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My trane xt300 is stuck on 32 degrees

\015 I just changed the batteries and now got a bad temp reading, it's more like 80.\015

Answers :

You may need to reset it or you could have switched it from Fahrenheit to Celsius readings

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My trane xt300 is stuck on 32 degrees

You may need to reset it or you could have switched it from Fahrenheit to Celsius readings ... Air Conditioners

My trane xt300 themostat is stuck on wake mode. Cannot

Press run prgm. If unit stays in Wake Mode the thermostat must be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Just bought a new 3 ton 16 seer Trane for a 1700 square foot house, but it is not cooling properly. I can't get the unit to drop below 75 degrees. I had the unit on for 2 ½ hours starting at 8:00am and it dropped from 76 degrees to 75 degrees. The installer failed to change the AC amps in the circuit breaker to 45. Currently the amps I have now is 36. Does that make any difference. It is 86 degrees outside. Any advice to my cooling problem. ? Thanks

Hi,\015\012I would not get too excite4d about this yet...if you are 10 degrees cooler then the outside you are definetly cooling and the mass of the house is also warm because you have just started the unit...give it at least a day...more impor ... Air Conditioners

I have a comfort control 2200 thermostat. I changed the batteries and the thermostat is set to 80 degrees. The air conditioner stays on and the temperature on the thermostat is stuck at 80 degrees but the house temperature is down to 75 degrees and the air conditioner will not shut off unless I turn the thermostat setting to 81 degrees.

May be the location of the thermostat. Try another thermometer right beside wall thermostat & see what it reads. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My Trane ModelTCONT402AN32DAA thermostat set for 75 degrees overshoots to above 81 degrees (as measured by a reliable thermometer). The thermostat temperature indicates 75 degrees and the heatpump will only turn off by manually reducing the temperature setting to a lower temparature. This is in the Heat mode but it does a similar "malfunction" in the Coolinf mode.

I would remove front cover and see if your thermostat has a mercury switch.this will be a small vial connected to a bimetallic coil. The vial wiil be about 1/3 full of mercury. It will have a brite silverey appearence.There shoul be two leveling peg ... Air Conditioners

THe thermostat seems to be "stuck" at 69 degrees for the temperature in the room and 62 degrees on the area where you increase or decrease the temperature. We have installed new batteries and tried to increase the heat but the button still won't let us turn up the temperature. Model # IF78 Thank-you

Most likely need a new t-stat ... Air Conditioners

In my mobile home I have a coleman furnace model number 7970-856. It was over 100 degrees today and my furnace fan is stuck running and I don't now if it's supposed to do day. There is no fan switch on the wall thermostat and I am not sure if the fan is stuck on.

There is a fan cycle switch that turns on the fan when the unit heats up (so it won't be blowing cold air) and runs the fan after the unit has shut off to remove heat from the unit. Sounds like it bit the dust. It is located next to the firebox. ... Air Conditioners

My roof top dometic air conditioner was stuck at 66 degrees and i had the wiring repaired. Now it will only cool to 73 degrees and the humidity level in the room has jumped to 75%. What's

Check feron make sure thermostat is functioning properly ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a TRANE XB-1000 model manufactured in June of 2000. It is operating while in the auto position on the thermostat but not cooling the upstairs (showing 75 degrees and very warm). I just replaced my downstairs unit almost (5 thousand dollars) and am trying to avoid the same with the upstairs unit. Isn't ten years a little soon for a TRANE to break down? Assistance would be appreciated.

