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Heater problem I've been using the heater and as of lately the unit is just blowing out cold air. The temp is pretty low but i lost the manual and i can't figure out how to higher the temp ... I've got the amana AC125hd. Email me at [email protected] or post back here if u can help at all!

Answers :

This sounds like a Blend Door problem. The problem is that the blend door in the plenum is stuck in the A/C position and will not reposition to allow heat. 
There are two possible issues. 

1: The Acuator has snapped off (plastic breaks) 

2: The Blend Door is broken (plastic hinge broke) 

There are related articles to fix both of these conditions

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Air Conditioners
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Heater problem I've been using the heater and as of lately the unit is just blowing out cold air. The temp is pretty low but i lost the manual and i can't figure out how to higher the temp ... I've got the amana AC125hd. Email me at [email protected] or post back here if u can help at all!

This sounds like a Blend Door problem. The problem is that the blend door in the plenum is stuck in the A/C position and will not reposition to allow heat. There are two possible issues. 1: The Acuator has snapped off (pla ... Amana Haier AP125HD Air Conditioner

We recently purchased an amana protable ac - two weeks ago - this morning when we got up the condensor was not on but the room temp was high we looked at the unit and it had the temp readings at -7 26 etc but we can not get it to read the temps 72 degress etc.

Sounds like the temp. sensor is bad ... Amana AP095R Portable Air Conditioner

Have a Amana a/c heater central furnace. Model number PGA30R0452A. The a/c part works fine. The heater part does not turn on sometimes. We have to keep turning it on and off to get to work. No matter what you hear a slight humming when we turn it on just it doesn't always blow air out of the vents. It also does not always kick back on once the temp. has dropped and should start heating the house again. We have programmable thermostat. Any suggestions to whats broken or breaking. My husband woul

When you change from cooling to heating the fan will not come on immediately. A solenoid valve is energized (check that it is working) and operates a reverse valve, changing the gas flow in the system. It takes a few minutes for the system to build u ... Air Conditioners

Temperture bulb heater temp display reads about 10 degrees higher than separate room thermometer.were is the best location of the temperature bulb?Also is a longer temp line available?

I called the tec support at rinnai. ... Rinnai RHFE-556WTA Direct Vent Heater NG Air Conditioner

No manual can't figure out how to raise the temp on a hot water heater they have the foam over it and don't want to tear it all off

The dial to raise the temperature should be on the front at the bottom----or possibly behind the silver metal plate at the bottom of the unit. Lift the metal piece up then out and it will come off---then there will be a dial or a slider with hot and ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Amana ptc094b35am. Whoever knows this I will consider a GENIUS or definitely connected somehow ;-) There is a series of keystrokes on the membrane control panel that will allow the fan to run continuosly when the unit is on (not only when compressor or heater is on) There is no manual switch for this. It must be programmed in the CPU via a menu accessible with a sequence of keystrokes. The only keys are "on,off,heat,cool,temp up/down" I used to have the manual but i lost it. I don't expect much

Dear friend!There is no manual switch in CPU in maximum models. But, definitely there will be fan switch as the customer should rotate for LOW,MED,HIGH . Otherwise, press mode button, if it is, you will find fan symbol. Please check once ... Amana PTC094B35AM Air Conditioner

Split a/c. RAS/RAC-35YHA3 1. Book says Green light on, filter needs cleaning. Filter and air way clean. ?? 2. Heat function ok, Cool function ok. Auto, heater comes on and keeps going. I swictched back to manual when the room temp. got to 28 degrees. Can you offer any solutions please? Cheers.

I believe the filter light is just a timer set for "x" any days or month. Most t-stats are that way. If you have the manual, you can reset it. Also make sure fresh batteries are in the controller. Good luck. ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Ive got a DESA vented gas fireplace heater Model CD36RN in which I loose the flame after a few minutes of operation. I would re-lite the pilot , turn the gas valve back to the ON position, the flame will come on once again and will go out after a few minutes to an hour. Also Humidity somtimes appears on the glass inside the fireplace. It's about 3-5 years old and Id appreciate any advice. Thanks Bob

... Desa International Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Air conditioning unit not running but fan keeps running even though thermostat is turned to off, auto, and temp set to highest position 90degrees. 3 amp fuse keeps blowing on the circuit board in the blower compartment. I replaced it 3 times then installed a new thermostat. no change. I can usually figure it out if I got a little input or direction. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I would much rather have a trained expert easily repair my hvac unit but I can only call the professionals in

If the fuse is blowing then this is generally indicative of a short in the low voltage wiring, isolate the wires on the thermostat and the unit ends, use an ohmmeter to verify that there is no path for continuity with no wires touching, if there is t ... Air Conditioners

Ive got a weiss clearglow 3 in 1 heat, light, fan unit and ducting in my bathroom ceiling. and the fan has stopped working. The heater and light work okay.Do I need to replace the whole unit? Its abo

... Air Conditioners

I have an old RUUD central AC unit that started blowing hot air. I set the thermostat to off and set the temp gage higher than air temp to turn the unit off and save money, but inside blower unit runs constantly. I'm trying to save money to have it serviced, but noticed my electric bill was higher that last month when the ac was working. The bill was about 4 times higher than the winter when ac is off and the gas heat kicks in. Can the blower running constantly cause this power usage and what is

HelloOkay did you check your thermostat to see if you have the fan switch on auto? The switch must be on auto or the fan will continue to run. If the thermostat fan switch is on auto then there is a malfunction in the thermostat probably ... Air Conditioners

