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No power to thermostat

\015 I have a RUUD T874R1434 Thermostat Model # UHQA-1015TKS that I need help with wiring. \015

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Thermostat type ?

Terminals Designated on thermostat as: R, G, W, Y..... any more?


Terminals Designated on FURNACE OR INDOOR UNIT as:

Terminals Designated on OUT DOOR UNIT as:

Any additional accessories? Electronic air cleaner, Humidifier, Out Door Thermostat...?

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My ac unit does not have power to the thermostat. There is 200 volts going into the transformer and 24 volts going out. There is 24 volts on the back side of a terminal with thermostat wire running to the thermostat and the outside AC unit. However, no power on the front side of this terminal and therefor no power to the thermostat.

Please exercise due caution in checking voltages in live circuits!24 volts sourced by the transformer, through the thermostat, then through the contactor (turns on power to compressor/fan) and returns to the transformer, If the thermostat ... Air Conditioners

This is a central air conditioning question. I have no power to the "battery-less" thermostat. I have two thermostats in the main house and swapped them out to see if one of the thermostats is bad, but both thermostats are working. There's just no power to the terminal in the living room. I checked the 5amp fuse to the air handler, and it's good. I checked the A/C unit outside and pressed down the contactor, the a/c kicks on. What am I missing?

Are you getting 24 volts from the thermostat to the transformer in the air handler? Sounds like the transformer in the airhandler. You can check it by taking the voltage from the R termianal to C Terminal and should read 24 volts. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Heat Pump model FK4CNF003. I noted that the thermostat wasn't working (no power) so I checked the usual suspects...in bound power etc. before I pulled the top housing off the interior unit. I noted lots of wires on a circuit board in the upper right corner of the unit which seems to route power and signals to/from the thermostat. Looking closely, I noted that the 5 amp fuse was blown so I put in another 5amp fuse and it blew as well. Given the fuse is blown, and I'm assuming

You should be able to trace the short to a specific componant on the board itself. the 5amp fuse protects the board itself. trace the circuitry back from the imput side. you should have a multimeter that has a audio alarm that will tell you which cir ... Air Conditioners

I just moved into a new place and it has the RTH230B thermostat installed. I turned on the furnace, set the thermostat to "Heat" then the fan to "Auto" and used the up and down arrows to set the temp to 72 degrees. The temperature seemed fine for the first hour or so. However, the heat and fan stays on full power and continued to heat at full power well into 80 degrees on the thermostat screen. I could only shut it off by turning off the actual furnace switch. I first tried reducing the temper

From what you learned from your neighbor, I would say no. Certainly, sounds like a manufacturing defect to me. ... Air Conditioners

Goodman hvac unit not working no power. touchscreen thermostat not reacting to touch unless pressed very hard. swapped thermostat faceplate with downstairs unit and it works fine. No power for a/c or furnace. Fusebox shows all power is on and emergency switch is on. What could be problem?

As I said, bad t-stat.When you switched covers it worked correctly. The t-stat sends a signal through the fuse then to the components you are calling for.The original t-stat blew the fuse and is hard to push.Replace your t-stat and ... Air Conditioners

I have a brand new duo therm AC and new thermostat...I have the correct power going to the ac unit but the no power coming from the DC wire leading to the thermostat so the unit will not turn on at all...any suggestions on what I might have done wrong when installing?

Check transformer and inverter for dc power out ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

OK I am a dumb A--. I did not turn the power off to my Payne PG9MAA Condensing Gas Furnace. Also A/C. In my futile attempt at relocating the thermostat. I 1. did not turn off the unit 2. I did not have enough wire so I spliced in a new longer one. 3. Voila' there is absolutely nothing on the thermostat showing power. I used the voltage regulator and put the contacts one on red and the other I went in sequence to all the other wires and it read 11.00 or so volts.. If I changed the (lead) or

Depends if its a 12 volt or 24 volt system and if your meter is reading right also check meter then check red wire if its a 12 volt thats what you should have and 24 so on or you have a dead short good luck with that one just be calm a go thru all t ... Air Conditioners

