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It sounds like a bad or tripped limit switch. The limit switch is a small disk about the size of a penny with 2 wires attached. There will be a small button between the two wires. Press firmly to reset it. Depending on your unit there could be 2 to 5 of them to reset. If they aren't tripped, then one by one, take a small jumper wire and jump them by bypassing them. You will eventually come across the "bad" one. If you can't reset it, then you will have to replace it. There is also a limit that can not be replaced that is located on the heat exchanger wall. Bypass it only temporarily to see if it is bad as well.

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It sounds like a bad or tripped limit switch. The limit switch is a small disk about the size of a penny with 2 wires attached. There will be a small button between the two wires. Press firmly to reset it. Depending on your unit there could be 2 ... Air Conditioners

I am installing a 240v heater in my downstairs bathroom. The heater schematic has a single BLACK 240v live input wire and a WHITE 240v neutral output wire, plus a yellow/green stripe ground wire. I have run a 12/2 cable(red/black/cpr gnd)from a 2pole 30Amp breaker in the breaker box to the heater. I have connected black to black; gnd to gnd; and red to white. I get no heat but the fan runs. Do i need a 12/3 cable(red/wht/blk) and couple the red/blk to the blk wire and wht to wht neutral, or can

You dont need all that wht is 120vt blk is 120vt thats your 240 their is no neatral on 240 volt ont a 120 volt circuit it sounds like it is wired correctly you may have a wire not getting good conection ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo mdl.# CG1411, gas heater- A/C unit that starts on heat, compressor runs, combustion fan runs, fires up, sends heat to indoor unit. Runs for short time [1-2min.] then stops. No indicater lights come on. Any ideas ? Rick

... Sanyo Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Heater/Furnace problem. I have a Carrier 58RAV095-16 Natural Gas Furnace. My furnace keeps restarting it's heating process. Upon turning the heater on, a small fan will engage and run for about 60 seconds, then the fan turns off and the gas engages and the igniter clicks and you hear the gas combust and the flames spew out onto the heating rods(?) and after a minute or so, the big fan will turn on and begin circulating air throughout the house. Sounds all good so far? Well

... Air Conditioners

Weather King 8PJ10NDR01 When I turn the heater switch to ON position the furnace runs what sounds like an internal fan. Second, the igniter glows and when it reaches it's hottest stage the fan thrusts air through the air ducts / vents and the burners light for about 30 seconds to a minute blowing cool air. After a period of about 30 seconds to a minute the burner turns off. After the igniter and burners repeat this about 2 times the heater shuts down by it's self, even when the temp gauge has no

The gas valve is not sensing flame, and the unit shuts down on safety.\015\012\015\012Chances are the flame sensor is bad, its a common problem.\015\012\015\012If its a thermocouple you can buy one for 10 bucks, If its a newer ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

I paid $20 last night to talk to someone. He told me how to hook up the Lux DMH110 but when i hooked it up this morning the heater came on when i put it on COOL and the fan just come on when i put it on HEAT...when its on HEAT the A/C or the heater does not run. Please help I don't have another $20 to spend...

If you have this type of system your thermostat will not work;\015\012Multi-Stage Heat Pumps \015\0123 Wire Hydronic Systems \015\012Line Voltage Systems (120/240 VAC) \015\012\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

Ive got a weiss clearglow 3 in 1 heat, light, fan unit and ducting in my bathroom ceiling. and the fan has stopped working. The heater and light work okay.Do I need to replace the whole unit? Its abo

... Air Conditioners

This is a heating and cooling through the wall heat pump. It works normally when heating is selected - the heat pump runs and both speeds of the fan blow warm air. But nothing runs when cooling is selected. In other words the unit works normally when "High Heat" or "Low Heat" is selected but nothing runs when "High Cool", "Low Cool" or "Fan Only" is selected. The position of the Fan Cycle Switch has no effect - behavior of the unit is the same in both positions of the Fan Cycle Switch.

You have a bad board or bad switch. I would say board. You can have service tech check this out. There is only so far you can go without knowledge of Controls ad electricity. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a LUXPRO PSP600 digital thermostat and when I switch it to heat it automatically comes on. The hot air is blowing fine. However when it meets the temperature that is set, the heater turns off but the furnace in the basement for air circulation doesn't turn off. It keeps running. (The fan with the furnace in the basement kept running.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My nokia cant play youtube video ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Fan runs all the time can't get heat or ac to turn on have to unplug heater at outlet to turn fan off

Does this unit have a thermostat on it.If it does there may be a fan run position where the fan would run as long as power was on .See if there is seperate setting for heat and cooling and try them.Hope this helps.Thanks. ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 kickboard heaters in the baseboards under the cupboards in the kitchen (Smith SS7's). They are run off the hot water central heating circuit. The fan in each unit is supposed to click on to blow hot air from the heat exchanger when the temperature falls. Both units have stopped working - when one stopped the other worked intermittently for a few weeks but now this does not come on either. I have bled both units and if I keep doing this then eventually hot water reaches both but the flo

Does your heating system have zone control valves? if so make sure they are opening with kitchen t-stat. sounds like the boiler pump is not able to flow water to the units. might be a zone control problem. ... Air Conditioners

Tempstar phad42n1k1 heaters come on in ac mode and compresor or fan wont run in heat mode. was able to make heatpump go in defrost mode and compressor runs.

