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I BOUGHT A.C LG AS-H366NMM2 34000 BTU WITH 3/4 inch gas pipe but at my house thre is 5/8 inch pipe gas please advice me if it is necessery to change the pipe gas at my house to 3/4 inch

Answers :

No, you are fine as long as your line is larger than what it is being called to use.

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I BOUGHT A.C LG AS-H366NMM2 34000 BTU WITH 3/4 inch gas pipe but at my house thre is 5/8 inch pipe gas please advice me if it is necessery to change the pipe gas at my house to 3/4 inch

No, you are fine as long as your line is larger than what it is being called to use. ... Air Conditioners

We are planning to add several natural gas appliances behind our house. One being a 10KV Generator,the other a gas fire pit.Also Possible a small gas furnace in a work shop. I already ran a one inch black gas pipe through the back wall of my house about five feet above ground. I stopped after adding a 90 degree elbow pointing down. I would like to step it down to 3/4 in. pipe to the generator, fire pit, ect. How would you confiqure the pipe so I could make three connections. Thanks Al.

Hello It is IMPORTANT to keep the entire run 1".When you get close to the appliance use a 1"X1/2"X1"bull tee.Right now you need 2.Use a 1"plug at the end for future furnace hook up.You need to maintain 1" for pressure during demand reasons.You can us ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox Gas Heater that will work for a while and then stop working (or fail to turn on when it cools down in the house). I changed the thermostat in the hallway about 6 months ago so I don't think its that. When the problem started about 2 months ago, flipping the breaker on and then off would kick the heater on and I wouldnt have the proboblem for about a few days and then the heater would fail to turn on again. Now flipping the breaker rarely works and the family is COLD! Please help

Hello, do the burners ignite at all? ... Air Conditioners

I have a MIller modular home/trailer house fuel oil furnace in my conventional stick built home. The vent pipe coming out of the furnace is a 5 inch pipe, that has a 45 degree elbow. Then a 2 ft. long 5 inch pipe with another 45 dgree elbow connected to a 4 foot 5 inch pipe going into a 12 exhaust pipe thru the attic and out the roof. The pipe boot is sealed well on the outside and the storm flashing is seal and the cap covers the top. I am still getting water leaking down my pipe and into m

That's clearly a case of water condensation. Because of the low temperatures the moisture in the air condenses on the pipe and in it, therefore leaking inside. ... Air Conditioners

We just bought a different house four months ago and found out that the gas line from the house to an outbuilding had rusted through because they installed it with regular steel pipe. what kind of pipe should be used so we don't have this problem again?

Please check with your building inspector as to what is a acceptable line today. No matter what might be best, you have to put in what is legal ... which may also be what is best. ... Air Conditioners

HI, we have Gas people here who need to check that our gas is working on ALL pilots in house and we have NO IDEA how to set the system up. we have been without gas for 2 days, our landlords are not responding to request for assistance and it would be FANTASTIC if you could please contact us with manual assistance! Thanks Kitty and Fraser we have gas people here waiting...and waiting 0433 809 231 or 0418576866

The gas people simply need to know where your gas appliance are. hot water heater, boiler, furnace, oven. A lot of gas equipment today, don't have pilots, they have electric igniters.\015\012\015\012The don't want to turn on your gas an ... Air Conditioners

I need to know how or if i need to change a filter in my RUUD ugla-100E-gr gas furnace. I do not it has been changed since I moved in this house 10 years ago. I reguarly change the air return vent filters every two months.

