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Need to install a GE A/C window unit.

\015 This unit came with a bracket and screws/hardware, but no instructions. Model # is: ASW05LL\015\012\015\012Please help!! Linda\015

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\015\012This is a link to the user manual and instruction manual for your unit. If you can't find the info you need in the manual then refer to the link below and contact GE directly. They will be able to guide you through your problem.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Air Conditioners
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This is our first summer to use our Goodman central air conditioning unit and we are having alot of condensation on our windows and doors. We need to know if our service tech installed a unit too small for our home since we never had this problem with the brand that he removed to install the Goodman. Any response will be greatly appreciated!

Your issue may be just the opposite of what you suspect. If the unit is too small, it will run continuously, but may do a better job of de-humidifying the space because the A/C unit has more time to pull humidity out of the air.\015\012\ ... Goodman Air Conditioners

My maytag window ac unit: m3x05f2d-a (5000 btu) needs some exterior parts. The accordion plastic pieces the fill the gaps in window installation have cracked and I need to purchase replacements. Please help me find and purchase.

I need the accordian plastic pieces for my matag 5000 air conditioner .. Bought it at home depot ... Maytag M3X05F2D Air Conditioner

Just bought a kenmore 10000 btu window a/c unit - need to install

You CAN put it on the 3rd floor as long as you make sure it's completely secure. One thing I do recommend is building (or buying) a window unit shelf that sits outside the window and the air conditioner sits on it for extra support. The shelf is secu ... Kenmore 76100 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I will be installing my air con unit and just wanted to know if i need to consider my neighbour before siting unit for noise etc, as i am considering to site it 2 meters away opposite neighbour's window to there living room, on ground floor, thanks carmelo

From my experience mini splits are a very quiet unit. You may need to check local code though, and consult your neighbor first. Better to be proactive over making an enemy. ... LG LS-K1830HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

Does the orifice, which needs to be installed in the inside unit of an a/c for a house, come with the outside condenser? I had an a/c system installed and an orifice was never installed. the original company says that they only installed the inside unit, and dropped off the outside unit, and we had a different company install that. The original company says that the orifice comes with the outside unit and then needs to be installed inside. Is this true? ( not sure if i picked the correct produ

The orifice is the metering device inside the evaporator coil and comes installed from the factory in the coil itself. Some condensers do come with orifices taped to the side of the unit, but they only do that to ensure you have the right size orific ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Need to install a GE A/C window unit.

Http://genet.geappliances.com/DocSearch/pdf/49-7441.PDF\015\012\015\012This is a link to the user manual and instruction manual for your ... General Electric ASW05LK Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a Frigidaire window unit FRA126CT1. It fell and some water leaked out. I turned it right side up and let the water settle. I have now installed it and started it an hour later. It seems to be working fine. Do i need to refill the water that was lost somewhere? or was it freon?

Hello, the water most likely was just condensate that was at the bottum of the AC. If it was freon you would hear a hissing sound of the refrigerant escaping from the system. So you should be ok. ... Frigidaire FRA126CT1 Air Conditioner

I have had a mitsubishi split system HVAC installed in my 150m apartment. It is installed inside the apartment in a small space with one window for inflow a second window for out flow. As we test the unit, 3 problems have come to our attention. (1) When it was really cold outside last Janaury the unit itself was leaking something that turned into ice. There was a pool of about 2 inches of ice on the floor and the wall had a covering and the hoses were encased in ice. The installer maint

The problem is in your Ac's compressor .It is wasting all the cooling gases and chemicals1)the ice you are seeing is the mixture of chemical & gases when get in contact with atmospheric air it converts into ice and pls dont touch that ice a ... Mitsubishi MS-A09WA Split System Air Conditioner

Carrier CNPVP6024ATA I have a 2 yr old unit and was told that the evaporator coil needs to be chemically cleaned at a cost of $292. The unit was installed in new construction, and the technician said it was very dirty with construction dust, etc. and most likely the crew was operating the unit without a filter. On the A/C unit - 24ABB360A0030010 - I was told the blower wheel needed to be dry cleaned ($140) and the secondary heat exchange needed to be cleaned ($172). My builder has said there w

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi I purchase a 3 ton -3 phase condensing unit. Dayton model 1nxd4 for a friend house,after the instalation was finish the unit will not turn on. after installing the unit i found out that the unit was discontinue and cant not be exchange. since the unit is a 3 phase i understand that needs 3 lines to be able to work and also can the unit be use for domestic use. thank you

You have to have a 3-Phase Service. It can be use for domestic use but you would have to have a 3-phase service connected to the house.......If you wanted to still use the condensing unit You would have to replace the compressor with a Single Phase ... Air Conditioners

We recently replaced an old window unit with a westpointe a/c mwk-08 unit. The old unit was dripping water in the house but the new unit doesn't seem to be dripping any water? Could this possible be a drip "less" unit or is it installed incorrectly? I've heard the horror stories about mold building up in window units & causing MAJOR health issues.

