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Replaced window unit - new one won't power up (2nd model)

\015 The new A/C is actually a Samsung Energy Saver AW18ECB7 (not found on the list) \015\012\015\012My old Fredrich (23,000 BTU and 208-230v) widow unit was not blowing cold air; just the fan would turn on. I bought the new A/C (18,000 BTU and 208-230v) and installed it. It is for a 625 sq ft area that includes a kitchen. \015\012\015\012The new one would not power on. (There is a reset and test button on the plug w/ a green light to indicate it was working). The green light would not turn on and the A/C would not power on. I plugged the old A/C back in to make sure the outlet was working - it was working fine. \015\012\015\012I took the A/C back and got a replacement - same model. I installed it today, but it also will not power on. \015\012\015\012The house was built in 1937 and the wiring was redone approximately 1977. The outlet is on it's own breaker and rated for 20A-230v. \015\012\015\012The plug looks like this: II\015\012The outlet looks like this: IL \015\012\015\012I don't understand why it will run the old one that is much bigger BTU's and the same volts...\015

Answers :

Green light comes on when reset, when try to test goes out, power does not come on at all
The plug fit - wasn't the problem. Problem fixed: outlet did not have full power.

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Replaced window unit - new one won't power up (2nd model)

Green light comes on when reset, when try to test goes out, power does not come on at all ... Samsung AW0503B Air Conditioner

Evaporator Coil I have a Goodman A/C system (2 systems...1 for 1st floor, 1 for 2nd floor). The one for downstairs is 3.5 ton. the one for 2nd floor is 3 ton unit. Installed when house was built 5 1/2 years ago. The upstairs unit has had the evap coil replaced once, and repaired a leak once - 6 months ago. The downstairs unit has had the evap coil replaced twice -and is now leaking again. Model for the air handler is ARUF042-00A-1A. Goodman part# for the coil is P140142. Can I replace this coil

Yes, just count how many pins per inch and replace with the same number of pins per inch. ... Air Conditioners

Just put in a new ac unit and replaced a old one. old unit was 18000 btu and the new one is on 12,000 btu I used the same power outlet but the new ac unit starts up but then shuts down and seems like it is trying to start up again but it doesn't

The 18,000 btu A/C is 230 volts, are you sure the 12,000 btu unit is 230 volts most are 120 volts.\015\012Usually 12,000 btu is the biggest 120 volt A/C you can buy. ... Air Conditioners

I have a model # faa065p7a A/C The power cord burned out with some sparks by the test and reset part. Called frigidaire and they said you could not replace the power cord and had to buy a new unit. This AC is not very old and worked fine. Is this true because I see that power cords are for sale and never heard of the whole unit going bad from the power cord. Did the electronics fry or was I talking to the wrong person? They were not very helpful and just said to buy a new air conditioner.

Hello, i have replaced cords on many window units so yes you can replace the cord. I believe if you go to a online appiliance website they will have the cord you need. I have found this website online with frigidaire parts http://www.repairclinic ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a colman evcon split unit, I had a guy replace the thermostat (old electronic, new mercury) and everthing worked fine. One week later out side unit stopped and was frosted over on the outside. I can push the contactors on the outside unit and got power. I traced wiring down to transformer. I replaced the transformer with one with a circutbraker built in. When i turn the brakers on the transformer curcuit breaker trips...I followed the wiring on the transformer to the best of my ability, h

Hi, you do have a dead short in the control side of the system. Good that you bought a transformer with the breaker. Most people don't and will smoke several of them. Anyway, it is a split system. If it was iced up, it must be a heat-pump, not gas fi ... Air Conditioners

Why wont my LG AC model LWHD 1807HR Blower motor work after replacing with new one?

... LG LWHD1800HR 18,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Heating option and Remote - Refurbished

I have an old GE Weathertron which still works (except I need a new fan). The unit is about 30 years old, but some goob from Dave's H & AC screwed it up and they had to send a new guy (who apparently had some experience) and he basically spent all day replacing most of the internals for free. The problem is the 18" fan has a bent blade. I can get a new one, but I just can't get the old one off. I removed two hex screws (set screws) from the hub on top, but it still wont budge. Is the hub on top

Use sandpaper to sand the motor shaft.Then,Lots of WD40 on the shaft and hub. Wait for it to penetrate.Then hold the shaft with pliers between the hub and the motor and twist the fan blade right and lft to loosen it.Try and pu ... GE Air Conditioners

I have 2 Frigidaire window a/c units, model# fam18eq2a1. The landlord tells me they are brand new. Both units have the same symptoms: about 30% of the time they power on and function normally. The rest of the time nothing happens when you hit the power button. After checking the appliance plug in to make sure is plugged in, I then hit the reset button, afterwhich the digital display lights up completely, beeps, and then usually goes dead, although 1 out of 15 times it will power on and cool f

... Air Conditioners

Carrier 38CK036330 Hi,  I totally know nothing about air conditioning. It's getting so hot in LA and we really need help since our house has a 18-month old child. We have a Carrier 38CK036330 central unit, and it's not cooling the house as we'd like it to. It's already about 13 years old and we are looking for a new one to replace it. The question is we cannot find this model anymore, or do we have to replace it with the same model?? What model or brand would you suggest for a 1350 square feet h

The model numbers change.You have a 3 ton system.The make and model that you replace it with is not nearly as important as a quality install.Do your homework on picking a contractor that you can trust.Have them do a load calculation to make sure a 3t ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner


