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Error messages My system has been running more or less continuously for about 2 weeks. It suddenly stopped with an E7 message on the acreen. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

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Full of water in lower tray.\015\012Normally it takes care of moister but in extreme humidity it may be necessary to manually empty the unit.
Emptying water from drain plug took care of the e7 error then then unit went back to normal.

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Error messages My system has been running more or less continuously for about 2 weeks. It suddenly stopped with an E7 message on the acreen. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

Full of water in lower tray.\015\012Normally it takes care of moister but in extreme humidity it may be necessary to manually empty the unit. ... Windchaser PACR10 Portable Air Conditioner

My 1996 Motorhome Dometic 4 button Comfort Control suddenly does not recognize that the furnace is present. After wiring in a manual thermostat the Comfort Control suddenly recognizes the furnace. I take out the manual thermostat. I clean all the external contacts and then it continues to recognize the furnace thourgh about 15 test over 6 weeks. Pause 2 weeks and suddenly it does not recognize the furnace. What is going on. Could it be a sticky relay in the suburban Furnace?

... Dometic Air Conditioners

Hi,I am really hoping to find someone to help me if possible. I have a one year old carrier infinity 4ton 17seer condenser and a 5ton variable speed air handler. I has worked fine but now i am getting a SYSTEM MALFUNCTION on the thermistat. When this message appears the air handler continues to blow and only the fan on the condenser continues to run but NOT the compressor so it is not cooling. At times it begins cooling again but then later stops cooling and shows the same malfunstion message. I

Hi,\015\012If this si what I am thinking it is, it will be very hard to find and prove.... \015\012The compressor windings have aflat spot and if the motor stops at the right place it will not atart. The voltage goes way up and kicks out ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goldstar gp100ce air conditioner and I get the error message P2. Any clues as to what this means and how I fix it?

... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an LG portable air unit..9000 BTU. Ive had it about 4 years...and now all the sudden Im getting "E3" error...in my instruction book it states "E3 = unit-abnormal protection, to avoid occurrence of unit damage" I feel like a complete dolt because IDK what this even means....apparently it means it goes on E3 to prevent more damage. It works a good...30-60-90 minutes, E3...I reset, it works again for another 30-60-90, and E3 again...so now my question(s) 1. How do I fix this? 1a.

... LG LP1200DXR Portable Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a 1.5 ton Coleman Central AC for almost 9 years now. The AC stopped cooling one day. The fan is still working, and I can still hear the compressor "compressing" but no cool air. Does that mean that it is not a compressor failure? A technician tried to put refrigerant into it, but it won't absorb. He still wasn't able to fix it. I just wanted to know if I should spend more money to get more technicians to try to fix this, or if this is a classic compressor failure problem, then

Hello,the problem of the AC system is a little thing that can be fix up in a little time the fan is OK and the compressor is also in good condition base on experience and also collection of date from your statement however, w ... Air Conditioners

I just purchased a pelonis digital fan forced heater model number hf-0063 and took it out of the box. i plugged it in and it immediately began loudly beeping and had an error message "E2" blink on the display. i cannot turn the machine on as the error message blinks non-stop. there is nothing in the owners manual regarding the error messgae E2. how can i fix this issue?

... Air Conditioners

Our system has been fine up until we used it inside on a 40 degree day....suddenly sounds louder and error message comes up ES...we drain the water but shortly after starting again it displays the same ES message and stops....what else can it be?

Clean the radietor with compressed air maybe yo can fix it. ... Convair Portable Air Conditioner

My Sunpentown WA-1210E airconditioner stopped working. It emitted several beeps and the power light is blinking continuously. When I unplug, wait a few minutes and replug in the unit, it shows the same diagnostics: several beeps and the power light blinks continuously. What is the problem and how can it be fixed? Also, where can I get a user manual for this system? None on sunpentown.com.

Have you checked the water container in the unit? It has a float switch that when it is full it will not allow the unit to run so that it will avoid spilling water on to the floor. Hope this helps 2rns4u <*{{{>( ... Sunpentown WA-1210E Air Conditioner

E2 message What does this message mean. Air conditioner stopped and showed it. We unplugged for a few minutes and now it's back on again.

... Friedrich CP06C10 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Our AC stopped working all of a sudden, its not our outlet we tried them all, and they work. So what else should we do, can we fix it ourselves or do we need a tech to come out here....we installed it only 1 month ago.

... Whynter SNO 13000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

My carrier a.c. unit, the green lit blink (5) times and stop and start over again? What does this mean? What do I have to do to fix the problem? thank you R. Jones

Five blinks means : Compressor drive failure.\015\012\015\012Possible cause:\015\012\015\0121. Loose leads at compressor terminals2. Defective motor overload switch3. Defective capacitor4. Open compressor win ... Air Conditioners

My Danby 7000 btu air conditioner stopped working suddenly with a red flashing light on and also P 1 shows up on the small panel . What does that mean ? I cant turn it back on.

