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After running awhile ac blows warm and theres no water in evap tray.

\015 Installed new condensing unit, and just had a new evap core installed,worked great for three weeks, now blows warm. When you turn off system for a few hours and restart it it works ok for awhile then blows warm.had ac tech come out and of coarse it worked good,he said pressures are good and freon ok,evap core temp was 22 degrees when he removed the cabinet cover, I thought maybe it was freezing up, but there is no water or condensation in drain pan or on evap core. thanks Funtz\015

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Steam comming out of airconditioner
I have the same unit and live in a "historic" building. If it's hooked up to a power line with a breaker, or any power bar it will eventually turn off the condenser and flash. Check if yours does this flashing routine...you might need a fatter power cord going directly to the socket.

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After running awhile ac blows warm and theres no water in evap tray.

Steam comming out of airconditioner ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

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It shouldn't harm it but give the unit a good cleaning. ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

Hello - I have a heater/air conditioner; when I run the air conditioner it blows water and leaks water into the house. I was told by an air conditioner technician that I need to replace the unit; however it blows super cold air the only issue is that it leaks water. Not sure what I can do? It is a Fredrich Twintemp Model#EL25J35-A Cooling BTU/AR 24600/24000

When the filters, or heat exchanging coil, are dirty or blocked, this causes a restriction in air flow. This in turn can then cause the temperature of the coil to drop. If the coil temperature drops below zero, moisture in the air that is ... Friedrich Air Conditioners

Unit will cool for about 10 minutes and then compressor shuts off an unit blows warm air for about 10 minutes and compressor will start again blowing cool air and then compressor will shut down again and unit will blow warm air ... etc. the unit is running off a generator to cool down a 10x14 enclosed trailer and does not do the job of cooling

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Fan runs but blowing hot air. Thunderstorm reset some breakers. I did reset the two breakers inside the house and one unit working fine, upstairs unit fan running but blowing warm air only. Box out

Sounds like your Capacitor is bad, or you had a wire burn off compressor terminal or capacitor. Way you can check capacitor is take cover off and see if looks swollen. Make sure to turn off power before taking panel off. ... Air Conditioners

It seems it's collecting water in the tray and blowing it out through the top vent, dripping from the bottom inside the house and is making a sound constantly like the fan is hitting water as it blows.

AC units do take the humidity out of the air and water collects in the bottom. The unit should be tilted slightly downward on the outside so that the water runs outrside. Make sure the drain holes are clear. The pinging noise is common, the fan is hi ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

I have an LG LWHD2500ERY7 that blows cold air for 5 minutes to over an hour, then it stops cooling and keeps blowing warm air. If you shut it off for 5 minutes it may or may not start cooling again and may run for an hour or more before going back to warm air. Any ideas?

... LG LWHD2500ER Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Air Cools well but after about an hour, water starts coming into the coach through the discharge air side. Unit does not freeze up but if I shut the unit off, the tray that holds the water drains quickly, but doesn't drain well when the A/C is running. I always run it at high speed initially, though when you put the AC on Auto fan, it starts at high speed anyhow. This unit is in a Newmar Mountainaire 40' diesel pusher motor home

Your evaporator is probably dirty and is blocking some of the air flow so the air has to move around the coil and starts coming in through the condensate drain holes. That stops the condensation (water) from draining out the holes because the air is ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My DeLonghi Pinguino Pac L90 unit has been running fine all summer until yesterday. It is blowing out only slightly cool air. I have noticed before the exhaust hose was always very warm. Now it is not warm at all. What could be the problem? The exhaust is not blocked as it is blowing hard.

The air conditioner could have run out of refrigerant. Decreasing of refrigerant level is normal, it could be because you really need to reload refrigerant to your air conditioner or there could be a leak that causes the refrigerant level to decrease ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

Condensor? There was a build up of water in the tray and I heard the fan in the back going through it. I had to drill a hole to drain the water because there was not one. It is know much quieter and running better except that the condensor or motor does not kick in even when set to 60 degrees. I waited the 3 minutes still nothing. It just runs in fan mode even when on cool.

It probably shut off on high pressure. Let it cool down, plug your hole that you drilled and give it another try. The water is suppose to collect there and the fan is suppose to throw it into the ... Frigidaire FAH106N1 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

My duo therm brisk air roof mount ac unit is blowing warm air, the amp draw on both the run and start lines is 3 amps, the compressor is hot, the condensor is not warm, the voltage across the run to common on the compressor is 120 vac and the voltage across the start-common is 300 vac. It appears there is an oily substance on one of the lines, perhaps the freon has leaked out.

Yep have the leak fixed and properly charged. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

2002 dodge caravan 3.3 liter v6 ac blowing warm. Refrigent appears ok. have it on 30 psi running. replaced clutch fuse. relay fuse ok. passenger side and rear blows less warm than driver side. Believe compressor is kicking on properly.

I assume you are charging this unit with cans from aparts store. If so the guages sold in those kits are not the best. That said I believe you are still low on refrigerant. Wear saftey glasses while working on A/C systems, and follow all saftey instr ... Air Conditioners

My Fujitronic FA1050 Portable Air Conditioner says it is full of water after being in use for 1 hour (which makes it blow warm air until I empty the water). There are two drain ports on the unit, one close to the floor, one about 6 inches higher. The user manual says I should be draining water from the higher drain port, and only emptying the water from the lower drain port at the end of the season. When the unit says "Water is full", I open the upper drain port, and no water comes out. I then o

Look at this drain pan for some wires going to the side or down the top. Look for a small hole in the side of the pan or casting this will be the location of the sensor. Sometimes a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle will dislodge the sensor causing ... Fujitronic FA1050 Air Conditioner

Water tank full light keeps coming on an shuts the AC off after about 10 minutes on a Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner. I drained all the water out of it I could and it does turn back on after I turn it back on and will run for about 10 minutes. Then it beeps 6 or 7 times and the water full light comes back on and shuts it off. There is no more water coming out of it and there is a buzzing when it comes back on but it will blow cold air until it shuts off again. Please help!

