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Centrex CTAR60GW split system, after about 15" it goes into timer programme and stops it does not feel cold.

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Centrex CTAR60GW split system, after about 15" it goes into timer programme and stops it does not feel cold.

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

Hi, I hope you can help me - I unfortunately dropped the remote control (AR-JW11) for my Fujitsu split system (AST30PBA-W). The display on the remote is cracked and unreadable. I thought I was in luck as the remote was still able to switch the system on and off - but now it is not working properly. When I switch it on it works for a few minutes (although doesn't seem to be blowing very cold), then it stops and the red operation light flashes continuously on the unit, and the green timer light fl

Open the flap/intake grille on the indoor unit. At the center you will see the indicator lamps . At their right you will see a horizontal plastic tab - it's cut in the plastic and looks like a U on its side. Behind it is the button to manually activ ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

Electrolux split ac (ESD30HRA) stops and flashing some sort of code. timer flashes 3 times, 4th time timer and operation flashes, 5th time just timer then short pause & repeats.

... Electrolux Air Conditioners

My onida 1 ton split AC working for two hours only. Then it stops with timer symbol and power symbol blinking

... Air Conditioners

Fujitsu Ductless split system in server room stops blowing cold air on cold nights

... Fujitsu 9RLS 9000 BTU Split System Air Conditioner

Airflow We have a new ducted PEH-MYB reverse cycleairconditioner. We set the temperature at 20 degress for heating. Once it reaches it it then blows out cold air. We have had someone come 4 times already to fix various problems. It is not nice to sit near a duct and feel cold air. I thought the air flow was meant to stop, then start uo again when the temperature dropped just like our gas heaters? Am I wrong?

Go to www.mrslim.com. Look under the tab for library. Ib there you will find the troubleshooting guide for this model. Make sure the remote is set for cool and make sure the fan setting is not on automatic. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a Honeywell Frostat next to my central heating boiler in the garage. With the extreme cold spell the central heating remains on during the night when we have switched it off at the timer. Is the Frostat overriding the timer & on and off controls for the central heating? Given the temperatures are droppoing to -15 at night what should I set the frostat at to stop the central heating coming on at night? Thanks

... Air Conditioners

I have a Danby DPAC10030 air conditioner. It was working fine until yesterday, when we moved it to another room. Now it blows cold air for 5 minutes and then the air turns hot. The a/c motor continues to run even though the air is no longer blowing cold air. The current ambient temperature is 25 degrees C and I have the a/c set to cool to 17 degrees C. The timer has been turned off (0:00 on and 0:00 off). I noticed that the hoses (exhaust) feel quite hot. Not sure if that it normal within

Clean you filter and clean the area under the intake duck it will solve your problem ... Air Conditioners

Ductless split system, single zone, gives trouble display. Operation light flashes 6 times rapidly, then both Operation and Timer lights flash 5 times at 1 second intervals, then the timer flashes 1 time at 1 second interval. What do we do? The unit doesn't put out heat. I only feel air when I click the Coil Dry Button, but the Trouble Display continues. Unit will not shut down. I flipped the main switch, connected to the heat pump, on the exterior of the house, but it started back u

What make and model is it? ... Air Conditioners

Can someone help me with a problem i have with a carrier split system the temp here at the moment is about 43 celsius aircon worked good last nite in same condition but 2day it will run not blowing out cold air then it will stop with light flashing 5 times stop then flashing again for 5 and so on so on what could be the problem cheers

Reset the unit by disconnecting the power supply for 10sec. and "on" again then test. If it won't work, then there is something wrong with the unit safety devices. You need a qualified tech. for this problem. ... Air Conditioners

My toshiba split system will blow cold air for about 30min then it will blow what seems to be cool air but not air con cold air when it is quite hot outside. The timer light operation and filter light will flash. I have turned it on and off reset remote cleaned filters. When it's cooler outside it seems to work fine???

... Fujitsu 9RLS 9000 BTU Split System Air Conditioner

We have a split system model number S24AHP-ND6 its 7.5 kw cooling and 7 kw heating. We have been having problems with it for a while ,it has only been delivering about half the amount of air flow on cooling mode, and now it has stopped delivering cold air altogether and is only blowing uncooled air, also the outside unit seems to have stopped working too.

... Air Conditioners

After a very cold frosty night my unit stopped working. The 'operation' light was blinking a series fo 5 blinks and the 'timer' light was constantly blinking. My service man has now said both the PUMP and PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD need replacing! OUCH! $2,500 NZD! This unit is only 6 years old. I have been told that I might get away with just replacing the PCB but it's not recomended practice. Fujitsu will not help and it is just not good enough. This unit is only used for heating so only runs for 5

Try switching off and on circuit breaker it might solve the problem ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have an LG Window Air Conditioner, model LWHD8000RY6 that has suddenly stopping working properly. When I turn it on, there is no power behind the cold air. When you put your hand directly in front of the vent, you can feel the temperature is much colder then the room you're in but there is nothing happening to force the air into the room. I have cleaned the removable screen so I know that isn't the issue. Help! And thank you.