Sorry for the inconvenience you have had. The compressor and coils etc are 5 year warranty. This still leaves labor, but I know most shops pick up the labor for one year. I know it is still a headache, but hopefully you have some coverage from you ... Air Conditioners

I recently started my Kinmore AC window unit. I had it on cool with the energy saver on. It was not on full speed . After about 3 days , it stopped running. What is the problem? It's Model # 580-76129300 . Bought in about 2005 . What Model replaces this one , just in case it cost too much to fix this one? Thanks, Chuck Cunningham

... Kenmore Slider/Casement Air Conditioner

I have a whirlpool air conditioner. The model number is AC1504XT. I think it is time for a replacement. I am wondering if it is a wall unit or window unit. I am planning to purchase a new unit. Thank you.

... Air Conditioners

During an electrical storm my unit experience a power surge that caused my step down transformer to burn. Replaced step down transformer and check my voltage without thermostat connected. The compressor unit does not come on and my condenser unit only hums. What else could I be over looking outside of purchasing a new one.

Chances are that if your Air Conditioner was the recipient of a high voltage transient that took out your transformer, that same transient could very well have smoked any number of other components in the control system. It may not be worth investing ... Air Conditioners

I have an emerson window unit, model # 6JC63, serial #DM5024361170. The plastic knob that turns the unit onand off has broken. Can I purchase a new one? Thank you, Yvonne Houle- e-mail: [email protected]

... Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders Model A7Y15F2B-A,14500 BTU window A/C unit.. I am not sure what is the parts call but I found out part # CBB65A-1 and I have been search it from Ebay or Web didn't find a same one with 45+6uF +/- 5% , 50/60Hz..my question is can i using other different one to replace it? and some cable are burned. can I make my own cable from HomeDepot?? plz help

That is a dual capacitor - 2 capacitors in a single casing. Replace it with 2 separate capacitors , which you can buy here\012\012\012http://www.talonix.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=1Just make sure to match the voltage rating and the pola ... Fedders Y Chassis A7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Daewoo window A/C unit. model DWC064R - I have power to display but the unit does nothing. Does this mean I need a new main circuit board?

Unfortunately, yes, but before replace it check the fuse, if you have on in the unit ... Air Conditioners

Fedders window model A6Y12F2B "New Unit",,only 10 days in use! Just stopped working No Power To Master Panel Air Conditioner Not Working Fuse Panel/Breaker ok,Outlet ok,,power to plug ok(lights up) Reset button on plug functions normally Master Panel is dead, will not light up, non functioning controls

Take it back to the store. Manufacture defect if it died after only 10 days. Attempting repair or disassembly will probably void warranty. ... Fedders Air Conditioners

My kenmore ac wall unit model 75135 display powers on but the fan wont come on and you can hear the compressor try to start but stops within one or two seconds. The unit tries to start every minute or so. Any ideas

Look for the capacitor its usualy oval or round if its bad it usualy is swollen or leaking fluid it sounds like its bad if you need more help e mail me a [email protected] ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Replacing a o smith fan fse1026sv1 into York ac unit model H2RA036s06A. Old fan had two hot legs, one from capacitor, and grnd. New fan has two brown, old fan one, that go to capacitor. Tried wiring browns together put fan shut down after about 5 minutes. And it was hot all around the top above the coil. Any suggestions?

... Air Conditioners

I replaced my Rheem Power Vent model 21VP50-1 and need the owners manual to see what the distance from a windo is for this model. The building department is going to give me a problem since the vent pipe is 32" from a windown and muy new one requires 48". I want to show the township that they initally approved the installation of the Rheem 21VP50

... Air Conditioners

I have a coleman evcon, model # EB17B, and it wont shut off. i have replaced the thermostat, twice, the new one is a programmable one. i had to shut it off at breaker...

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Installed model 48203A876 s/n 061007181 ac in my enclosed trailer. added 9330A6151 heat strip converson kit. The kit came with a new thermostat, wiring diagrham, thermostat button and main control button that is the same as the one on the unit. Neither has low heat on it as an option. Is my original unit ready fot the heat strip or should I have to replace the thermostat, button, or anything?

... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Where can I find a wiring digram for the transformer it has 4 wires going into it on the hot side then to comming out on the 24 volt side.I took the old one out to replace it and cannot seam to get the wires hooked back the way they were.The unit works by pushing on the points but not from the thermostatIt is also brand new model no is PCK036-1 we only use the air side not the heat.

It sounds as if you have a multi-tap transformer. That is, the primay voltage can be 120, 208/240, 480. Most all transformers have their legends printed righ on them. Usually the 4 wires are a common and the other wires to the incoming voltage by i ... Air Conditioners

I have a weathermaker 8000 model 58TUA and it wont heat I replaced the hot surface ignitor because it wasnt glowing but the new one isnt either. The blower seems to be working I have no fire

Check your pressure switch after inducer starts jump wires to pressure switch if igniter comes on you may have ablocked vent or bad switch ... Air Conditioners

I replaced the power cord on a carrier ac window unit 24000 btu model yc-d , now the compressor will not shut off regardless the thermostat setting

You have probably one wire in the wrong place on the back of the switch. There should be a wiring diagram near the electrical compartment on the window unit. It will show you where the wire needs to be. You are probably just a terminal off. ... Air Conditioners

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