Carrier thermostat Hello, My Carrier electronic thermostat is connected to a heat pump.  It was set to the COOL position during a summer thunderstorm when the AC suddenly began running no matter what the SET temperature was.  It works normally when I change it to the AUTO position.  The HEAT and EHEAT positions work normally. I tried cutting power to the unit for 2 days, after which it worked normally even on COOL, but after a short power failure it resumed the problem of running the AC continuo

I hate to say it but Ive had trouble with Carrier's Tstats doing similar improper things. Unfortunatly the only repair is going to be replacement of the whole tstat. I recommend Honeywell's FocusPRO or VisionPRO tstat. Ive yet to have one fail and th ... Air Conditioners

The A/C unit control is powered from the 24 volt supply in a Ruud high efficiency furnace. The furnace fires up when the house thermostat is set for heating but there is no power in the line to the A/C unit when the thermostat is set to cool. The 24 volt transformer is delivering, and the fuse has not blown. Can you advise?

You will have to trace wiring. See where power starts and stops. Check to see if there are any fusible links in the wiring, or if there are any relays for A/C to wiring. ... Air Conditioners

Ruud furnace Model UGPH-10EBRJR Silhouette ll. blower fan stays on continously, (also draft blower) and the only way it will shut off is to disconnect power. I've replaced thermostat, fan limiter switch, switch on the blower housing, even replace circuit board (IFC). I've even disconnected the thermostat wires to circuit board and blower still comes on as aoon as power is connected. I've disconnected everything on the circuit board except for blower wires and 24 volt transformer and it still com

... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Standard Programmable Thermostat dual zone system heating / ac. I just moved in a month ago, and have inherited this system. At least once a day I find the 'time' display flashing on at least 1 of the 2 thermostats, as if power was lost. I can't find anywhere in the manual as to why this happens. Is it really because of lost power? If so, why is this happening?

Check and see if the thermostat has batteries, if so change them, if not please give me model number and I will do some research ... Air Conditioners

I tried to replace my digital manual Honeywell thermostat that is only 6 months old (new construction) with a programable thermostat. I followed the instructions marking the wires and connecting them up the same way. There was one wire "C" wire that the old thermostat connection said was optional with batteries that there was no place to connect on the new thermostat. I taped it off and left it off. The new thermostat with batteries powered up but the AC would not respond, nor the fan, nor t

Your "R" terminal is basically your "hot" and your "C" terminal is basically your "neutral" to simplify explanation. The Furnace supplies the "R" power to the thermostat and then depending on what wire the thermostat sends the power back on determine ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Wall thermostat shows NO POWER, But there is power at recepticle

Hmmm no clue needs time to reserch ... GE AZ38H12DAB Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Trane XE 1000 and attempted to replace the thermostat. When I saw that the wiring configuration was set up for a different configuration I put the new thermostat back in the box without trying to wire it. I put the old thermostat back on, wired it just like it was (I took a pic of the config before I removed it) and now I can not get the system to power back on. Is it possible I blew a fuse or tripped a breaker in the process of reinstalling the old thermostat? There was one point where

You could test this by totally by passing the stat and connecting through a wire linc.\015\012However you seem a little to inexperienced to be doing this and in my opinion you should for safety sake wait until monday,for a tech. ... Air Conditioners

My digital thermostat has shut off after a power failure. There is absolutley no display appearing. I pulled the thermostat off thinking maybe the batteries were no longer working but came to find out that the thermostat does not have batteries. I then went and bought a brand new thermostat that does have batteries for the display but when I properly installed the new one, the display worked (of course because of the batteries) but niether the heater nor the airconditioner comes on when I tried

Check inside the air handler for a small 3 Amp fuse or wire that may have come off of a terminal. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My digital thermostat has shut off after a power failure. There is absolutley no display appearing. I pulled the thermostat off thinking maybe the batteries were no longer working but came to find out that the thermostat does not have batteries. I then went and bought a brand new thermostat that does have batteries for the display but when I properly installed the new one, the display worked (of course because of the batteries) but niether the heater nor the airconditioner comes on when I tried

