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\015 I HAVE A AMANA PTH153B50AE PTAC UNIT. ANOTHER SERVICE CO. PUT ON A RSKP0009 REPLACEMENT BOARD(touchpad)with the original having manual turn knobs. the compressor comes on in cool mode butonly electric heat and no compressor in heat mode. a true head scratcher.\015

Answers :

The RSK is VERY specific on programing

Read the manual failing that email me and explain how to do it.

Do you think you have a heat pump outside ?If so then I would call the installer back and show me how to operate the control.They should have did that when it was install.

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The RSK is VERY specific on programing Read the manual failing that email me and explain how to do it.VERY VERY easy ... Amana PTC153B50AJ Electric Heat Air Conditioner

I am the person with the Amana AC. I gave you the model and serial numbers awhile ago. I am wondering if this helps you to come up with another solution. Every repairman that's come out has told me the unit is working fine and there is nothing they can do. My duct work has recently been cleaned. The coils have been cleaned. They said they just do not make AC's to last long anymore. I am not buying that. My unit was working fine until the valve broke. I have had the company that replaced

You must have a heat pump. The valve in question is the reversing one?A whole lot of folk don't know how to replace them. You gotta place a wet rag on the valve and have a wickedly hot *** torch with brazing knowledge to do the job right. Once ... Air Conditioners

Amana Portable AP125D mine is doing the same thing as another person said i noticed the exhaust fan would occasionally start to speed up to fast go into warp , then start banging around. i stopped using it, before the fan broke up, but unsure what the problem is. or what needs replaced. the blower fan or some circuit controller? and no nothing was dropped into the fan . its been it the same place and never moved. I think this is a problem with this unit. whether its the amana name or under

... Amana Portable Air Conditioner

No heat I have an Amana heating and a/c unit model # pth153b50ae. It was blowing heat all winter then just stopped. It now blows cold air and is either bringing in cold air from outside or is blowing a/c. It does not change no matter where the control knobs are set. I checked the fuse and actually changed it but no difference. The only way I can turn it off is either unplug it or take the cover off and switch of the little micro switch. I'm thinking the board is gone. Any help would be appreciat

Check to see if unit has a contactor,they arc and weld together,keeping your unit on ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

I have the haier version of the amana AP125D. and as another person questioned about the exhaust blower fan going out of control and breaking up. also, i like to ad, no , nothing was dropped into it its been in same place setup for 2 years. then suddenly the fan goes into warp speed , you can hear some eletrionic clicks sometimes. when it goes into warp speed the whole unit vibrates like a train, and you can hear the fan start to bang against its casing. i always turned it off. for i dont wan

... Amana Portable Air Conditioner

I have a AMANA PTh153B50AE (PTAC unit). The air conditioner works fine. It is when I turn on my heater and it does not get warm. It just blows cold air. I have looked at the board and it appears that there are no bad spots on the board from where it had burnt. It appears that it may have a manual heater reset button. I am not sure if that will work but I can;t find the reset button. I am wondering if my heat pump has gone bad. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have the same problem, and I found the manual reset inside the unit. Turn the power off, and unplug the unit. Remove the outer cover of the unit ( inside cover ) , and remove the 2 screws holding the " wire mesh " in the front of the cover. Pul ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

Amana PTAC Unit is not producing heat. Fan works fine. can not locate manual reset for heat although a label on the unit says there is one. I have an Amana pth153b35ae ptac unit that the heat will not come on. The compressor will run in the cooling mode but not in heat mode. I verified the switching valve is working and the capacitor seems to be fine as the compressor will run in cooling mode. The thermostats seem to be functional because relays can be heard clearly when changing temperature se

I know this is late but I had to add a solution to this problem since I had the exact same problem and was able to solve it. The probelm is not your control board. On these units, the heat pump compressor will not kick in unless the temperature you ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

In February 2009 I had an Amana 16 SEER heat pump airconditioner & heater installed. It replaced a Frazier Johnston which had an after-market UV light installed on it. When the dealer installed the Amana I asked if they could transfer over the UV light to the new unit, which they did. Within weeks of the installation of the new unit it started to emit an obnoxious smell of something burning everytime the heater would run. You could not stand to be in the house during or after the heat had ru

This is a common problem with residential installations. The UV light is most likely installed in the wrong spot. At the risk of sounding skeptical you could replace the UV unit with an electrostatic trap system. There are some other considerations: ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

Amana ptac i have an amana heating and cooling unit in my room at school and i was messing with it to lower the temperature setting and now the LED just read 'on' in lower case letters. the ac or the heat will not turn on. is there anyway to reset it? how do i clear it so that my unit works again? thanks.

