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Water dripping (almost running) out of the left corner of air handling unit. Help???

\015 I have a Ruud Air conditioner/gas heater with the furnice and air handler located inside in my utility room with the air handler sitting on top of the furnace. Last night I noticed that it was not getting quite as cool as it should be getting inside and the air conditioner kept running. I checked the filter and it was black & soaking wet! I just changed the filter about 4-5 weeks ago. I changed the filter again. This morning when I got up I went to check the filter to make sure everything was lookin ok, only to find water all around the unit on the floor. After watching the unit a while I discovered that I have water dripping (almost running) out of the front left hand side of the unit. I went outside to the condensation pipe and found that the condensation out-put was not as much as it usually is. The pipe appeared to be clogged with brown and slimmy gunk. I took a clothes hanger and cleaned the little "L" pipe out the best I could, which is only about 7-8" long before the pipe takes a 90 degree turn through the wall to the unit. The tempatures here for the past couple of days has been over 100 degrees and the same is predicted for today (current time is 1:03am). The water dripping out of the unit seems to getting worse. I have a dog and 2 cats, not to mention myself, to try and keep cool, but I have been forced turn the unit off until the dog starts panting. I have contacted several HVAC companies, however, with the high temps they are currently booked for a few weeks. A few minutes ago I felt the air handling unit and it feels cold to the touch. Any help, information, and/or suggestions as to what I can do on my own until I can get a professional here to take a look would be greatly appreciated. What would be causing this problem? Other than the water issue the unit seems to be working fine as far as cooling the house. Thanks. Vanessa\015

Answers :

You're correct in checking the drain pipe, because it's become blocked. The only trouble is, you're trying to clear the wrong end. The condensate water is spilling out of the air handler because that's where the pipe has a clog. \015\012\015\012These pipes usually have un-glued joints next to the air handler, for times such as this. If you can't pull them apart, you may have to cut the pipes and reconnect tham with fittings from the hardware store. (which is a normal procedure.) \015\012\015\012I usually use a wet/dry shop vac when repairing this problem, sucking out the clog & the water, then blowing out the line to where it drains outside. I've also used the clothes hanger technique to drag crud out of the air handler fitting. \015\012\015\012Hope this is helpful. ;)

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Water dripping (almost running) out of the left corner of air handling unit. Help???

You're correct in checking the drain pipe, because it's become blocked. The only trouble is, you're trying to clear the wrong end. The condensate water is spilling out of the air handler because that's where the pipe has a clog. \015\012\015\012The ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

Hi, Our Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is leaking from the bottom left hand corner. The conditioner will sometimes run for 1hr then start leaking, or a few hours then start leaking. We're aware it could be a blockage (gecko, frog or wasp nest), so we have put a cord up the water pipe from the ground. It seems to stop where the pipe would bend toward the air conditioner, at the top. Would you know if there is any other reason for the leaking. Or would you know, how do we check for a blockage in the t

Two ways to clear out the pipe. One way is to take a wet/dry shop vac and **** from the outside drain pipe. The second way is a bit messier. Take an air hose (from a compressor) and purge the air up the drain a few times. Works like a dream! ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My Delonghi DEM10 compact dehumidifier has stopped collecting water. The unit starts and runs fine with no change in noise, but after I left it running for 3 hours in my bathroom, it had not collected any water and the air in the room still felt damp. I have checked and cleaned the air filter, but this has made no difference. Any advise gratefully received.

Hi,\012There are many reasons why a dehumidifier will not work or collect water.\012Here is a tip that I wrote to help ... Air Conditioners

What causes the drip pan under the furnace in the attic to keep getting fill with water? Once I get all the water out of the drip pan the air starts to work but in a couple of days it fills back up. Should I try to clear the PVC pipe at the bottom of the unit connected to the drip pan or the PVC pipe running out of the middle of the unit?

