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I have a fujita air conditioner on the wall at home (box outside) the last 2 days it has been leaking water from the box inside?? cant turn it on without it leaking

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I have a fujita air conditioner on the wall at home (box outside) the last 2 days it has been leaking water from the box inside?? cant turn it on without it leaking

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

On our inside unit we have a serious problem. The condensation from the unit leaks down into the electrical system(being on the bottom) of the unit. I was told it was a design flaw. how do i keep the water from dripping on the electrical. Weve had to replace the electrical wires and boxes 3 times, have spent over $1000. Please help, we cant keep replacing the same thing.

U can try to get some good insulation wrap and wrap the coil box and also is the unit in a basement or attic if basement u can also ry cuttting a few vents in the dct down there like 2 6 inch by 10 inch holes and the unit wont create condenstaion i ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity AC indoor unit in the garage is leaking water on the floor. There is no ice on the coils, The drain is not clogged. There is no water in the coil area. I turned off power to the indoor and outdoor unit and it continues to leak water. I finally shutoff the water supply coming into the house. The leak then stopped. The unit is on a wooden box approx 3 feet above the floor in the garage. The only water seen is on the floor. I open the side of the A/C unit an

Hi,It seems as though you have an unrelated water leak.... Often the water supplies are copper tubing....Copper tubing and concrete do not get along well...but hey it lasts till the warranty is up....and they can't see i ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

Water is leaking from the ac vent in the inside of our rv. We took the cover off and it looks like water is leaking from some kind of hole in a silver box. How do you fix this?

Water is NORMAL in the process of A/C, works like glass of icewater, water vapor condenses when chilled...This condenced water should be drained outside, usually by a black drain hose. you cannot block the water or the system will fail, smell bad, an ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have water leaking out the bottom of my furnace when the aprilaire 700 is working. I have tried everything to resolve. It was working fine last month. I changed the water filter, cleaned the lines etc. Cant find the source of the leak. Can you help?

How old it your Aprilaire 700?\015\012Eventually they all need maintenance, cleaning or replacing dirty or inoperative parts. The bottom Water tray has a drain tube that needs to be cleaned or replaced every fall as it will plug up with mineral ... Air Conditioners

We have a weather king select 90plus not really sure of the model number but when we turned it on it was running fine then all of a sudden the outside temp was 90 and inside temp was 81 and it could get cool inside then we went downstairs and saw water at the bottom of the unit and the unit was sweating so we thought maybe it froze up,cut off unit for a while then cut back on and still water running from unit, company can in and said we have a leak somewhere and might need a new coil not sure th

Is this an upflow furnace? If it is, there needs to be a "P" trap in the condensate drain line. You need to check to see if there is. A "P" trap is a "U" shaped\015\012tube or fitting in the condensate drain line. The first time you run your un ... Air Conditioners

We have a new Rheem heater/air conditioner...we turned on the AC last night and just noticed today that a lot of water is leaking from some pipe that the installers left cut - which is directly on top of the furnace...is this going to cause any problems? water is very close to the wiring of the furnace and it's a lot of water! we called the installer and says he will try to come out tomorrow...but shouldn't we have someone look at it today? who can i call??

If the water is leaking too close to the electric wires ..you just take a tube of some kind and for te moment just guide the water to drain away from the electric stuff...and by the way ..this is the condense water that results on the difference of t ... Air Conditioners

Hi, Got a triton t30i handwash. The mcb is OK, buut when I put on the isolator switch, without turning on the handwash the water starts boiling inside the handwash itself. Once on the water is steaming out. Can someone help? Molbee.

... Air Conditioners

I am turning on my window air conditioner for the first time since last summer. Air is blowing but water is coming out of the vents as if water is inside.

Get your AC serviced, due to dust and all the coils are choked this is the reason for water is comming out from the evtns ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

I am turning on my window air conditioner for the first time since last summer. Air is blowing but water is coming out of the vents as if water is inside.

Hi, what is going on is the unit is working good so you will have condensation running down the front of the indoor coil. You will have a trough at the bottom that has collected dirt over the winter and has clogged up the drain. Some window units hav ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hi, my Delonghi pac w160b is 12 months old. When I filled it with water for the first time this season the water all leaked out onto the carpet. I would love to have a look inside as i am technical by my work, but i cannot get the darn thing open without the possibility of breaking tabs off. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers. Regards Dave Evans.

... DeLonghi CF210 Portable Air Conditioner

It's leaking water inside the house. We have not been here this but had it set on 78 to keep the humidity down. We came home today and lowered the temp to 72. Seemed to be working fine but know is dripping water on the floor. I turned it off - I didn't know what to do.

