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Air conditioner My window air conditioner keeps forming ice on the inside behind the filter, why is it doing this and how do i fix it?

Answers :

1.wash cooling coil properly.
\015\0122.check blower fan motor speed
\015\0123.may be there is gas leakage in units
\015\0124.if copressure below then 300 psi then copressure not working properly.check compressure.pressure must be 600psi.
Two reaons for this. One, the evap coil may need cleaned. Two, you unit may have a leak and needs freon added.

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Air conditioner My window air conditioner keeps forming ice on the inside behind the filter, why is it doing this and how do i fix it?

1.wash cooling coil properly.\015\0122.check blower fan motor speed\015\0123.may be there is gas leakage in units\015\0124.if copressure below then 300 psi then copressure not working properly.check compressure.pressure must be 600p ... Danby DAC8003D Air Conditioner

New kenmore air conditioner 76081. All of a sudden there is no cooling, only warm air. ice forming behind the filter, which is clean. Fan mode will defrost the ice quickly, but when change back to cool, its warm air and ice begins immediately again. Any suggestions?

Try running the fan on high speed , but the unit probably needs some freon ... Air Conditioners

My frigidaire air conditioners spit dirt all over the floor. My window unit and my through the wall unit in a sleeve both do the same thing. I called Frigidaire two years ago and they told me there were no reported problems. I keep the filters clean and don't know what is causing this. My rugs and furniture are full of dirt particles when I use these units. I have had air conditioners for many, many years and have never experienced a problem like this. Please advise me if this is a problem with

1. Turn units off\0122. Remove Filter\0123. Spray a foaming cleaner on the coils (Dow Bathroom Cleaner)\0124. Use a spray bottle filled with plain water\0125. Replace Filter and Grill ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Freezes over Whirlpool Quiet Miser desinger series Air Conditioner develops ice behind air filter

If the coil is freezing up it's either a dirty filter, coil or low on refrigerant. Unless somebody went in and changed the fan speed to a lower speed. ... Air Conditioners

There is a wall of ice inside the air conditioner behind the filter.

If you haven't already, tunr the unit OFF & unplug it. Allow to totally thaw. Then remove the air intake filter and clean it thoroughly. It is probably clogged, which is what caused the unit to freeze up. But, do not attempt this, until the unit ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

I have a model AR DL10 remote for a Fujitsu air conditioner. The air conditioner's model is AOU18C1. The air conditioner wont respond to the remote after I changed the batteries. How can I fix this or at least find me a cheap replacement. Im currently using the manual button behind the air conditioner's cover.

After changing the batteries you have to depress the RST button and if the remote has the abcd slide switch ensure it is set to A. ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

Air conditioner won't turn on, green check filter light keeps blinking even though filter is clean

... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

I purchased central air and a new furnace from sears in Feb. '07. I can not get the filter in the slot al the way It only fits in about 3/4 and stops. I already ruined 3 filters tring to do this. Please tell me how I can fix this and if I can't fix it can I still run my air conditioner in this hot muggy weather?

Not sure about the issue getting a filter in.. Maybe check the slots where the filter slides for any obstructions..\015\012\015\012It is not a good idea to run it with no filter.. The system will get dirty and cause much bigger problems t ... Air Conditioners

I have a Jayco trailer with a Coleman 7300 Rooftop air conditioner. The unit is 13 years old and it doesn't put out the cold air it used to. I have cleaned the filter which improved the air flow however still not blowing cold air. Is it time to replace the air conditioner or is there something I can do to fix it.

Hi,from your problem its obvious that the problem is from the compressor.its bad and needs a replacement,however this requires the services of a technician and it will cost you a lot of money,however in the nearest future another problem may arise fr ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner keeps switching to fan mode. Which means on hot days it is blowing warm air. It sporadically switches to air conditioner mode. Room is hot because the cool air only blows for about 10 minutes. Help!

... Air Conditioners

Samsung window air conditioner model aw05ncm7 icing up not cooling

After I opened the front of the unit and discovered it full of ice, I left the unit off until it defrosted, so to speak, after the ice had melted, I turned the unit back on to see what happened. It is working fine now, I'm not sure why it iced up, if ... Air Conditioners

The lines on my air conditioner keep freezing and its not getting cold but the compressor keeps coming on

If your vents inside are blowing normal and your filters are clean, more than likely you are low on refrigerant and it will have to be charged. Also check to make sure the fan motor outside is working when the system is on. Hope this helps! ... LG Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner keeps beeping - GE Air Conditioners

... GE Air Conditioners

My window air conditioner keeps freezing up - Amana Air Conditioners

Have you cleaned the outside condenser coil you can clean it with a brush going up and down not sideways then rinse it with a water hose. Next clean the inside coild with brush and water hose. Sounds like an air flow problem. could also be low on ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a Pinguino Pac CT 110 portable air conditioner vented out a window. When I run it, the floor on the sides and in front of the air conditioner get very wet, although it is dry directly underneath. It doesn't seem to be leaking or blowing water, so what can I do to fix this problem?

