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I have a american standard dehumidifier for a pool room it comes on for about 5 seconds then shuts off.what can this be

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It could be plugged up, have you checked the drain assembly? You may have a float switch like deviced that is sensing the unit is not draining correctly. If the unit is draining but is still doing it, more than likely the sensor is bad.

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I have a american standard dehumidifier for a pool room it comes on for about 5 seconds then shuts off.what can this be

It could be plugged up, have you checked the drain assembly? You may have a float switch like deviced that is sensing the unit is not draining correctly. If the unit is draining but is still doing it, more than likely the sensor is bad ... Air Conditioners

Electrical Schematic?? Hi, Here is our problem:  We have this unit installed in our desert vacation home in the wine "cellar" room, at times when we are not here, the electricity has gone out (even just for a second) and this unit shuts down and doesn't come back on until we come here and physically turn it on again. We are looking to bypass this so we don't have wine ruined while we are away.  How can we get this unit to come back on by itself?   Another problem is: this unit is installed in su

An easier solution would be to connect it to an UPS. May not be the cheapest though. ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner


This is a condition called Dirty Socks Syndrome air cleaners and dehumidify usually fix the problem also adding a uv light to the duct can remedy the problem the light is probally the cheapest solution ... LG LS-K1830CL Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman GPD075-3 REV B gas heater that tries to come on but shuts down within 4-5 seconds. After the gas burners come on they shut off. The exghust blower is running and also the house blower is on. What is causing the unit to shut off? Is it the flame sensor or something else?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air/Heat System. This year, the outside compressor (or whatever it is called) is shutting off within minutes of the air conditioner coming on. This is resulting in the home never cooling down. I can reset the system by shutting the air off inside the home for a few minutes and the outside compressor comes back on, but again, only for a minute or two, and the unit only blows what seems to be room temperature air.

Do you know the devices model. It would help in locateing the manual. also I beleave you have the manual?\015\012\015\012As micromaster already said, check for sleep timer.\015\012\015\012has the system worked fine before has ... Air Conditioners

When the air conditioner reaches tempture and shuts off it comes back on every two minuits and stays on for 25 seconds and then shuts off again. Two minuits latter it starts again for 25 seconds.

U have a problem with ur thermostat pitch adjustment which u cant fix u just need to replace ur thermostat ... Air Conditioners

American standard thru-wall heater air conditioner (PTEC1501GAA) will not heat. When wall mounted thermostat is turned up for heat, the fan turns on but no heat comes out. I opened it up and checked the fuse which was okay. I suspect the unit is of mid-1960s vintage. I tried to locate a manual on the American Standard website but it was no help and mostly focuses on plumbing products. Ron

Sounds as if the heater coil itself is burnt out. These coils may be repaired if you can get an universial coil repair kit and rewire the heater coil yourself. Since the age of the unit is in question I don't know if it is possible to get a kit fo ... Carrier 52PQ307 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Johnson air ease 90 plus.I turn the thermostat up and exhaust blower comes on igniter comes on and i can hear the natural gas release for a second or two then igniter shuts off along with gas. Fan runs a while then whole system shuts down.

If the burners come on for a few seconds and shut off check the flame sensor near the burners and clean it with steel wool, usually this will fix the problem. The flame sensor is a metal rod that is immersed in the burner flame on the opposite side ... Air Conditioners

I have a Comfort-Aire Model RAH-123A Room Air Conditioner and Heat Pump. When depressing the low or high heat control button, the unit hums like it wants to start but shuts off in about 3-5 seconds. My suspicion is that the compressor is trying to start but a thermal cutout shuts it down when it does not start. The unit was installed as part of a sun room addition and the remodeler is no longer in business. If I cannot solve this problem through the internet, I need a local contact fro servic

Hi!\015\012Before I give you a possible solution to your problem you need to check the heating temperature Control, set it to a warmer setting, if problem persists, check the power cord.\015\012\015\012To test your power supply cord:\015\012\0 ... Air Conditioners

I have a york furnace trhat when it initially ignites the flame comes on for a few seconds then shuts down. I can manually shut it off completely then restart it and most times it will come back on. I cant figure it out

Make sure the flame sensor is clean near the burners, The flame sensor is a metal rod that is on the opposite side of the ignitor. To clean the flame sensor you will need some steel wool, turn off power to the furnace and remove the flame sensor and ... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

I have 2 samsung split a/c units in a room. I have the condenser with 2 compressors on the roof. It has one circuit board. One of the compressors works and the other does not. When I turn on the room unit that is attached to that compressor, the unit in the room starts and in about 10 to 15 seconds it shuts off and then a red light flashes. What would the problem be?