Yes the drain needs to be cleared,use air pressure if you can,and hot water afterwards,this will do the trick,I hope this was helpful,thank you. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Convair TRB portable air conditioner and I dont have an instruction manual. I'm wondering about the drainage outlets on the rear of the unit. The top one (half way down) has a black tube connected to it that runs out the window with hot air duct. The bottom one doesn't have any sort of plug in it and water constantly drips out. My question is "should that outlet be plugged to stop the water draing?" If so where can I get a plug from to fit it?

That is the drainage for the condensed steam from the installation ....if you are bothered by the dropping ..just plug a tube ...and get it somewhere to be collected...it will not have to be covered for any any reason...it assures the well function o ... Air Conditioners

No Cooling This relates to the Fujitronic FH-797, which has no compressor but is designed to have water brought from a bottom pan up through the unit and then back down, dripping through what is called an "evaporation radiator"; this "radiator" is similar to a standard cooling pad. Theoretically, a fan blows over the water-saturated pad and the evaporative process provides cool air. I can't get the unit to dispense any water over the pad, although I have run it for hours with the "cool" switch o

The water pump or the float valve is not working. ... Fujitronic FH-797 Portable Air Conditioner

Hi have a fujitsu asta18 that is dripping water from indoor head unit , drain all good water runs away perfectly , but water coming from the air chute and through the louvres seems to be condensating on the plastic !!! Any ideas please as pulled all hair out Thanks

I would say that either your unit is short of gas, which is weird because you would of also said the unit has been loosing effiency or I would say that your unit is not level or has came of the back plate. If you pour water on the coil and it drains, ... Air Conditioners

My Rheem RCBA3765AS17 Air conditioning unit is leaking water again from the left corner of the unit under the drain pan. I just had this fixed a month ago and cleaned the reusable filter. It is now covered with slimey black stuff! How do I get that filter clean again? I ran water forcefully through it, but that's not good enough. Is there anything else I can do myself before calling a professional again?

... Air Conditioners

I have a goldstar air conditioner model R0801E that starts spraying water from the fan outlet after it has run for approximately 1 hour. I have checked the drain and it is not plugged, nor is there any obstruction to it, I have in fact drilled a hole into the 'formed' drain channel on the bottom which leads to the drain nipple located on one back corner. i have tried tilting the unit in order that gravity might assist and it still blows water enough that i can't use it or it will ruin the wall,

Seems i have the problem resolved by doing the following:\015\012\015\012increasing the thermostat setting from 25* C to 29*C, this will reduce the load on the cooling condenser,\015\012ensuring that the vent is set for 'fresh' as o ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

Leaking water Ancient lennox central heat/air, to be replaced soon. However, has been running almost nonstop trying to keep up with the heat. Now I see water leaking from underneath the part of the central air unit inside the house. Is this dangerous, or just a nuisance I have to put up with until the unit is replaced in a week or two?

Sounds like ether you have a plugged condensate drain,or the drain pan is rusted out.If it it clogged you can squire a bit of water through to unclogg.If it is rusted youll have to wait it out.Good luck. ... Air Conditioners

We had a water leaking problem coming down our wall from the air con, we got someone in to fix it, the problem was solved for about a week, now you can hear water dripping, trickling really loudly while its running making it impossible to sleep

As long as the air conditioner has pitch backwards it should drip outside the home. The trickling sound may not be water at all. It may be the coolant inside the unit moving. If you go outside the home you should be able to see where the water is ... Air Conditioners

Have model number FV4BNB006 air handler and condensate is not running down the coils and into the drip pan. It is falling directly on to the filter and into the air box creating a large water issue.

Be sure the unit is tilted slightly to the rear and that the back drain \015\012is clear. Also the floor of the unit should be clear of sludge,etc.\015\012so the water can drain from front to rear and out the drain.\015\012\01 ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Duo Therm dripping water in camper when shut off. My Dometic Duo Therm Ducted AC drips quite a bit of water when shut off after running for several hours on hot humid days. The condensate lines are open. The lines drip steadily while the unit runs. When shut off the lines flow a great deal of water, suggesting that the pan is full. At this point I notice water dripping from the duct work. Thank you for your help!

Remove the filter at ceiling and run the AC on cool etc, and see if you can feel cool air leaking across to return air inlet where the divider between cold and return is. Check along all edges, etc for any cool air . Careful of wiring, but you should ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Our room air conditioner keeps dripping water when it is running, what can we do?

