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What wire size do I run for a 3 1/2 ton AC unit?

\015 What wire size do I need to run for a 3 1/2 ton AC unit?\015

Answers :

It depends on the distance from main power source # 8 if more than 40 feet look at starting amps then google a wire sizing voltage droop chart

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Need to purchase the wire and breaker switch for a Hitachi A/C Unit 30 ton unit. RUA-30HS. I need the tecnical specifications for this installation do you have them. Or can you help me with three questions: Starting Voltage and load? Average Running voltage? Recommended size of Breaker Switches? The Amperage is 3 phase so what size of cable is required? Thank you so much for your help.

Get an electrician you trust in your area. He will need probably need to physicially look at the unit. Then he can answer all your questions on this matter ... Air Conditioners

What wire size do I run for a 3 1/2 ton AC unit?

It depends on the distance from main power source # 8 if more than 40 feet look at starting amps then google a wire sizing voltage droop chart ... Air Conditioners

What wire size do I need to run for a 1 ton AC unit

... Air Conditioners

What wire size do I need to run for a 1.5 ton AC unit in 220 volt?

Check the info plate on the unit,it will give you the electrical requirements for the unit while operating.Here are the wire sizes for different amperages.(copper conductors).#14--15Amps-----#12--20Amps-----#10--30Amps-----#8--50Amps.These are three ... Air Conditioners

What wire size do I need to run for a 6 ton AC unit

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What wire size do I need to run for a 1.5 ton AC unit in 220 volt?

It will be good to have a 3sqmm wire for the power line but if the line is going to be longer then increase the size to the next level.\012This is because the AC on start up draws about 10 amps intially. the present models have bettter star rat ... Air Conditioners

I have a 2 ton UAKA-037jaz Ruud A/C unit, my dog chewed through the red & white wires that connect the unit to the house, I have tried to twist the wires together, how do I get my A/C to run?

... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

I have a Tane 2 ton condenser unit that has high head pressure(290) and high suction pressure(150). The unit is properly sized but no cooling. Unit has been installed probably 4-5 years and has not been run for over a year.

Has anyone added some freon? The unit has way too much freon inside it. You need someone to reclaim the freon and weigh in the right amount of freon. If you run the unit the way it is will cause some very serious damage. Let me know ken ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a new 3 1/2 ton heat pump the thermostat they sold me does not have the W-1 terminal for the white thermostat wire run from unit or the W-2 for the brown wire. One must go to Aux. Heat and the other the heat and although I am licensed and experienced I cant for the life of me remember which goes to which

Hi,W-1 goes to the heat and W-2 to the Aux. heat...so white on the heat and brown on the Aux.heatman101 ... Goodman CKL30AR30 Air Conditioner

I have an 8 year old 2 1/2 ton carrier compressor unit. I have already replaced the running coil and contactor. I now want to clean the coils and fan blades on the motor. I have never had reason to remove the top grill. I looks as though the fan motor is attached, and I don?t want to do anything stupid ?if I can help it? or damage or disconnect any of the wires. what is the proper way for me to access the inside of the unit so as to be able to spray off any debris that may be on the coils. So fa

Hey Bernie, it is possible to remove the 4 screws on the grill that the motor is mounted to (not the bolts holding the motor to the grill)and pull up and twist so its upside down and have someone else hold it as to not put to much stress on the wires ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have an old Miller 3 ton heat pump. It will work fine sometimes but when it decides not to work i can go outside and press the power contactor and the unit will come on as long as i hold the contactor pressed. A friend told me the defroster board could be the problem because when its cooler than 45 outside it wont come on by itself. But when i measured voltage at the thermostat no wire had 24volts.When it runs it runs good and cools or heats the house well.

It sounds to me you need just a really good tune up maybe a new contactor retest your low voltage what do you have from common to 24 volts it should be 27 volts if you test each wire you want get 24 v it will be like 7 or so ... Air Conditioners

Gas Package Unit Keeps Running with all T- stat wires unpluged at the unit?

Hi and welcome to FixYa,Based on your description, it would appear that the contacts of the switching relay are burned and have fused together. This would then make what ever the relay(s) are controlling switch on soon as plugged to the m ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

What size run capacitor is in an 2006 Amana 3 ton condensing unit

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Need to know what size wire to run from the panel to the outside disconect next to the unit. 4shp16lt136p

Hi,Look on the side of the condenser ans see what the max amp draw is...if it is 30 amps or less you can run 10 wire...if it is 30 -40 run 8 wire if it is 40-50 then run 6 wire...heatman101 ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm model 9007590 AC unit. The condensing unit was changed to a unit that has a common wire and a y terminal and the old condenser unit had three wires at condensing unit. I can't get it to run and I think some of the wiring has been changed. I need to know how the low voltage wiring is suppose to be and if I need a four wire or five wire stat due to the condenser being changed. What stat do you recommend for this unit. Thank you.