Sounds like the fanmotor is bad ... Air Conditioners

I have an ASTA24LCC split system and the unit is flashing a code. The operation light and the timer light is flashing 5 times and then stopping. Any suggestions??

Voltage issue? There should be a diagnostic chart on the wiring diagram. ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Fujitsu Multi Split Inverter AOT30QMAM4 with: 2xAST9QMACW heads and one - AST12PMACW , - the last of which, (12PMA), has "Operating Lights" fast flashing and "Timer Light" flashing in bundles of four @ 0.5secs. at a time. The unit seems, nevertheless, to be working well. Problem started, as unit was off and is continuous. After being switched off at fuse box, the flashing stops, but re-commences immediately upon start. May I be informed of the cause and its rectification, please?

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

My Fujitsu Halcyon split air distributor, has a green light blinking on "Timer". Also it does not blow cooled air any more. What do I have to do to make it work or stop the blinking?

... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I have 4 header split type air conditioner. Time & again it stops and operation and timer light flash altenately and I have to to turn off the power at the switchboard and turn on again to reset. Sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times a day and other times it operates correctly for days. I have cleaned the filters and checked the electrical connections. 2 years ago I had a tech from Fujitsu who came and checked everything and could not find any faults. I am getting a bit concerned as this is occur

Hi,\015\012On the days it happens alot is there a temperature corolation??? Are these days warmer or colder then the days it runs all of the time???\015\012\015\012Have you checked the charge on the unit???\015\012Would there ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Fijitsu wall mounted split system operation and timer lights are flashing, and the air con is not blowing cold air, only like fan operating even in cool mode.

This the common problem with all a/c holders. Without knowing the function of Timer on and Timer off, if it's pressed the unit will start only at setting time.Please remove the battery from your remote and reset it. And then with use of ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a programmable thermostat that I do not remember how to program - or rather how to un-program. My 3 year old mother is visiting and I need to raise the temperature to 78. I cannot get it to stop running at 67 which is way too cold for her.

To find out what thermostate you have click on the link below then click on the blue squares. Once there find you thermostate so We may help you more. You can also get the manual for your thermostate once you find it. ... Air Conditioners

Hi i have a hitachi ras-63cha3 split aircon unit and it stopped blowing cold air, opened the top of the cover unit outside and there is a big white thing that is the size of a coke can and its melted and popped open... what is it and where can i get one? i'm located at campbelltown, thanx , lui. :)

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Panasonic split system A/C model cs-e12gkr. turn it on ,the fans surges flat out on and off for about a minute ,then stops and timer light flashes on.I RETRIEVED AN ERROR CODE H19 from the units handset.What does this mean?

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

I have a SAMSUNG Split system inverter airconditioner AQV09NSBN. It will start, then after a few minutes it stops blowing air. It makes a two-tone audible alarm signal (fairly quiet, just 3 times), and the red and green LEDs (the timer and turbo indicators) flash continuously at about 2 Hz.

It might help if you can confirm whether the unit is running in heat or cool mode when you observe the problem.\015\012\015\012Do you actually hear the compressor in the outdoor unit start before the indoor unit stops blowing air?\0 ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Hi, I just bought a house that has a a/c Fujitsu ASU12CQ. It seems to be working fine (cold air coming out) except that once in a while, it makes a big growling noise that last like 2 or 3 seconds and it stops. It feels like something vibrating inside. Sometimes it will do it every 5 minutes so it gets annoying. It also does it when we shut it off maybe 5 times in the next 20 minutes it's been off. Any idea what this could be? I've read the manual and couldn't find anything about thi

Hi,\012That noise is just the refrigerant moving inside the unit...\012It is nothing to be concerned about and is perfectly normal...\012Can be a bit annoying... but you will get used to it..\012\012heatman101 ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I noticed some straining noise coming from my a/c unit today. The fan on top of the condenser runs fine but as soon as the compressor tries to kick on the fan stops for a split second and you get a kind of surging noise from the condenser unit. Then the fans kicks back on, the the process repeats itself every couple of minutes. Meanwhile no cold air is being produced inside the house. Any ideas?

You amy ahave a bvad capacitor on the outside unit. It starts the fan and the compressor. You can change this yourself. Open the outside panel and you will see a silver canister with terminals out the top. Replace this and I think your problem will g ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

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