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Themostat problem no power

\015 I have a ruud ac/heat unit with em.heat mod.# uhqa-1015tks and therm. mod.# lr/620 and # t874r1434n. putting in a new thermo. i discoverd that there was no power to the thermo. All breakers are on.there is power to the air handler and the outdoor unit.how can i get power to the thermo?\015

Answers :

Your R terminal in your air-handler is the 24v power that goes to the tstat. Look at the air-handler and match the color wire. ALL tstats have a power wire going to them. If you aren't getting power, you probably have a break somewhere in the wiring close to the thermostat you are replacing.

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Themostat problem no power

Your R terminal in your air-handler is the 24v power that goes to the tstat. Look at the air-handler and match the color wire. ALL tstats have a power wire going to them. If you aren't getting po ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a duo thermall roof top ac on my trailer. The power comes on for a sec on the cool mode any of the settings (low med high) when it goes off the power lite on the therm. flashes on aand off i thought it was a power problem so hooked up to direct current. still same problem. the fan works fine though.

Call duotherm, they have a series of bad pc boards ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a generator which is powered by a Vanguard,16 horse power motor, which starts and idles but it won't run the generator, it won't rev up. What could be the problem? Could it be the governor? or something else pertaining to the motor itself? what could I do or need to purchase to fix this problem?

Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.The drive shaft between the motor and the generator has failed, their is a safety device that will break, if the generator seizes up. you may have a generator issue.t ... Air Conditioners

The thermostat is blank as if it has lost power. Is it broken or is there a wiring problem? I have checked out the power source and it does not appear to be the problem.

There is a fuse on the heating unit that may need to be replaced or a bad connection at either the thermostat or heating unit. ... Carrier TSTATHCP Programmable Thermostat Air Conditioner

I have a coleman air conditioner 6799A800 series- super mach. On very hot days it starts and cools very good, but then the compressor kicks out. We think it might be becasue so many people are using power for their air conditions that it's drawing the power down. My friend had the same problem he changed the capasitor in his unit and now it is working properly, could this be my problem? If so do you stock the capasitor I would need?

... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I am in Iraq and I have a model KS-H2665E42,at least that is what it says. Anyway the problem is we are on gen power and when the poweer goes off the unit will not automatically come back on when power is restored. Is it a possible capacitor problem?

I doubt it is a capacitor problem or any problem for that matter. Usually there is a 3 to 5 minute power off & restored delay for any airconditioner. The reson for this is that the compressor has built up high pressure just as a matter of normal fu ... LG LS180HE Split System Air Conditioner

My Coleman powermate generator 6250 won't start. We used it last month when we had a power outage during the coldest of winter weather. We checked the oil, gas compartment and found that there was sufficient amount of each elements in the compartments but during this last power outage last week we tried to run it again and it wouldn't start. Any problems that it may have or can you give me any solutions as to what the problem may be?

Make sure the sparkplug is clean and gapped. Unloosen the float bowl slightly and drain about a half cup of gas out of the bowl. It is possible a little condensation got in to the fuel. Tighten the bowl nut slightly and try to start the generator. ... Air Conditioners

My camper air conditioner and receptacles lose power but does not trip the breaker....everything else still works....I ran for a month with no problems.....then this started.....tightened all wires on breaker box....again...ran fine for a week.....now it's losing power to air and receptacles again....don't know where to start looking for problem at this point....so frustrated.

Look for a convert box and see if it is stell good ... Air Conditioners

I have a Raypak RP 2100 R405 pool heater. When I turn the rocker switch on the front panel to ?on? I get nothing or no lights on the front control panel and nothing happens to the heater. I checked and there is power going from the transformer via the blue wire to the PC board but no power being distributed to anywhere else. Is it the PC board and if so how can I check to verify this is problem? The board is expensive and no one will accept a return of this item it if this isn't the problem. C

\012When you turn the power ON of the unit.It will show "Water pump" in the display".\012If its not showing "water pump"\012Then  3 things has to be checked>\0121)Check ON/OFF switch right side of heater.\0122)Check 120/240 volts for tr ... Air Conditioners

Equipment: Kohler DTV media panel Problem with the Kohler DTV II Steam Adapter Kit K1737BV Equipment: Kohler DTV media panel and digital interface.When I connect the interface to the media panel via the multi-pin cable, and power up the system, the backlit display on the interface flashes for a second and then the power button pulses. After that, the display goes faint? (I think I can see text on the display) and when I press buttons (power, USER, etc) nothing happens.If I unplug the power cor

... Air Conditioners

My AC no longer powers up. I've checked power source and there are not problems with the plug in. I've tried to reset and test and still unable to turn on A/C. When I push the power button I get nothing. Although the cord is lit green indicating active power source. Its new clean....Model AEW05lmg1 GE

Hello,If your model is the one with the remote / digital controls, you might be looking at a delay from losing power. But, even then, you should have some kind of life on the display.Most consumer devices that have digital co ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

AC unit Amcoraire AOS241HX @ startup i have power to the L1, L2 power inlet terminals to the outdoor unit but no power to the lines going up to the indoor unit. What can I do to correct problem?

