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Fujitronic FH-776T Is the Fujitronic FH-776T actually an air conditioner in the traditional sense condenser , compressor and freon or is it an air exchange cooler ? Thanks

Answers :

Yes, it has.

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Fujitronic FH-776T Is the Fujitronic FH-776T actually an air conditioner in the traditional sense condenser , compressor and freon or is it an air exchange cooler ? Thanks

Yes, it has. ... Fujitronic FH-776T Portable Air Conditioner

We have a dual therm dometic air conditioner on top of a livestock trailer. Air only no heat. It has been cleaned and very clean filters. Always has worked great this year got ready to start up and will not cool. Compressor seems to be coming on but never cooling and there is no condensation like always before....do these take freon and how do you go about adding if they do? What is your suggestions

Unfortunately this will require some specialty tools and most people don't just have them in the garage. The unit definitely has freon in it or used to. These types of unit never tend to have valve you can add refrigerant through so someone must add ... Air Conditioners

Everything happens in proper sequence, on a call for cooling; Cendenser Fan runs, I believe the compressor is working!, Indoor cirrculating Bower delivers air (Not so Cool) to the supply vents. I have noticed that the air temperature above the Condenser Fan seems to be cooler than the ambient temperature.

This appears that you probably have a serious leak in the system. You will need to find this leak repair it. Then recharge the system.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps You \015\012please rate me ... Air Conditioners

AC unit blows cold air in the AM and hot air in the afternoon. Repairman has come out 3 times. 1st time added freon and worked for 1 month, 2nd time he said was compressor, a new compressor was ordered, came back with new compressor and said that is not the problem, added 2 lbs of freon again and it is currently working. He said to call him when it is blowing hot air again so he can see everything when it is blowing hot air.

That is ediculous. He can charge it, leak chk and repair in one trip. I hope he isn't popping you for a service call each time. ... Air Conditioners

This is a weatherking central air conditioner. Had been looked at by another person before me. Wasn't cooling right is all the information I had. When I walked past it one day (this is at a golf course), I noticed the suction line going into the condenser cabinet was iced up. First thing I thought about was maybe it had to much freon in it. After looking into it further I noticed it was iced up all the way to the compressor. When I had a person turn the t-stat down to turn down, the head pressur

Sounds like the compressor is tripping it's thermal safety. You say you turned the thermostat off and your head pressure climbed? I would check the contactor for stuck points that are leaving the compressor running continuously. BTW, you should have ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

I have 1994 Chevy Lumina 4dr 3.1 Multi Point, Front W/D, F1, 6cyl. My air conditioner was blowing warm air @ 2mos ago & my husband added freon & a/c began blowing cooler air but, not as cold as originally had cooled but, was able to use to keep cool enough! A/C stopped blowing cool air again just a few days ago..Air was actually blowing warm. I bought 2 cans of freon & husband put 1 can of freon in & a/c still was blowing but, now like a fan. He then added the other can & both cans were able t

You have a Freon leak because all the fittings, seals, coils rubber, compressor seals and entire AC system will need to be checked out by someone that can find the problem and resolve them or you will never get this fixed. A/C in cars get hot in the ... Air Conditioners

Does this unit dehumidify the room in which it is running, or just the air from the intake? As I understand it this dual hose air conditioner does not interact with the air inside the room it is cooling other than blowing the room air over the compressor to cool it...though I think I just answered my own question, as the humidity would condense on the compressor from the air inside the room, while the dual hose is designed to get rid of heat without creating a vacuum. Thanks.

Yes it does. Whenever you cool air, you reduce the amount of water vapor it can hold. As a result, if you are cooling room air you are automatically removing some of the moisture from the air as well. The condensate is probably re-evaporated into ... Air Conditioners

Hello, my HVAC is constantly freezing, even after freon is added. I was told that I have a leak in the coils and need to chance the air handler - the outside unit is about 10 years old - air handler about 18 years old. I would like to get only the air handler for my R22 outside condensing unit. My question is if in the future can I use this same 3.5 ton air handler with a new 410 condensing unit once my outside unit needs to be replaced. In other words can a Goodman air handler be used firs

I'm new at this and I can't tell how old the post is but I'll contribute anyway.You probably have fixed the problem by now. I wonder what part of the system is freezing up. I don't have a lot of experience but I know you can get frost where there ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Air was blowing out of my vent as warm air when air conditing was on and now the compressor is broke. i believe it was originally low on freon and because air conditioner kept running, the compressor blew out. Can this happen ?

