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Problem with RAS-30CS5

\015 When I start system at heating mode no air comes out and after few seconds an orange lamp under timer indicator starting to blinking and operation lamp goes off.\015\012please advise what can be the problem\015

Answers :

The system may not have any refrigerant in it, this may be a safty cut out. hope this helps

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Problem with RAS-30CS5

The system may not have any refrigerant in it, this may be a safty cut out. hope this helps ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

Hitachi model: ras-3.5ages unit trips on 02 fault pressures are ok. unit runs ok for approx 2 hours pressures still ok then trips on 02 fault. system can not be reset after fault occurs.pc boards run through test ok. condensor fan also ok. could the problem be faulty high pressure sensor or faulty thermister.

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

My hitachi air conditioning ras 8hk2 was recently disconnected and then reconnected, and after reconnection I am getting an message that reads abnormal "02AO"? What does this mean? What is the problem and how do you fix it?

According to the codes you gave me, it is telling me that it is sensing that it does not have enough of a gas charge to run. It is getting this code from the sensors attached to the cooling coils. The alarm code is as stated below.\015\012 ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Hi, I have Hitachi model: RAS 63CHA4/RAC 63CHA4 The indoor unit looks working for the fan function, but not for the other function. The fan on the outdoor unit looks not working. What is the problem?

Is your compressor is working? If so, check motor to rotate manually. If hard to remove, replace bearings or motor. If easy to rotate, replace capacitor.If your total out door is not working, check for power in out door unit. If not communicati ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

Toshiba Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Split type, Indoor unit model number RAS-B13SKVP-1 - Problem with excessive high-pitched squealing sound. Where should I / Can I lubricate the bearing in question? Using (ideally) what kind of lubricant? - Grease, Thin Spray-on, Thick Spray-on, or?

Normally maximum indoor unit carries sealed motor. Hence, replace bearings. ... Air Conditioners

I had a 53 fault on hitachi split ac system and after powering the condenser off and back on system now showing a p7 fault. Is this a refrigerant problem? Model no. Ras-6hrne

I think you should check your compressor manually . And then check the tempreature on discharge point of your compressor if tempreature increases then there is no problem of gas . ... Air Conditioners

New hitachi ras e14h2a not heating

... Hitachi Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my central heat / air unit. As it is getting cold now, I am using the heat. My problem is that I must turn the thermostat to the on position to get the unit to come on. In the auto mode, nothing happens. I can get very cold but not ever kick on until I move the switch to the on position. In the on position it works fine. Thinking that my problem was with the wall thermostat, I replaced that. I do not remember having this problem with the A/C. What should I look for to fix t

Look on your thermostat one switch (for the fan) will say off/on/auto. The other switch (for operation mode) will say off/ac/heat. The switches should be set at fan auto and mode heat. Some have an auto for the heat/ac if that is the case your thermo ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Britony Combi SE. I have had a persistent problem whereby I am presented by fault lights 40-80. I am aware that this is a common fault and usually relates to water pressure. That has been tested and not the problem. In an attemp to fix the problem the engineer has changed a printed circuit board which again hasnt fixed the issue, what is happening is that on the circuit board there is a 3amp fuse which keeps blowing. The problem is we don't know what is causing this. Can you help?

... Air Conditioners

My hydropool spa is tripping the circuit breaker. I moved my hottub off the deck onto a concrete pad next to the deck last summer. No problems, then over the first winter I went out one day and the breaker had tripped. I reset the breaker, no problems, happened two more times during the winter. I reset the breaker - no more problems. I should say that I was using the hottub during the winter and into the spring time with no problems. Now the breaker tripped and wouldnt turn the tub back

It sounds to me like your hot tub has bugs take the control panel apart and clean the bugs out of it. if you have ants in the area they will get into the controls and cause it to trip out. i had similar problem with apump until i found the ants ... Air Conditioners


When you change the board on an Amana youmusty program the board. You should have gotten a sheet that shows you how to do this. I sell Amana PTAC units and all boards have to be programed for heat pump or electric heat.Russ ... Air Conditioners

My Sharp CV-P12PX air conditioner seems to have a vibration / noise problem with some insulation and/or the fan. The unit is brand new and is the second one as I had the first replaced for the same problem. Tilting the unit solves the noise problem but of course that is not a final or proper solution. Any ideas?

... Sharp CVP12PX Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38ckc060370 that runs but the air is not cold coming out of the vents. i checked the copper line coming out of outdoor unit and is not cold either. does this mean that i need a recharge, or could there be some other problem? recently, i've had problems getting the unit to turn off, and had to use the breaker because it would not shut down on its own, but other than that, the unit has never had a problem. the unit is about 4 years old.

If the unit is not shutting down, then there is a chance the contactor has gotten stuck. This is not a good thing. If the contactor were to weld itself shut and the outdoor unit were to continue to run without the indoor fan running for an extended ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 38ckc060370 that runs but the air is not cold coming out of the vents. i checked the copper line coming out of outdoor unit and is not cold either. does this mean that i need a recharge, or could there be some other problem? recently, i've had problems getting the unit to turn off, and had to use the breaker because it would not shut down on its own, but other than that, the unit has never had a problem. the unit is about 4 years old.

Hi, since you claim that the a/c is working but the air coming out is not cool, then you have a very low freon in the compressor and you need to refill the compressor, Or look for an air restriction. Check your filter first of all..Concer ... Air Conditioners

Dear sir i have a problem with my carrier split fan.and the fan is ok.i think the problem is the electronic board.i'm an electronic enginner.i tested the components and al is ok.i dont undrestand what's the problem. would u plz help me.

