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Unit keeps stopping when hot weather

\015 I have a Mr.Slim in my shop in Hong Kong and whenever the outside temperature exceeds 30Deg C the unit keeps stopping and turning off automatically. I cannot restart the unit until it cools dowm later in the afternoon. I have had the unit cleaned and serviced but it continuously keeps stopping. The servicemen have no idea to why this is happening. Hope you can help so that we can pass on the fix to the next serviceman we get in.\015\012\015\012Thank you\015\012Kind Regards\015\012Dean\015

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Hi, it's summer again and hot. Finally got someone with some brains to come and look at the airconditioner. I showed them your reply to what the problem may be and like magic, they re-gased the aircon and now it works perfectly.\015\012\015\012Thanks again\015\012Kind Regards\015\012Dean
Hi, I am not familiar with your particular unit but it sounds like the compressor is getting too hot which could be caused by being low on freon. The large refrigerant line should be cold and sweat all the way up to the compressor after it has been running for a while. If it does, the freon is ok. It could also be a dirty condenser coil, bad bearings in outside fan motor or bad capacitor on fan motor or compressor. Check for wires that are burned or have been getting too hot. There are other things with heat pumps that could cause it but they are unlikely to happen. You might also want to make sure the voltage and hz is right. The only thing I could find information on was the 110/220 60hz (60C) You may only have 50hz power there. Good Luck. Let me know if I have helped.\015\012kstfas

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Unit keeps stopping when hot weather

Hi, it's summer again and hot. Finally got someone with some brains to come and look at the airconditioner. I showed them your reply to what the problem may be and like magic, they re-gased the aircon and now it works perfectly.\015\012\015\012Thank ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have 2 kickboard heaters in the baseboards under the cupboards in the kitchen (Smith SS7's). They are run off the hot water central heating circuit. The fan in each unit is supposed to click on to blow hot air from the heat exchanger when the temperature falls. Both units have stopped working - when one stopped the other worked intermittently for a few weeks but now this does not come on either. I have bled both units and if I keep doing this then eventually hot water reaches both but the flo

Does your heating system have zone control valves? if so make sure they are opening with kitchen t-stat. sounds like the boiler pump is not able to flow water to the units. might be a zone control problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Baxi 80E combi instant and i am experiencing problems with the hot water function. For last week or so when operating hot tap the water has initially run hot then keeps going cold and will come back on when tap is opened fully. The hot water has now stopped working completely even if opened fully and the hot water light on unit does not illuminate as it used to. I was advised by a friend to try changing the DHW flow microswitch on the diverter valve and have also changed the diaphrag

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I turn the thermostat down at night. When I get up in the morning I turn it back up. The heat kicks on for a minute or two then the unit starts blowing colder air. If I turn the thermostat to the OFF position, wait until I hear all blowers stop, then turn it back to the ON position, it will start blowing HOT air again. Some times I have to perform this cycle 3 times to get it to keep blowing hot air. Any ideas as to what is shutting the furnace off? Thanks, Wayne

Theremostat switch problem. Replace it. ... Air Conditioners

LG Portable Air Conditioner model # LP0711WNR is making a rattling noise. Unit has been running a long time to keep our upstairs cool. Summer has been hot non stop since June. Sounds like it could be a loose fan but how do I fix it?

... LG Air Conditioners

Cools for few minutes then stop cooling....Hi my unit GE (APH10AA) Air Conditioner, only cools for 10 minutes and then stops then is the fan that runs forever , with out getting to cool again,plus the back of the unit ,the vent takes out lots of VERY HOT AIR, my room will get so hot ,what I can do to fix it? please help

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

Fan stops,but unit keeps running

Maybe a motor or fan belt ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier Synergy 2000 38tda048300 4 ton/2 ton unit it is a 2 speed unit. It is 8 and a half years old. The unit keeps running on the inside but the fan stops and the outside unit stops. Seems to be the same time daily. AC man came and said it was the compressor. We got a new compressor. The very next day it did the same thing. The only way to make it start again is to flip the switch leave it off for 15 or so min and restart. This was exactly what happened prior to replacing the

