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Condenser fan mounting

\015 What direction should the fan blade rotate when viewed looking down at unit?\015\012\015\012What is the blade mounting height?\015

Answers :

Most condenser fan turn ccw looking down into the unit and should be mounted about 1" from motor. A good check is that the air is moving up and out and drawing through the condenser.\015\012\015\012Thanks

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The condenser fan mounting holes on a tempstar

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Mitsubishi MUZ-A42ANA heat pump and MSZ-A42ANA indoor fan unit worked like a charm for over a year. Still does. But the condensed water removal operation (A wall mounted 2”x2” mini pump, Sauermann SI3100UN-23, 230v 50/60 Hz 18w, Made in France, removes water through plastic tubing from the indoor unit to the roof mounted heat pump 8 feet above) is making a vibrating noise each time it is activated, about every 30 seconds or so. Water is being sucked out, bubbles inside tubing and all, but the

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Condenser fan mounting

Most condenser fan turn ccw looking down into the unit and should be mounted about 1" from motor. A good check is that the air is moving up and out and drawing through the condenser.\015\012\015\012Thanks ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

Rheem condensing unit fan motor failure?................3rd motor was replaced by contractor on 3 year old unit. Unit starts vibrating very badly and will also start vibrating when blocking airflow. All mounting screws are tight. Is there an issue going on with these GE motors? What is the issue here? Contractors have not seen this type of issue before. R-410A, Model: RANL-030-JAZ

Could be the fan blade is the issue for vibration. Perhaps the blade was bent or somewhat damaged during failures or during the fan motor replacement process.\015\012\015\012Might try replacing the blade. Be sure to install the correct bl ... Air Conditioners

Hi my name is Tony and i attended a site with a sharp wall mount split, don't have indoor details but the condenser is a AE-X099E R22 unit. the problem is that on heating the system works fine for about an hour then the indoor fan stops and the yellow light flashes on and off at the same time the compressor stops and the outdoor runs for a while before it stops. any ideas.

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I have a heat pump and a new condenser Payne made by Carrier was installed 7/12. My problem is I live in east coast and I notice that the condenser is on but the fan doesnt turn on in synch with condenser. Called a contractor but they said it is motor problem in the blower and it was changed. That didnt solved the problem,I notice that the condenser will turn on and the fan will turn on maybe after 10 min.Need some advice pls.. t

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We have been given a Heritage Ceiling Fan - model # 6EMW52AB4BH - it was bought by someone who is now deceased and was never used or installed. When we opened the box to try to install it there are missing parts: 1. Mounting "j" Hook 2. Mounting bracket 3. Canopy Mounting Screw & Lock Washer (for close mounting purpose - which is how we wish to install it.) where can we obtain these parts so that we may use the fan. thank you.

Hello\015\012Lowes or home depot sells parts for ceiling fans.\015\012\015\012Or contact the manufacture online with your model# and they will send them too you.\015\012\015\012A link too your fan manufacturer.\015 ... Air Conditioners

I have a comfortmaker unit with heat strips. The blower fan comes in and blows cool air. I have checked voltage at the transformer, and it is producing 24 vac. The contactor for the fan and condenser never pull in so I replaced the defrost control circuit board. Still only blows cool air and the defrost cycle never comes on. I jump 24vac to the coil on contactor and the defrost fan came on and the condenser came on so the fan motor and start/run capacitor are good. Any suggestions.

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Wall-mount A/C unit leaking behind fan blower

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I noticed some straining noise coming from my a/c unit today. The fan on top of the condenser runs fine but as soon as the compressor tries to kick on the fan stops for a split second and you get a kind of surging noise from the condenser unit. Then the fans kicks back on, the the process repeats itself every couple of minutes. Meanwhile no cold air is being produced inside the house. Any ideas?

You amy ahave a bvad capacitor on the outside unit. It starts the fan and the compressor. You can change this yourself. Open the outside panel and you will see a silver canister with terminals out the top. Replace this and I think your problem will g ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

There is a condensate build up in my Trane XP 100 Air handler located in my hot Florida garage. The unit sweats on the out side and inside water drips through the heating unit which now shows rust marks and onto the squirrel cage fan. Condensate water is then splahed onto the fiberglass insulated walls of th air handler. Mold is beginning to build up both on the inside walls and on the fan unit. The air handler performs fine. My home is kept cool, but I am concerned about this condensate and

This is complicated, as you know condensation can not be avoided when cold air comes in contact withhot humid air. Here is what I would try. You have to gain access to your evap coil. Which means tearing into the sheet metal cover. The updraft ... Air Conditioners

I have a condenser fan failure on an Amcor portable air-conditioner model number PLM 14000EH. I need to make a decision on repair or replace. Please give me an estimate of the cost of replacing the condenser fan and the fan motor including shipping to your repair facility.