If the unit is operating, then I would first check the filter and the coil behind the filterto be sure there is no icing up. If there is icing up and the filter is clean, you need to allow the unit to thoroughly defrost (by shutting ... Air Conditioners

Trane XT300 thermostat reads HOLD-AC. Unit will

My TRANE XT 300C wont turn blow any hot air. If I turn on the FAN it will kick on, but when I adj the temp, it shuts off. Any ideas? ... Air Conditioners

The control panel of my Frigidaire air conditioner model # FAM157S1A does not respond when buttons are pushed nor does the remote control. The unit is ''stuck'' on 70 degrees in low cool mode. I cannot turn the unit off without unplugging it. Any ideas? Paul

... Air Conditioners

Damper apparently stuck in open and zoned area very hot. disconnected wire to sensor, damper reset and reconnected wire but thermostat is not working now and how HF 42 on screen. Occasionally system comes on with heat but not heating any of the 3 zones above 66 degrees. Is there a way to reset the Comfort Zone system? Manual dated 1996 and is #809-575

... Air Conditioners

Control buttons no longer work. Air conditioner stuck on 90 degrees. Even the remote control doesn't work. In order to turn the unit off I have to unplug it.

... NewAir AC-1400E Portable Air Conditioner

Temperature on remote is stuck on 35 degrees and wont respond. Remote is for a Vulcan 80 Eco system Serial no. 10051612 77

... Air Conditioners

I have a older trane weathertron heatpump stuck in heat mode?

If your G and O circuit are touching it will never go into heating mode. Separate the two wires and give it a try.performance chips of BMW. ... Air Conditioners

GE Model AEW12AM room air conditioner: temperarure gets stuck at 86 degrees and can not change so unit will not turn on when at this setting.This happens from time to time.At other times it works fine.

... GE Air Conditioners

AW1093L only a couple years old. Controls don't work period including power on/off. Power is on, so when you plug unit in it comes on automatically on 75 degree fan mode, and there she's stuck. Have to unplug to turn off.

... Samsung AW1093L Air Conditioner

I can't get my thermostat togo up or down temp. It is stuck on 65 degrees.

Sounds like it's locked or in the wrong mode. First check that you're in cooling (or heating) mode, and not just fan.Without the model or maker I can be general in saying that you may have a small lock switch on the t-stat... ... Air Conditioners

My thermostats seems to be stuck. I set the AC to 80 and it keeps running despite the room getting down to 63 degrees.

Either your thermostat is stuck or the sensor detecting the room air is broken. If their is a digital readout telling you the room is down to 63 then I would say the thermostat is stuck but cannot be confirmed without checking with a meter ... LG LP6000ER Air Conditioner

My Ruud heat pump fan stops after running a minute. It is 10 degrees out now and defrost mode seems to work fine. It makes a humming sound when the fan gets stuck. Sometimes if I take a ruler to it, it will unstick and starts spinning but not other times. cover over the fan motor feels very warm, almost hot to the hand. I've shut it off totally for now.

Hi,The capacitor for the fan motor is bad...replace the capacitor and you'll be good to go...\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things t ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

This is about a 15 YEAR OLD Trane XE1000 30,000 BTU A/C unit. The A/C was not working, but right after I called to have someone come fix it, it started working again all by itself. When the unit was not working (for about 18 hours). The house got up to about 80 degrees with the thermostat set on 70. When the HVAC tech got here (next day), he told me the compressor is shot because the thermal limit switch inside the compressor is overheating. The area where the thermal switch is getting warm, but

You can wait just buy a capaciter start system theat will override the old start capaciter, this is a common problem for all ac systems. just bu the ac start replacement and yo should be good to go for a couple more years. and if you want a reference ... Air Conditioners

I have a Goldstar Air conditioner and it is stuck on 86 degrees and will not adjust down....I do not have the remote control...do you think a remote will help me?

... Goldstar R7003 Air Conditioner

The temperature get stuck at 80 degrees even after letting it run for an hour.

The temperature on your thermostat sticks or the setting you have it set at is not being reached ? ... Air Conditioners

Stuck on 75 degrees. Won't respond to buttons or remote

The thermostat sounds like it's bad. If it was good, you could change the temperature settings. The thermostat has to send a signal to the control board, and if it's bad, that just won't happen, and no cooling can occur.\015\012If this unit ... Maytag MEY18F7G Air Conditioner

Thermostat stuck at 75 degrees but house is much colder

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

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