First you have to hit the plus(more heat) and minus (more cool) and hit off twice then the unit should show c1 and wait till it shows L5 the hit the plus sign till you get to zero then hit off. ... Amana AAC051FRB Air Conditioner

Unit is a Samsung AS09A1VE Air conditioner Split System Unit turns on with remote, green light comes on with start bells. Another bell sounds yellow light comes on, unit switches off green and yellow lights start flashing, all in around 5 to 10 seconds, unit will turn off with remote, lights go out. I reset the unit by disconnecting power and reconnecting. Unit worked fine for several hours after that (although it did discharge some some small black debris. It then repeated the same proble

Hi,\015\012This sounds like a problem with it either being too cold outside or the unit is low in charge. What happens then is that the indoor coil getts too cold and the unit will shut down before is freezes over.\015\012The cold outside ... Air Conditioners

A few days ago I moved my portable air conditioner unit from one room to another. (Amcor 12,000BTU, Cooling/heating unit) Prior to moving it, the air conditioner and compressor worked fine. The unit is about a year old, and has only been used a few months of the year thus far. After I moved the unit into my bedroom, and plugged it in, everthing kept working fine, (including the compressor) but a funny, slightly burnt plastic smell (or some other chemical smell) was blowing out of the unit al

... Amcor NanoMax A12000E Portable Air Conditioner

I have an Amana central air/heat unit. Model PHCB10C1 Serial # A040900070 Manufacture # P1219409C, Cat # 81K95. The problem I am haveing is the unit will not kick in(heat). When I turned off the main pwer and let off for about a hour and turned back on the unit ran fine for a couple days. Now the unit will not kick in at all even after turning the main power off and on to reset the unit. I have a brand nre thermostat in the house. When I turn the fan from auto to on the fan runs and blows out

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have an Amana Model GUC-C 90 Hi-efficiency furnace that we installed in 1992. It has a central air unit as well. On Friday we tried to turn the air on and nothing will work. I have replaced switches in the air unit in the past but this time there is no clicking, I can't turn the circulation fan on for the unit, the heater unit will not turn on. I have power at the breaker, and on the unit itself there is a on/off switch with a round screw in fuse, that fuse is good and I have power there.

Hello,Your control transformer may have quit on you, or your thermostat may have gone out. The transformer is what supplies the current for the hvac system. The thermostat just controls what relays are energized. Since you have a probl ... Air Conditioners

I have a Amana air command 80 sse central air unit. The unit is comprised of a big fan unit outside, and a unit in my garage. The big fan stays on even though I turn the thermostat off. Do you know what the problem is?

This sounds like your condenser contactor, contacts are stuck. They weld together if an ant or other debree get between the contacts. Turn off the electric breaker to the outdoor unit as if the outdoor unit runs without the indoor unit running you m ... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a duo therm a/c roof top unit that is not cooling properly it has been approx 2 years since the unit has been run I have checked breakers and fuses in breaker box I removed the cover from unit the compressor is running and getting hot the lines are cool but not cold the fan is running I am thinking that the unit is low on freon can some type of self tapping ports be installed to add freon or have ports soldered in place or could there be another underlying problem that can be checked or i

You have a leak in the system that needs repair. If you have to add freon to system there is a leak. You need a service tech to do the repair. If it is out of gas you may to replace it. Leaks do not correct themselves. Russ ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Amana #PTC153b50AJ ser 0410686783 Customer heard a pop in unit and it went off. Breaker was tripped. Reset breaker and unit runs in a/c mode but does not heat in heat mode. This is not a heat pump but electric heat strips. Unit says there is a manual reset for the heat but we have not located the reset. We turned power off to the unit to reset fault etc and still no heat. The flashing light just blinks once every 4-5 sec. Could use some help in diagnosis Thanks DK