FixYa is not a repair facility. It's a web site where people ask questions about how to fix items they have. Try looking in the owners manual for a telephone number or website for the manufacturer. ... Amcor PLM-14000E Portable Air Conditioner

I have an SMC ceiling fan, unknown what model number, which I bought from Canadian Tire a number of years ago. I had installed it once at a previous location, then moved and stored it for a while. I recently had it reinstalled and noticed that I was missing the blade mounts that fit onto the blades and into the housing. Canadian Tire no longer carries this fan, and attempts to find replacement mounts or arms has been unsuccessful. The mounts should be relatively generic - how can I find suit

Good luck on that one, I needed one for a job & ended up buying a new fan, got tired of trying to find one. I'd watch for yeard sales. auctions, or even fans on sale at big chain stores like, walmart, home depot, or lowes. Not unusual to see comp ... Air Conditioners

I have BEKO ac , on cool it's working properly but on warm, the condenser fan didn't work and the compressor don't work and each several trials of start up, the compressor work but the condenser fan don't work and soon , the condenser goes to freeze and the unit stop again. can you suggest my problem. Remark: the 3 sensors (2 in and one out) are giving all 6.1 K ohm

... Air Conditioners

The fan on the condensing unit isnt working it works for awhile and then shuts off,then the compressor starts to work by itself really hard and the whole condenser heats up really fast so I turn off the breaker and start it again but the fan makes and electric humm and I have to push start the blades to get it to spin and then it will work for awhile and then the fan will stop again after about an hour and then same thing happens

Does the fan turn freely or is it hard to turn by hand? If it is hard to turn the fan motor may need to be replaced. If it isn't hard to turn then check the fan capacitor. You can test it with a multimeter or take it to a heating and air supply and g ... Goodman CLT36AER36 Air Conditioner

Condenser fan replaced one year ago, fan not turning but can hear motor

The answer to your problem is most likely the motor start capacitor. A AC motor can run in both directions. The start capacitor is used to cause the current to lag behined the voltage which determines the direction the motor will turn. Its posible th ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I am going to replace my condenser fan motor (1st time doing it). I see the ground wire and the two conector wires (brown/white and brown) that connects to the power supply connectors from the condenser of the same color (I assume). My question is this on the fan motor itself it has a Black and Yellow wire that I am not sure where that connects? Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance.

Black and Yellow wires are L1 and L2 power. The 2 brown wires go to the capacitor.\015\012Replace the capacitor when you replace the fan motor. ... Continental CE-PAC1163 Air Conditioner

Replaced condenser fan motor with OEM and I replaced the dual run capacitor with exact same rating and the condenser fan motor still will not run, I wired the way it came off (3wires brown to f on capacitor, black to contact, and purple to df1 on the defrost timer board). The contactor appears good it plunges when I give it power and the compressor comes on. Wondering if the defrost timer board is bad.

One way to test the motor and the board is to bypass the board. You need to direct wire the motor and test to see if it comes on. Then you know the motor is good and the board is bad. Not sure exactly what board your talking about though. Condens ... Air Conditioners

Just had AC tech charge $257 to replace capacitor on carrier 38ckco48300. tech also stated condenser fan motor may have been damaged with replacement cost of $500. can a condenser fan motor for this unit be purchased without going through HVAC type company for cheaper cost? where can I find user manual for this model as it is not on the carrier website. thank you.

I don't know what part of the country you are in, but here in Okla. a condenser motor can be bought by the home owner for around $100. You should be able to go to any appliance supply house and purchase your own motor. Take the model and serial nu ... Air Conditioners

My a/c no cool air have been change the condensing fan motor and the capacitor but three days later the a/c not cold again. This time the condensing fan run but slow then normal.What is wrong?

When the condenser fan was replaced was the connection correct.? was the capacitor of the same value that we replaced? If not recheck and replace if there is a fault.\015\012If the compressor is running fine and cools but forr the erratic speed ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I took the top off) (the condenser fan and it can unwired, Can someone tell me where to find a wiring schematic for fasco D909 condenser fan? Thank you, GaWebSpinner

The Wiring Diagram is on the side of the Motor.\015\012 Hope that helped\015\012 Please Rate Me\015\012 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I need to replace my condenser fan motor. I replaced it once before but instead of blowing out the top, it was blowing on the condenser. Should it blow out of the top? If so, what direction should the motor rotate? Does the fan determine which direction it blows?

Yes. It should blow out the top. The rotation of the fan does determine the direction of air. Either have the motor replaced and indicate the direction of rotation. ... Air Conditioners

I have replace the second capacitor and now the condenser fan motor has burned up it was smoking and humming need help. The capacitor rating is correct on the capacitor and condenser fan motor.

Hi, if the condenser fan motor was smoking, its no good now. The motor was bad before you put the new run cap on, and when you hit the power it finished it off. You will need to replace the motor. If you are going to take this on your self, you can p ... Goodman CKL30AR30 Air Conditioner

We require condenser fan motors for Interclisa Carrier package (rooftop) air conditioner model AAD 250 (1980's model) model. Air conditioner - supply voltage 380 Volts 50 Hz AC. Condenser fan motor voltage 220 V0lts 50 Hz

Hi, this is an odd voltage 380 volts. Is it a 3 phase unit? To get a 220 volt 50hz condenser fan motor, you will have to go through a refrigeration/air conditioning parts house and order this. 60hz you would have no problem finding one in stock. Carr ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a split system sanyo heat pump model # kmh0922. The evap. fan will not come on when called for in fan mode. When i put it to heat the indoor fan will also not come on. The compressor runs but the reversing valve seems to stay in the cooling mode. When it is put into cooling the indoor fan goes off after 15 seconds and will not come back on. (The condenser fan and compressor seem to act normal in cooling.) Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thank you, Mike

Sounds like the blowers capacitor has gone bad ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

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