The only part of the unit that has water is the condensation tank, try to inspect thoroughly or observe the said part. Also check if the drain hose is snugly fit .You can download owners manual of your unit at http://www.delonghiusa.com for you ... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC T100eco Portable Air Conditioner

We have a Jayco Expanda Caravan with a Dometic roof mounted air conditioner. The breaker keeps flicking on when the power is on and the only item we can't unplug is the air con. Firstly, is there a plug for the air cond and secondly if it is the air con can you recommend how to fix this?

Ring jayco for a tech to come and fix it for you.sounds like a short in the unit some were. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Sharp 10000 BTU 38db portable air conditioner blows cold air for 2 minutes then blows warm air for 5 minutes then turns off for 20 minutes then repeats this process. How can I fix this problem to blowing only cold air? The filter is clean, water is drained, good ventilation.

Sounds like the unit has a low charge and is cutting out on a low press safety. This is more then likey not something you can fit yourself most of this units are not really serviceable with out cutting the lines open and adding a valve. If the unit i ... Air Conditioners

Hi guys, i have a portable air conditioner 9000btu 'ariagel ag90' window) that works great for the first 5 minutes, until gradually the unit makes more and more noise until it shudders quite violently , returns to its normal noise and blows out hot air for 5 minutes. This hot air seems enough to cancel out the cooling it does. then after a while it cools gradually I've read alot about this air con problem, but nothing regarding the gradual noise and shudder. The slide out filter at the back s

This is due to the compressor going into thermal overload, It can be cause by really dirty coils preventing air flow,A restriction in the cap tubes or orafice, Or an over or under charge in the system.The noise is due to the compressor building up to ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have an LG Window Air Conditioner, model LWHD8000RY6 that has suddenly stopping working properly. When I turn it on, there is no power behind the cold air. When you put your hand directly in front of the vent, you can feel the temperature is much colder then the room you're in but there is nothing happening to force the air into the room. I have cleaned the removable screen so I know that isn't the issue. Help! And thank you.

Sounds like the fanmotor is bad ... Air Conditioners

Why will a room air conditioner ice up and can I fix the problem?

Freon leak, How new is it. If you still have a warranty take it back and have them replace it. If it is not under warranty you can try a few tricks. Clean the outside coils with a strong blast of water with the unit off and make sure the filter is cl ... Goldstar LG LUCKY WG1800R Room Air Conditioner

Window air conditioner cools (very icy cool air) for a minute or two then switches to fan. Will then stay on fan for about 10 minutes and then once again get "very cold", but only for a minute or two

Before I even read that far into your post, I was thinking "thermostat" replace it...It seems to be failing badly. If you take it into logical perspective...normally the unit gets turned on, then takes a bit to get cold, then once it reaches its pr ... Amana AH123E35AXAA 11,600 / 11,200 BTU Window Air Conditioner with 10,300 / 10,000 BTU Heat Pump,

I have a wall mounted Midea MSV1i-12HRDN1 Air Conditioner in my apartment unit. I keep getting a P5 Error Code. I would like to know what P5 is? I would also like to know how can it be fixed? Presentl

... Air Conditioners

Not cooling HQ2082KH air conditioner purchased 5-20-98. Used only in summer months. Yesterday started not cooling. No ice buildup, filter has been cleaned. When increasing the cooling number we use to feel it kick in. Now it is not doing it. Air coming in is not cold but cool but very low cool.

It sounds to me like u have a gas leak.you shouldent run the a/c until it gets fixed reason being that the cold suction gas is used to cool the compressor windings.if u continue to to run it you may end up in more expenses:-) ... Quasar HQ2082UH Air Conditioner

The PAC-260 runs for a few minutes, then I hear the compressor stop and it spews hot air. Pressing the reset button fixes the issue only to have it be reset again after a few minutes. Air filter is fine, the tubes are setup properly (ie. it is a straight run up and into the window). What am I missing, the reset button is supposed to be used when I figure out what is wrong, but I know it works (sort of) because when it works it still is very cold.

I had exactly the same problem. After some diagnosis I discovered that the water pump was not engaging so I checked the float switch, it was fine. \012\012A press of the red reset button turned the compressor back on for a few minutes but the ... DeLonghi Pinguino PAC-260 Air Conditioner

I have a heil furnace / air conditioner unit. The heil is model # N9MP2075812A3 serial# L024970895. It has an intl comfort evap coil Model EPD24B15C2 serial# X120393352. It was installed in 2003. I turned on my air conditioning and the furnace keeps cycling on and off. I checked the filter and it is new. It is a gas furnace and the gas valve is blinking stadily which means it is ok. It humms....tries to turn on.....blows for about 10-20 seconds....turns off...tries to turn back on...again and ag

Not sure I understand the description.\015\012You said the "furnace" keeps cycling on and off when you turn on the AC.\015\012But you must have meant the AC cycles, because if the actual furnace went on, that would an extremely seroius pr ... Air Conditioners

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