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Ac not on but humming

\015 Ac unit out side is humming like it is on but fan is not spinning and the ac is switched off in the house. What's up?\015

Answers :

Sounds like the contactor inside the condensing unit is stuck closed. Once this occurs, it should probably be replaced, as this kind of condition can lead to compressor damage if left unsolved.

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I have a Dometic rv air conditioner model 620426.331 and it will not start. Fan runs and i heard a loud humming noise, I assume the compressor is trying to start then the humming goes away. If I leave the swich on the humming returns every 30 seconds or so

Sounds like start capacitor for compressor may be faulty. Don't try it yourself if not experienced, they can store 340v- 400v . Only about a $20 part. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Ac worked fine last night. woke up at 5 in the morning temp outside was 48 degrees. ac was still on but nothing blowing out of vents only a humming noise. reset ac light humming noise on low setting and louder humming noise on high setting no air blowing at all.

... Maytag M6X08F2D Air Conditioner

When the AC fan shuts off, the compressor appears to be stuck. It continues to make a humming sound as though it is running. If I remove power and return power it hums momentarily and then shuts off. Is it OK to allow it to "hum"? I constantly kill the power when the fan shuts off in fear of harming the motor or compressor.

Yes, not good for compressor to stay on after being shut off, and hitting the breaker to stop it is a good idea. Sounds like you have a faulty/sticky relay. Not an expensive part, and shouldn't take any longer than 1/2 hr to change. Have a technician ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

PTC073E35AXXX humming I just bought an Amana PTAC PTC073E35AXXX. When I plugged in the unit, I hear a low humming noise. The unit cools nd heats but I don't know why it is humming when not operating?

Sounds like a control transformer . No danger. ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier Debonair 220 thermostat that is emitting a high pitched humming noise. I removed it from the wall mount and the hum went away--naturally--when I plugged it back in it was still humming. It's 5 years old. Thanks, John

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Our York P4HUB12N08001A furnace has an A/C unit installed and we are running it in cool mode for the summer. Yesterday, my wife noticed a repeated hum from the furnace, and the house was 4 degrees warmer than it should be. She said that it would hum a couple minutes, turn off, then repeat a little later. I told her to shut it off, and I'd look at it when I got home. With the two covers off the furnace, I returned power to it, then pressed the safety switch so I could see everything happening. Th

A fan capacitor can be bad 'without' showing any visible defects - so - I would 'First" try a new capacitor, be sure to take the old one (after you've marked the wires for easy re-wiring) and get an exact replacement.\015\012\015\012Howev ... Air Conditioners

I have a frigidaire wall mounted ac unit. It isnt cooling like it should be and when the motor tries to come on my lights dim and there is a humming noise for just a few seconds before the hum stops. The fan runs and will blow "cool" air but not as cool as it should be. What is my problem here? I dont know the model # for my ac unit, it is probably 8 yrs old though.

... Frigidaire FAS155K1 Air Conditioner

I have Goodman CPKE24-1AB that only hums when the unit is turned on inside. The fan works on the air handler portion but not the cooling tower/heat exchanger. It hums for a minute and will eventua

... Air Conditioners

I have a ruud model no. ubhc-17j11nfd and i am having a problem with my heat. when the heat does come on, the thermostat says it is on auxilary heat. the blower in the inside unit does not run. i changed the capacitor and now i get a really loud humming noise. the motor still does not spin. but when i spin the motor by hand then it seems to work fine.(the humming goes away) this happens every time when the heat goes off then back on. the only way to solve this is to keep the fan on constantly.

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

When the fan or A/C control is turn on a hum can be heard but nothing happens. I went up and the fan initially wouldn't turn. I got it to spin, but still only a hum when the switch is turned on. Seems like the motor is shot. What are my options?

With the unit off put a drop of 3 and 1 oil on the fan shaft where it goes in to the motor and spin the blade by hand a few times to work the oil in the motor. If the shaft is dirty in the area clean it first with alcohl on a rag to get the grime of ... Air Conditioners

My window air conditioner worked last year and we took it out of storage and now it hums and will sound like its going on but then starts humming again.

Sounds like your compressor is locked up. You can try replacing the capacitor for the fan and compressor but you will probably have to replace compressor. With a window unit its probably not in your best interest to do that just replace if thats the ... Maytag M3X05F2B Air Conditioner

Have Friedrich EM18L34-B..Comp started to hum as soon as I plugged in...Lines got hot..Turned switch to all points and still hummed..turned to cool and comp shook rattled & rolled a little then blew breaker?????? Didn't know if it has capacitor or if it something else.. thanks

Its the rtc overload on the compressor that is bad,it starts and runs the compressor,unplug the old and replace it ... Friedrich EM18L34 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

A/c hums when you turn on. a/c ran before then when shut off all it does is hum

Two things to check. One: look for the start capacitor and make sure it is not blown out the top or black and burnt. There is an anticipatory on top of the capacitor also that could have burnt out. \015\012\015\012Then make sure nothing on th ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The fan is working but the air blowing is not cool. Sounds like the Compressor tries to turn on I hear buzzing or humming for about 3 seconds then it stops. I was near the fuse box and I think some noise was coming from it when it tried to turn on - but i think most of the humming it by the outdoor unit itself. It tries to to turn on every 15-minutes or so.