Sounds like u have the thermostat wired wrong or bad wires i would check that first make sure you have the wright thermostat ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

Need help for Toyostove vented heater- Laser 56MH heater comes on when thermostat sensor calls for heat. It brings room up to correct set temperature and begins normal shut down. But here is the problem...the circulation fan stops and I think the blower moter stops? But fire remains in the burner chamber and a moter is quitely running...I think it is the exhaust? The only way it will completely shut down is when I turn back the temperature selection 10 degrees. It immediatly shuts down. Then

Hi, there is a problem going on here, and its not the unit it self, but in the control circuit. From what you have said as to how and what is taking place is, the control thermostat works on a call for heat and cycles down when the desired temperatur ... Air Conditioners

Our controller has been scrolling "pre-heating heater furnace. Please wait!" for at least the last 3 hours The fan runs for 10 seconds and then stops. Can we get the thing to start heating ourselves or do we need to crack out more blankets and call the brivis guy tomorrow morning

... Air Conditioners

I have a ducted vulcan climate control gas heater unfortunately there is no visible model no the only info i have is VULCAN CENTRAL HEATING CLIMATE CONTROL ILEC .THE MANUAL IS ALSO NOT AVAILABLE. When the heater is switched on the flame and fan comes on but the flame does not stay alight for more than 10 to 15 secs after several attempts the reset indicator shows on the remote have tried switching on and off power and restarting several times only keeps blowing cool air

You should locate the flame sensor and clean it. Take a look: ... Air Conditioners

The fan on my comfort zone heater is running louder. It still heats but the fan is annoying.

Simply replace the bearings of your fan because it is already worn out.. ... Air Conditioners

Heat coils in central air conditioning unit look fine under examination, checked with an ohmmeter both coils showed continuity. Power at both coils indicated 110 volts. Unit fan runs fine but there is no heat at ducts. 15 amp fuse in the circuit board reads 15 amps Main 220 volt breaker for A/C unit works fine

No heat coming from my central air unit when i cut the heat on. Just cool air. what should i do. ... Air Conditioners

Heater: Rheem Classic 90 Model RGRJ In service since 7/02 Problem: Thermostat calls for heat Steady Green Light Inducer motor starts and runs lighter comes on and glows no gas, no flame Voltage across gas valve is zero no yellow light lighter goes out inducer motor quits blower is off no heat Troubleshooting activities: Resetting (power off then on) will bring on the flame 99% of the time checked for exhaust clogs, none found no evidence of water at inducer fan housing barb have

Failed control board. Replace circuit board. ... Air Conditioners

My central heat does not go off... It comes on with the thermostat, but will not turn off except with breaker ? The thermostat works the A/C fine and I can hear it try to turn off the heat, but the heater and fan continue to run ???

With both the heat and the indoor fan not cutting off. It sounds to me like you have a (Bad) relay welded closed. When your thermostat calls for heat, it sends 24 volts to a relay inside your air handler. This connects your (220 volts)high volt ... Air Conditioners

My Bionaire BH1551 heater stopped generating heat. I had it running for one hour the fan works but no heat. Any ideas?

Hi; Broken heat element? Check the tip over switch on the underside? Any reset buttons? ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell ducted heating at home isn't working. I have set the on/off times for the week and set it to turn on automatically but nothing happens. I think the system is connected to the gas system outside (although I'm not 100% sure) and the gas water heater works so I assume the pilot light is working OK. Perhaps the fan or the fan motor has conked out? Any advice welcome! Thanks

Its the thermostat problem .so its not heating .the thermostat is either cracked or dusty or needs readjust ment,\015\012thanks.\015\012 ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Friedrich YM18 230 volt heat pump. The unit has heated and cooled well for about 5 years. Just started heating mode recently and the unit no longer heats. Fan runs OK. Was able to get the heat strip to run for a few minutes (smelled the dust accumulated over the summer burning off). Now, no heating whatsoever. When in the "Money Saver" mode, nothing happens. Fan will not come on and unit will not heat. With "Money Saver" mode off, the fan runs.

... Friedrich Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman PHK036-1 unit outside and it had a Lennox Thermostat. I want to replace it with a Lux DMH110 Thermostat and I need to know the wiring for this. I had someone help me last night but the Heater comes on in COOL mode and just the fan runs in HEAT mode. Thanks

Disconnect all wires to start.\015\0121)Go out to unit shut off power and remove electircal panel.\015\012\015\0122) Locate the terminal board where thermostat wires are connected. Write down where each color goes to\015\012ea ... Air Conditioners

My ducted heater is not working. It fires up initially but when it comes time to run the fan it just goes into wait and stays like that. It is a braemar te430. Any ideas?

Sounds like the limit or fa switch. To be sure which one, e- mail the manufacture for wiring diagram or specs. Thank-you-very-much! ... Air Conditioners

Amana ptc094b35am. Whoever knows this I will consider a GENIUS or definitely connected somehow ;-) There is a series of keystrokes on the membrane control panel that will allow the fan to run continuosly when the unit is on (not only when compressor or heater is on) There is no manual switch for this. It must be programmed in the CPU via a menu accessible with a sequence of keystrokes. The only keys are "on,off,heat,cool,temp up/down" I used to have the manual but i lost it. I don't expect much

Dear friend!There is no manual switch in CPU in maximum models. But, definitely there will be fan switch as the customer should rotate for LOW,MED,HIGH . Otherwise, press mode button, if it is, you will find fan symbol. Please check once ... Amana PTC094B35AM Air Conditioner

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