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No power Just purchsed this unit but can get no power. Checked electrical outlet for power and the outlet is ok. Can you give me some advice?

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The unit itself hs a ground fault built into the plug, is it in the on posistion?

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No power Just purchsed this unit but can get no power. Checked electrical outlet for power and the outlet is ok. Can you give me some advice?

The unit itself hs a ground fault built into the plug, is it in the on posistion? ... Whirlpool ACM184XP Air Conditioner

I have a DeLonghi CF210 and I'm getting the "E3 Fault" code on the main screen. It will not power up in Air Conditioning mode, but the fan mode will run. I saw where someone suggested it is a voltage problem, and have tried it in several outlets to no avail. This problem happened to me about a week ago and I turned it off for a while (10-20 minutes), then turned it back on and it worked again for a week before giving me the E3 Fault error today. I do not have the financial resources to sen

Remote controller comms error. Check wired correctly, if so check dipswitch in RC. Set to Sg for 1 unit, or Gr for group then reset power ... DeLonghi CF210 Portable Air Conditioner

I have Whirlpool model #ACQ128XP0, there is NO power at all to it, breaker is not blown, fan will work in the same outlet, so it is not the electrical outlet, i turned it on the other day, and it made the rising sound that it does right before it turns itself off in power save mode, then all the power went off on it, i have unplugged its been days

I am not an expert but I have two of the remote controlled 8000 BTU units and one of the 12000 BTU units like this one. \015\012 \015\012I have found that the remote controlled Whirlpool units that used this type of electronics som ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Hi, we had a power surge which I am thinking fried the electrical on the unit. It is about 5 years old (I think). Do you think it is worth the money to repair it? We will probably get reimbursed from the electric co. when we make the claim, but wondering if should just get a new one. Thanks!

... Amana ACEX186E Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman CK36-1B central air conditioning unit. The area where the fan motor is, gets really hot but, the fan will not go on. You can hear the unit click as if it is trying to go on but nothing happens. The house is getting hotter by the minute. Checked all the connections. Everything is good. It is not an electric problem, electric is reaching the unit. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Charlie

I have a goodman it dont get cold ck36-1b ... Air Conditioners

I have a 3500 watt generator with 110 and 220 volt (3-prong) outlets. We have a 220volt submersible pressure pump at our rural farmhouse, and I would like to wire a plug in outlet so with an appropriate extension wire, get power to the pump in case of a power interruption. The extension wire would have two male plugs, one to the generator and the other to the socket at the pump. What do I need, and can a Home Depot type store have these items?

Yes they should be able to help, but a welding supply shop might be a better idea, just make sure you take a picture or sample of your generator receptacle just in case for reference. ... Air Conditioners

Have Twinstar 4 person infrared Sauna wilth KP1000-E2 power panel which receives power and bunch of red lights come on reading 99.9.9 or 88.8.8. All of the little red lihts are on including AM, Hot, Syhstem & Heater lights are on the power panel, but no electricity getting to the overhead light inside and no power to the sauna heating tubes.

... Air Conditioners

Warm Air My Fleetwood motorhome Dash air is giving me problems. After I turn on the controls Blower, outlet position, AC on button and re circulate button I may or may not get cold air. After continually operating the controls mainly blower & AC button, I can some times get the AC to cool down. When it is warm it's about 80 degrees, when I do get it to start cooling it will go down to about 60, Checked with an IR thermometer at the vent. Once it does cool down it may work the remainder of the d

... Air Conditioners

Waupaca elevator Type I, Model 711 has no electricity. Reset circuit braker, fuses, stripbox, and now have power to the stripbox but still no elevator electricity. Reset inside box still does not give electricity to unit. Ideas?

... Air Conditioners

I have 5 Hampton Bay ceiling fans originally installed in my 2001 home. 3 have light kits and work great. I am trying to install lights on the remaining 2 but get no power. The 2 wires (blue and white) have the proper connections that match the connectors to my light, but no light comes on. I checked with a volt-meter and it gives me zero volts. All of my wall power switches are on and the fans run but no power down to the light connector wires. Can you help me? THANK YOU........Joe

The supply power to the fan from the house should be HOT 24 / 7. The two lines going to the fan normally have wire nuts for connecting the leads on the fan to the house power supply line and the house common line. You want to tie the blue line on the ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have the Royal Sovereigh ARP-1400BLS, 1400ww. T/he ac turned on the first day I installed it and then after turning it off once, it would not come back on. I played w it for days making sure to leave it off for three minutes between each turn on. I floowed the direction for Power Plug Check: press the RESET button Insert the power plug in the electrical outlet Press the TESt button. If the circuit bresker is working you'll hear a clik (which I did usually hear) Press the RESET button

... Royal Sovereign Air Conditioners

The outside blower fan stopped working.... i diagnosed it was bad bc i had voltage right to the fan and nothing.... i am however able to use direct electricity from wall plug and the capacitor to get it to run but it runs very how...100deg C... and smells awefull... so i rewired it back into sequence with the relay on the main board and again i have voltage when the compressor kicks on ..... but no fan movement... also i have no voltage when checking power leg to neutral leg.... but power to gro

