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Drain pan fills quickly

\015 I have a Fedders portable AC model A6PO952BCOM. The water from the drain pan needs to be released every hour.I used the AC all last summer and only had to drain it 3 times all summer. Any suggestions to fix this problem would be appreciated. Thank You\015

Answers :

On the bottom coil there is a small motor with a blade that goes between the coils to sling water//have a fedders unit with the same problem and the little motor was bad
Can you descibe where the unit is located and what climate you are in?\015\012\015\012Thanks

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Drain pan fills quickly

On the bottom coil there is a small motor with a blade that goes between the coils to sling water//have a fedders unit with the same problem and the little motor was bad ... Fedders A6P09S2A Air Conditioner

My Toyotomi TAD-30F tank fills up way too often. According to the manual I should only have to change it once a week, but it's filling so quick that I'm draining it every 2 hours.

... Toyotomi TAD-30F Portable Air Conditioner

On my LG window AC Md. LWHD1009R, I cannot find a drain hole to let the water out. The back bottom of the pan was filled water containing a rusty sludge, but the heat exchanger coils are aluminum, so it must come from another source.( I have a wooden shutter built over my windows because of hurricanes-nails? ) Is this unit supposed to drain, because I bent down one place to let the rusty sludge and water out. Its properly mounted with the back lower than the front, and I've had no problems with

Usually in the middle underside of the window units is a hole that water drains out of, you can always drill new holes in order to make it drain, Good Luck Tim ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioners drain pan keeps filling with water and cutting off the system. system is in the attic

Saleslong says:I have not had this issue in the pass, what could have caused the problem of the pan filling up and not drainingrejakwilson says:I Feel 99.6 % Sure that you Will Fing that this IS tour ... Goodman GPH1324H21A WallWindow Air Conditioner

Model#ARC-13w/s. the unit leaked profusely all over the bedroom rug. Condenser makes a surging sound,then the water tank fills too quickly,and shuts off almost every half hour. I worked hard to keep emptying pans of water and the rug smelled musty. The valve where the water empties had a slimy residue also.I got the ac in 2009. What do I do about the problem? my email is [email protected]

... Whynter SNO 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Model ASH 06LLs1 Serial # GR29518 2 years old. Was freezinfg up in front grill. Water in pan, so we made it tilt much more so water drains quickly. Befoe it would run, cold air and freeze. Defrost, wait 1-2 hours and then run cold for 1.5 hrs and then freeze up. Now AC not going on at all, no fan or warning? We re-set buttons on cord..no good ? BTW, what is the BTU size of this A/C ?

Hi\015\012\015\012The issue with your Air Conditioner can also be due to thermostat failure or due to a blown fuse. The thermostat is connected to the compressor. It won't cool if thermostat is bad. \015\012The usual terminals on th ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

My air conditioner evaporator housing appears to be clogged. The normal drain line goes to the sewer. When it is not draining properly, a back-up drain line coming from the same evaporator housing, drains to the pan (below the unit). Then the pan drains to a visible outlet on the roof (which signals the home owner that there is a problem). We noticed the roof drain line was draining last weekend, so we checked the pan under the evaporator unit, and it had water in it (which is not normal

If you are sure that it's not the line, you are going to need to get to the drain pan to clean it. Take the cover off (with power off) to access it. It's not that muchto get to it. Use a drill and a socket. Once you get in there you will ... Air Conditioners

The amana ap095r drain pan gets very dirty and mucky... but after unscrewing the back cover so I could vacuum both coils I dont see a way to clean the drain pan. The pan is part of the entire bottom (one big piece of plastic) and I can see the slime but cant clean it. Anyone have any ideas? Why wouldnt they make a detachable pan?

Pour some Mr. Clean in the pan and somehow use anything that will fit to clean the pan. Add more water to thepan and allow it to drain.\012\012As far as why they do that...They want to ensure you take it back for service so they can screw ... Amana AP095R Portable Air Conditioner

Ruud UBHC17J11NFA: Condensate pan filling up - condensate pump works fine

That did the trick!!!\015\012Thanks. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a four year old central a/c system (horiz. mount in attic) The bottom of the airhandler is dripping water into the secondary drain pan. I checked the drain for blockage, freon preasures and air flow. It all checked OK I replaced the coil and primary drain pan. Water is still leaking!!! WHY???

I get lots and lots of inquiries about water leaking from\015\012air conditioners and ... Air Conditioners

I have a unit in the attic that is installed in the attic horizontally. The condensation leaks out the unit into the overflow pan. I have had the drip pan replaced as it was cracked, the overflow line adjusted to insure positive drainage and no sags and raised the unit so it maintained positive slope towards the drain pan. I also made sure the drain line is not plugged by pouring bleach water down it and after a period of time, blew compressed air through it. What else could be the problem.