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi. I recently installed 1.5 T, 3 * Split AC, LG. Whole day the AC works fine and no problem in cooling too. But once in 2 day outdoor unit start making thudding noise continously and does not stop for 4 to 5 second and after that indoor unit stops cooling and just fan runs. No cooling is done after that and room temperature keep increasing. The green LED of compressor in indoor unit is ON, compressor does not work. To achieve cooling again I have to switch off whole unit for like half an hour a

HelloSounds like the compressor is shuting down on high heat.There could be a couple reasons for this.1 Check that proper voltage is being supplied to compressor.2 Freon level may be low.This would be a service call.3 Ba ... LG Air Conditioners

My MSY-A17NA UNIT will start functioning normally then after about five minutes it stops blowing air and the operation led signal starts flashing. When both the operation and indicator led's are on the unit works properly. After I shut it down and start it up again the unit works fine. How can I get it to stop shutting down every 5 minutes? I'm in Hawaii and it is Hot here! Please help.

Hi,Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My cocept 1000 ac unit quit workimg last night .the unit was very hot and the fan outside stopped turning.i let it cool and restarted the unit ,but the fan turned slowly and stopped again.what can i do?

IF THE FAN TURNS FREE (USE A SMALL STICK TO PUSH ON THE BLADE) there is a\012 capacitor also, that runs the motor that could be bad size is on it \012average size is 5 -7 UF . these motors are expensive nowadays so you \012want to take care of them ! ... Air Conditioners

Have air conditioner that freezes up after setting it on the lowest setting. checked the freon on the unit and the suction pressure was at 42 on the 22 scale & about 70 on the psi scale, low side. no high side tap to get reading. fan motor very hot, rpm? have some #'s off of the unit 12078 ace244pt3/201s170001562.... compressor make / modle.. HIGHLY SHW73TC2GP1 ...4390H1793741 WHAT SHOULD THE LOW SIDE READ ON THIS UNIT ACCORDING TO DESIGN SPECS& SHOULD THE MOTOR BE SO HOT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR HAN

If it's freezing up, chances are the freon is low, but read the info on the panel near the taps or the compressor to find out how much you should have. you need r-22 (if that is what it takes), guages, a thermometer for dry and wet, a temperature se ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Rick55 my outside unit goodman cjk484ab stopped working fan not turning motor very hot power went out for asecond then the unit stopped working i think the fan motor went out

Check the capacitor if motor is real hot it might be burnt out winding can you get it to turn buy pushing the blades if so good chance it motor. ... Air Conditioners

I have a chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a two piece air conditioner that runs in cool for 10 minutes then shuts down for 3 minutes and keeps repeating cycle while The indoor units fan keep running I've read that this unit has a dehumidifier mode that dose this same cycle. If this is what it is doing is it possible to stop this mode from cycling Thanx

... Air Conditioners

I have a 98 Sunnybrook w/Dometic Furnace-A/C thermostat control. Just the other day, the furnace would keep running and it got very hot in the trailer until I could shut it off. The thermostat was set kind of low, but we needed to keep a little heat on in case we got a freeze. Do I need to replace the control unit which is electronic to correct the problem? I am assuming the thermostat went bad, but am also assuming it is a part of the control unit?! Thanks for your help. Dave

... Air Conditioners

My air stops running inside before it get to the temp. Its set for but the outside unit keeps running and after a minute or two the air will start blowing inside again but the outside unit never turns off until it gets to the desired temp but because it stops and starts so often inside it takes a long time for it to reach the desired temp. Inside

You have a possible thermal overload problem in your furnace blower motor dirt will cause this problem when it doesnt allow air across the windings of the blower motor if not dirt the motors going bad and getting hot use a shop vac and eliminate dirt ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Hi I have a goodman MSG-18HWN1 heating and cooling mini-split unit. The unit keeps going on and off on a cycle of about 5 minutes. 5 minute, unit not started, unit starts for about 5 minutes, stops for 5 and so on. Is that a normal behaviour ? It is a bit annoying. Thanks

