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No drainage water, room too humid

\015 Just purchased a refurbished unit and the compresor goes on an off every 2 minutes. I have tried different settings with no changes in results. Room is way too humid and no water is leaking to the outside. Please Help!\015

Answers :

Sounds like the compressor is cycling in and out on a safety switch , could be high or low pressure, due to being short of gas for example

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No drainage water, room too humid

Sounds like the compressor is cycling in and out on a safety switch , could be high or low pressure, due to being short of gas for example ... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have an almost new Frigidare 24,000 BTU A/C . It works but the room stays humid. On very humid days water drips like crazy on the driveway below. The fan and controls work fine.

There is the refrigerant in the compressor assembly of the ac.If this refrigerant gets low then ac will work but it will not cool properly.For leaking problem check the drain line and the drain hose from where water gets drain.If the drain line is bl ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Our frigidaire window a/c unit (model faa067p7a) does not seem to be operating properly. There is no condensate forming anywhere (beneath the coils is dry and no evidence of water and there is no water coming out of the tube under the coils into the styrafoam drip area). Everytime we run the unit it cools the room to a degree but the humidity also goes way up. I tried the reset button on the power supply but that didn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas?

It sounds like your unit is low on freon or the compressor is not kicking in. If the compressor kicks in you can hear it turn the unit on fan only or turn the thermostat off then turn the unit to demand cool you should hear a hum even vibration when ... Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner

I have a Panasonic 11,500 BTU Window A/C for my bedroom. It does not condense any water on humid days and the thermostat keeps cycling on/off. The model is CW-XC120VK. My living room model compressor is on constantly trying to make up for the larger model and I can see the water dripping out the back. The compressor on the big one does come on, but just then shuts off and my bedroom temperature rises above the set 23C. This is a two year old model. Help!

\015\012Compressor starts and stops in seconds\015\012There are Five Main reasons that this will happen\015\0121 - A bad run capacitor (silver or metal capacitor)\015\012It’s either shorted, grounded or open.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

My LG Split AC leaks, the water drips from the front right side (inside the room, where it is installed) instead of from the drainage pipe (outside the room). What to do?

Hello, make sure the unit is tilted back somewhat so the Condensate can drain toward the back and not collect up in the front. Also, make sure the drain tube is not obstructed or blocked with sludge. ... LG Air Conditioners

Not getting enough humidity in our house in the winter resulting in cracks in moldings, etc. Level drops to 15-20% without use of portable electric humidifer. 2 Story great room, 3600 sq. ft. house...2 furnaces...2 general aire humidifiers (model 1099LH and 1042)...checked all lines and water flow into humidifiers (everything checks out)...was thinking of adding a second humidifier for the furnace that handles the main floor in-line w/ 1099LH...thoughts? Comments: Nov 18, 2009 - Could it wo

Hi,\015\012Getting enough humidity in a house can be difficult in some climates. Some types of furnaces can make the problem worse also.\015\012Before I would look into install more of what you have, I would consider installing a steam ty ... Air Conditioners

Ac is putting humidity into the room air

There are two three possibilities that has to be checked.\015\0121) Is the ac turned to fan mode or AC mode.First check that.On fan mode it will not give much cool.\015\0122) If the fitting of ac is not perfect then it will make the compressor of the ... Haier Mechanical Air Conditioner HWF05XC7

Frigidaire window unit spits water into room

To be honest with you this is a good and a bad thing. The bad thing is that it is spitting water into the room. The good thing is that the unit is running Great. The amount of humidity it is removing. is greater and faster than it can run down and ... Maytag M7D24E7A Air Conditioner

Drainage plug? Does this model (FridigaireFAC085M7A) have a drainage plug? I have had a problem with water collecting in the sill and realize that I have to tip the unit to the outside, but is there any kind of drainage plug to make sure the water goes out the back end?

Water gravity flows from AC. Take Back Cover off and, look for anything obstructing drain flow, such as leaves etc. ... Frigidaire FAC085M7A Air Conditioner

I have a new Mitsubushi 18,000 BTU Mr. Slim ceiling mounted (SEER 13.2) Comfort System. It is for one room only sized 20' by 20' by 12 ' high. The room is on the second floor, has no windows and is insulated on all sides. Like other posts I have seen, the Mr. Slim generally cools the room (even at 100 degree outside days in Texas) to 75 degrees or lower but the humidity immediately goes up within the first 1 to 2 hours to 60 to 70% relative humidity. I have complained and Mitsubishi authorize

A/C units do not remove all humidity - that is the purpose of a de-humidifier. Instead they STABILIZE the humidity in the form of condensation when the hot refrigerant is misted into cool vapor. The humidity condensate collects on the coils... thereb ... Air Conditioners

My splict ac system is not draining the water throught the drainage hose and instead in dripping water the side corner opposite side of the drainage hose.

Try lifting the unit off the wall and making sure its level and flat against the wall so the water flows as it should in the traycommon install related problemcheers ... Air Conditioners

We are trying to remove the water container so that we can plug in a tube to the system for constant drainage. a) We cannot get the water container out. b) How do we install the tube for constant drainage? I paid for IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.

HiOn the air conditioner I have here, there is a small plug on the back where I could plug in a drain hose. See if your AC has a plug you can plug the hose to for constant drainage. I suspect that you wouldn't need to remove ... Soleus KY-25U Air Conditioner

Water is backing up and dripping out of wall unit. I've checked drainage pipe and its clear. water is not getting into drainage pipe in unit.

