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Haier E! It will not work even when unplugged and plugged back in - it just reads "E1" on the screen, and wont respond to any button presses. Please help, its hot in here!! Thanks a lot This is a repost from someone else but I have the same problem!

Answers :

E1 means one of the buttons on the touchpad is pressed in. The remote will still operate the unit. You might have to pull the panel of, and check all the buttons. If all seems fine replace the control board. might not be worth it thou..
I do not have access to an owners manual, but I would first look at it and find that E1 error code.

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Haier E! It will not work even when unplugged and plugged back in - it just reads "E1" on the screen, and wont respond to any button presses. Please help, its hot in here!! Thanks a lot This is a repost from someone else but I have the same problem!

E1 means one of the buttons on the touchpad is pressed in. The remote will still operate the unit. You might have to pull the panel of, and check all the buttons. If all seems fine replace the control board. might not be worth it thou.. ... Haier HWC08XC1 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have an old Bosch TF 325 hot water heater. The pilot light stays on OK. When hot water tap is turned on the heater fires up but then the flames immediately start to go down eventually going out altogether after about 10 seconds. What part is casing this problem ? Can anyone help please?

... Air Conditioners

Please can someone help me!! We purchased 1 year agao a Viesmann Vitodens 100 Combi Boiler and have had major problems with the flow switch sticking. We have had 3 sub contractors come out and replace the flow switch and a Viesmann engineer come out very recently blaming the water for the problem with the flow switch!! Their are around 70% of combi boilers sold throughout the uk and water is a big part of a boiler working, we also found out that we should have a filter fitted to the main

I am pleased to suggest that you try to following. i would wager that the switch is installed in the horizontal position. try replumbing so that the switch or valve is verticle to the ground. . that way particles will settle down with water flow an ... Air Conditioners

I hope someone may be able to help me with my CH i have a alpha CD32C the problem is i cannot get the central heating to come on i have hot water but when i turn the dial onto water and heating nothin happens i have reset it still nothin the only light lit is the green hot water works fine would be grateful for any info

... Air Conditioners

The interior unit comes on normally, but the exterior unit - compressor starts - fan does not. Fuses check OK - compressor stops in short time. Fan never starts, just a hum, and hot to touch. Could the fan be the problem, or starter relay??? Help please.

Make sure the fan turns freely. No obstructions or bad bearing. And check the capacitor ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have just moved into a new house, it is the weekend so the estate agent isnt open to ask them. There is a Bosch Water Wizard 10p hot water system but I cant push the buttons down to light it! Its like all the buttons are stuck on a safety lock or something. Please someone help!!

Tun the knob to pilot setting then push. ... Air Conditioners

Roommate turned off our Electrolux Kelvinator split air conditioner using the auto cool, under the hood. Now the remote doesn't turn on the air conditioner! Just had a electrician fix the problem by turning off the main supply and turning it back on. Worked fine, back now I'm stuck in a hot house again. Please help!

... Air Conditioners

Brand new unit have 3 ton inside and out but unit runs all day and will not hold temp i run my ac on 76 but as the day get hot the temp inside will not hold at 76 ARS says they dont know whats wrong but they installed the unit said i would have lower light bill but unit runs all day light bill 900 can someone help please with a solution

Call them back something is wrong if it is that new it is likely under charged. how big is your house square feet and what part of the country down south 400 square feet per ton if your house is more than 1250 square feet the unit is under sized ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

MY frigidaire Air Conditioner model number: FAC107P1A2 has suddenly stopped blowing cool air. Check Filter light comes on but filter clean. Press Check Filter light button and blows out cool air for about a minute then blows hot air. Bought new at Lowes. Never had problem before with this air conditioner for 6 years! Please help burning up!

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Frigidaire FAC107P1A Wall/Window Air Conditioner

AMANA ACB087R, reading E1 on display and none of the buttons work at this time. Someone please help me solve this problem. Thanks.

Hi,\012Here is a tip that gives a further explanation of that E-1 code. The causes of the E-1 code can be varied depending or the brand of your air conditioner.Read through this tip... it will help you under ... Amana Air Conditioners

Our Mitsubishi FDC506HES ducted air conditioner keeps shutting off on hot and cold after about 10 minutes and flashes and the comes up with the error code E3.It will heat for those 10 monutes before it shuts down but it will not really cool at all. Please help. We cant afford to get someone to fix it. We just paid a guy to come and look at it $120 and still he said he didnt know and would have to contact Mitsubishi and get back to us. $120 for that. That was a good portion of our weekly budget G

Try to reset the error by disconnecting the circuit breaker for 10sec. and "on" again then operate the unit. But if wont work may there some parts that are defective that trigger the error E3. Replacement of pars is needed for this problem. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Unit leaking ever since i had a new central ac and heating system installed i have a problem with water leaking. the unit is on the 2nd floor and it leaks thru the kitchen ceiling which is rite below the unit. please someone help

Leakage from my central air unit from drain pan, please help ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

Lost Manual Hi there, i have a Toshiba heat pump in my wee flat, and i cannot find the manual, being winter i cannot figure out how to get it to go hot, seems to blow alot of cold air, can someone please help me. Thanks

It is probably on airconditioning (cooling), if you have Toshiba remote it should be a picture of a sun meaning "Heat", never go for "Automatic" wich cools and heats succsessivly to maintain ONE temperature, go for "Heat" when its cold! ... Air Conditioners

My carrier A/C YHB243D this window unit was working find. But about one week ago only blows out cold air and sometimes only hot air but now it blows only regular air, and doesn't work nither the cool or heat air. what could be wrong with it?_a) could be- the thermostate that goest at it front with its condenser unit? b) could be the whole temperature switch ? or what else can be its problem, please help! and tell me where I can get the replacement part

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi there, My Heatrae Sadia Megaflo d145he has stopped working and I no longer have hot water. I called out the manufacturers engineer but he said the problem was that there was no electricity going to the boiler, I also spoke to an electrician who said that the timer may be broken, but how can I test whether it's broken? It's light up when I click the boost feature (it's a newlec nle7) Can someone please advise me on what to do?