Due to abnormal temp of out door.Check outdoor fan motor and compressor and also sensor.Fan motor not working- rectify/replace fan capacitor.Sensor defective-Replace itCompressor high amps-Replace running capacitor.Sensor misp ... Air Conditioners

Sharp AF-R1108X Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner was working fine all summer. The past 2 days were extremely hot out. the unit was working around the clock. the unit was in low cool and keeping up fine. Then it started making beeping noises and going into energy saving mode and cycling the unit on and off constantly and would not allow me to turn it off by using the selector button. I had to unplug the unit to turn it off. I left it off for about ten min. hoping it would reset it self. I turned

... Sharp AF-R1108X Air Conditioner

Goodman outdoor a/c unit top fan stopped working while the family was away from home and now the compressor will not turn on. Only thing happening when a/c turned on inside is the indoor unit kicks on and the outdoor top fan begins humming and getting very hot to touch. Unit is only 5-7 years old. It is a Goodman CKL42-1L. Please, anyone with suggestions is appreciated. Definetly do not have money to replace the entire unit at this time.

... Air Conditioners

My Goodman Mfg AC unit is blowing fuses on the control board inside the blower/air handler unit. This fuse supplies 24V to the outside compressor unit. Originally, there was a 3 A fuse in it. I replaced it with a 5 A fuse that lasted for a year. Now it has blown. I suspect that the solenoid actuator coil on the outside compressor unit is becoming lossy and drawing more amperage in the hot weather and my solution is to replace that component. Does that sound right?

This must be a diy board ... Air Conditioners

My air conditional unit outside ,fans turns on but the unit compressor wont turn on,just stopped working this morning.i turned the thermostat to 72 but only the fan on the outside unit comes on and it is hot inside the house..

Somethings aperson cant fix without a service tech. First it could be wire burnt of capacitor going to compressor. Second it could be bad capacitor. There is a dual capacitor on the ouside unit one side says herm that runs the compressor. Turn pow ... Emerson Quiet Kool 12HT13 Air Conditioner

We need to know where the main drain is located on our unit or how to access it so it can be opened and cleaned. It stopped up and the secondary overflow line running to the outside of the eve worked loose from the unit and dumped my bedroom ceiling with water. Overflow line repaired but the MAIN drain needs to be disconnected a the unit to unstop. We are elderly, both sick, repairman overloaded and it is HOT where we live. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advane for your help.

Unfortunately, if you're elderly and sick, you'll need to get the serviceman back to unclog it for you. As it will require crawling on your hands and knees, to access the main drain and then running an auger or high pressure air into the main drain l ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana a/c unit and the compressor outside keeps stopping however the fan goes on. The a/c service guys have been to my house 3 times and the wires each time were burnt. The last time they change the capacitor and and new heavier guage wires and it lasted for about a month. When trying to turn iton now I am back to the same situation. Do you think I should I go for a compressor or change the unit ? It is a 4 ton model BBC60a2A and the outside unit model number is RCE42A2A . Thanks

... Amana PTH123B35AJ Air Conditioner

Fan keeps cutting out . unit will run for a few mins , and then stop. would this be a thermostat problem or a fan problem? . also does the sealed fan unit have a oil opening and if so wot oil is recommended. . thanks for the help . can you please send the internal plan for the fan unit , convair finesse 2600-3300.

Sounds like you will have to replace the fan motor soon ... Air Conditioners

It is 110 degrees out, we have set the central air for 70 but we can not seem to get the temp under 74 degrees, the unit is always running is it just too hot out for the unit to keep up, or is something wrong with the unit

You probably hit the nail on the head. You are currently getting 36 degrees difference in temp. That's pretty darn good. Most units would struggle with that. Running all the time is usually an indication that the unit could be somewhat undersized ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

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