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Compressor gone faulty

\015 The compressor only fitted 13 months ,suppose to have low gas pressure, contactor and some wiring burnt .they blaming low pressure as it would have been kicking in and out once the pressure had built up again and again?\015\012its a toshiba split unit\015

Answers :

Low pressure will not burn external wires. Chronic low pressure can seize up a unit due to a lack of lubricant that is in the refrigerant and then ultimatly burn up the motor that is sealed into it. A faulty compressor that runs for 13 months and then fails is typical of a poor install of the unit.

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Compressor gone faulty

Low pressure will not burn external wires. Chronic low pressure can seize up a unit due to a lack of lubricant that is in the refrigerant and then ultimatly burn up the motor that is sealed into it. A faulty compressor that runs for 13 months and t ... Air Conditioners

I have a 12000 BTU Celiera mini split heat pump. It appears that whenever the compressor tries to start that the 20 amp circuit breaker opens. Is this definately a bad compressor or can it be a faulty starter compacitor or a faulty relay? Thanks, Roger

... Air Conditioners

This compressor is in my aquarium water chiller. When I plug in the chiller, The compressor starts then goes off. a few seconds later it starts again then goes off. It continues to do this. I have changed out all electrical components on the side of the compressor with no change. What else could be wrong? Could it be pressure or Freon or has the compressor just gone bad?

The Freon is probably a bit low. When the compressor draws from the low side the extreme low pressure trips the low pressure switch, shutting down the compressor. With compressor off the pressure equalizes the low pressure switch opens and the comp ... Panasonic QA125K29CAU6 Refrig Compressor,blk Pk Qty 20

Replaced my 5-year old 3-ton 12 SEER Goodman outside condensing unit with an older 3-ton RUDD condensing unit because of lack of funds. Now the compressor has gone out on the RUDD. Is it better to replace the compressor or look at getting a new unit. The heating component still works fine.

A new unit will be 13+ seer unless you can find someone that has replaced a compressor or has one left over from pre 2006 stock. Our wise Government with all its resources decided that we aren't smart enough to turn off the lights to save energy, so ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

I have no air conditioning at all. The thermostat was stuck on "wait" to protect the compressor. Once wait was gone it tried to cool again and nothing. Light on furnace is flashing like a heat call and blower fan is running. Lack of communication or compressor is shot? 92% 75000 btu unit. 2 ton condensor outside any way to diagnose the problem?

Remove cover on your stat using a small wire not touching the ends jump red-power to yellow compressor should start red to green fan should come on im assuming the installer used the most common wire configurations these test can also be peformed at ... Air Conditioners

I have a coleman electraheat rv airconditioner/heater. i think the thermostat has gone out on it. is this a replaceable?When i turn the thermostat knob nothing happens. the fan will run but the compressor doesnt engage if it is not running or will not disengage if running...however if i tap the thermostat housing it usually will activate the compressor...is the thermostat unit replaceable and if so where may i find one

The thromstat may be bad but it sounds like there is a loose connection where the wires plug on to the back side of the thromstat.\015\012\015\012Any RV dealer should have the part or be able to order it for you ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Bryant 561CJ060-A air conditioning unit. When I turn the A/C on the compressor makes a hissing sound for a short time and then I can smell something like rubber burning down near the compressor. The fan motor does not come on during this process and I have tested the motor which works perfectly. Could a faulty capacitor be causing this problem or should I look elsewhere?? Thank you for your help.

Turn power off to the unit and take the black cover off of where the wires hook up to the compressor check for loose connectors pluged onto the compresser termanals and for any leaks ... Air Conditioners

Help! I have a Kelvinator 2 KSR25F split system a/c that is not working. Every time I turned it on it trips the safety switch. I had a guy come out and look at it and he told me that the compressor is gone and that I need a new a/c as it would not be worth fixing. The unit is at least 8 years old and I have never had a problem with it apart from the capacitor going last year. My question is this, is it worth/cheaper getting the compressor fixed or buying a new one (money's too tight to mention

The compressor is the last resort. there could be another problem causing the system to trip circuit. sounds like a wire grounding inside the condensing unit control panel located at the contacts. check there first and inspect the other wires inside ... Electrolux Air Conditioners

The ac went out on my 1996 firebird 2 years ago I live in GA. I love my car but the heat is killing me. The AC clutch still works if you jump it to take the refrigerant but there is an internal leak because it will work for a minute and then the cold is gone. It sounds like a leak in the compressor? Can I replace the compressor myself or are there pressurized parts that require specialized handling. I have done my own water pump and alternator but this is something much bigger.

Well Changing the AC compressor is not a simple task. There are pressurized pipes and refrigerant gas running in the system. I strongly suggest you get it repaired/replaced by a competant mechanic. ... Air Conditioners

Five year old goodman unit compressor gone bad. Should I just replace the compressor or should I get new air handler and condensing unit. Really don't want to spend the money, can really use it somewhere else.

Depends on if your going to stay with the old refrigerent system of R 22 ro upgrade to the new R410A system. I have been upgreading my customers to 410A if the compressor has failed. Replacement of all components recomended on a compressor burn out. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

We had a Honeywell 5220D installed by a HVAC company in April. Now my AC runs fine during the day and at night about 10PM the inside fan continues to run the thermostat is not yet at temp and the outside compressor fan does not run until the sun comes up. I have checked to see if it was in economy mode and it is not. The temp inside will warmup 6-8 degrees buy morning and the unit will come back on some time after we have gone to work. any ideas? Thanks Gary [email protected]

Make sure the temper differ in cool mode are set 40-90 this is also a programable feature of this t-stat , by the way it also has offsets in the heat mode you might want to check this as well and make sure they are set check all wire connections for ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have an existing 3 wire honeywell room stat on a conventional ch system which has gone faulty. I have bought a honeywell DT200 to replace it but this looks like it only takes 2 wires. Can I use this stat as a replacement? If so how do I wire it and what do I do with the spare wire?

