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Should i open or close

\015 Ihave the dac5020 and just above the controls it has a an open or close vent , how should i adjust them to get maxium cooling?\015

Answers :

Close the vent for maximum cooling. When you open the vent it opens a panel to the outside air and the unit cools less efficiently.

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I have a furnace and i just replaced a combonation hsi sensor and after i did the gas valve wants to open the second the hsi starts to glow but then two seconds later the gas valve opens and closes and opens and closes VERY DANGEROUS WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I have 28 Volts going to my gas valve and it is steady

Was this a direct replacement sensor os was ther rewiring possible short ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman electric furnace Model 3400A823. The thermostat is set at 65 deg. It just keeps running after mercury switch opens. I let it run just to see what would happen, It got up to about 80 degrees, before I shut the breakers off myself. Note: While it was running I moved the setting dial from one extreme to the other, watching the mercury switch points open and close. They would arc every time they opened.

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I have a Fill-troll model 110 on a hot water boiler. The fill valve seems to allow too much water into the system (>30psi) unless I close the potable water supply valve. I have also observed that when I open the drain valve to release pressure on the system, the pressure drops as expected but after closing the drain valve, the pressure rises again even with the supply valve closed. I suspect that a restriction in the port to the diaphragm chamber is causing this behavior. Can such a

From your description it seems that the water in solenoid valve - fill valve is blocked open due to scale deposits. The solenoid valve can be disassembled and be cleaned; this is the only way to solve the problem. The flushing with vinegar c ... Air Conditioners

I have a Danby Model # SPAC120081 portable air conditioner. On the back of the unit is a switch for OPEN or CLOSED and I have no idea which way it should be and for what function. When set to OPEN,

Hi There, The switch is used to let air into the unit when it is set to "Fan". If the unit is being used as an Air Conditioner, it does not need to be open.I hope this helps!If you have any further questions please contact our cus ... Air Conditioners

How do I know if the vent is open or closed?

If it's the air vent you'll notice a different sound as well air pressure from inside to outside air. if it's the drain vent you'll see water flowing outside the unit. this is the condensation that forms ... Goldstar R8000 Air Conditioner

We bought a OPP5K Window air conditioning unit and the instructions call for a window that opens and closes veritically and we have one that opens horitzontal. PLEASE help im pregnant and SO HOT!!

... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Digidoor 2 Rattles and makes weird noises when opening or closing, but worse when opening. I can see the driving belt has a lot of play on it

... Amana DD01E DigiDoor Occupancy Based Energy Management Sensor for PTAC Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo mini split model KHS2472. The damper on the front doesn't close all way when the unit is shut off. If I help it, it will close and open normally until next cycle. I replaced the stepper moter, but same thing. Any suggestions?

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Hi, at my building I have 2 Armstrong hc6000 model humidifiers and they are giving me a message that says "high humidity/sail switch circuit is open" and it will not humidify. The manual says that it does not have to be reset and that When the circuit closes it will go back to normal but I am now reaching low humidity alarm and I cannot figure out what is holding it open. I'm hoping someone has a solution or some ideas.

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A r410a central system requires a line dryer, this devise has an arrow pointing the direction of flow, which should be at the condensing unit, does it matter how far from the unit it should be placed. when installing a new r410a system, do you open the liquid line valve to pressure test / leak check the system with nitrogen? and also to attach the vacuum pump, keeping the suction line valve closed until the lines are at -500 microns and ready to open and release the stored factory r410a gas i

Hi,Okay... I hope I get all of the questions for you....First....no the filter can be anywhere in the system....but are you using s liquid line filter or a suction line filter....often you will use a liquid line filter and in that case th ... Air Conditioners

Burner wont fire up unless i open the little side inspection door to access the sensor, this possibly lets in air to fan the burner. There are no blockages or any obstructions of air to this. If i leave this door open it works but when i close this it trips out. Would appreciate if you could solve for me. Many Thanks: Bernard Mooney

This is typically caused by a lack of combustion air. Does this unit have a powered combustion fan motor? If so, check to see if the motor is running. If it is running, then the motor wheel that moves the air may be failed. \015\012If the motor ... Air Conditioners