The unit with3 wires was set up as a dual transformer the new unit is single transformer system. it needs to be rewired at thermostat,furnace,and ac ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar 9000 airconditioning unit and while I was weed wacking I accidently cut a wire to the unit. I replaced the wire but now the unit wont turn on and also my furnace blower wont work even in the "on" position. I have a energy saver unit attched to the a/c unit as well. One wire connects to the a/c unit and the other to the energy saver. If I push the connector on the unit with the panel off the unit will run. Cansomeone tell me how to connect those four wires?

Hello TLOEKS You blew the transformer FUSE inside the blower unit! It should be a 5amp blade fuse like the one that goes in a car.It is located at the curcit board at the blower compartment.Replace that to restore low voltage power and every thing wi ... Air Conditioners

Ruud UPNE- 036JBZ 2 years old (outside unit) Ruud Acheiver air handler 1 year old inside unit... outside unit will not come on. voltage (120) ready at contacts. push manually and it comes on. yellow wire and brown wire go to board. no power on these when inside unit is running. power bill has doubled......must be running off heater coils? What would be the next thing to check. I did look at thermostat seems to be working normal. Can't get knowledgeable help.

... Air Conditioners

Thermostat wires running from house to outside Kenmore AC unit were chewed by dog. Got replacement wire. Took panel off. There were three encased wires running into AC unit that were chewed. Only see placement for two, which are still connected. Connections are RED and WHITE from house connected to a YELLOW each. Looked at diagram on inside panel and do not see any wires missing. Any suggestions?

If you have a central air conditioner, or a split system, where the indoor unit is attached to the furnace and a outdoor unit is located outside of the home. 2 copper lines will be connected to it, a larger and a smaller one. If it is a air condition ... Air Conditioners

Gas Package Unit Keeps Running with all T- stat wires unpluged at the unit?

What is keep running? ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Outdoor unit fan always runs even when indoor unit is off. I have disconnected all control wires from the headunit (at the outdoor end to rule out faulty signalling). The fan runs all the time, with just the supply wires connected. All connections to the unit are correct. Any ideas??

I have had this problem with a Fujitsu unit before. If the power is supplied to the outdoor unit first but unit is meant to have power supplied to indoor unit first, outdoor will only stop when power is cut off! In that case, you will have to run the ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

I have a friedrich mr18y3ea outside unit and mw18y3e inside unit what size wire for the two unit i think doublepole 20 amp outside unit 12 wire do you need a sept. wire for the inside unit or it come off the outside unit

... Friedrich Air Conditioners

Hi the outdoor unit turns on ( fan runs) the indoor unit does open, no heat or cold air blowing. In just fan mode the unit works fine etc speed setting ok. Its a sharp split type air model # ae-a244j outdoor,ay-a244j indoor unit what would be the problem, theres only two parts in the outside unit behind the side plate where the wires info is,small black box three wires and a round unit with wires. I hope this is help full cheers andrew

My gut says that this is evidence of a bad control board(circuit board). As usual, double check that your batteries are good in the thermostat. I have seen some weird things happen when the batteries are low. This one may be a job for your local con ... Sharp Air Conditioners


... Goodman Air Conditioners

Brand new unit have 3 ton inside and out but unit runs all day and will not hold temp i run my ac on 76 but as the day get hot the temp inside will not hold at 76 ARS says they dont know whats wrong but they installed the unit said i would have lower light bill but unit runs all day light bill 900 can someone help please with a solution

Call them back something is wrong if it is that new it is likely under charged. how big is your house square feet and what part of the country down south 400 square feet per ton if your house is more than 1250 square feet the unit is under sized ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

Hello I have Heil A/C unit, and I'm looking to find out the size of the unit, i.e. 1.5 ton, 2.0 ton, 2.5 ton, etc, as I am looking to replace the unit. The info of the unit is below, any help would be appreciated. Heil A/C Mod#CA5030VKB1 867 830330 Style#30MCA-00089CR Ser#L912664028 Mfr#NCA5030VKB1 Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/tags/hvac/Heil?r=ppc|ga|2|HI+%2D+HVAC|Heil&JPKW=heil&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=4021627018&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20091125&JPRC=1&JPOP=Omar_TaggedPages_Tagged&gclid=CIyQ8uuum6ECFQIM

30,000 btu, 2.5 ton ... Air Conditioners

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