If the old unit was dripping condensate into the house, it was installed incorrectly. The replacement unit may have been installed correctly so the condensate drains outside. ... Air Conditioners

Need a window install kit. The original got

With a glass cutter, you could cut the glass to the correct size and using some angle aluminium strip and some silicone, then seal between the unit housing and glass. Hope this helps ... Fedders X Chassis A6X05F2B Air Conditioner

I am renting an apartment that has 3 Singer Conditioners installed in the exterior walls of the unit. They appear to be at least 30 years old (and may be 40+ years old). The main unit (for heating and cooling all but the 2 bedrooms) broke down. The landlord is out-of-state, so we took care of getting it repaired. It needed a new motor. After the unit was installed with the new motor (and a cleaning), it emitted a foul, unbearable odor. I made the repair company come back and rinse the unit

This sounds as though you have a temperature control problem and you need to change the control.If the company that did the service will not return tell them an Attorney will be notified. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rudd AC unit Model UAND 024 JAC After installing a new codensor fan motor when I throw the circuit breaker the unit will not turn on but when I push the contacts on the contacter manualy the fan will come on but the compressor will not. need to know what I need to do or replace to make this unit work ? I did lower the temperature to 74 THANK YOU

The contactor is equipped with an overload relay and needs to be reset for the contactor to work. Press the reset button on the overload relay to reset it. It is usually orange or white colored button. But the biggest problem is the compressor not wo ... Air Conditioners

This same unit was installed 2 months ago with the MUA 12WA and it is just to small to handle the room .The installer siad he will increase the compreesor size to a ton and a half but said the wall mounted unit does not need to be changed and will work fine with the larger outside unit ,is this correct?

... Mitsubishi MS-A12WA Air Conditioner

I have installed 2 of the 3 evaporators, the other evaporator I will install at a later date. I have power at condenser and evaporator. I cannot get the evaps to come on with the remote controller? Is there a jumper or something that needs to be inplace because I am only using 2 of the 3 units? I have installed a single zone unit also and that works fine. THX

Hello,\015\012\015\012I guess the remote was 0k before you fitted the evaporators if so it may be a faulty control card, have you tried resetting the test button its inside the indoor unit near the electrical cover. ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Hello- We bought the Haier window AC unit last summer - Model #ESA3069. We live in the Seattle area so this is not something we need to use often, but nonetheless, it is nice to have in the master suite, especially on unusually hot days or a series of warm days when the upstairs gets stagnate. We ran the unit all day yesterday. By the evening we were hearing lots of water dripping noises. The unit was leaking on to the window sill. The lower portion of the screen behind the vent that opens w

An a/c takes the moisture out of the inside air and it condenses or freezes on the evaporator coil when the air is blown across it. In some this water is evaporated by the outside fan but it there is too much water it will drip outside. This is norma ... Haier HWR06XC5 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hampton Bay HBD250 model. Is it a wall unit or a window unit? Mine is installed in a cinder block wall and will not be warrantied if it is a window unit.

... Hampton Bay HBLG5004 Air Conditioner

No heat We had the mini split installed and have not needed the air conditioner yet. But now that I want the heat on, I can't get any. The indoor unit lights up and the fan comes on but only blows cold air. I have checked everything I dare to, and noticed that the outside unit doesn't seem to be running. I am reluctant to call the guy who installed it because he was not a happy guy to do it in the first place. But he was the builders choice. Any suggestions of things to check into myself?

From my experience, when a new heat pump unit doesn't switch over from one to another, its most often the thermostat isn't wired correctly. The reversing valve needs energized or the common is ... Sanyo 09KHS51 Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a 24,500 BTU LG installed in my window. The unit works wonderful when it actually cuts on, its brand new, and is able to drain, and installed per the instructions. The unit stays on all the time, but will only cool for 5-10 minutes at a time, the rest is just the fan running with no cool air, just normal temperature air. What am i missing?

Possible bad thermostat. ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I installed the A/C unit ACR-14S in a sliding window, all went well untill time to hook up the hoses. The exhaust hose went on easely but the intake hose turned out about 8 to 10 ins. short. Can I run the unit using the intake air hose to take the air from the room instead of thr window? If not can I get a longer hose to put on the intake? If so Were & How can I get it? My email address is [email protected] and phone # 412-461-1036 Thank You Warren S Holman

... Whynter Air Conditioners

Need to purchase the wire and breaker switch for a Hitachi A/C Unit 30 ton unit. RUA-30HS. I need the tecnical specifications for this installation do you have them. Or can you help me with three questions: Starting Voltage and load? Average Running voltage? Recommended size of Breaker Switches? The Amperage is 3 phase so what size of cable is required? Thank you so much for your help.

Get an electrician you trust in your area. He will need probably need to physicially look at the unit. Then he can answer all your questions on this matter ... Air Conditioners

We have a carrier heat pump/ac unit. Our ductwork in the attic has condensation all over it and it is dripping thru our newly installed insulation to the sheetrock on the second floor thereby staining, leaving sheetrock wet and possibly being taken over by mold and mildew. What can be done to improve this problem. We are under a 10 year warranty plan with this unit and the company that installed it. Windows have condensation on them. Humidity is 60 to 70 percent.

Usually if there is a lot of condensation, then there is bare/uninstulated metal in the duct work. Now if the unit itself is condensating then putting a condensation pan under the unit with a drain should fix this problem. A far as the windows it w ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I am about to install this model in a basement window opening should i pull unit out of sleeve secure sleeve then install unit back in sleeve?

That is the best method. Make sure unit is tilted to drain properly ... Samsung AW0803M Air Conditioner

Our window unit fell out the window, pulling the wiring out. We need to see a diagram of how to re-wire the unit.

That would be a paid for answer need manufacture model# serial# best to get it serviced . good luck ..Tom ... Air Conditioners

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