Pressure problems head pressure 250 psig and suction pressure is at 40. txv is opening and closing because i put the sensing bulb in hot and cold water and watched my gauges. Head pressure also is bouncing alittle bit. checked temps on either side of filter drier and they were only 2 degrees apart. so that tells me it's probably not plugged. I closed my liquid line service valve and ran the air conditioner to see if the compressor would **** it into a vacuum and it did. so that tells me that the

Not non-condensables no high head.Freon doesn't go bad. Do you have good air flow on the air handler? All dampers open? Filter clean? Nothing blocking the return air registers? If it has a belt is it good? Could be low refrigerant charge. Possibly dr ... Air Conditioners

On the Amana comfort zone air conditioner, there is a switch that says exhaust closed. Do I want the exhaust open or closed when i have the cool on the air conditioner

Hi, when you are running it in the cooling mode, leave the exhaust open to remove the condenser hot air. If you want to run just the fan to circulate the air you can close it. Sincerely,Shastalaker7A/C, Hea ... Amana Comfort Zone 12M32PBEH Air Conditioner

Just installed new Goodman 95% updraft furnace with 3" supply and vent lines going out through wall. Gas valve won't open. Circulation blower runs in manual on, A/C system runs fine. I have used an ohmmeter and voltmeter to do checks. The entire series of safety switches are closed. When the small blower is running, both pressure switches close. The igniter comes on but there is no voltage to the gas valve. Just after the igniter goes off, I hear a relay click, the circulation blower seems

Make sure you have bled your gas lines. If any air is in the lines, it will cause the unit to do exactly what yours is doing. The relay "click" you hear is the gas valve opening, but if there is no gas, it will not ignite. This is common for a new in ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Re: air cond. should exhaust lever be open or closed to cool off?

Im not sure what type of unit you are speaking about but in general a window airconditioner unit will have an exhaust button. This button generally opens a small door that allows a small ammount of fresh air to mix with the conditioned air from the r ... Air Conditioners

What does it mean on window air conditioner vent opened or closed

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

What does it mean on window air conditioner vent opened or closed

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

What is the air exchanger (open or closed) switch for?

The air exchanger is there to give you the option of adding fresh outdoor air [open] or recirculate the air in the room [closed]. ... Fedders V Chassis A1V10S2C Air Conditioner

Open vent or closed vent

The vent open draws in a small amount of fresh (outside) air to mix with the air being recirculated in the house to provide an air exchange. The vent closed will circulate the air already in the house.\015\012\015\012In most cases its a ... Air Conditioners

Should i open or close

Close the vent for maximum cooling. When you open the vent it opens a panel to the outside air and the unit cools less efficiently. ... Danby DAC5020 Air Conditioner

Does the outside vent need to open or closed for

Hi,\015\012Close the vent to get the most cooling...\015\012\015\012heatman101 ... Kenmore 75101 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Open or closed

Keep the flaps open to the required direction. Generally you can not close 100% ... Danby DAC6003D Air Conditioner

What does the open and close thing on my haier ac for

... Haier ESA3109 WallWindow Air Conditioner

Amana Gas furnace, Air Command 80 SV. Does not ignite. The blower turns on, then gas valve opens. I can hear a mechanical switch close, which is probably the igniter control. But no spark, no flame. After a few seconds the gas shuts off and then blower shuts down later.

Buy a new ignitor here; The Ignitor Store. Or talk an Amana dealer/Contractor to sell you one. They can range from 15 to 35 bucks! Depending on their mark-up. Give them your model number, and or ignitor part number. Their simple to change ... Amana Air Conditioners

Have new central h/a--installed last year. Problem--during the hottest part of the day (85+ degrees), it is about 80 inside with the air going. Windows are shut, blinds barely open in lr (closed in rest of the house). People have checked and told me I'd have to live with it, that central h/a doesn't get that cool. I don't believe that. I am a renter--what can I do?

Somebody is full of you know what. If it can't satisfy the space the unit is not working properly or the new unit was not the some capacity. If the air handler is in the attic i would look for loose duct work pulling hot air from the attic. Do you ... Air Conditioners

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