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What is the ton of this compressor CR28K7PFV970

Answers :

28,000btu which is a 2 and 1/4 tonnage.

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What is the ton of this compressor CR28K7PFV970

28,000btu which is a 2 and 1/4 tonnage. ... Air Conditioners

Compressor size What determines if you need a 3 ton compressor vs. a 5 ton compressor. In other words, what is the difference for cooling a home. Is bigger always better?

Square footage is how you determine what size of an AC you need, say two bedroom house with 1500 square feet would require a 3 ton unit but I would go to a 4 or 5 ton depending on brand and what you may do in the future, Like adding a bedroom o ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

Replaced my 5-year old 3-ton 12 SEER Goodman outside condensing unit with an older 3-ton RUDD condensing unit because of lack of funds. Now the compressor has gone out on the RUDD. Is it better to replace the compressor or look at getting a new unit. The heating component still works fine.

A new unit will be 13+ seer unless you can find someone that has replaced a compressor or has one left over from pre 2006 stock. Our wise Government with all its resources decided that we aren't smart enough to turn off the lights to save energy, so ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

I have a Ruud UAPC-048JAZ 4 ton compressor. Can this compressor be replaced with a Ruud 5 ton? If so, how and will it cool my house better? When the outside temp. is 100 degF, the best this unit will

... Ruud Air Conditioners

Just replaced compressor in goodman 3 ton condensing unit..new compressor trips breaker immediately tried everything i can. Will not start. Take wires off compressor and fan will turn on.. Soon as compressor is connected trips breaker need help

... Air Conditioners

I have a goodman 4 ton central ac unit. The fan blower turns on but the compressor will not turn on. I replaced the capacitor and verified the compressor is receiving power. My question is a goodman compressor hard wired on the bottom or will I be able to easily checked The wires on the bottom of the compressor ?? Thank you for Any help you can provide Thanks again

Hello, you can Ohm the compressor windings with a multimeter. Just kill power the the unit, remove the wires from compressor and check each winding. You should have resistance, if not the windings are open and compressor must be replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Can a Goodman AC unit with a model number of a 24BTU-2 ton unit be upgraded to a 3 ton unit by changing the piston and the settings on the blower? They are also going to install a 3 ton compressor outside. Would this provide the same cooling capacity and performance of changing the actural HVAC unit to a 3 ton unit and would Goodman give me directions stating as much?

They would need to change the coil indoors to a 3 ton. If the blower speed can be increased it should be fine. ... Air Conditioners

Compressor motors are constantly grounding each time the compressors are replaced. A new run capacitor is installed with compressor. A thorough cleanup and evacuation is performed with each compressor change. Why is this continually happening. The system is within one year old. It is a ton and a half straight cool unit.

Dear sir\012\012please make sure your electrical connection to the compressor is correct and tighten. electricity supply is straight and not fluctuate i mean constant supply for unit and then change new r ... LG LS180HE Split System Air Conditioner

We have a Goodman CKL49-1 - 10 Seer - 4 Ton Condenser. One of the wires that fires the compressor keeps burning and, of course, the compressor won't come on. It is beginning to happen every couple of days. Should we bite the bullet and go ahead and replace the compressor or could something else be causing this problem?

A bad connection in the power wiring, the circuit breaker, disconnect, capacitor(s) or in the compressor contactor (worn contactor) can cause this due to very high resistance and subsequent heat production. If the unit will run, it should be amped c ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a 1.5 ton Coleman Central AC for almost 9 years now. The AC stopped cooling one day. The fan is still working, and I can still hear the compressor "compressing" but no cool air. Does that mean that it is not a compressor failure? A technician tried to put refrigerant into it, but it won't absorb. He still wasn't able to fix it. I just wanted to know if I should spend more money to get more technicians to try to fix this, or if this is a classic compressor failure problem, then

Hello,the problem of the AC system is a little thing that can be fix up in a little time the fan is OK and the compressor is also in good condition base on experience and also collection of date from your statement however, w ... Air Conditioners

I had to change the compressor of my 2 ton bio-sleep split AC from samsung (6 months old- but stopped working at 5 months). Now when the ac is powered on the compressor starts instantly, without the 3 minute delay. When the indoor unit is switched off with the remote or switch, the compressor continues to run. The only way to shut it off is to shut off the circuit breaker. Help please.

I would say control board. Get on Samsung web site and go to technical support and get there 800 number. I have called several times and they can walk you thru it. Just have your m They model number handy. They can also tell you wether you need a ser ... Samsung AW0503B Air Conditioner

Compressor went out on 4 ton unit. want to upgrade to 5 ton A/C. Have been told need bigger blower unit. Can I exchange to blower unit that will handle 5 ton A/C?

Hi mans1930. You need to replace the whole inside blower unit, the coil as well as the blower. If not, there would be a very good chance of damaging your outdoor unit, namely by ruining your new compressor.\015\012\015\012Greg. ... Air Conditioners

Installed new compressor on Carrier 3 ton a/c unit. Compressor comes in, but only runs for about 2-3 minutes and then trips out. Have installed new compitcor. Have 24 volts coming in. Will not take freon charge. Liquid line coming back to compressor behind dryer is extremely hot. Do you think the dryer may be stopped up causing unit not to take charge?