... Haier CPN12XH9 Portable Air Conditioner

Hi and thanks for reading this. I have recently had a complete house overall, included a new bathroom. Part of this included getting an electric shower which I was advised was very powerful. Anyway it seemed to be working for the first 3 days of use (not pumping powerful but a reasonable flow of water coming from the shower) however the during this time the temperature adjuster knob would not turn anti clockwise (cold) and only clockwise to hot. on the fourth and every day since (been using i

I would go to the supplier or Manufacture to know who the certified rep is in the area and use them and back charge plumber... ... Air Conditioners

I have a garage heater from Lennox. I replaced the thermostat and no longer can get any response or power from the furnace. There is power at the outlet where it is plugged in.

Inside the electrical cover is a transformer it takes 120v to 24v check incoming power and see if you got 24v coming out. ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 air conditioners, one for each floor. The first floor a/c is Lennox,M/N 12 ACB 60-3P. I have the following issues for your advice: 1. The 1st floor gets more than normal dust thru the a/c ducts (evident from deposits on floor surfaces). The a/c ducts are fairly clean and it is a 9 yr old home. I called 2 separate technicians for advice and one said I need an additional filter near the Evaporator coil in the attic. The 2nd technician said that I need to add more area to the a/c outlets.

Sharda,\015\012For 1. The who suggested the filter is partially correct. As the filter would control the air intake, it would control the dust as well, but at the intake and not in the attic. \015\0122. The second tech is correct as there is no way o ... Air Conditioners

No electricity getting to unit and outlet is good

... Frigidaire FAA074S7A Air Conditioner

Took the 25K btu machine out to clean the coils. system has dried and will not turn on. power chord trips when plugged in. -electricity outlet is working

It is still wet you need to dry all electric parts use air pressur ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have a 2006 Keystone travel trailer that has a remote control that opperates both the air conditioner and the furance for some reason I can not get the unit to work in either function with the remote or by manually pushing the buttons can you give advice? The remote is on and the batteries are good.

Check all 12 volt fuses in panel, as well as make sure breaker is on that powers unit. Also if you pull face off wall thermostat, you may have glass fuses in there & possible one or more has blown & will need to be replaced. Do you hear any c ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 buick lesabre and my ac doesnt work causeit not get power fom the compresur how do i fix this, the mechaniac said it could be electrical problem

Hi; The biggest problems Ive seen are low freon level causing no voltage making the compressor clutch circuit complete . Also a fuse could be blown. Now You have to ask Yourself 2 questions do You have a low freon situation or do You have a blown fus ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have this model of air conditioner and it shuts off from time to time. It will run for a while and then power down. Then when you try to restart it will run for a few mins and shut down again. But I tried it in a different out let and it will run for a longer period of time. It is not tripping the breaker on any outlets. Is this an issue with the compressor getting over work and it shutting down to cool off?

... LG LB1200ER Air Conditioner

My condenser is bound up, makes sounds like an electric motor that can't spin but is getting power. I think my usual fix of whacking said device sharply with a hammer may not be a good plan as it contains nifty gases. Any suggestions or a comment on how much this will run me to have replaced?

You can always start by replacing the capacitor, but be prepared to\012replace the fan motor just in case. ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

My air conditioner only goes for a few seconds then turned off by itself. the technician that i called on the phone said, ''It's probably caused by the unstable voltage from the electricity company.'' The other night, I found out that i had to turn off my computer first so i could get the aircon to work. After the aircon is running, i can turn on my computer without any problem to the aircon. (The aircon and my computer is on totally different outlet) But today, in the afternoon, even without my

I don't what kind of unite you got but that a little strange. most AC unites have dedicated breakers. and do not see what power company has to do your particular house, that wild! ... Air Conditioners

I have a split type ac model #AS12ABMCF, I cannot get the remote to work, manual adjustments don't work and the air directional bar continues to move back and forth, i used to be able to stop it in a position that i wanted. The unit is only two years old so i'm somewhat disappointed. Please give me your advice. Thanks in advance.

... Samsung Air Conditioners

My Fedders through the window AED24E7F does not turn on. I've checked the outlet and it still has power. I've flipped the reset button on the cord but that doesnt do anything. I just cannot get the thing to turn on, but it was working fine two days ago but now nothing. Any suggestions or is this thing done?

My front panel comes on but nothing else on my fedders window unit ... Fedders AED24E7F Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My air conditioning unit stop working (outside unit). When I turn the unit I notice a buzzz sound comming from the unit. I have pressed the reset button on the unit to see it that would help but nothing happend. I check to see if there was electricity with a voltemeter and the unit is getting current all the way to the capacitor. I turned the power off to the unit to check if the capacitor had a charge and it did. What other things should I be checking? Also, the fand do not turn on! model numbe

Hi, what is happening is, you have power to the outdoor unit. I am glad you have a volt meter. This system is a split unit,condenser outside and indoor unit. This is what you need to check, and what the buzzing is, and why the fan and compressor will ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

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