... Amana PTC153B50AJ Electric Heat Air Conditioner

Have a Amana Wall Unit with Heating and Air Conditioning - Model PTC123B50AE. The unit's heater just stopped heating. The fan/blower and air conditioner are working fine. Unit says the fuses are OK. Would appreciate any guidance in fixing this unit. Thanks, NC


I have a carrier desert master Model No.38HKC24US70-01 the problem is after switch on the unit...it will work at least 5 minutes and will be in a stand by (the green light in the inner unit is blinking)for another 5 minutes and the same continues for at least half an hour.After this the unit in stand by mode rest of the full time. It was't working in the rest 23.5 hrs.Is there any serious problem for the unit or can i manager it myself

Split unit all are in timer mode we need to cancell timer mode and menual on off mode ... Air Conditioners

Cental air unit stopped working, I replaced the capacitor which had blown apart, but the unit does not restart. It works when I push in and hold the button on what I believe is the relay where the power comes into the panel of the unit. Is there another fuse or reset button that needs to be reset within the unit. Any suggestions? The model # is AC1BN036-A and it's from about 1995.

You shud test the relay with multimeter for any shorting out or restricions.\015\012locate it and test it, if it is not beeping or showing zero its defective and you gotta replace that relay if its good, well you gotta locate the shorting out i ... GE Air Conditioners

Haier HWR05XC5 I have a Haier A/C window unit, model mentioned above, and I have lost the remote control. Are you aware of how to manually adjust the temperature on the unit? I only see the on/off button and nothing else, but I find it pretty amusing that a unit wouldn't be able to adjust w/out the remote. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm here with a 15 month old in 90 degree weather and buying another A/C unit is not an option. Thanks.

I have 2 of these ACs one remote is missing and the other was dropped in water. You can use the AC. Plug the unit in and hold the on/off button down for about 20 sec.or until the unit comes on. The cooling unit will come on but you will not have any ... Air Conditioners

The front unit will heat and cool but the rear unit will not come on. I tried resetting the thermostat as suggested but this did not solve the problem. If the control board in the front unit is bad can it be swapped with the rear unit? If not where can I get another one?

There is no way to guess at this problem, you have to use a multimeter and troubleshoot the circuit in order to know what the problem is. Could be a fuse, or bad connection, or any number of other things ... Air Conditioners

Electrical Schematic?? Hi, Here is our problem:  We have this unit installed in our desert vacation home in the wine "cellar" room, at times when we are not here, the electricity has gone out (even just for a second) and this unit shuts down and doesn't come back on until we come here and physically turn it on again. We are looking to bypass this so we don't have wine ruined while we are away.  How can we get this unit to come back on by itself?   Another problem is: this unit is installed in su

An easier solution would be to connect it to an UPS. May not be the cheapest though. ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

WeatherKing air conditioner. Numbers are off the unit outside. Inside units have Model #: WBEA-21 J1OSFJAI Serial#: TM2595 1510 and Model#: RCBA-4882GG21 Serial #:M1295. The house I have is 2100 square feet and we are planning to finish out the upstairs that will be another 500 square feet. Trying to figure out if this unit is large enough to handle the additional space or if we need to get a bigger unit.

You should have a load calculation done on you house that way the a\\c and heating system is right sized for the house to give you the best comfort and efficancy ... Weather King 10AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

Water cooled packaged system has a psi reading of 75 when the compressor is off. when it kicks on the psi goes to 115. On another unit the reading is 65psi with the compressor off and 105psi when it kicks back on. Does this mean that the unit with 115 psi when compressor kicks on has too much freon in the system? The unit does not cool very well. Everything else seems normal except the 115psi reading. ???? I'm thinking about removing about 10psi to match the good running unit.

The gauge could be slightly out of calibration. With the compressor off, and both units exposed to nearly the same temperature of air & water, the pressures will be virtually the same, even if the one system has slightly more refrigerant than the ... Air Conditioners

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