Hello,The trpping off may be as a result of dirty condenser. please clean the condenser to stop this problem.The dryer may be stop up causing unit to take a charge.Thanks ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Ruud 4.5 ton unit comes on but the compressor is noisy and it does not cool house....can compressors be replaced or can you put more oil in them....where can we purchase A replacement compressor???????????????????????

First, check the age of the unit. If it's less than 5 years old, the compressor may still be under warranty. You would be responsible for the labor portion.\015\012\015\012Replacing an A/C compressor is not simple and requires special t ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Have a R-22 Rudd ait handler. Replaced the compressor with a 1.5 ton Goodman unit. My home is 1300 SF in NJ On hot days during the peak of the day the system seems to stop working for a period. The Compressor fan still runs but the compressor is not. My air handler fits the cubby hole and I am limited for space, as I considered replacing it. A tech has suggested replaceing the TSV valve with an adjustable and set it to 8. He also said there are supplemental coils that could be added to the com

If your home is 1300 square feet 1.5 tons is not going to cut it you should have at least 2.5 ton A/C unit. sounds like your system is to small. let me know if this helps you out. ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

I had a new 2.5 ton condenser installed last year and the compressor burned out. I had it replaced. My unit stopped cooling well during the middle of the day and we added some gas to it. Then, the compressor burned out again. The run capacitor also melted at the same time. any idea what would cause this - 2 new compressors in 2 years?

When 13+ SEER condensers are replaced without installing a inside coil with an expansion valve the compressor in the new unit will slug and go bad. Slug means that liquid refrigerant returns to the compressor. Liquid can not be compres ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

Goodman Heat Pump GSH 130601 5 ton unit - Compressor seized

First and foremost ignore 90% of what anonymous posted. Goodman merged with Amana and make a very solid/quiet unit. The fact that the compressor was faulty is the fault of Copeland who made the compressor. New units do not require a hardstart, that ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Goodman 5 ton house is 2300sqar. Heat of day compressor goes out . have changed compressor twice now. help

Clean the coils and insure proper air flow and no restrictions! \015\012Test you supply voltage to insure your service is between 218v to 245v to operate the compressor safely. Test the start/run capacitor for 30mfu and 5mfu for the fan side! M ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Is there a system mismatch with an American Standard 13 seer 3 ton compressor and a Nordyne 3.5 ton air handler? Noise at TRV when heating.

This must be a heat pump? Sometimes the unit can be more efficient with this combonation. What you are probably hearing is the reverse direction of the \015\012refrigerant going back through the liquid line.\015\012\015\012If in coo ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

We had a new American standard furnace and A/c unit installed. A 2 ton compressor and a 2 and a half ton A coil. The unit is not cooling the charge was checked and it is ok. Unit is on and blower working and in cooling mode. At start up it was producing 49 degree air at the coil now it is running 68?

Make sure orfice used was for two ton unit and correct refridgerant also make sure that the elect auk heat is not pulled in check the psi on out door unit should be close to 225 hi side and 70 suction if heat pump switch the reversing valve man by o ... Air Conditioners

Adding lubricant PAG 46 to an MTVR USMC 7 ton truck? I have the system with the yellow jacket kit but what are the steps to adding oil to the truck. Im in iraq right now and i installed a new compressor. The new compressor is squeeling and i am pretty sure its because there is no oil mixed with r134a in the system. How do i add it? My marines cant finish the fight here w/o AC. Your help will be appreciated.

If you do not have a oil injector you will have to remove the refrigerant open the compressor port and pour the oil in. Vacuum the system and recharge 134-a.Semper Fi. ... Air Conditioners

I am planning on having a split ac unit installed, where the compressor will sit on the roof top. Does the compressor have to be bolted down? This is a 2 ton LG unit; my guess is that it weighs around 150 lbs

Hi,Yes it has to be bolted down. The condenser should seat safely on a bracket or frame. ... Air Conditioners

Noisey compressor Ihave a Goodman 3 ton 15 seer heatpump installed in Aug 2008 .When in the heat mode the compressor is makeng a very loud continous laboring noise. (loud) model GPH 1536m41

You can buy a compressor blanket that willmake it MUCH MUCH more quiet and its very cheap and very easy to put on ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Compressor of intertherm cond unit MTL-011548BAV shorted. Replaced with 4 ton (48,000) complete cond unit. Now, suction line frost back to compressor with R-22 suction pressure too low (50#). Why? and what need to do to correct this situation. In mobile home with gas furnace and ''A'' coil.

Make sure coil and fan are clean and getting good air flow thru the coil and not bypassing it if discharge psi ok air flow problem if high then somthing in unit stopped up some have screens in the liquid line at the coil hope this helps also make sur ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Synergy 2000 38tda048300 4 ton/2 ton unit it is a 2 speed unit. It is 8 and a half years old. The unit keeps running on the inside but the fan stops and the outside unit stops. Seems to be the same time daily. AC man came and said it was the compressor. We got a new compressor. The very next day it did the same thing. The only way to make it start again is to flip the switch leave it off for 15 or so min and restart. This was exactly what happened prior to replacing the

... Carrier Air Conditioners

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