These should be seperate circuits so lets forget the condensing unit for a moment. It should not come on because it gets the control voltage for the contactor from the indoor unit. Check your circuit board for a 3 or 5 amp fuse and make sure it hasnt ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Problem with power on goldstar 10,000 btu portable, i unplugged prior to turning power off. now even though the green light comes on the reset and it pops as if reset I cannot get any power to the unit

... Goldstar Air Conditioners

Goodman hvac unit not working no power. touchscreen thermostat not reacting to touch unless pressed very hard. swapped thermostat faceplate with downstairs unit and it works fine. No power for a/c or furnace. Fusebox shows all power is on and emergency switch is on. What could be problem?

As I said, bad t-stat.When you switched covers it worked correctly. The t-stat sends a signal through the fuse then to the components you are calling for.The original t-stat blew the fuse and is hard to push.Replace your t-stat and ... Air Conditioners

My furnace has an ignition module"50A55843. I went to change the filter, and suddenly the furnace lost power. I've got power going to the module, but no power coming out, not to the transformer and no LED lght. I've checked all connections and am wondering if it is common for this to happen or is there something else that could be the problem? Please help.

Did you have to get into furnace to change filter. If you did sometimes the door safety switch does not close. ... Air Conditioners

My fedders aircon compressor does not turn on again whenever its thermostat turns it off. what i had to do is unplugged the power cord and turn it on again to work. i already replaced the capacitor. what i observed is that the big normally open rely does not switch on. maybe a board problem? if i turn it off and turn it on again, only the fan rotates and not the compressor. i had to unplug the power and put it back again for the compressor to run again.

You have a time delay build in on the pc board of 3 minutes. If it takes longer than 3 minutes check your compressor overload protector, Maybe the compressor is overheating, check your coils for proper air flow. ultimately if the compressor checks ok ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

Carrier thermostat Hello, My Carrier electronic thermostat is connected to a heat pump.  It was set to the COOL position during a summer thunderstorm when the AC suddenly began running no matter what the SET temperature was.  It works normally when I change it to the AUTO position.  The HEAT and EHEAT positions work normally. I tried cutting power to the unit for 2 days, after which it worked normally even on COOL, but after a short power failure it resumed the problem of running the AC continuo

I hate to say it but Ive had trouble with Carrier's Tstats doing similar improper things. Unfortunatly the only repair is going to be replacement of the whole tstat. I recommend Honeywell's FocusPRO or VisionPRO tstat. Ive yet to have one fail and th ... Air Conditioners

Carrier central air 38ckc060301 problem, unit will not start, air handling blower runs, can hear hum at outdoor unit. I turn the unit off at themostat. let sit for ten minutes, turn back on at themostat, unit starts and cools. Will run through serveral cycles and then not start until I repaet process, any thoughts?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

It is blowing out room temperture air all the fans are working correctly, no power supply problem just no cold air at all I changed the filter and looked for a reset button but no, we had a thunderstorm yesterday and the power in the house kept going in and out.

Sounds like your compressor might have been hit by lightning. If you have 220 volts going to the outdoor unit use a stick to push the contactor in. The fan and compressor should start, if not check the capacitor. If the capacitor is good, the compres ... Air Conditioners

My Kenmore ac does not turn on at all,the ac unit is new,i test my outlet for power & power is present,plug ac in other outlets still does not turn on please help to pinpoint problem thanks.

If that is fused plug pls. check fuse. ... Kenmore 70088 Air Conditioner

On outside compressor for whole house AC: Critters ate wires. Have Blk & Red power in from breaker. 24vac switched from thermostat. 1 contactor with 24vac coil(original). 1 Capacitor w/ 3 terms labeled: C, fan, herm. compressor w/ 3 wires: #10 yel & blk, #14 red. fan w/ 3 # 18 wires: Blk, Orn, Blu. I need wiring. Here is what I think: All blacks connect together. Red power wire connects to contactor in. Fan orn & Compressor Yel go to contactor out. Capacitor is the problem. "C" marked terminal g

There should be a wiring diagram on the back of the access panel. If you can't read it, check online for model wiring diagram. Don't guess, you may cause more expensive damage. ... Air Conditioners

Haier hsu 18 heat pumps . I have 6 of them , all intermittently come up with e17. otherwise sometimes they will just blow fanned air ( compressor not running ) all day . The power source is fed to the indoor unit first, with the main power and data then fed along the same standard 4 core cable to the outdoor unit. I have fitted one of these units which had this problem to another site , and instead of wiring it as per the above way (as per instructions) I put the data cable seperate to the oth

... Haier Air Conditioners

My Sunpentown WA-1210E airconditioner stopped working. It emitted several beeps and the power light is blinking continuously. When I unplug, wait a few minutes and replug in the unit, it shows the same diagnostics: several beeps and the power light blinks continuously. What is the problem and how can it be fixed? Also, where can I get a user manual for this system? None on sunpentown.com.

Have you checked the water container in the unit? It has a float switch that when it is full it will not allow the unit to run so that it will avoid spilling water on to the floor. Hope this helps 2rns4u <*{{{>( ... Sunpentown WA-1210E Air Conditioner

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Model number AEW10AMG1....I have a problem my air conditioner will continuously run and when we try to power it off it will not power off we have to unplug it. We also try to turn down the temperature and when we get through messing with the temperature it will go back up to the same temperature on its own. The filter is clean so we know it's not the filter...please help if you can..thanks

... GE Air Conditioners

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