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Amana gas furnace,air command 80 sv. does not ignite blower motor turns off and on

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Amana gas furnace,air command 80 sv. does not ignite blower motor turns off and on

... Air Conditioners

Amana Gas furnace, Air Command 80 SV. Does not ignite. The blower turns on, then gas valve opens. I can hear a mechanical switch close, which is probably the igniter control. But no spark, no flame. After a few seconds the gas shuts off and then blower shuts down later.

Buy a new ignitor here; The Ignitor Store. Or talk an Amana dealer/Contractor to sell you one. They can range from 15 to 35 bucks! Depending on their mark-up. Give them your model number, and or ignitor part number. Their simple to change ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an amana air command 90. I just installed a new blower motor. I turn it on and the burners light for about 30 seconds and then go out. The new blower motor is not starting.

... Amana Air Conditioners

I found the Bryant furnace 395cav048090 calling for heat but not operational. I shut off power to the unit and switched power back on and the unit started its ignition sequence. With power on the blower starts as a result of thermostat calling for heat from the unit and after a minute goes on to second phase of ignition with exhaust blower motor initiated. During this phase gas is being brought to the burner that you can smell however burner does not ignite gas. Unit continued with this opera

If you do not see a bright light before the gas releases, your ignitor is probably out. If you disconnect, you should measure ohms from the two ignitor leads. If you do not measure any, it is open and will not work. You will usually see a mark of whi ... Bryant Air Conditioners

I HAVE A RUUD SILHOUETTE GAS FURNANCE. The pilot light keeps blowing out. When I light the pilot flame it seems to work perfectly at ignition. As the Manual instructs, I hold down the ignition switch for 30-60secs to keep the flame lit and then turn the gas switch to the on position. After watching the unit I have noted this happening - the furnance will begin the heat cycle sequence and pilot litghs all 4 burners correctly, the blower fan turns on, Heating starts. But after a short period, the

Short answer, yes. However you could have another problem. Replace the thermocouple that keeps the pilot lit. You can get a universal one at any good hardware or farm store. Make sure the new thermocouple is well into the pilot flame. If the blower ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Amana My Amana has a gas pack that uses a porcelain ignitor. The thermostat will turn on the unit, but it will not always ignite the motor will just run. I can turn the system off for a few minutes, then turn it back on and everything will ignite and run till the next time. Is there a sensor not working just right because the ignitor will ignite?

Yes, there is a flame sensor that will tell the gas valve to open, thus igniting the burners. When you say the fan is running is it the blower fan or the little exhaust fan connected to the vent. Because the blower fan shoul ... Air Conditioners

The inducer motor turns on and then i believe its the pressure switch which turns on the hot surface igniter in which case the igniter does ignite but does not fire the burners.it tries three or more times to re ignite but to no avail. i did take out the flame sensor and clean it. i do not know what to try next. it just seems like everything works but the gas valve isnt kicking on.any help at all would be great thank you

Check for 24 volts at the gas valves terminals th and com, if voltage is there , bad valve. ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy. Comments: Jan 31, 2010 - thermocouple/ignitor is ok and positioned well. It tests ok too. I changed it last year. I am not getting gas flow so I suspect gas control va

Go to the furnace and turn off the power take the door off you must have a multimeter inhand with the cover off the furnace and access to the gas valve put yor meter leads on the wires going to the gas valve turn the power on and after the ignitor gl ... Air Conditioners

I have an AMANA GUCA/GCCA/GULA gas fired warm air furnace. When the unit turns on the the blower turns on igniter glows but when the relay kicks to supply gas I get no gas. Is this a problem the the integrated control module. Is there a fuse associated with the module.

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman (AR24-1) unit, the heating is electric not gas. How do I test the blower motor with out removing it. I have a part number but not sure if it is the blower motor number or not. Part number 15212-50. (1.5 AMP 1/5 HP) 208/204 Volts) I have replaced the capacitor today but still did not start when I have the Fan switch turned on. I have checked the thermostat. Any way to check the motor? The switch board number is ( # Goodman B1370735) I can test it with my meter if needed.

... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I am looking to buy a house in forclosure. It has a Tappan gas furnace about 9 years old and there is no manual. Can you advise as to whether the following problem is serious and estimate what the cost of repair will be? Exhaust blower is always on; red light on circuit panel is constant. Then gas flame is ignited and burns for a couple of seconds; yellow light on circuit panel comes on. When blower motor begins, gas flame goes out, yellow light goes out, and red light repeats sequence of 2

HelloSounds like the flame sensor is bad.Or possible photo eye.Worst case would be a new circut board.Anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 depending.Legally a home you purchase has to have a heater that works and a hot water ... Air Conditioners

Our furnace went into lock out and so I cycled powere and it reset it started working again but not correctly. The inducer motor wis coming on for a few minutes then the hot ignition comes on and the gas lights. then the blower comes on then shortly after the gas cycles off and then a few minutes later it cycles back on and usually the fan alternates on with the gas. I started checking the safety switches that go to hot ignition control. (24V) Once everything was running the 24V would drop to ze

Boy it sounds like a high limit opening up and shutting off the gas valve. It won't shut off the blower because it wants to cool off thge furnace. Check for any restriction in the air delivery system, filter, registers. Check for blockage of the exha ... Air Conditioners

Have six year old Bryant electric furnace with heat pump, no gas. Old blower motor was going out and replaced with another generic blower motor. Wired the new just like the old and changed capacitor. There are some differences between old and new. Old says "Volts 208-230" and new says "Volts 115." Problem is blower turns on and of, over and over again. Help?!?

