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Electric Heater Coils Always On

\015 I have a Sanyo through the wall heat pump unit. When I plug it in the heater coils start heating even with the dial in the off position. No matter where I turn the dial; heat,fan, or cool the heater coils stay on. The compressor seems to be working fine and the reverse switch seems to be working but with the electric heating coils on all the time of course all I get is heat. This is also very dangerous because as I said the coils stay on even with the fan off causing the unit to overheat and start smoking. Any help is sincerely appreciated.\015

Answers :

We use the STW0925H! in 60 rooms on this property and have encountered similar problems that were caused by weldedd contacts on one of two relays that controls the electric strip heat. They can be replaced if needed.
\015\012PTHP's and PTACs employ thermal fuses as well as a bimetal limit stat on the heating element to limit risk if fan motor were to fail and the heating element were to remain energized. It would be wise to check that both are fuctioning properly while you are servicing the unit.
I suggest that the thermostat or the switch is at fault, contacts may be stuck. hope this helps

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Always running I just bought this house with an existing Ruud system installed and have noticed that the air is ALWAYS running. It never pushes the heat past the set temp to make it turn itself off it just runs at the set temp forever. Needless to say this is a killer on the electric bill and I am seeing if I can fix it hear before having to call in someone to service it.

Some newer high efficiency units using variable speed DC motors are designed to maintain a temp and wonrt shut off by design. Does it maintain a temp you desire ? It may be normal hard teling without seeing it. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have baseboard heat in my house (hydronic(?) - not electric). The 3 bedrooms upstairs are always 3 VERY different temperatures. My daughter's room is always cold, sons' room is like the Sahara and our room is comfortable. I searched for valves at either end of the pipes (to bleed?) but found nothing. What should I do?

What it sound like is that your sons room is the closest room to the boiler and is getting too much of the heates water. your room is probebly the room in the middle and your daughters is the last one. Lets start bye taking and shutting down the va ... Air Conditioners

Electric Heater Coils Always On

We use the STW0925H! in 60 rooms on this property and have encountered similar problems that were caused by weldedd contacts on one of two relays that controls the electric strip heat. They can be replaced if needed.\015\012\015\012 ... Sanyo STW0923H2 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Which is cheaper to run. the AC or the dehumidifier on the mitsubishi electric split-type air conditioner MSZ-A24Na unit? I live in Florida and need to keep the humidity very low. I do not want mold to grow. It's also very hot. If I run the dehumidifier (dry) setting, the room is VERY cold but no temperature settings are not available. it's just cold. My question is....since the unit is always running, Is it cheaper to run the AC or the dehumidifier on this unit?

Run the humidifier to maintain a humidity level no greater than 60%RH. \015\012Click HERE for additional information regarding information on Mold. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

2003 expedition,a c not working freon is ok fuses ok clutch dosn't engage, a would like to know what else to check clutch, sensors,delays, etc. That is the main problem now cuz Sumer, I really like to check every single lead you can Share to get to the problem. Also problems that now i know Thanks to you guys are typical on exps like: - a c tap noises on the back - ajar door sign always - driver electric seat works left side ( or left rail ) not the right just on d side - ceiling lights fronto

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I have a Central Electric Furnace for Mobile it is an Intertherm Model FEH-015 HAC-04 Serial # FEH-9101-0237 It needs to be replaced, I'm wondering if you could help me in providing a model that can replace it.....I always have to turn my old furnace off at night as it is so loud it wakes me up and is there anykind that are more quiet now and maybe more efficient? Is Intertherm furnace better than a Trane ? Thank you in advance for some help with my problem. Michelle

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Indicator light always on

It really looks like a welded contact point in one of the burner switches going to the indicator light circuit. If you can, open the panel and lookk for shorts going to the indicator light. ... Jenn-Air 703650 203650 Downdraft Cooktop Range Stove Parts Burner Control Switch

I have an American Standard heat pump. My heat strips in my home are automatically turning on immediately when the heat pump starts. It heats the house up very quickly, but with the strips turning on immediately it is defeating the purpose of the heat pump savings on my electric bill. My electrical meter runs very very fast as soon as the heat pump turns on. I know this is not how the heat pump is supposed to operate. I am using a lot more electricity than I should be using. Can you tell me how

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My a/c (24000btu) refrigerant gas leak after about 2 month always. There is no visible gas leak place to see. But always every two month after receiving no cool from a/c the repairman says all the gas in the system leaked, but always no traces of the leak. What should I do? How to find the leak? It leaks over the time gradually.

Is this a residential central air conditioner? ... LG Air Conditioners

Waupaca elevator Type I, Model 711 has no electricity. Reset circuit braker, fuses, stripbox, and now have power to the stripbox but still no elevator electricity. Reset inside box still does not give electricity to unit. Ideas?

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I puchased 5 year old home back in July and up until the last few months my electric bill has been any where from 800kwh to 1500kwh. It jumped in December to 3880 and 4500 in January. My home is 2400sq, however I previously had a larger home and never used this much electricity. I understand that there are a lot of variables and factors that influence electrical use however. However i suspect that the jump in the KWH is related to my RUUD UBHC-21J18SFC system. hoping someone has heard or seen a

You will need to have a HVAC tech to check your Heat Pump..... It is not working or not heating properly....And you are heating the house with the electric heat strips which will make your electric bill double The electric heat strips are there as b ... Air Conditioners

On our inside unit we have a serious problem. The condensation from the unit leaks down into the electrical system(being on the bottom) of the unit. I was told it was a design flaw. how do i keep the water from dripping on the electrical. Weve had to replace the electrical wires and boxes 3 times, have spent over $1000. Please help, we cant keep replacing the same thing.

