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Heater!!! Unit acts like its heating but there is no hot air. Fan turns on, heat symbol is showing on the remote, but no heat

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I am experiencing a similar problem with my Mitsubishi slimline MSH09TW unit; about 4 years old; It use to give us very hot air now it is giving some what hot air; northeastern USA current temperature about 15F. You think frigid weather in Cranbury NJ could be responsible or some thing else is going on. Please help me if you have some time and knowledge about Mitsubishi heat pumps.\015\012\015\012Sincerely, \015\012DSS
Thinking of purchasing, I browsed the mitsubishi slim web-site, and noticed they tout the A/C features. TV advertisements lead us to believe the units operate as regular ductwork heat exchangers that include a heating unit built into the exchanger. That does not seem to be the case as they suggest hooking the unit to your existing gas or electric heating unit, and also hook you up to purchase heating units.

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Heater!!! Unit acts like its heating but there is no hot air. Fan turns on, heat symbol is showing on the remote, but no heat

I am experiencing a similar problem with my Mitsubishi slimline MSH09TW unit; about 4 years old; It use to give us very hot air now it is giving some what hot air; northeastern USA current temperature about 15F. You think frigid weather in Cranbury N ... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

Hi l am getting no heating or hot water from my boiler although it sounds as though it is on there is no fault code coming up the 'burner on and load indication' symbol - (15 on the control panel) does not show the 'central heating mode operation' symbol (13) above the 'central heating symbol' (14) is acting as it would if it was on. The boiler sounds like it is on but its isn't. There is enough gas and electric

Hi,\015\012 \015\012Please check the bellow article to have an in-depth idea related to your issue and check the probable causes to troubleshoot your problem that you have men ... Air Conditioners

Drayton RP2 with BG 532 boiler Hi, My home only has hot water but no heating. i have recently changed batteries. The receiver seems receiving the fignal fine i.e. when I turned up the temp the gree light will come on after a few second of flashing red light and vice verse. The problem to me seems to be the boilder doesn't receive the instruction from the receiver. The boiler can produce heating on manual override situation. The indicator shows 58 (sometimes 61 or 49 etc) folloed by a

... Air Conditioners

0.584.004. FCC ID is: QFA-FRC584001 that is all I have to go off. My fireplace remote won't work and I can't use the fireplace to heat my home unless I turn it on and off constantly. Otherwise it is way too hot or freezing

I had the same problem. Just came home one day and tried to to turn the fireplace on and got no beep and no fire.Not sure if you still need this but I just finished repairing mine by trial and error. This might work for you so give it a try. If you l ... Air Conditioners

I have a Ruud Model RQNA-B 13 Seer heat pump and it has shut down during this cold snap. It does this everytime it turns extremely cold and in the summer when it is extremely hot. Help, the service men can't get out due to the weather. It acts as though it is froze up?

If the outdoor unit is not operating and the electric heat is working, more than likely the outdoor thermostat is keeping the unit off.\015\012\015\012This is an adjustable setting, doing it at the outdoor\015\012unit. Typically the ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm central air and heat is acting up had to turn off because it had a burning smell and got red hot have no air now

Indoor fan not working ... Air Conditioners

DeLonghi CKP 30 remote not showing heat option

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

The heat pump is not working properly. i think the problem is in the switch mechanism. when the heat is on and the thermostat is turned up it blows cold air. sometimes the compressor turns on and off. if you turn the other switch to the off position, then turn the thermostat up then turn it back to heat. it will blow hot air. if you then turn the thermostat down, wait till it turns off, then turn it back up, it will blow room temp air and sometimes the compressor will turn on.

Hi,\012The problem may be the switch, but it sounds more likely that the contactor in the outdoor unit is bad and is not making all of the time...then the compressor will not always run...\012To figure it out you will need to catch it at ... Air Conditioners

My remote controlled air conditioner would not turn off because I had dropped the remote on the floor. I tried many time to turn the air conditioner off, through the remote control, but it did not work. Finally I decided to change de alkaline batteries. They were hot!!!! Is there any risk in that? does hot mean that the battery is leaking acid? whas I exposed to mercury?

Hi,There was no danger and you were in no danger....the batteries just got juggled around in such a way that they were shorted out and discharging very rapidly...Replace the batteries with new ones and install them correctly a ... Air Conditioners

My Towerchron 2000 timer appears to be faulty. It is about 20 years old but has always worked well. The problem is - the central heating will often not come on without the hot water. In the evening when the hot water switches off, the heating turns off. I have to turn the water on again to keep the central heating on. The room thermostat is high enough (18-20C). I suspect the timer is faulty and needs replacing.

... Air Conditioners

I just purchased a Totaline thermostat P47401050. I have a hot water boiler (gas) for house heat and hot water. The old thermostat had just two wires - white and red. I connected them - red to R and white to W1, but it doesn't turn the heat on. If if connect the white and red together, it does. I noticed that when I turn the thermostat up to force it to come on, "PF" appears for a second. Any ideas? Thanks!

