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Amana Heat Pump Tripping Breaker

\015 I have an Amana Heat pump system. It is about 6 or 7 years old. It was working just fine until a few days ago.Now, it trips the double breaker in my electrical panel when it tries to come on.....Immediately trips it.I pulled the outside breaker next to the pump and then turned the breaker back on in the electrical panel in the house and it didn't trip. So, I am figuring the wiring from the sub panel to the main panel is all okay.Which leaves me with a problem from the sub panel to (and/or) through the heat pump.Does anyone have a place I can start diagnosing the problem....I have already exposed the electrical *guts* on the pump, where all the connections and circuit boards are located.TIA for any help you can provide!BillPS I think the size of the heat pump is a 3.5 ton?\015

Answers :

My guess I would say, you either have a wire that is short to ground or if the contacter pulls in, then I would say the compresser is short to ground.There also could be some capacitors that could be short.

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Amana Heat Pump Tripping Breaker

My guess I would say, you either have a wire that is short to ground or if the contacter pulls in, then I would say the compresser is short to ground.There also could be some capacitors that could be short. ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Amana #PTC153b50AJ ser 0410686783 Customer heard a pop in unit and it went off. Breaker was tripped. Reset breaker and unit runs in a/c mode but does not heat in heat mode. This is not a heat pump but electric heat strips. Unit says there is a manual reset for the heat but we have not located the reset. We turned power off to the unit to reset fault etc and still no heat. The flashing light just blinks once every 4-5 sec. Could use some help in diagnosis Thanks DK

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Ptac keeps tripping breaker - Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

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My Amana heat pump model PHD60C02F1 Keeps tripping the circuit breaker

Is this kicking the ground fault on the cord or the breaker. If it trips breaker could be bad breaker. If it trips quickly it is a short in the unit. Russ ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Hello, my heat pump is a 4 ton unit, it heats ok but it keeps tripping one of the breakers, the 40 amp cooling breaker. I have put a new thermostate, it keeps running after the breaker is tripped and the outside unit is off. I am thinking the breaker could be bad the other two breaker are 60 amp. do all three need to be 60 amp. Thanks

Hello Jack, \015\012\015\012Let me see if I have this right. Your heat pump keeps triping the breaker that is going to your airhandler. The Heatpump is on its on breaker and can not trip the breaker on your air-handler. However, the 40 am ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a carrier heat pump that will run for about 5 minutes before tripping a breaker and then displaying an E2 code on the thermostat. It will run fine on auxillary heat but not in heat or cool mode without tripping breaker and displaying E2 code.

Sounds like something is going on with the compressor or the outdoor unit. Call a service company ... Carrier TSTATHCP Programmable Thermostat Air Conditioner

Goodman heat pump model CPKJ421B. Tripped breaker for outside unit two weeks ago. Reset breaker, tripped again today. Unit won't run now. Did some basic checks and found that the 28 vac from the inside unit was not going through the low pressure switch to pull in the 220 vac contacter for the compressor. Possibly either the refrigerant is low or the low pressure switch is bad. Could a faulty switch, maybe losing and regaining contact quickly, trip the breaker? Could the refrigerant, just before

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Only fans work on split system model ls-k2463hl earth breaker trips when compresor tries to start I own a Panasonic Heat pump model A18CKP6G with the same problem. The compressor was replaced last June and the breaker has been tripping eversince when it's raining or when it's humid outside. My repairman can't figure out the problem and my electrician confirmed it's not the breaker!

Sounds like a wiring problem between the outdoor unit and the house. You would be surprised what I have come across in 30+ years of A/C work.But it could also be the compressor.I will need to know answers to the following - ... Air Conditioners

Ruud heat pump outside unit trips circuit breaker

Check your wiring between the contactor and compressor for a short to ground, or check the compressor windings for short to ground. \015\012With the Tstat off, the contactor should be open so the only way for the compressor to be trying to do a ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Heat pump trips circuit breaker

I want to know the size of breaker to use.we are using a 30,30,30,30but it is kicking off.would a 40,40,40,40or higher be better if they sell them. ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

My all electric heat pump keeps tripping a breaker on the outside heatpump unit.