You get build up in the drain and the copper lines condensates this unit may had frozen up due to dirty filter or dirty coils does it have a condensate pump on it sometimes they fail where people go to high straight up it can only push a max of about ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have an intertherm AC unit (model E2EB-015HA) and the inside unit is leaking and damaging my floor. We discovered this last summer and assumed it was a combination of condensation from the unit and freezing up. As it did freeze up and we caught it rather late. I did a good cleaning, filter replacment, and checked the line running out of the water-pan and it was not clogged and water was flowing well. I fixed some floor damage in my hallway and kept a close eye on the unit. This summer it has s

I realize this post is a few years old, but I keep having the same problem. Just got out from under my trailer draining water out of the insulation. I noticed when my unit was running that the water in the pan was being pulled back towards the insi ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Seems the fan is stuck, will not come on, you can hear the compressor click when you turn it on but no fan. this happened after last winter too, got it running by giving it a couple of bumps but not this year. I have taken the grill and the filter off (inside the rv) to see if the fan was stuck but can not see a fan, just a square small steel box there.

Had the same problem, fixed it by going on top and removing the cover. The other end of that motor runs a second set of fan blades out side. I sprayed it down with WD-40 wear the shaft meets the motor then turned it by hand. Every year now I spray th ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner


... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have had a mitsubishi split system HVAC installed in my 150m apartment. It is installed inside the apartment in a small space with one window for inflow a second window for out flow. As we test the unit, 3 problems have come to our attention. (1) When it was really cold outside last Janaury the unit itself was leaking something that turned into ice. There was a pool of about 2 inches of ice on the floor and the wall had a covering and the hoses were encased in ice. The installer maint

The problem is in your Ac's compressor .It is wasting all the cooling gases and chemicals1)the ice you are seeing is the mixture of chemical & gases when get in contact with atmospheric air it converts into ice and pls dont touch that ice a ... Mitsubishi MS-A09WA Split System Air Conditioner

Water leaking from Delonghi Pac C100 since last weekend, had this unit nearly 2 years and it only started to leak last weekend. empty water and still leaking after an hour or two.

... DeLonghi PAC C100 Air Conditioner

We purchased a Whirlpool portable air conditioner in 2005 from Best Buy. Near the end of last summer the air conditioner started leaking water. We started using it again this season and it is still leaking. When my husband drained the water out of it, the water came out of the upper part of the back side of the air conditioner and no water was coming out of the drain at the bottom. When it appeared to be empty, we plugged it in and used it again and it continued to leak water on our carpet.

Check to see if the drain is blocked by particles/debris of any type. Also make sure that the unit is level--as level as possible. I have my Whirlpool Portable AC in 4 inch bed risers so I can drain it really easily. I slip under a small low rise p ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner 3 in 1 danby SPAC12030 leaking water on the floor. No water in right side compartiment also no water in the back reservoir. Water leak from right side of the machine. From the right side compatiment remove did not saw water inside base bottom of machine. Where is the water coming from????????????????

I had that problem last year. When I took it apart I found that the drainage hoses that lead to the reservoirs were plugged with dust build up. I clean out the hoses as well as the rest of the insides. I have since placed the entire unit inside a ... Danby Air Conditioners

Rudd central unit , turn A/C on[therm. inside] all U can hear is a Buzzing noise coming from the outside unit , found that [1] capacitor wire had been BURNT , changed wire , then changed capacitor , turned unit on[inside], 1st nothing ???? went inside & ck'd *breaker box* , fuse is operated by "dual arm[tied together] flipped off then on & went back turned a/c back on , came on for [maybe couple of minutes] then STOP'd , tried '1' more time , all U hear is the BUZZ noise? U could smell SMOKE & H

Hello\015\012Before you buy a new condensor fan motor check the contacts to the motor are not worn or pitted.\015\012\015\012Hold or push the contactor in by using an insulated screwdriver and see if the fan motor turns.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Baxi Genesis 96 Boiler. Last week it tried to fire up when the hot water was turned on, but kept cutting out after a very short time. After opening it up I cleared it of water which had gathered in the tray under the elements. After a few more attempts of requesting water and it firing (puffing air sound) it got working and has been ok for a week. Today, it failed to fire up on turning on the hot water. It is now working, again after several attempts at cleaning/requesting water.

... Air Conditioners

My Ford Courier is leaking water from the box

... Air Conditioners

Condinsate Water Leaks Inside Trailer

Where is it dripping from inside the trailer? is a tray under the unit filling up? why does the line drip? where from? is it split? have you put a color dye in condensate to check flow what temp have you got inside your trailer when A/C off? ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a ceiling fan with lights, last night the fan was turned on for the first time since summer, the remote is over the light switch. The remote to turn on the lights is used normally. Since turning the fan on last night there is now a humming noise even without the lights or fan on. Is this a problem with the fan or remote. pleas help the noise is low but consistent.

There is a small relay in the ceiling fan causing this noise, try turning off all power to the ceiling fan and allow it to set for a couple of minutes. Turn it back on and see if it goes away. If it does great. if not, it may not be worth the repair ... Hunter Air Conditioners

We have an Amana ptac unit in our sunroom. Normally when it is on Cool it will drip water on the outside but it is now dripping water on the inside and looking into the unit from the back I see water inside. I'm not at home now and don't have a # for the unit. I've had my children turn it off. What should we do?

... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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