Dod u get any help with your problem because i am having the same problem and ofcource the company is no longer around ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

Sharp 10000 BTU 38db portable air conditioner blows cold air for 2 minutes then blows warm air for 5 minutes then turns off for 20 minutes then repeats this process. How can I fix this problem to blowing only cold air? The filter is clean, water is drained, good ventilation.

Sounds like the unit has a low charge and is cutting out on a low press safety. This is more then likey not something you can fit yourself most of this units are not really serviceable with out cutting the lines open and adding a valve. If the unit i ... Air Conditioners

I have a Weil mcLain Gold gas furnace and the Amtrol WH-7L hot water maker. I heat alot with an indoor woodstove and if the furnace is not being used I cannot get any hot water. However, when the furnace does kick in and run for awhile I have hot water. would I be having a thermostat problem with my Amtrol and if so can I get a replacement part for it?

You should download & review the manual for Amtrol Boilermate products here. Page 12 of the manual begins examples of wiring b ... Air Conditioners

My car heater was not blowing warm air so i changed the thurmastat then took it for a ride the heater was still blowing cold air the car temp went up and blew a hole in my headgasket so i fix the water pump and this weekend im gonna fix the head gasket and it all started with my car heater blowing cold air what do i need to fix to get hot air in my car heater

The heater uses water that circulates from two positions on your car engine. One is the inlet hose and the other is the return hose. they are usually about 3/4 hoses clamp to two nipples on the heater that extends through the fire wall. If those hose ... Air Conditioners

No Cooling This relates to the Fujitronic FH-797, which has no compressor but is designed to have water brought from a bottom pan up through the unit and then back down, dripping through what is called an "evaporation radiator"; this "radiator" is similar to a standard cooling pad. Theoretically, a fan blows over the water-saturated pad and the evaporative process provides cool air. I can't get the unit to dispense any water over the pad, although I have run it for hours with the "cool" switch o

The water pump or the float valve is not working. ... Fujitronic FH-797 Portable Air Conditioner

Sometimes, when the inside blower shuts down, the outside compressor and fan motor continue to run for some time. Other times, when the inside fan motor is running, the outside fan and compressor motors are not ... if I press the outside reset button, it starts up When both inside fan motor and outside fan and compressor motors are running, it works fine ... warm air blows out of registers. Other than that problem, both units work great!

Sounds like you have a dirty condenser. You are going to need to disconnect the power at the outside unit on the wall by pulling the fuse block out. Take a good look at the louvered covers that are attached to the outside of the unit. Remove the scr ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

This is a heating and cooling through the wall heat pump. It works normally when heating is selected - the heat pump runs and both speeds of the fan blow warm air. But nothing runs when cooling is selected. In other words the unit works normally when "High Heat" or "Low Heat" is selected but nothing runs when "High Cool", "Low Cool" or "Fan Only" is selected. The position of the Fan Cycle Switch has no effect - behavior of the unit is the same in both positions of the Fan Cycle Switch.

You have a bad board or bad switch. I would say board. You can have service tech check this out. There is only so far you can go without knowledge of Controls ad electricity. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a goldstar air conditioner model R0801E that starts spraying water from the fan outlet after it has run for approximately 1 hour. I have checked the drain and it is not plugged, nor is there any obstruction to it, I have in fact drilled a hole into the 'formed' drain channel on the bottom which leads to the drain nipple located on one back corner. i have tried tilting the unit in order that gravity might assist and it still blows water enough that i can't use it or it will ruin the wall,

Seems i have the problem resolved by doing the following:\015\012\015\012increasing the thermostat setting from 25* C to 29*C, this will reduce the load on the cooling condenser,\015\012ensuring that the vent is set for 'fresh' as o ... Goldstar Air Conditioners

Air flow hello i have a lennox furnace it run great but register on one side of house blows strong and on the other side of house barely blows ive checked for damper switch but are none theres no attic to look in is there a quick fix for this

SORRY NO EASY FIX this is WAY TO COMMON bulders just dont care try turning off or down the vent that is blowing hard . that will make the air find another way out , if theres no way to turn it off remove the grill and use duct tape and a peace of ... Air Conditioners

SAME PROBLEMS 18k btu mini-split sys turn on blowing cold air for 3 mins, then turns warm for 3 mins then shuts down however the run lite blinks at 4 times intervals. outdoor unit fan alway runs at slow speed, even at start up. cleaning outdoor fan cleaning dont help. whats next? maybe the caps? thanks mike (us navy) at [email protected] in norfolk,va FAN MOVES FREELY, EVEN BY WIND BLOWN.

Glad to hear the issue is resolved.\015\012\015\012With regards. ... Air Conditioners

My furnace turns on blows not so hot air and turns off then about 1 minute later turns on and blows warm air and runs fine

Turns on once to clear flue of any gas. Its a safety feature. ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Unit running but blowing warm air. has been making clankin noise for months but running smooth now?

Sounds like your compressor inside out unit is not running,could be burnt wire,bad run cap, or compressor bad,also may be out of freon. ... Ruud Air Conditioners

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