It sounds like to me that the leak is coming from inside the unit(air handler) possibly your evaporator coil is icing up and causing a build up of water just below where the 3/4" P.V.C. drain line connects. Instead of draining out the line, it is fin ... Air Conditioners

What causes the drip pan under the furnace in the attic to keep getting fill with water? Once I get all the water out of the drip pan the air starts to work but in a couple of days it fills back up. Should I try to clear the PVC pipe at the bottom of the unit connected to the drip pan or the PVC pipe running out of the middle of the unit?

Yes the drain needs to be cleared,use air pressure if you can,and hot water afterwards,this will do the trick,I hope this was helpful,thank you. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner. The drain pan seems to be plugged. Water is dripping in through the filter. Where is the drain pan located

... Air Conditioners

A/C drain pan not draining.

The drain must have one and only one trap in it. A trap is where the pipe goes up then back down so that water is kept in a section of the pipe - will stop the air from blowing thru the drain and not letting the water drain - may not s ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Air conditioner. Turn the unit on and the green on light flashes. We have replaced the batteries in remote and cleaned the air filters. I saw a comment about water in the exterior drain pan. Do you know how we can find the drain pan?

Call repairman to disassemble your unit and clean drain pan. And then restart. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

How do I clean the water drain pan? I drain the water but the water is dirty and I think the pan needs to be cleaned.

... Air Conditioners

We live in an apartment complex and have a Trane Air Conditioner, each unit has its own central air. I believe the one in our unit has clogged drain pipes, when we first moved in we didnt change the air filters and when we did, the filter was extremely dusty. My wife uses alot of powder and when I clean the drip pan below the grill where the drips into, I found a thick layer of whitish doh like crud.I feel like it is clogging the the 2 whites pipes that go from the drip pan into the drain down b

Hello You have to cut the pipe and blow out each end,You can use a 1"rubber hose from an auto parts store & 2 hose clamps, If you can't find the end.This will allow access in the future to clean out the pipes.It will slip over 3/4" PVC pipe.They sell ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fill-troll model 110 on a hot water boiler. The fill valve seems to allow too much water into the system (>30psi) unless I close the potable water supply valve. I have also observed that when I open the drain valve to release pressure on the system, the pressure drops as expected but after closing the drain valve, the pressure rises again even with the supply valve closed. I suspect that a restriction in the port to the diaphragm chamber is causing this behavior. Can such a

From your description it seems that the water in solenoid valve - fill valve is blocked open due to scale deposits. The solenoid valve can be disassembled and be cleaned; this is the only way to solve the problem. The flushing with vinegar c ... Air Conditioners

Water drips from the blower unit due to a clog in the drain inlet causing the drip pan to overflow. I can fix it myself. After removing the four screws at the bottom, HOW DO I REMOVE THE PLASTIC HOUSING TO GET ACCESS TO THE DRIP PAN AND DRAIN TUBE?

I also have a split type at home, it should have something that you can press on both sides to release the lock. ... Air Conditioners

Locating Ruud Central Air drain pan?? Water has started dripping through the ceiling from the Ruud Central Air Unit...can't find drain pan?

The drain pan is physically inside the indoor unit.\015\012\015\012grab a 1/4" nutdriver and open the bottom service panel your coil and drain pan is there, you won't be able to remove the coil properly but you could see if the system is ... Air Conditioners

Water is filling up in drain pain

These are mostly correct but most have a small drain line that feeds int a drip tray to disperse water over condenser coil and they can sometimes become clogged with algae. remove and clean with simple green ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Think a/c drain pan is leaking or blocked. there is no water coming out of drain. how can i replace or even look into unit to see pan? have rudd achiever plus 90 unit

The easiest thing to do is blow the drain out and see if that is the problem. ... Air Conditioners

Drain hose in floor drain but fills up water bucket

Wow, that's a weird one there. just to check, you did turn thr drain connection all the way down and remove the cap? nothing inside the drain connector? the hose is not too small or run too far? is the water coming out of the hose and in to the ... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner


Hi,Many newer units are made to retain the water and splash it onto the condenser coil...\012Clorox in the water will kill the mold and not hurt anything...\012You can carefully drill a hole if you want..heatman101 ... Sharp AF-S120FX Air Conditioner

Is their an interior pan inside the coil??? If the drain is not clogged, the air is working great. I was told the interior pan is just tipped. Now I am told their could be a crack in another interior pan inside the coil. Come on!!! I think they just can't get the pan level. What do you think??? Of course they want to sell me a brand new unit!!!!

With out inspecting the pan its hard to say. But a secondary drain pan can be placed under the unit or the primary can be replaced. Just ask for the original part once it is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

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