\015\012\015\012The compressor provides the cooling capacity for the air conditioner. If the compressor or its electrical controls are defective the compressor may try to start, fa ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Need help for Toyostove vented heater- Laser 56MH heater comes on when thermostat sensor calls for heat. It brings room up to correct set temperature and begins normal shut down. But here is the problem...the circulation fan stops and I think the blower moter stops? But fire remains in the burner chamber and a moter is quitely running...I think it is the exhaust? The only way it will completely shut down is when I turn back the temperature selection 10 degrees. It immediatly shuts down. Then

Hi, there is a problem going on here, and its not the unit it self, but in the control circuit. From what you have said as to how and what is taking place is, the control thermostat works on a call for heat and cycles down when the desired temperatur ... Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner compressor comes on for a few seconds then shuts off.

... Haier Air Conditioners

American Standard Gas furnace acting weird

I am concerned of the readings you have given. 120 volts to ground, but 168 volts to neutral? And having 10 amps of current at the "ventor", but only 1 amp for the whole furnace worries me, because power for the "ventor" comes through the furnace. ... Air Conditioners

The fan comes on, the burner ignites and then goes out withing 3-5 seconds. Fan continures to run another 30-60 seconds then it too shuts off. Also want to know if this furnace has a filter. We could not find one and I live in my trailer in an area that is very dusty.

The flame sensor is bad. It is a simple replacement, although the style is a bit different from manufacturer to manufacturer. ... Air Conditioners

My indoor fan comes on but the compressor does not. I checked voltage, fuses and wiring and everything was ok. When I depressed the contact (single pole) the compressor would run and make cold air. When I did it a second time it held in and ran so we cooled the house down. Thinking the contact was bad I got a new one but it wouldn't come on but would run if I held it in and would shut off if I let off of it.. It has control voltage to the coil on the contact. The contact just wont kick in or sta

Aside from the contactor, you may have a bad capacitor. You will have to check the mfds reading to rule this out. ... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

Compressor on my new Haier portable room AC shuts off after about 30 seconds of operation. Fan keeps running and compressor cuts back on after about three minutes and runs for another 30 seconds. It is an 1100 BTU unit

... Haier HPM09XC5 Portable Air Conditioner

My heater is not working reliably. With the setpoint above the room temp, it may come on right away, or not for 12 hours. Pilot/igniter is ok, and will sometimes start the furnace heat going, then shuts off. New digital Honeywell thermostat, worked fine until 3 weeks ago. Thermostat says Heat when it's trying to turn on the furnace, but often nothing. Sometimes when it's starting up a loud buzzing sound comes from the furnace, perhaps a relay oscillating.

Could be an open or stuck limit switch, not really a good thing. ... Air Conditioners

I have a LP gas log heater, the thermostat is in the living room and I would like to shut this room off this winter. Is it possible to add a second thermostat elsewhere in the house so this can be done?

Yes. If the thermostat is connected with electrical wires you can buy some wire and move the thermostat or add a second thermostat. Just be aware that dual thermostats can cause people to forget that they have to shut both of them off to stop the h ... Air Conditioners

Compressor problem? My outdoor unit comes on with the fan blowing just fine. Then I hear a buzzing sound for about 2-3 seconds which I believe is the compressor trying to come on. (Incidentally, a couple of lights inside the house seem to dim at the same time that the buzzing sound occurs.) The buzzing sound reoccurs every couple minutes while the outdoor unit fan and the indoor blower both continue to run. I have shut down both the outdoor and indoor units for a couple hours and tried restarti

The buzzing is your compressor trying to start. It is going off on internal overload caused by heating up of the motor windings.If you have an amp meter you could check the amp draw of the comp against the locked rotor amps listed on the tag You cou ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a frigidare gas heating unit aprox 8 yrs old. the problem is the unit comes on the ignitor heats up gas comes on and lights but the gas only stays on about 5 seconds then shuts off?

You have a flame proving device that senses the flame. It is located on the last burner in line looks like a piece of thick wire. Take some steel wool and gently rub the outer surface 4 or 5 strokes is all it takes to remove the carbon that has bui ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman GMH950904CXAC. Thermostat calls for heat. It comes on and runs fine for about 5 minutes, then the circulator blower shuts off, but burners and draft blower still run. After another 15 seconds or so, the burners shut off and LED flashes 4 times. Thermostat is still calling for heat.

4 flashes is an overheat situation most likely caused by the blower not blowing. The blower relay controls the blower function. It is part of the circuit board. I suspect a new board will take care of the problem if you don't find a lose ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My brand new lg air conditioner keeps shutting off by itself. the fan is always running but the compressor only comes on for 5 seconds then shuts off...

Your AC have a thermister problem\015\012 if u replace the thermister your AC will be OK. ... LG Air Conditioners

Furnace problem I have a carrier weathermaker 8000 furnace that is coming on for about 1 minute, shutting off for 20 sec., then coming right back on. The air seems to be warm at first, but then it starts blowing room temperature air.

Clean sensor with steel wool. It is the one that looks like a mini spark plug and has one blue wire to it. Fixed mine. ... Air Conditioners

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