You may have a bad start capacitor or windings. You really need to call for a service technician in your area to diagnose the problem. Doing it your self can lead to personal injury or cost you a lot more money to fix. ... Air Conditioners

I have a duraheat 125,000 btu auto start (salamandar) with thermostat that was used once time last spring. it won't start and my husband tossed the box and yes..insructions in the fall. starting...it hums for a few seconds and then stops. red light on thermo. goes fr solid red to flashing and humming stops while light flashes.

Here is a link to the Owners Manual for your Dura Heat Model DFA-125 forced air kerosene heater.In addition to how to properly operate it and perform routine maintenance, it has a trouble shooting guide, which should be of great assistance. ... Air Conditioners

Amana air command 80 SSE started makeing humming sound id shut it off and wait a few minutes and it would work again been doing this for about a week and now its not working what so ever it was blowing cold air but when humming it wasnt blowing anything at all i checked to see if the fans were binding up but their spining freely any ideas i see a sensor light but i dont know how that works either. please help im melting thanks

Sounds as if the motor is heating up and shorting.Call a pro to find out for sure. ... Air Conditioners

FAN MOTOR My fan motor wasnt turning just humming. It smelled burnt. I bought a new one and it does not turn.Just hums.

The run capacitor is probably bad. The run capacitor is usually a two part component. One part serves the fan and one part serves the compressor. Sometimes when they fail the fan will even run backwards instead of just stalling. Replace it. ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

My Intertherm, electric ignition furnace will hum and hum but not click on. There are two yello flashing lights until we reset it by turning off the gas and turning down the thermostat. The unit resets itself and I get a steady red light when its working. Is this a pressure switch issue?

That blinking yellow light is an error code. If you look behind the main cover there will be a wiring diagram and error code chart. This will give you an idea what the problem is. ... Air Conditioners

Coleman mach fan runs fine but A/C hums intermittently like it wants to start but won't. I'm running it with a Honda 2000 generator. Generator ran out of gas, when I restarted the generator the A/C would not run - stalls out the generator. I replaced the start and run capacitors on the A/C, hook up the generator and it ran fine until the generator ran out of gas. The A/C would not start up only hum intermittently - same problem as before replacing capacitors. Waited several hours with the fan on

The issue with the generator that gets low and high when it start running out of gas that effect the A/C and result of high voltage getting to the unit and burn the capacitors and it should by saved by the fuse make sure that the gen not run out of g ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a dometic dual-therm rooftop RV air with analog thermostat. When I set the thermostat to heat, the unit will hum but the fan does not turn and no air is coming thru vents in the floor. Then unit will blow cold air (hums and fan turns) when thermostat is on cool, but it won't turn off unless I shut it off at the breaker. What could be wrong?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Ran for several hours and now all it does is hum- does not blow out any air. Have had it off for awhile to see if it froze up, but it still just hums. It is onlya year old and not used very much.

Probably your capacitor gone bad, usually fan and compressor cap are built in just one case, so if it goes out you will gonna replace the the entire cap. ... Goldstar KG6000R Window Air Conditioner

Fan hums I have a motorhome with 2 ceiling AC units. One is giving me a problem. When I turn the heat/cool switch to off and put the fan switch to on from auto all the fan does is hum. I'm hoping that it only needs some oil. How would I find where it is located to get to it? It is Dometic model #620426321.

Go on top the RV to the unit and take out the screws holding the cover on and the fan motor is under it ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Power on unit hums but does nothing else just keeps humming?

Hi there,\015\012 stuck up motor,could be capacitor check this out and replace.\015\012could be relay.if defective replace.the motor has star winding after replacing capacitor and humming again,check start winding,if high resistance,re ... Whirlpool ACQ158XP Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Have a trane weathertron xe 1000, I just replaced the following parts all bad for different reasons, blower relay, contactor, reverse valve seliniod, and replaced old thermostat with new trane thermostat. The unit runs good and shuts off at temp set point. When unit shuts off it hums until temp in house warms back up and it kicks back on and cools house back down fine, it's just that everytime it shuts down it hums

... Air Conditioners

I have a split LG AC. The outside unit hums and the fan will not turn. I spun the fan blade and it started turning and kept spinning at a low speed with a loud hum. Is the fan motor bad?

Yes i would change the fan motor . and the capacitor ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

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