Hi,\015\012You totally have the wrong motor....you need to get a 208-230 motoro on there for it to work... in fact you probably already have ruined the 115volt motor...the voltage for that motor is to be 115v and you are probably running 130 vo ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem Criterion Gas Furnace. Mod #rcba-24576617 s/n mo494 Even if the a/c or heat is off position and the fan is on auto. The blower fan motor consent run. I must turn the main power off to turn blower off. Is it because the mother board is bad. And if so, could I order one thru your company?

Actually this sounds like a thermostat or relay malfunction. \015\012\015\012As for parts, you have posted this question on Fixya, I am sorry but Fixya just answers questions and does not sell any parts. ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Amana Air Command 80 model #GHI90A50, 22 years old. This furnace is on its third ingnition module (last one two yeras ago). The symptom I am trying to diagnose has been ongioing since this latest ignition module was installed. The furnace is short cycling, meaning it runs often once every 8minutes but for less than 3 minutes at a time. The sequence is as follows: Cycle start (small blower turns on), followed by the ignition module illuminating (yellow) for 3 seconds then turns g

If your furnace lights and the gas stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts \012right back off, then you need to clean your flame sensor with light sand paper \012or steel wool. You might need a new flame sensor, but most of the time th ... Air Conditioners

My Ruud furnace blower motor runs and gas is ignited but after 3 seconds the burners go out. The blower still runs and it keeps trying to ignite and then goes out every minute or so.

Sounds like a dirty flame sensor, on thenopposite side of the igniter there will be a metal rod, clean this rod with steel wool ... Ruud Gas Furnace - Excellent Condition - $350 Obo

I have an older Carrier Gas Furnace. I can't read the complete Model number. But since Thursday morning, the blower just keeps blowing cold air, the spark igniter won't spark and the air damper will not open. I replaced the spark igniter and the pilot assembly for $215 and the thing still just won't light. As soon as you turn on the power the blower comes on and just runs. I check my 24v supplies from the transformer, and I am getting voltage. What else could it be. There are no LED's on the PCB

Nothing will happen until the draft motor come on or the vent damper opens.  if that's happening, are you getting gas? ... Air Conditioners

I have a Johnson air ease 90 plus.I turn the thermostat up and exhaust blower comes on igniter comes on and i can hear the natural gas release for a second or two then igniter shuts off along with gas. Fan runs a while then whole system shuts down.

If the burners come on for a few seconds and shut off check the flame sensor near the burners and clean it with steel wool, usually this will fix the problem. The flame sensor is a metal rod that is immersed in the burner flame on the opposite side ... Air Conditioners

Blower turns on when stat calls for heat but manifold is not being ignited (do not hear gas valve even trying to release gas). No spark either. Could it be insufficent gas pressure?

Here is the ignition sequence for a spark ignited furnace. This will help you understand what is happening/not happening.\015\012\015\012Thermostat calls for heat.\015\012\015\012draft inducer motor (DIM) starts drawing draft ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner


... Air Conditioners

I have a 1985 Bryant central air Furnace model 395BAW048095 with a White Rogers 36E gas valve. The flue is metal and there is a fan within the furnace to create a vacume at the base of the flue pipe conection that turns on when a call for heat comes from the thermostat at startup to ignition. The spark fires but no gas is released by the valve for the pilot to lite. Added information: The blower fan is set to continually run, I replaced the pressure switch (306621) and the limit switch (HH12ZB18

... Air Conditioners

I have a central heater. it will come on and worh fine, by this i mean the draft induce motor comes on, then the glow igniter will come on then flame will come on but after 10 minits or so it will stip the flame and the big blower stays running but the draft induce motor is not runing and will not come on till i turn the thermistat off then back to heat also i remove the metal cover and then it will light. please help me.

Sounds like the filter inside of the unit may be dirty and or the vent cap could be partially blocked causing the flue gas to build upo until the unit tripos on the high limit saftey ... Air Conditioners

Johnson Air Ease 80 Plus. Fan motor starts, clicking noise, fan motor stops, no furnace ignition. This pattern repeats until I turn off the heater. There is a faint smell of gas during this process.

... Air Conditioners

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy.

Hello \015\012Your closing the circut,and getting power to the ignitor.\015\012\015\012Have you tried another t stat or check your wiring low voltage side.\015\012\015\012Is there a pre purge fan for gas to be cleaned ou ... Air Conditioners

The motor or blower wheel om my Goodman model GMP 100-4 unit whistles and sticks. How can I fix this? Can the motor or blower wheel be lubricated? Does the motor need to be replaced. If I manualy spin the blower wheel and get it turming some what and then start the unit by pressing the safty switch located behind the lower front panel the blower will start, the wheel fan will turn. If I turn the unit off and try to turn it on again before the wheel stops turning the blower will work. But, if

Yes its the motor problem.the noise is from motor.as the blower wheel is not making noise when car is turned off.and when checked manually the blower wheel is not making noise.that means motor is faulty\015\012thanks.please do rate the solution ... Air Conditioners

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