Yes, it can. Some compressors have a reset button that trips when they overload, and you have to push it in to reset it. Look for it near on on the compressor. If it triggered, you could have another problem.\015\012This site has some goo ... Air Conditioners

AC Out. Two year old house. Goodman A/C, two units one for upstairs. Cleaned coils of both outside unit, replaced filters, re-set breakers. Upstairs is cooling. Downstairs unit is running outside, not circulating air inside (inside temp 87). Vents inside are cool to touch, no air. Outside unit fan is pulling, but air exhaust is cool. Compressor ? Should air be circulating even if compressor not functioning. Is there anything in attic exchange that would affect downstairs circulation. Thanks.

Assuming that the 2 systems are isolated, that there isn't any cross over between the systems...It is normal for an air conditioner system, from window unit to central, to be able to circulate the air, even if not cooling. This is known ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic Duo Therm rv Roof Air Conditioner Model# 59516.531.The fan is blowing and the compressor is kicking on but it is not blowing out cold air. Someone said it must be out of freon. Why would there be no freon? Can a technician add freon to this unit or do I have to change out the whole thing? please help!

These are a closed system.(meaning that there is no fill valves for recharging) But a heating & cooling technician can solder them on and re-charge the system. Only problem there is to get an estimate up front, and compare it to buying a new roof ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Coleman rooftop rv ac unit. THe air it blows is not as cold as it used to be. the compressor shuts off frequently even if the thermostat is set all the way to coldest. The compressor will start again after several minutes and runs_air is not very cold_then it shuts off again and the cycle repeats. Is there anything that can be serviced for this. Can it be recharged with freon? Could it be the thermostat? Why is the compressor shutting off?

Try to check the condenser coil fins, there should be no clogged areas on fins so that it could properly discharge hot air which is needed to complete the refrigerant cycle. If the condenser heat is not discharged properly, hi refrigerant pressure wi ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Do I only need a new condenser, or a whole new split central air conditioner system? I currently have a Bryant 340AAV with a Bryant evaporator coil model no. CD6AXW036021ABAA, outside I have a Goodman Condenser model no. CE36-1GB, My compressor has failed, HVAC said replacing compressor would not be worth it. I was about to buy a used Rheem 10 seer condenser, but I read that the minimum is 13 seer and that if the inside is a different seer from outside that would result in it breaking down. I do

Hello!The HVAC shop is likely accurate when they told you it would not be cost effective replacing a compressor alone. My advice is to contact the HVAC contractor back, and ask him what they would recommend that the condenser ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have an RV with a duo therm rooftop air conditioner... when i turn the air on.. the compressor will run for a few minutes.. it blows cold air and then the compressor shuts down. Low freon??

It sounds like it. You may have caught it in its beginning stages of running low. Are you getting any frost or ice on the suction line at the compressor? (The larger of 2 lines). That is a sure sign. Let me know if you need to go further. Roger ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My RUUD UBHA 21J8SFGAI is not cooling my house like before. It runs almost all day and the house feels a little warm. I called an air conditioner repairman who told me that the compressor is leaking freon and oil from the bottom because the bottom 2 inches are wet. He said I needed to replace the compressor. He added freon the the unit and said it would cost around $700 to $2,500 depending on what needed to be replaced Can a compressor be fixed or do I have to replace it? The house is a lit

Compressors for household ACs are not repairable. Usually if a compressor goes bad, whole condenser unit is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, After finding out that Freon is low by seeing snow/icy surface on outside compressor, I went up in the attic to find snowy/Icy surface all over the coil inside the air handler. I wahsed it and made sure all snowy/Icy surface is melted inside and ouside and Freon is full all the way. Now when I start yhe system fro the Thermostat, the compresor and outside unit start, but nut the fan inside the air handler, so no air is blowing inside the house. Where should I look for ? This is a R

Hello\015\012Your still froze up.There is a freeze cutoff device in the air handler upstairs.\015\012Look for a thin silver color tube near the coil and follow it to the control box,there may be a reset button.If not, try using a hair dry ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Adding freon to my home air unit my air is 4 yrs old am tired paying this company every summer to add freon and it keeps flooding my house never gets cooler than 80 they come out at least three times a summe help