What you have is a 24v control circuit problem. There is a transformer in the air handler ( inside unit ) you will have 220v on the one side and 24v on the other. If you have 24v from transform there is a small fuse on the pc board that could blow du ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier 38tra048340 ac 4 ton unit outside, heater in attic. Thermostat is Totaline P374-1100. Power went out than back on after a few hours due to vehicle crashing into power pole. AC was running at time of power outage. Power came back on, ac would not come back on. Checked house circuit breakers, none tripped off. Turn ac 40amp breaker and heater 20amp breaker off and back on. Voltage ok. Checked fuse box by ac unit on wall, fuses and voltage ok. Went into hot attic to check for powe

Blank screen sounds like a fried thermosat. Abrupt outages can affect certain types of thermostats. Make a jumper wire and jump across R and G. See if you get any action from anywhere. If a fan or compressor kicks in you know you have a burned out th ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Connecting thermostat to noma baseboard heater model #52-2510-0 using a honeywell thermostat causes a short circuit. How is the noma heater to be wired. Attaching the power source to one end of the heater causes an immediate short circuit. Un-doing the two wires at the other end allows the heater to warm up but causes the thermostat to burn. Is there a special thermostat required for this model and how is the wiring done.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Click on the following link to obtain a manual for your Noma Baseboard Heater. http://www.qualityc ... Air Conditioners

Ihave a probllem with the front dometic A/C not starting it is coupled with front dometic lp gas heater with wall thermostat.(rear has identical) Switched waqllthermostats and power boards on heatersno start. there is 7.? amps on the red wire at the rear thermostat none at the front thermostat.and there is 120 volts st the front A/C ..I dont Know wher the 7.?amps at therm. is supplied from I hope you can help me get the front A/C working.remember when I turn the thermostat on nothing happens &

HiThere is a fuse inside the control panel of the AC itself. You have to \015\012take the cover off (from inside on the ceiling) and look up in there \015\012with a flashlight to find it. It is usually a very small amperage fuse. Maybe ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I found the Bryant furnace 395cav048090 calling for heat but not operational. I shut off power to the unit and switched power back on and the unit started its ignition sequence. With power on the blower starts as a result of thermostat calling for heat from the unit and after a minute goes on to second phase of ignition with exhaust blower motor initiated. During this phase gas is being brought to the burner that you can smell however burner does not ignite gas. Unit continued with this opera

If you do not see a bright light before the gas releases, your ignitor is probably out. If you disconnect, you should measure ohms from the two ignitor leads. If you do not measure any, it is open and will not work. You will usually see a mark of whi ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Dometic Duo therm RV a/c rooftop unit. 15,000 btu with heat pump. model 620515. age 5 years. Problem- will not always stay ON. Starts and cools fine. but shuts off within 5 mminutes sometimes.. or will run for hours and hours with no problems. when it stops, I can sometimes restart it by cycling thermostat.. if that does not work I can unplug thermostat from 12v power and then it starts when asked to. Have replaced computer circuit board and wall thermostat.. no change.

... Air Conditioners

The fan runs but the compressor won't come on. I checked the thermostat and the a/c wire has 7.5 volts when thermostat is not calling for a/c but when you set thermostat for a/c the power goes away from a/c wire? It is 59 degrees here does the comp have a sensor that won't let it start with this low a temp?

This roof top have pressur control of gas? ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I want to bypass the internal thermostat and run my Kenmore 10K BTU thru-the-wall to an external thermostat so I can cool my wine cellar to 55F. The external thermostat will operate power to the unit. What wire do I cut? JP

I know this is going to sound rude but you I promise I mean it with only your best interest at heart. You should probably buy the proper piece of equipment to do the job, not a window air conditioner for a wine cellar. For one you may burn your house ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Condenser outside Aight,,, so i finally got power to it outstide,, now, to get it to work i had to bypass some wires,,,, from thermostat to furnace and then to outside we wind up with red and white wires.... both hace power,,, now,,, the white connects to and follows a blue wire.... blue wire goes down and inside this white tube lookin thing... this thing is attatched to copper pipe,,, another or possibly same wire comes out,,, thats where the power stops and fail to turn the motor on,,, what is

You could br=e low on r-22. sounds like the thing is a pressure switch ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I changed the battery in my thermostat and the thermostat is on and functional but it isn't sending a signal to the unit to power on. Is there a reset button or do I need to re-program the thermostat?

Check fuse on pc board. ... Air Conditioners

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