... Danby DPAC7008 Air Conditioner

Have 2 year old Frigidaire FAH105N1T Air Conditioner. Fan stopped working on fan or cool. Serviced twice and they said fan needed to be oiled. Worked 3 weeks then they said it needed fan motor. Bought new unit. Can I fix old unit and how ? Any thoughts ? THANKS Fr

It possible to replace the defective as follow:\015\0121- take out the unit\015\0122- remove the top cover \015\0123- try to take out the wires from there connections and note each color to witch connection\015\0124- loose bo ... Air Conditioners

Fedders Model No. A7U12W2A-A, 12000btu airconditioner. The unit has been cooling satisfactorily for two to three years. Today the unit was cooling and suddenly there were a couple of reasonably loud knocks and the compressor stopped cooling. The fan continues to run. In about five minutes the cooling comes back on. The compressor runs for abut four minutes and shuts down. Earlier today we had a power dip without losing all power.

Hi, the power dip when translated means low current actually affected the relay starter which is situated beside the compressor. Now the relay starter works and stop intermittently which is why the Compressor cools whenever it works and does not cool ... Fedders Air Conditioners

It stopped working suddenly, i believe it has over heated. how can i fix it?

It sounds like the coils are dirty causing the high pressure switch to kick out this is common with these ... Air Conditioners

Hello. My York Diamond 80 furnace is having trouble. Last week there was a spark in the bottom near the control board. It looks fine, though. However, I have 4 blinking red lights. Installed a new blower motor, still the same 4 blinking red lights. I have checked continuity on all the limit swithces I can see. All check out okay...if I did it correctly. Can you give me other suggestions to try to get this fixed. I need heat in my house!

... Air Conditioners

I currently have an Ideal icos HE24 condensing boiler. It suddenly stopped working altogether.replaced the pcb board. Pump now working but no fan and no control panel responding. However clock working. if the fan has packed in does this mean that the control panel will not work either. Or could it be that the control panel just needs replacing. regards

... Air Conditioners

Where do I start? Firstly "It" never worked from the day it was installed, Then one technician came out and got the heating cycle going after taking Circuit board away and re-soldering some connections and said it was fixed.... The next Technician that came got both cycles going but Jet stream suddenly stopped ??? And Now I have had a "Mouse" climb in the back of the unit through the Plumbing hole and chewed one thin grey wire going to the thermostat sensor and dammaged a thin yellow wire a

Hello Bob,Thanks for using FixYa.I suggest that you try to contact and A/C technician. Trying to post your issue here wont help much. If some mouse messed up the wiring you should be able to easily put the wiring back by just ... Air Conditioners

We bought our airconditioner about 4-5 years ago and have used it very little. It is a larger model. It was set at its lowest setting (66) but I noticed that the air was not cool and then it suddenly stopped. We haven't been able to get it started again. Last week it was working fine.

Hi\015\012\015\012Please check the bellow link for your information and go through the article thoroughly to diagnose your problem and the solution to it…\015\012\015\012 ... Maytag Air Conditioners

The model # is CKL36-1L. The circuit breaker for the unit flipped twice last week. Yesterday I noticed the blower in the house was working non-stop, but the conditioner was not working. The fuses were checked and there appears to be continuity. How do I find the problem?

Your compressor may be going bad. Check and make sure you have a proper sized breaker/fuses for the unit. Check and see that the capacitor is big enough to start the compressor and is not blown. I think those take a 45-5 cap. If all else fails, get ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have a White/Rogers thermostat and Concord 80+ furnace. They have worked just fine for several years now. All of a sudden, now the furnace is heating and heating, no cooling, regardless of the setting. In other words, it heats instead of cools and goes way beyond the set temperature. What can this mean and how to I fix it?

Hi,the problem is possibly from the thermostat of your unit,the thermostat regulates the temperature provided by the unit,which means the excessive heating is as result of a bad thermostat,the solution to your problem is to replace the thermostat of ... Air Conditioners

My Windchaser portable air conditioner model PACR9 has worked fine for several years. This year when I first used it, it cooled as usual for a few hours. After about a day the fan continued to run but cooling stopped. All that came out was ambient temperature air. Are there any easy fixes, or is it probably dead?

Hi, your Windchaser portable air conditioner is not dead as you think, since the fan is still working as it should but the only problem is that it isn't cooling, then you leaked out the freon. All you need do is to get a a/c tech to refill the ... Air Conditioners

Haier Portable AC (Model #HPRD12XH7) won't turn on, and a red light has appeared. Also, the display shows the text STOP. The machine has been unplugged and then plugged back into the socket, and still the problem is persistent. We've only had this unit for less than three weeks, and I would like to know if it would be easier to just return it or is there some way to fix this problem?

... Haier Air Conditioners

I have a honeywell Design Air reverse cycle aircondton system. Two weeks back it stopped working. When I switch it on it starts the system. The air is flowing but it is not cooling. what could be wrong and how long normally it takes for a repairer to fix the problem. Just need approximate cost before I call them in for service.

Hi, Just to to let you know, I am a contractor for heating and air conditioning. You have a split system heat pump it sounds like to me. If you have the indoor unit and an outdoor unit, this is a split. If the blower is running but not getting cold a ... Air Conditioners

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