... Air Conditioners

Changing filter It's winter time. I want to change the filter on my Carrier Weathermaker 8000. How do I do this? Is there anything else I should do? I just bought the house and wonder what should I do to the furance. Should I call someone and have it serviced? How old is the unit? When should it be replaced? Thank you for all your advice. [email protected]

The filter should be located in the return air flow duct either inside the furnace or in the ductworkyou should have it inspected by a service contractor as far as when it should be replaced depends on the condition of the heat exchanger ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

We just installed a brand new haier 40,000 btu gas upflow furnace. Followed all the instructions to a T. With the power and gas turned on, we turn the thermostat on. The inducer motor turns on. The LED light is solid green for about 30 seconds. Then it starts blinking twice, over and over again. The manual says that this is because the pressure switch does not close within 30 seconds of inducer energized. It does not tell us how to fix this problem. Please explain how to fix the proble

This means that the pressure is not building up so that the furnace can work properly. Please check the natural gas line for switches and turn them on. When you installed the furnace, the gas had to be turned off so maybe you forgot it that way. ... Haier Air Conditioners

My house have a gas heating and electric cooling system. When I turned the cooling on the outside fun started but the cooling system inside house does nto start. I tried heating system it dose not start also. Please advise what might be the problem. Thanks

If the fan outside is running then feel the compressor outside or listen to it if you can notice that the compressor is running the same time the outside fan is running also.it could be that the compressor is not running.but i ... Air Conditioners

My central heater is not blowing hot air, I am having to turn the thermostat on and off. I have the thermostat to 70, and the heater will blow hot air and then it will just circulate the air in the house, therefore bringing the temperature down. I looked at the unit and noticed that when the thermocople (heating element) goes red, the gas valve makes clicking and the flames come and then go out very fast. I noticed lots of clicking in coming from the gas valve. help please

Hi!!! relax your flame sensor is bad change and you will be fine..If it turns off and on change your flame sensor ... Air Conditioners

I bought a 1''F and 28mm elbow to connected hot water cylinder and cold water pipe, but when the elbow is tighten to the hot water cylinder, it does not point to the direction where water pipe should be connected. Could anybody give advice how to solve this problem please?

Remove the elbow and fitting and apply pipe seal (pipe dope) to the threads. Reinstall it and adjust only as tight as necessary to get the proper direction. ... Air Conditioners

I put a 3 ton RUDD 15 seer heat pump in my own home,R-410 A. Here is what it is doing. When I get the pressures near where the chart says,such as 150 357 on a 94 degree day I lose all my heat on the hot gas line and my split goes way down. As I remove freon and the pressures go down the hot gas line begins to get hot but then I get alot of bubbles in the sight glass. This thing is really driving me nuts do you have any advice for me. Also when I get the house down to say 73 degrees and it is 85

... Air Conditioners

The WeatherKing Forced air heater stopped working in my house. The thermostat could turn it on in terms of sound but when I looked at the heater, all I saw is the pilot light. No air, hot or cold, was being forced through the hour vents. Other than to remove the cover, I did nothing but now the pilot is off and there is no sound. I checked the house electric breakers and nothing was flipped off. This is a natual gas forced air heater made in 1983, model # GUWHE075A-D4C with 75000 input BTU per

You will need to relite the pilot if this is a standing pilot furnace........If this has an electronic lite for the pilot then cycle power to the furnace and set thermostat to heat. and retry sequence. Once you get the pilot to lite then watch it to ... Weather King Air Conditioners

We3 have recently moved house. There is a Trident Excel gas fire in the house. When we switch it on after 10 mins it turns off its self. We don't have an instruction manual. Can you please tell me a web site wher i can down laod the instruction manual. Thank you

Hi, there could be a number of problems for this /But i guess the pilot is failing because its blocked or shrunk.Can help with manuals etc .Get back to me for details. Will. ... Air Conditioners

I have an AC/Furnace downstairs in my basement. The blower is in a pan that is holding water. There is a 3/4 inch pvc pipe coming out of the unit and going into the pump. The pump seems to be pumping water outside of the house, though the water looks very brown in the clear tube. I took the pump apart and cleaned it. I was about to cut the pvc pipe and try to **** it clean with a shop vac when I decided that I really don't know what I'm doing. Is this a problem that is easily fixed?