Ive got a Alpha combi boiler and it just wont fire up and the prussure needle is below the green mark so ive put that flexey pipe on the two pipes under the boiler to bring the pressure needle back up to were its supposed to be but the needle wont rise so ive got no heating or hot water

There is 2 taps on the filling loop ... Air Conditioners

In February 2009 I had an Amana 16 SEER heat pump airconditioner & heater installed. It replaced a Frazier Johnston which had an after-market UV light installed on it. When the dealer installed the Amana I asked if they could transfer over the UV light to the new unit, which they did. Within weeks of the installation of the new unit it started to emit an obnoxious smell of something burning everytime the heater would run. You could not stand to be in the house during or after the heat had ru

This is a common problem with residential installations. The UV light is most likely installed in the wrong spot. At the risk of sounding skeptical you could replace the UV unit with an electrostatic trap system. There are some other considerations: ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

My heat a-lot heater will turn up to 84 degrees and still never turn on the heat. Its seems like the thermostat on the heater isn't reading the right temps. How do I change the temps?

... Air Conditioners

My ventless gas heater has an uneven flame with orange tips, the flame toward the outer edge is higher than the flame in the middle, and also,when I light the heater, it doesn't just give me a piolot light, it lights the row in back on low, flickers, and has an unstable flame and then you turn it to low, and it goes out until you turn the regulator knob a little higher, for more heat and it goes out completely, all except the piolot light

This sounds like your gas valve is weak. An orange flame has to much gas and not enough air mixture. Have you trie to ajust the air mixture. If it won't ajust then you will need to replace the valve.\015\012\015\012I hope this helps. ... Air Conditioners

I have had the gas off for two years. I got the pilot light to work but when I turn the thermostat up to get some heat it got the heater going about three times in over twenty-five tries over a couple

You need to clean the burner assembly. Over time dust and settled inside the unit and it is possibly restricting the flow of gas through the burners. This is a dangerous situation. get it cleaned before you try again. ... Air Conditioners

My car heater was not blowing warm air so i changed the thurmastat then took it for a ride the heater was still blowing cold air the car temp went up and blew a hole in my headgasket so i fix the water pump and this weekend im gonna fix the head gasket and it all started with my car heater blowing cold air what do i need to fix to get hot air in my car heater

The heater uses water that circulates from two positions on your car engine. One is the inlet hose and the other is the return hose. they are usually about 3/4 hoses clamp to two nipples on the heater that extends through the fire wall. If those hose ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell TH8000 is having problms. The light sometimes turns off for short periods and the actual temperature begins to drift lower than it is set to without the heater turning on. Sometimes the temp stays where it should be, but there are times during cold wet weather that the temperature will be lower than it is set to and heater does not turn on, with a gap of up to 5 degrees different, set at 69, will show 64 room tmp and heater does not respond. Mt heating technicians who installed it d

Is this a pro 8000 I don't have the phone # right now but it should be on the installation manuel for a hot line to tech support. Did they hook up a common wire to the thermostat? Did they go through the setup and tell the stat what kind of equi ... Air Conditioners

Ex22 vented space heater, I have the set point at 60 the room temp is 56 on the unit. the actual room temp is 71 the unit is running on low all the time. is the thermistor being influenced by the outside wall temp?

... Rinnai RHFE-556WTA Direct Vent Heater NG Air Conditioner

New Archer Aurora Gas Log Fire with Built in Humidifier. Humidifier has not worked since installation. Have phoned Archer, they state humidifier is working or the heater would not work. The humidifier is not working and has not worked. They will not listen to us and got extremely angry, raised their voice and told us that we know nothing about the heater, they are the professionals and do not wish to discuss this matter further. Please could you tell me if the heater can work without the humidif

If the humidifier is faulty the unit would not fire up. The humidifier is a lot quieter then the bay window model. So you do not have a problem. Also the frequency of the pump will depend on the type of flue you have. Hope this helps. \ ... Air Conditioners

Amana Model APG13360901 ( 3 ton gaspack). Installed new amana last summer. This summer, 4 year old hardwood floor buckled. Existing ductwork from previous 15 years seems to be "sweating" at the register and getting enough moisture in the floor to buckle the hardwood. My old "crappy" rheem never buckled it, and was always able to remove enough moisture. By the way , somehow the condensate drain got plugged in July, and so I suppose the Amana was unable to remove the moisture. But it is funny

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have Amtrol water heater. Recently I noticed that boiler trying to start several times till it finally starts. I decided to check if it is a boiler or water heater problem and turned on house heating system that was OFF for summer time. Boiler started immediately without any trying atemptes. Looks like it is a water heater problem. My qustion is: what should I change most likely - temp. sensor or temp.control? Thank you. Vlad

That's a good question. What a shop would do, is try one, then, if that didn't work, try the other, in this case- if they had the parts. It's hard to test the sensor correctly, and the temp. control might be intermittent, which means it would sh ... Air Conditioners

Have an Amana room air conditioner model ACE156E, compressor never shuts off&run on coldest setting. Also no temp ajustment on unit with temp buttons.

... Amana ACEX186E Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

I have a Fedders portable air conditioner Model AEP09D2B. I have been using the heater feature at night lately. I turned it off when I got up this morning. About an hour later, it began to beep and the Warning light was blinking. I unplugged it and went to work. When I got home, I plugged it back in. The Warning light resumed blinking and the unit began to beep again.

Do you have the owner's manual for your unit to see what the warning light is trying to tell you? I looked all over to down load one from the net to see what it meant and I can't find one.It may be a simple as the filter needing cleaned a ... Fedders AEP09D2BCOM Portable Air Conditioner

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