If it is a standard split a/c system the board controls the voltage to the fan motor on a closure of the thermost on the low voltage side. Jumper the r-g terminals on the board, listen for the relay to "click" and verify voltage to the blower motor f ... Air Conditioners

Fails to ignite,sparks but pilot will not ignite. have had problems with pilot going our for about three months. Thought attic air flow was the problem. closed off air vents in area of heater. problem ceased for about three weeks. now pilot will not ignite when attempts are made. Rudd water heater, model PH2 40S 40F

Sometimes the pilot orrifice get plugged up and need to be taken apart and cleanned,,,,,, adjust the pilot flame on the gas valve, or check gas going to the unit to see if the in-line gas valve is opening and closing. ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Living in an apartment, 2 story building,my apartment is on thr first floor, so there is no attic, my problem is that on the wall there is a lot of moisture, but on the wall facing the side of the building,not the wall next to the shower room,this is a 2 bedroom apartment and the problem is on the same wall that runs across both of the bedrooms,and that's the only wall that has the problem, it seems like it swets,and it feels like wet,and the bedrooms smels humid, the bathroom has no window, but

Which way does the wall face, north south east west? is it a brick wall?? you should call the appt mang. and let them know about it because this could cause mold in the drywall and get you guys sick. i would also get a dehumidifier that will help get ... Air Conditioners

Machine is spewing freon into the used oil reserviour when vehicle system is put under vacuum. Recently changed the filter drier and vacuum pump oil with no problems and have used it a couple times since with no problems. Just before this problem arose, we took a few leaking fittings apart and cleaned them. Coincidence?

I am assuming when you refer to machine, you are actually refering to a vacuum pump?\015\012\015\012Not clear what you are referring too on this one. Can you provide more details? ... Air Conditioners

This is Soleus KFR 18, and my problem is with the indoor unit: The green light blinks three times, which the install book says is a fan motor problem. I replaced the fan motor, and there's no doubt the old motor was bad (yellowed paint due to heat is visible). The problem is I still get the 3 green light diagnostic with the new fan motor. I've also replaced the fan blade assembly. At this point, I'm lost. John Parsons Winter Springs FL

If you take a close up photo shot with a digital camera I can help you with the control. You have a failed sensor that does not provide the necessary signal that the fan is running and doing it's thing. I need to see the control circuit. ... Soleus KFR-18 Air Conditioner

I have a lg 1.5 ton split ac , problem is compressor trip in 5 to 10 minutes ang agin start in 10 min..i will call service centre , he wl change capactor and service indoor n outdoor unit ,but problem will same, then he will say the problem in relay (pcp) circuit. tell me solution..

First check the compressor amps and the condenser fan rotation are correct if ok check power come to the compressor without interuption (from control in the indoor unit)if the remote setting are ok correct voltage to the compressor may high pressur ... Air Conditioners

Compressor I have a air condition unit that blows out cold air for a little while and then the air in neither cold nor hot. I had someone come and check it out and they said the compressor was bad. Is that really the problem or could it be something else? The model I have is Intertherm T3RC-042K. I just don't want to have to spend that much money on fixing the compressor and that is not the problem. If it is the problem, is it something that can be done yourself or does a professional need to do

If the unit does blow out cold air for a few minuets then quits it could be a low pressure cut out that will turn off the compressor because the unit is low charged mening there is a leak in the sealed system i would get a second opinion and show th ... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

Amana AC model MBR2000, installed mid May 2009. When outside temp gets above a certain level the AC does not cool. fan keeps running and it keeps trying but not work. When outside air gets cooler then starts to work again. Tech here twice. 1st time when AC was working - could not find problem, 2nd time when problem was occurring. 2nd time found burnt wire and replaced. Same problem started again 2 days later. AC unit is large enough for our house, is 18 Seer 2 stage. Any suggestions as to proble

Hi it sounds to me like what actvates the 2nd stage of the compressor is not turning the compressor on when the ambeint temiture reaches the point that it calls for the 2nd stage to start it may be an out door thermostat or a ambient senser and I wou ... Air Conditioners

AS-H126PBL2 Coil is freezing up and water suudenly overfloors into the room floor and soak the carpets furniture etc. this happens in brand new Art Cool AS-H126PBL2. even the local agents cannot solve this problem and I do not recomend this Art Cool model to. all the known people whom got this particular model has the same problem. We people in Sri-Lanka must not go for this model as the Agent Abans Limited cannot solve this problem.

Check the web page and manufacuure specs on the model#! ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

My Amana A/C is almost five years old. It is not cycling in the heat of the afternoon. I live in Las Vegas, NV. I recently had the expansion valve replaced, but this did not fix the problem. The original problem was it was not cooling, but now the problem is it is not cycling. It will run all afternoon until the temp outside cools. I also need to know if this valve is still under warranty. I have a 13 seer, 3.5 ton. I am sorry I do not have the model number. It was installed on 9-8-2004.

If 5 years on parts, you still have until Sept. 9, this year, to avail. Besides, if the problem is with the compressor, its a lifetime warranty you said. :)The best thing to do is avail your warranty from an authorized service center to ... Air Conditioners

My Carrier AC model 38CK036 fan will not spin. Unit buzzes but no spinning. fan moves freely when pushed, and no problems with furnace or thermostate. I had this problem on my 2nd Carrier unit a yeat ago. Tech replaced something in the service panal (just not sure what). I assume this is the same problem and if possible I would like to fix myself

Most likely the fan start capacitor is defective which is near the fan itself ... Air Conditioners

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