Hook up the Red wire to R on the t-stat and the White wire on the W just cut the wire flush with the insulation and leave it un hooked. If those are not the color get back with me. ken ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Our compressor burnt-out with a smoke and electric isolation burn smell. A disassemble has shown that the relay was gone with one of the cables burnt out. I would like to check if the motor is fine, how can i do that?

You have a very good chance that the compressor will still work. If the clixon and starter are loose in any way on the terminals or if the wire connections are'nt connecting tightly, that will result in the wiring and components burning out. Contac ... Air Conditioners

When the thermostat turns off, the condensing unit continues to run. The old contactor was sticking. I could go out and tap on the side of the electrical box beside the compressor, and the contactor would drop out, allowing the unit to shut down. I have replaced the run contactor, but the problem has not gone away. In fact tapping on the electrical box won't even make it shut down now.

You most likely have a short. Start by removing the wire on the terminal marked y in the t- stat then see if it shuts down. Look in the air handler for wires touching together. I have also eound wires touching in the wall from the t-stat. ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

My AC wouldn't come on 2 months ago. I called a company to look at it. They said that the capacitor had gone out. When they went to replace it, they didn?t have the right size so they used two capacitors instead of one. A month later my compressor went out completely ? burned wires and everything. My question is could the previous fix have caused this latest problem?

Previous fix would not have caused the compressor failure. Most likely the compressor on its way to failing actually caused the original capacitor to fail. The 2 capacitors together is the usual fix when a dual capacitor is not in hands reach. ... Air Conditioners

Need to know what my out door unit tonage is. it is gone from the out door unit . so i can get a new compressor

Hello TIMMY I guess the sticker erroded off the unit because the model# is the easy way.Plan B is get all the info off the COMPRESSOR plate/sticker for correct replacement.Brand name of the compressor is needed NOT the make of the unit doing it that ... Air Conditioners

I'm told that the self-contained compressor is gone. They claim 8-14 hours to replace this for labor. Is this realistic?

NO.how is access? proper compressor change out done properly 4-5 hours that includes recovering freon if it is an identical compressor and does not require reconfiguring the piping under 5 hours a good service tec will figure out what made the compre ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

I purchase window A/C in 2005. I am facing problem from the day I purchase. 1)Initially the remote panel was not working, they repair/replace but it is working only on remote but not from window panel. 2)At the same time up and down slide plates were found damage. 3)Last year in 2008, when I gave for service I was told that compressor gone. they could replace it as it was in warrenty period. 4) After one year in June 2009, I gave for service, I had been told that evaporator is damage, not possib

Sounds like alot of shipping to me! it cant be fixed , economically at least! about 5 years is all one can get out of most asian brands ... Air Conditioners

I have a whirlpool acq142xao window unit it runs for about 5-10 mmminutes then the compressor kicks of for about 5 more minutes. it blows cold air just kicks on and off. i have the thermostat set at it coldest temperture. do you think my thermostats hast gone out?

... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Air conditioner keeps tripping breaker replaced the termostat do you think the compressor is gone its only 6 years old.

Every air conditioner has a motor called a compressor. The compressor provides the cooling capacity for the air conditioner. If the compressor or its electrical controls are defective the compressor may try to start, fail, and create an electrical ov ... Air Conditioners

I a 15 year old Bryant ac my compressor is gone out i bought a new unit ,how much does it cost to have to hook u the new unit all the parts came with it.

Unfortunately you need a mechanic to carry out this work , but if you have all the parts and only required gas then about $300 bucks would be enough  ... Air Conditioners

My Mastercool Trio System has experience a failure od the compressor fan. ACExperts, the installer and only dealer in El Paso has gone out business.

Is this not a Evaporative cooler if so there is no compressor the only two motors one for the Fan and a Sump pump. and most you spend 200 for fan motor. this is swamp cooler! ... Mastercool 67471 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Ve a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9l that has started making what sounds like a/c compressor noise, still works, but the noise is always there. Bought a remanned comp about 14 months ago from a dodge dealership that has since gone out of bussiness. Is it possible to just lubricate the bearings in the pulley myself or am I screwed? please

The bearings are sealed - if you release the tension on the drive belt , you can spin all the pulleys to find the "loose" or noisy bearing - it could be another pulley with bearing problems ... Air Conditioners

I have a coleman/evcon heat pump. When the thermostat kicks on the contacts kick in and hum but the compressor nor the fan run. Is this probably my capacitor has gone bad?

I would check the hig voltage power supply to the unit. Check the main breaker and make sure it is on. Check the disconnect and make sure there is power at that point to the condensing unit. The contactor will kick in from the low voltage in the cont ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have an alpha 7 day easy stat wireless central heating programmer which has all of a sudden started to loose its signal to the boiler putting the boiler in to emergency mode. Having changed the batteries 3 times just to make sure they were ok & from different shops I have now placed the programmer closer to the boiler receiver in a more direct line which seems to be working! is it possible that the unit has gone faulty & not transmitting a strong enough signal Alpha Boilers can only advise of

U need good batterys no rechargable ... Air Conditioners

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