The water dripping from evapourator is due to clogging of the cooling pins.where in the condensed water logs into the front portion into the filter,the front pannel and to the wall.If the unit is slightly tilted, this would be reduced.use a good brus ... Air Conditioners

My hot water pipes were froze this morning. Michigan! I have cold(almost froze) There is not any water coming out in kitchen from hot side. I have cold though in every room. There is water coming out a little bit from hot side in both bathrooms, its all cold water though. Lit the pilot light on hot water heater, has stayed lit since. The burner will not light though?

No easy fix . your water heater should be fine most likely its up to temp ,thats why its not lighting its main flame . the frozen pipe is another story you need to get the heat up in the house open any cuppord doors that have pipes in them like unde ... Air Conditioners

Duo Therm dripping water in camper when shut off. My Dometic Duo Therm Ducted AC drips quite a bit of water when shut off after running for several hours on hot humid days. The condensate lines are open. The lines drip steadily while the unit runs. When shut off the lines flow a great deal of water, suggesting that the pan is full. At this point I notice water dripping from the duct work. Thank you for your help!

Remove the filter at ceiling and run the AC on cool etc, and see if you can feel cool air leaking across to return air inlet where the divider between cold and return is. Check along all edges, etc for any cool air . Careful of wiring, but you should ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Does this unit dehumidify the room in which it is running, or just the air from the intake? As I understand it this dual hose air conditioner does not interact with the air inside the room it is cooling other than blowing the room air over the compressor to cool it...though I think I just answered my own question, as the humidity would condense on the compressor from the air inside the room, while the dual hose is designed to get rid of heat without creating a vacuum. Thanks.

Yes it does. Whenever you cool air, you reduce the amount of water vapor it can hold. As a result, if you are cooling room air you are automatically removing some of the moisture from the air as well. The condensate is probably re-evaporated into ... Air Conditioners

My Danby Premiere DPAC 13009 is leaking water through the bottom. I have attached the continuous drainage hose, and no water is going through it. I tried to manually drain the tank using the drain at the bottom, but no water is going through that either. All the water is leaking out the bottom, and I have not even used the dehumidifier mode yet.

Water is collected from cooling mode,\015\012not just dehumidifier mode. It does not always evaporate into the\015\012exhaust stream due to design limitations.\015\012\015\012\015\012Of course the water should never leak\015\012eve ... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

My AC unit leaks an inordinate amount of water into the apartment. Most of the times it happens when the humidity is high. I have to put rags inder the unit to absorb the water & change the rag after each hour as the rag is drenched. Water leaks mainly from undrneath control panel. I want to purchase another emerson unit as it is QUIET, but not if it will leak water profusely.

Hi,Check your air filter, the unit may be freezing up because of not getting enough air...Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Emerson Quiet Kool 10NW16K Air Conditioner

My partners Celestial split system a/c unit is leaking alot of water out from the vent from where the cold air comes out into the main room. The external water pipe is draining some water in a small trickle. What would be causing the frontal leak ? Cheers, Jeff

Inadequate angle for drainage ... Air Conditioners

My Mr. Slim seems to be making the room more humid while on the 'cool' setting. I turn it to the 'dry' setting and the humidity goes down but then when I turn it back to 'cool' it gets humid again. Is this normal?

Make sure the unit is draining properly may need to clean out. also check the filters ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a high pitch squeel noise coming from my bathroom. It sounds like the water hose when I turn it on, like water pressure....but obviously it is not from my hose. I have turned all power and water off to that room, checked the attic and the noise still persists. What else can I check, the noise it very bothersome.

Could be a fan or could be light ballast, water pressure in the pipes. ... Air Conditioners

Removing humidity I have not heard the pump working on my Sanyo to remove the humidity. There is no water anywhere that I can see. Can this happen when there is not too much humidity in the air? There is 30% now.

Hi,this is a common feature of the split unit when the humidity is below 40%,so don't be bothered,your unit is in a perfect working condition.\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks and take care ... Sanyo 12KHS71 Split System Air Conditioner

1 year old Honeywell humidifier model 32001664-001, professionally installed. Problem: no humidity produced and fan continues to run after house fan stops. Troubleshooting so far: Water supply ok to solenoid valve (KIP Inc valve #U147112-24/60). Switch triggers & fan turns on, however no water thru switch. Checked humidifier pad - found to be clean & water flows through unobstructed. Checked supply hose from solenoid valve to humidifier pad - clear (no blockages). Removed hex nut and tried to

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. Please\015\012check if the humidistat is not set too low or too high. Turn the humidistat to\015\012a setting to a greater humidity then turn your furnace up ... Air Conditioners

My AC makes noise when it is humid- it is the sound of the fan hitting water in the machine - the water pools in the bottom. Most normal AC's drain this water to the outside. I wonder if this could be a clogged drain maybe? Problem is I live on the 5th floor and it is not easy to take out (screwed in). Thoughts?

Good job i agree....when you or someone gets it out clean the condenser and oil the motor ... Panasonic CW-XC123VU Air Conditioner

Gas Boiler will supply /fire up to supply Central heating When Room thermastat turned up and switched to Heating and Hot water. When on Hot water Only will not fire up even though thermostat on hot water tank is set correctly. Is this a faulty Thermosta on the tank ?

Most likly or a shorted wire unhook the wire from the boiler see if it stops then if it's still is on it's in the boiler if off try unhooking it at the t-stat on the heater this should narrow it down for you dan ... Air Conditioners

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