Conditioner for Slider and CAsement window, 8,000 BTU's Model No. A6V08S2B-D, Seial No. BT502088035F. We turned it on, the lights went on, and there was a low sound coming from it but no air came out. We performed the troubleshooting guide and after checking all the items in the box, we still have the same result. Can you please help? A) Need name of authorized servicer in Richmond Indiana area and B) any suggestions you may offer. Thanks, R. Schillen 317

Silly question, did you verify voltage to the unit? It sounds like the compresoor is coming on but not the fan motor...a quick check is TURN OFF THE POWER, remove the front cover and CAREFULLY reach your hand into the area where the squirrel cage is, ... Air Conditioners

Fedders air conditioner compressor runs for 5 seconds then off trying to turn on

... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Fedders Window Air Conditioner A7X05F2B-D turns off and on constantly

... Air Conditioners

How do I know if compressor of my house air conditioner is turning on when I start my air conditioner? When I start my air conditioner the fan outside the house turns on, the air is blowing from the vents in the house but the air is not cold at all.

If the compressor is starting there will be a very small dimming in the house lights,if you go outside to the unit and start it from the outside disconnect when the compressor starts you will hear a whine type noise coming from the outside condenser ... Air Conditioners

We have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner. Last night when we went to turn it off with the remote it did not respond. We needed to turn it off at the switch outside the house. We replaced the batteries in the remote. We get a display on the remote but it does not appear to communicate with the air conditioner. The air conditioner continued to send out warm air when we swithed it back on from the outside. We then found a manual on / off button under the inside flap of the wall mounted sys

Check if the remote control if still good, using the camera of your cellphone point remote control to the cellphone camera and press the "on" button of your remote and you can see the light emitting from your remote control transmitter. If the lights ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Our air conditioner came on by itself this morning. we have been unable to turn it off all day and we are still unable to turn it off. we did however have a wee bit of luck this evening, when we pushed the off button the air conditioner turned off then about 5 seconds later it turned itself back on again. please help as its not even running cool air and it has been 40 deg today and is still very humid tonight and my 2 year old son is having major difficulty sleeping!!

Hi,\012\012Please check the auto programmed ON/OFF on your remote commander. May be the auto programming is running that run your air conditioner all time without stop. Check also your temperature setting.\012To hard reset your remote , remove ... Air Conditioners

Turns on and off by itself - Fedders A6D24E7D Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Sounds a bad control board/Remote could be sending a single, also another remote could be on the same line. ... Fedders A6D24E7D Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Wont turn on - Fedders A6Y18F7BCOM Air Conditioner

... Fedders A6Y18F7BCOM Air Conditioner

It runs awhile then beeps and shuts off - Fedders A6X05F2G Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hello\015\012Is the unit set for economy or on a timed mode?\015\012If so, set it for cool . ... Fedders A6X05F2G Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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