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My heat pump will not come on in HEAT or A/C. I thought I might have a simple defrost control board problem, but still no go after replacing the board and the defrost relay. I checked the pressure switch and it is not tripped. I've checked all the circuit breakers and they, too, are all set. I've checked the outside unit using the "test" switch inside on the start relay and the unit will come on, but won't stay running on it's own. When I select HEAT, I wait the necessary five minutes for the un

Hi; Need more info. How old is the equipment,look on the outside unit data plate it will give the built date usually in the top right corner. Also heat pumps can run with a faulty defrost board. I would check for control voltage at the secondary side ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Rheem Heat Pump Trips Breaker

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I have a Amana PTAC model PTC123A50AC never had any problems until this a.m. walked into office were installed no heat. Breaker tripped, reset breaker, nothing. Checked outlet, getting power. Any idea's?

To all friends! Whenever you find breaker tripped or fuse blown, it's an indication some device/s are in problem. To get tripped breaker:1. Condenser too dusty- clean it.2. Fan motor or compressor grounded-Replace. 3. Compressor high amps ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an amana heat pump and there is a 50 amp breaker with 4 poles that burned out. It is a square d breaker but cannot find any model number or locate one like it. Any suggestions?

You can fix any type/brand of breaker, but, same volts and amps. ... Amana AAC051FRA Air Conditioner

My well keeps tripping the breaker but when I run power from the breaker straight to the pump the pump runs fine. I have replaced the disconnect box located at the well but everytime I hook it back up the breaker trips but does not trip with the box disconnected. Pump is not hooked up at the box during this.

Maybe undersized wire, or breaker is loose on busbar.http://waterheatertimer.org/Color-codewire.html ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana RHE30A2B heat pump. I installed a new thermostat, Honeywell, last night and now the coils are not cooling & the unit is blowing hot air. I have double checked all the wiring & everything seems to work as it should. Is there a breaker or fuse on the outside unit that I am not aware of before I call a service man out. We also had an electrical storm last night. It could be a freak thing, but I am still concentrating on the thermostat.

Hello,If you can hear a click or see a light when you turn your thermostat from up to down you do have power there. Or, you can put a meter on your thermostat and see if there is any voltage or not. If not in either case, you can try this ... Amana Air Conditioners

Breaker trips on condenser unit on heat pump after several hours of operation

Hi, check amps on unit, and make sure breaker matches, check unit voltage tag, it will tell you what size breaker you need, or may be breaker is loosing resistance, replace breaker, if problem continues, a/c maybe over working because of high temp, t ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a bryant heat pump model 661cjxo36-E that suddenly quit working. It was installed with a new construction in 2006. The thermostat display is blank...shows nothing. All breaker switches are in place, nothing has been tripped, but there is no power to the unit. Is there a reset switch and where is it located?

The problem was solved! I accessed the furnace a/c unit in the 3rd floor attic to check the fuse you suggested. The fuse was good and I noticed water in the capture tray! Something was obviously obstructing the flow of the drain. I went outside to ch ... Air Conditioners

Duo therm RV a/c unit. 15,000 btu with heat pump. age-2005. Runs and starts fine.. but will shut off after 5 min. to 5 hours. no breakers trip. will restart by cycling thermostat.. sometimes.. or by unplugging thermostat and recyc;ing. any idea's??

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Heat pump breaker tripped now no power to the unit at all

When AC unit trips the breaker it usually means one of four possiblities.\015\012\015\0121) the AC unit is causing the breaker to trip, i.e. a shorted fan motor, compressor, or some other electrical component - in which case you will prob ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

My roof top ac for my rv was tripping the breaker after ten minutes in 110 degree heat. I was told my compressor was probaly bad. I tried it in the evening and it didnt trip the breaker ran fine could the heat be making it trip the breaker and my ac compressor in good condition.

Your compressor most likely has the insuation on the windings breaking down with age and in the heat and the load the poor old compressor was gasping a bit to say the least and running a slight bit hot which causes the windings to short across which ... Air Conditioners

I have a RUUD 13pja42a01 heat pump. The main breaker in the house was turned off about a week ago. We have not tried to turn on the AC until today and the outside unit will not come on. The main breaker in the house is on as well as the heat pump breaker. I was looking for a reset button but cannot find one. Also in the box outside connected to the unit it does not appear that there is a breaker in there.

Check the small wires going outside to the contactor for 24 volts. If you have 24 volts then mayb ... Air Conditioners

Heat Pump/Furnace Trip Circuit Breaker

Check the set screws at the panel and the furnace. May be a poor connection. Happened to mine... probably the installer. ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

Largest circut breaker allowed on a residential heat pump

Sounds like the breaker is doing it's job. Stopping an over amping condition. You need to find out what the breaker is feeding power to. If it is the outdoor unit or the indoor unit. Also, the wire used has to be sized to the breaker otherwise, it wi ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

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