U can try to get some good insulation wrap and wrap the coil box and also is the unit in a basement or attic if basement u can also ry cuttting a few vents in the dct down there like 2 6 inch by 10 inch holes and the unit wont create condenstaion i ... Air Conditioners

I have a wall mounted gas heater. We have the pilot light lit but when I turn up the thermostat, nothing happens. The thermostat is newer as of 8 years and the electrical unit that attaches to the pilot light is about 8 yrs old but the wiring inside the wall is probably 30 yrs old. any thoughts? I just sanded the electrical connection and no change. thanks Margaret

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I have intertherm hot water electric baseboard electric heater model MD-7 and need to change out thermostates. What are good digital display type thermostates to use for this

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My nordyne AC unit thats 2 years old suddenly froze up and after thawing, the compresor runns but the thing only blows warm air. COndensor fan is spinning but the air is cool, not hot like it used to be. Filters are clean and are ALWAYS changed. The inside of the unit is spotless, it looks like its never been used. Its always cooled my home down in 3 minutes as its a 55500 BTU unit.

You have developed a freon leak or the compressor valves have gone and it is not pumping. ... Air Conditioners

Need a downloadable pdf electrical diagram for a coleman/evron model 3500A816 electric furnace

Http://www.colemanac.com/PDFFiles/036-31114-001-C-0109.pdf ... Air Conditioners

As I was cutting weeds away from my outdoor ac unit, I accidentaly cut through a small wire that has a red and white inside of it, we wired them back together and still have no ac or heat or air, we just replaced the thermostate also what should I do now ? we checked the breakers in the heater and on the main electric all brakers are on. I know this wire goes from the ac to the heater to the thermostat what elsa should I try, intertherm electric heater and ac thanks so much

This wire is powered by a small transformer, and delivers low voltage to energize the colenoid that turns on the ac unit. Turn the ac on from the inside. Then check if it is getting the voltage. Usually 24V AC. If not getting the voltage, go to the a ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Where should an electrical socket be placed for a newly installed residential airconditioning compressor? The new Lennox 13 Seer air conditioning and heating unit was installed in Norman, OK, in March and there was no electrical outlet installed on the wall near the unit. Did the contractor meet regulations or should they have installed an outlet?

Not an outlet, but you should have a junction box and maybe a circuit breaker.\015\012\015\012It's not made to disconnect, so no plug ... Air Conditioners

When heating it ices up on the outside, bottom of unit. Also doesn't always seem to turn off in relation to temp set, room gets way too hot (but not always!) Had to replace the circuit board this summer, cooling worked fine. Have already cleaned filter and used air compressor to blow out coil on inside. Maybe need to hose down outside portion to clean it?

When cleaning the unit make sure to clean out the inside and outside parts. See if that makes a difference since you already had the board replaced. New heat pumps would use the difference in air flow in the outside coils as measurement when to act ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Our af-s155mx air conditioner electric panel will not respond. it has reset itself to 88 degrees and will not go on or off or up or down. how do we fix it? do we need a new electric panel?

Try changing your batteries in your remote, I think the 88 is the room temp. or you have an electric problem! If the battery doesn't fix it ,then try the manufacture spec.and model # on the webpage. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud Acheiver 90, I'm having some problems, the rollout (burner) limit switches are opening, and there is an electrical burning smell. It seems that sometimes the squirrel cage isn't kicking on, but when I reset manual limits and give the squirrel cage a manual turn, the heater runs fine, sometimes. I guess what I'm asking is: would the fan motor only work sometimes, would the ignition plug give off an electrical burning smell (it's lighting fine), there is a separate thermocoupling, it

Thanks for your question,yup your fan motor is bad, if you need to manually start it each time then the motor winding are bad and it is not getting the air across the coils, which in turn are over heating, thus causing a burning sm ... Air Conditioners

GE ASM10AK 10,200 BTU Room Air Conditioner is 115 volt, but it blows the circuit regularly becasue it has many other devices on it (IE computer, PS3, WII, LCD TV etc.). I have a 220 outlet on a separate circuit. I did not buy a 229 AC becasue I wanted to save money on the unit and electricity. Now I want to buy a step down transformer 220-115 so I can plug it into the 220 outlet. GE said not to do it. Will it use electricity equivalent to 220 or 115 with the transformer plugged into the 220 outl

It would be easier to change the 220 circuit in your house to a 110 by some creative work in the breaker panel and making it an air condtioner circuit only. You would need to check with an electrician, but would probably be worth it in the long run. ... Air Conditioners

Electric Blanket My electric blanket controller blinks "FF". What does this mean? How can I get it to work properly?

... Air Conditioners

MY Triton T90si electric shower continues to run when it is turned off. It is not fully on , but water keeps coming from the shower head evev when the electric isolation swithc has been turned off. Also it goes from hot to cold every few minutes when the shower is on. Do I need a new shower, or can it be fixed?

Most conventional showers have brass seats or rubber seats that can deteriorate over time. these will leak or dribble and not maintain your temp.. Rubber and brass seats are a fairly common and easy replacement. It sure beats trying to rip out a show ... Air Conditioners

Tempstar air unit won't run, had electric outage but it didn't come back on with the electric. found it full of water from the condensor unit. drain pipe seemed plugged. checked fuses to the unit but it has continuity. air compressor won't kick on.

Your fuses can have continuity and you still may not have high voltage to run the unit. Check your circuit breaker in your main power panel. It should be marked for the A/C .The term for the cooling coil is Evaporator. The condensing unit ... Air Conditioners

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