... Air Conditioners

Model FC24B3XN1H. Modulating Echelon 60k btu. Fan runs constantly but no heat. Was installed 9/09. When turn thermostat off, fan still runs, have to shut off at furnace. It has never been a hot heat, installer said that is normal?? Used air couple days this week, was fine. We then turned furn off at thermostat as it was not needed. Turned heat on late yesterday afternoon & problem started. Left furn power off for about 15 minutes, but would not reset. Easy solve?? Is it supposed to be a 'cool' h

Hi,The fan running constant and the unit not firing is usually an indication that the high limit reset has tripped. And yes... these furnaces will run a cooler air... that is one way they get better efficiency...Also the ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Lennox heat and air conditioner roof top on my unit. What's happening is,the heat turns on for a about 10 minutes then shuts off, the only way to turn it back on is to turn off the thermostat, then turn it back on, but will keep doing the same. Oh and one other thing, the filter warning is showing on the thermostat, could it be as simple as changing the filters? Any suggestions anyone?

You are right, you must change the filters, since it isno longer working normally. May this help you. ... Air Conditioners

I turn the thermostat down at night. When I get up in the morning I turn it back up. The heat kicks on for a minute or two then the unit starts blowing colder air. If I turn the thermostat to the OFF position, wait until I hear all blowers stop, then turn it back to the ON position, it will start blowing HOT air again. Some times I have to perform this cycle 3 times to get it to keep blowing hot air. Any ideas as to what is shutting the furnace off? Thanks, Wayne

Theremostat switch problem. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a ferroli falcon II combi boiler and have a problem with the hot water and heating. The hot water keeps turning cold for a few seconds and the boiler keeps firing up and clicking off all the time you have the hot water tap open. Also the heating gets to temp but then keeps clicking off for 2-3 seconds then fires up again. Have already changed sensors. Can you advise any further Cheers. Reagrds Phill

... Air Conditioners

Gas Boiler will supply /fire up to supply Central heating When Room thermastat turned up and switched to Heating and Hot water. When on Hot water Only will not fire up even though thermostat on hot water tank is set correctly. Is this a faulty Thermosta on the tank ?

Most likly or a shorted wire unhook the wire from the boiler see if it stops then if it's still is on it's in the boiler if off try unhooking it at the t-stat on the heater this should narrow it down for you dan ... Air Conditioners

I have a weather king model 90RJ - first time I've had hot air heat..When I turn on the heat, the blower turns on right away ( blowing cold air) - I understand that the ducts have to cleared of the cold air - but shouldn't the blower turn off until the air is warmed to temp thanks Bob

When the furnace first comes on there is a induced draft motor that should come on first but that forces air up the exhaust or flue,not into supply air on ductwork. It is not unusual for cold air to be blown out when burner first turns blower motor o ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

My boiler is in an outside cupboard and a frostat was fitted.My heating comes on at night and in the day when it is cold and I don't want it to as it is costing me alot of money in extra gas usage, plus it is uncomfortably hot at night and the house does not need heating when I am out. It also appears to effect my hot water as this does not get hot when the frostat is overiding the timer. P{lease can you let me know what I can do to fix this problem. I have had engineers out today who have turne

I am not a expert by any means but have a similar problem with an outside boiler, but mine is in a garage. It strikes me that if yours is located in a more confined space you could place a small parafin heater in the cupboard which would raise the t ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Halstead combi boiler. The Central Heating works OK, but we are not getting any hot water. It cycles between luke warm for a bit and then goes cold. Not sure if it's related but occasionally the heating also stops and this is due to the water pressure having dropped. Turning the pressure back up to 1.5 bar starts the central heating again, but does still not give us any hot water.

... Air Conditioners

Goodman Gas Pack Unit. Model PGB048125 Control Board 1068-400 Installed 1993. ** No Heat. ** Checked breaker at box. ** Have changed thermostat, no change. ** control board LED light shows: Red: System turned off at thermostat Red: A/C turned on. Flashing Red: Heat turned on at thermostat.

Count the number of flashes and consult your manual as to what the flashes mean. The blower access door may show the faults codes. What you probably have is a contaminated flame sensor or maybe a rollout switch tripped due to rusty burners or air res ... Air Conditioners

I have a dometic ac with remote in our 2005 Keystone Zeppelin z261. We are camping in 95 degree Florida. While taking a nap, the ac remote quit working with the unit running wide open cold. I changed batteries in the remote, no change. The control panel on the unit itself showed the green light for cold, but the control did not respond. Turning off the main breaker made the unit turn off, reseting the breaker made the ac come back on. When I unplugged the modular cord connecting the control pane

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a remote comfort control with 3308448.004 relay board. Press Heat button to turn unit on and it does NOT turn on. Have 115VAC to the relay board and have 12VDC to remote control reciever. Sounds like the remote control reciever is bad?? Can I switch my system to the "wired" control system without changing the relay board? I assume it is possible that the relay board is also bad. Is this a common fault with these units?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a ruud pvp50-1 gas hot water heater, the water gets cold. I can turn it off and reset it and turn it back on, it heats up normally but then the water gets cold again. To heat the water again

... Air Conditioners

I installed hz311 truzone but the fan wont turn on on heat even when i put it on auto or on. but it works fine when i put it on cool. also notice it shows it calling on heat on the zones but the fan wont turn on

The main PCB board is defective ... Air Conditioners

We seem to have developed a problem with our boiler, worcester 20/25 heatsave. Every time we turn on a hot water tap, when we turn the tap off, there apears to be a loud noise from the boiler or pipes for a second or so. The heating and hot water etc are working fine. This has developed iver the last week or so?

It seams the valve that senses water flow is not operating properly,causing the boiler to keep heating the water when it has nowhere to go,i,e the taps turned off,thus boiling the water. ... Air Conditioners

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