Most window air conditioners require a slight til downward while in the window to allow the water to run to the back and rain outside. Try that and if that does not help unplug and slide the AC out of the ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

Unit stopped working so I took off the cover and found the fan not working so I pushed by my finger and its is running but very little air if coming out also I noticed no water dripping out the back. Could it be something as simple as unplugging something

Check the indoor fan motor by this method switch on the unit check whether the motor is running or not if not than simply move the blower clock wise direction if it start moving than replace the capacitor.   ... Air Conditioners

There is water constantly dripping out of the front left corner of my boiler. I was told that this could be due to the heat exchanger. Is this true and how best can it be sorted out?

It could be the heat exchanger if the boiler is very old or has been frozen, not seeing your boiler or knowing the make and model number I would say it is more likely that you have a leak from around a part that is treaded into the boiler such as a r ... Air Conditioners

My unit has never worked properly as it is dripping water and ruining my wall and my filters. The business that installed my unit is giving me the run around and ignoring my requests to fix my unit once and for all. They have been to my house multiple times with different "solutions" to this problem. The last time I was able to get anyone on the phone from Air Masters, the owner told me that he would replace my unit with a new one, but that you guys would not stand behind your product. Now,

It's short of gas. That's why it's forming ice over the coil and cutoff by coil sensor and then blower only would run. At that time ice become starts defrosting resulting to this water drop. Call repairman to find the return pressure by gauge. 60psi ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I was given a Haier ac. I installed the ac. It was running fine. I left the air on today and it was 94 degrees outside. The ac was on all day. I notice it was getting warmer in my room not cooler. I checked the ac and it was frozen almost completely. What can I do to correct my problem

Clean the filters and clean the condesor coil. You have an air flow problem or it may be low on charge which I doubt because these units are critically charged units. I would clean the coils and filters first. ... Haier Mechanical Air Conditioner HWF05XC7

About the Polar Wind Portable air conditioner: When the compressor tries to kick on it just shuts off again. I tested the start and run capacitors and they tested fine. The coils are clean. The water basin is empty. I can't find any other information on it and don't know if I can buy a part if I did find something that was wrong. The only thing left that I know it might be is the circuit board or a bad winding in the compressor. Any suggestions? Any contact numbers? Thanks

Have you chk'd the head pressure of the condensor? ... Air Conditioners

The front ac unit has very poor cooling and left running, freezes up and drips water out of the ceiling grill. I s the unit shot?

Another thing to check if it is a ducted system (blows from openings in the ceiling like central air) is that your discharge ducts are not plugged or obstructed. This will require removing the ceiling assy (4 bolts in corners) and looking at the duct ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Leaking water from front of air conditoner when running, more than a drip per second

On a window unit you need to have it so the front of the unit(inside) is about 1/2 inch higher than the rear(outside) so the condensation from its operation drains outside,set it in the window and put a pencil or marble and see which way it rolls or ... Air Conditioners

I have an LG Split room air con, HS-C1264F72. I have run it through the night for the last 4 months (normally 7-8 hours at 22C) All of a sudden one night, I was woken to dripping water coming out of the unit. Please help?

My airconditioner shows an indication ' C1 ' on it. at the other side it does not discharge water... do i have a troubleshooting? ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Monitor Kerosene Hotwater heater KWH 124 shows Code 4 but does not have air in the supply line. The water in the shower is just getting warm when it shuts down. Restarting 2 or 3 time gets it going. But running down stairs dripping wet is getting old. I suspect the flame detector or maybe a partially clogged nozzle is not making a pretty flame. Where can I get a repair manual and parts?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders model FESI-HHDO18-H12D air conditioner/heater and it has begun to leak water between the inside wall and the bottom left corner of the cover of the wall unit. What do I need to do to remedy the problem?

... Fedders Air Conditioners

Clogged up? Water does not drip into my reservoir tank. It is running through the air conditioner but not draining out.

... Comfort-Aire PAC-121 Air Conditioner

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