Why would you be paying for refrigerant on a 4 year old system when most systems have a 5 year warranty on sealed systems.\015\012Sounds like who ever it is servicing is ripping you off. ... Air Conditioners

Trane split air conditioning -XIL 14 MODEL- no cooling , condenser unit blowing cool air, compressor comes on once after start up and then dont't come on after that , condenser fan working

Shot of freon or loose signal wire between condenser and wall unit ... Air Conditioners

My duo therm brisk air roof mount ac unit is blowing warm air, the amp draw on both the run and start lines is 3 amps, the compressor is hot, the condensor is not warm, the voltage across the run to common on the compressor is 120 vac and the voltage across the start-common is 300 vac. It appears there is an oily substance on one of the lines, perhaps the freon has leaked out.

Yep have the leak fixed and properly charged. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi,I am really hoping to find someone to help me if possible. I have a one year old carrier infinity 4ton 17seer condenser and a 5ton variable speed air handler. I has worked fine but now i am getting a SYSTEM MALFUNCTION on the thermistat. When this message appears the air handler continues to blow and only the fan on the condenser continues to run but NOT the compressor so it is not cooling. At times it begins cooling again but then later stops cooling and shows the same malfunstion message. I

Hi,\015\012If this si what I am thinking it is, it will be very hard to find and prove.... \015\012The compressor windings have aflat spot and if the motor stops at the right place it will not atart. The voltage goes way up and kicks out ... Air Conditioners

Hello there. I have Friedrich wallmaster a.c ws16b30-a for about five years, a month ago it started not to cool enough, then i called service, the service guy cleaned the coil and recharged compresor with freon after finding that it was only 30% on freon. It worked good for about two weeks and now problem started again. Now compressor works for about a minute or two and than shuts-off releasin wery hot air on the back of unit and compressor itself gets very hot. Can somone tell me what kind of s

Hi,As it is already 5 years old, there could be many problems. Yes, freon is the main fault. Other than this, i would doubt freon leak. These AC's are more prone to freon air. I have no idea whether the repairman checked it for freon air. ... Friedrich WallMaster WS07A10D Air Conditioner

Hi there, iwant some help in duct type air condition (trane)60000 BTU .when i was gave the out door freon i recognized that the high pressure fans were off and the compressore was on ,so i turn off the air condition for seconds then turn on i found that the high pressure fans run for one minute and then turn off and the compressore still running ,so what i shell do????

I hate to say this but it sounds to me like you need a professional. You may hear some other advice but it's not safe for anyone to work on the outside compressor unless they really know what they're messing with. The fire and death by electrocutio ... DeLonghi Trane 5t Rooftop Air Conditioner Ycy060g1m0ad

2002 GMC Sierre Crewcab 4x4 Duramax Diesel A/C problem on 2003 duramax, air blower blows but air is not always cold. Often starts blowing cold air but the air gets gradually warmer as if AC is not on. I can actually turn AC off and circulate air in cab and get cooler air that way. It has been checked by gauge to have plenty of coolant.... any suggestions for testing compressor or another part?

Ok now you said,the system was checked to be sure the refrigerant level was full . It could also be over full causing a over preasure shutdown. The compressor has a low and high pressure switch, that will disengage the compressor clutch if it senses ... Air Conditioners

Condensation from my Trane xe 90 has been leaking then air stopped working properly( warmer air coming out from vents constant running.) Got a pro to put freon in system; air quality normal.leaking still continues. What could it be? What are my options? thanks eric

... Air Conditioners

We had our furnace replace this winter, our air was only about 8 years old and working fine so we didnt change it, well now , the air coming out of the vents are cold, but the condenser NEVER shuts off and the thermostat never reads what it is set on, it stays 2 or more degrees higher, the company that installed the furnace checked the air and said everything is working fine, and leaves me high and dry and HOT... the freon level is good, the pressure reading is good, but the house is hot and the

Hi, if the new furnace they put in did not have the right size coil to match the outdoor unit, it would run all of the time and not cycle off. Lets say if it is a 3 ton condenser, the indoor coil must be a 3 ton coil as well. If they put a 2 !/2 coil ... Air Conditioners

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