... Air Conditioners

I have a 13500 Dometic roof mounted ducted AC on my motorhome. I have changed the Board twice and the thermostat once and the same problem occures. When you first put the AC on it works fine until it goes to recycle and it kicks off and will not come back on until it deceides to. It might be a hour or several hours. Then when it kicks off it does the same thing. We have checked everything and nothing on the unit is getting hot or is burned. Please help.

May need start capacitor and relay (called start kit) or some of the compressors have a thermal overload under the compressor cap. If it's a thermal overload, it has a bimetal disc and when it reaches a set temperature (hot) the disc will warp openin ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have hot water coming through the cold water taps in the house, there is a check valve on the cold water return side of the water heater. could this be the problem? The cold water line feeding the hot water tank is also hot, could there be a problem with the tank as well. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

I have seen a faucet that has a valve on the end (like your pull up on the shower)back feed the hot water or yes you could have a bad ck valve dan ... Air Conditioners

I have replaced my water pump , replaced 3 thermostats, and by pass hose,and a bleeder line and my 2005 Impala is still overheating. Please give me some answers to my problem. I have spent over $600 on this problem and still no solution. Please help.

Try flushing the radiator with a commercial grade radiator flush. The radiator sounds as if it may be clogged and not distributing enough coolant throughout the system. The factory coolant GM uses can really screw up a coolant system over time. ... Air Conditioners

Our model is the ART30RLA ducted airconditioner and we are having problems with it. The problem is that it will not cool down, everything is running but it won't get cool. Could you please help us with this problem.

To get proper cool, keep the tips as follows:1. Check air filter is cleaned. 2. Check indoor coil is cleaned. 3. Checkindoor blower motor is working. 4. Keep in cool mode. 5. Set temp minimum 3degrees less than room temp.6.Check compressor is w ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Compressor I have a air condition unit that blows out cold air for a little while and then the air in neither cold nor hot. I had someone come and check it out and they said the compressor was bad. Is that really the problem or could it be something else? The model I have is Intertherm T3RC-042K. I just don't want to have to spend that much money on fixing the compressor and that is not the problem. If it is the problem, is it something that can be done yourself or does a professional need to do

If the unit does blow out cold air for a few minuets then quits it could be a low pressure cut out that will turn off the compressor because the unit is low charged mening there is a leak in the sealed system i would get a second opinion and show th ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

I have a Peterson Real-Frye ceramic vent-free fireplace/ log set in my bedroom and my problem is that the log set constantly shut off and the piole goes out. What is my problem and how can this problem be rectified. I have proper ventilation because I've tried using the fireplace with my bedroom door opened. PLEASE HELP ME< I'M COLD!!!!!

First off, operating a VF gaslog more than 10K BTU in a bedroom is illegal and against code, mainly because it is considered a confined space. What's happening is the ODS (Oxygen Depletion Switch) is shutting down the unit due to lack of combuston ai ... Air Conditioners

I have old rheem ruud hot water tank. it's down for 4 day's, i would like to get it started, but the thing i would like to find out is can i get it going by lighting it up by using lighter or not. The hot water tank Mod. RR40-38M and the Ser # 1297J32709. Please help me i hade been without hot water for 4 day's. Thank you.

Yes you can light it with a BBQ type lighter (long enough).If it lights and stays lit then you need to change the thermocouple (looks like a little pipe off gas valve)In simplest terms, a thermocouple is a temperature sensor. Normal ... Air Conditioners

Hi guys, I try to solve this problem i have with my AC unit American Standard YCC048F. Short: The heating and cooling are ok, the only problem is the fan doesn't turn off even if heat or cool turns off. Some times even if i put the thermostat is on off the fan starts running. I try to find a relay for the fan but i don't know what can be the problem. Please help, for now i am switching on/off the unit to have it run. Thank you. Costi

If the unit has printed circuit board the relay maybe in it which has probably welded contacts, must change the pcb then or try tapping it, it might help or even, try off and on power at circuit breaker it migt reset the pcb. ... Air Conditioners

Condensing unit while weed eating the yard i accidently got the airconditioning unit wire wrapped around the weed eater. The unit immediately shut off. There is no visible cut or damage to the copper wire, but it did cut through the plastic surrounding the wire. Can someone please tell me what i might be able to do to try and get the unit to come back on. once again it doesnt seem to have any damage to the wire. I flipped the breaker off and back on and reset the thermostate... please help!

Probably one of the wires going to the control board or contactor has been pulled off when this happened. If you feel comfortable trying to reconnect these comment me back and I will try to walk you through it. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE CONDENSER HAS ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My daughter has a rheem t874r1442 and trying to replace it with a hunter thermostat but when she wires it up she gets hot air at lower tempertures and cold at ninty....Please help me help her....

... Air Conditioners

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