A small brush on a string can be pulled through the tubing to loosen up the crud. This tube needs to be cleared for proper draining.Eric ... Air Conditioners

After installing the pellet stove,the stove seems to 'burn up" the pellets to fast not creating a "coal bed ',no real heat is going in the house.It is a breckwell big E mod. 55'000 btu stove. A 3" double wall pipe is used with a 45 attatched to the back of the stove,a 4' pipe extends out the house for about a foot and a half and is capped off. ' '

... Air Conditioners

I have a parkinson cowan palma de-luxe universal 500 gas fire.I no longer have the details of the btu output and I need this information as my house is having cavity wall insulation. The surveyer told me that if it was not possible to confirm the output is less than 7 btu's ,then a vent would be required to be fitted to an outside wall.If at all possible,I'd to avoid this.Your help would be invaluable and appreciated.Thank you in anticipation.

Hello.They are worried about makeup/combustion air and rightly so.Your heater is probbally more then 7000btu(small) and a vent is a great idea.Maybe one that can be adjusted closed when not in use.Bahtroom fans,clothes drier,range hood & attic fans(i ... Air Conditioners

Hi I am waiting for the gas fire installer to re-visit my home regarding a Paragon slimline 3 gas fire. The problem i am experiencing is the pebbles keep slipping down and I have to keep re setting them. Just this morning after contacting the shop I bought it from to ask for the fitter to come out and check this for me a pebble has fallen out and melted my carpet. can you please advice me in this matter.. Kind regades Yvonne Tipton

Unless you just have to have the "Pebbles" look, I would suggest changing it over to the "Coal" look, as this is an option. Rather than having individual coals, they are formed into one piece. Therefore, they will not slide or pop out li ... Air Conditioners

I am living in a home with a carrier furnace. The furnace is in the back part of the house in a store room. It has two- 2 1/2 inch plastic pipes. One that suppplies air to the furnace and the other is venting air out. Both picpes go though an outside wall. Also above the furnace in the ceiling of the room is an air supply vent bringing in outside air through an outside wall. Is there a purpose for having this second vent in the ceiling as it brings in so much cold air into the room & into the ho

As long as the fresh air intake pipe to the furnace is not plugged up the second vent is not needed some homes when they are new are air tight and need a fresh air circulation system ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Model # 50SS-030-301 Serial #: 2594G41362 Refigeration # 22 - 3.5 lbs 1.5kg does not have sufficient air flaw is that normal? Freon # 22 has the right amount of GAS FREON 3.5lbs I found out that the radiator is freezing on very the lower portion only not complete I also cleaned the fan area the only problem is that it is not cooling much and faster. Please advice.

If any part of the coil is freezing then there is a restriction inside the line and the unit needs to be recovered and vacuumed and recharged to proper level ... Carrier Air Conditioners

We have a Goodman Furnace and Air Conditioner approx 7 years old. When I put the Cool on thermostat and lowered the temperature for the air conditioner to come on the furnace fan started but the outside air conditioner only made a humminging sound. How long does it take for the air conditioner to start? I thought in previous years it came on quickly. I changed batteries in thermostat and reset the brakers on the main electrical panel. Could you please give me some advice. Thank you.

Hi, You are right. The outside unit starts quickly. The humming will either be the evaporator fan or the AC compressor itself. If you can reach into the evaporater fan with something narrow and stiff you may be able to see if the fan turns. Sor ... Air Conditioners

Just bought a new 3 ton 16 seer Trane for a 1700 square foot house, but it is not cooling properly. I can't get the unit to drop below 75 degrees. I had the unit on for 2 ½ hours starting at 8:00am and it dropped from 76 degrees to 75 degrees. The installer failed to change the AC amps in the circuit breaker to 45. Currently the amps I have now is 36. Does that make any difference. It is 86 degrees outside. Any advice to my cooling problem. ? Thanks

Hi,\015\012I would not get too excite4d about this yet...if you are 10 degrees cooler then the outside you are definetly cooling and the mass of the house is also warm because you have just started the unit...give it at least a day...more impor ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

Need outside unit for Interthem modelE2EB-017HB (4 ton unit 57000 btu) bought house outside unit missing Please help thanks


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