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LG LWHD1500ER does not turn on and off based on temperature.

\015 The unit originally turned on and off based on the temperature indicated on the unit. Now it runs constantly.\015

Answers :

Check for sensers & setting

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LG LWHD1500ER does not turn on and off based on temperature.

Check for sensers & setting ... LG LWHD1500ER Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Carrier Comfort 13 Puron model 24ACA3 / FV4NB006 installed 3/18/08 no longer cooling. Carrier AC1-100 Thermostat checked per manual - all default settings intact. Test override did not turn unit on though. All systems turned "on" - circuit breaker "on". Noticed last night that room temperature was rising so we turned target temperature down. Usually room temperature and target temperature are within a 1 or 2 degree swing. System did come on & cool once last night. Today though system is not comi

Verify 24 volts at the low voltage transformer inside the air handler.\015\012If it is OK, jump out the red/green and yellow thermostat wires. If everything comes on, replace the thermostat. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Ac was turned off because it wasn't keeping up with temperature input on digital thermostat. tries to turn it back on and the compressor and fan both stayed on for a few minutes, then turn off. this just happened this one time. we have been having trouble with it keeping up with the thermostat temperature, so are having to use a window unit also.

... Kenwood KW85 Air Conditioner

Dear FixYa Experts, I am a new home owner. I have a Kenmore Air Conditioner (heat pump?, see more details below) with Lincoln Gas Furnace. According to the former owner, the heating system will start heat pump first when the temperature is above -15C and then turn on the gas furnace when the temperature drops below -15C. Recently, when I turn on the heating system, only the gas furnace was always running but not the Kenmore air conditioner. And our average temperature was always above +5C for

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Honeywell Receiver/Valve Model No. RV8310D,E can be operated by switching to a manual mode which will turn the fireplace insert on at level 6 flame hieght (the highest), and top fan speed, no adjustments possible. To turn it off I switch it back to the remote setting. When using the remote which works sometimes on the auto mode, I can set the thermostat to a temperature below what the temperature is in the room, the fireplace may or may not go on, but when the thermostat temperature is reached

This sounds like a control board problem. ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell TH8000 is having problms. The light sometimes turns off for short periods and the actual temperature begins to drift lower than it is set to without the heater turning on. Sometimes the temp stays where it should be, but there are times during cold wet weather that the temperature will be lower than it is set to and heater does not turn on, with a gap of up to 5 degrees different, set at 69, will show 64 room tmp and heater does not respond. Mt heating technicians who installed it d

Is this a pro 8000 I don't have the phone # right now but it should be on the installation manuel for a hot line to tech support. Did they hook up a common wire to the thermostat? Did they go through the setup and tell the stat what kind of equi ... Air Conditioners

Have a Vulcan MZ85 Gas Heater with a Vulcan Programable Thermostat T8602C originally hooked up in heat and cool system with one transformer the cooling system has since been removed and now operates the heating unit. The issue now is that you turn the thermostat on to heat it will heat up to the pre selected temperature once it reaches that temp it turn itself off it does not maintain the set temperature so you have to turn the unit off and restart to activate it have tried 2 other thermostats w

Hi, you need to wire the thermostat like this. You now have no cooling, so remove the jumper wire from RC and leave it on RH. Remove the yellow wire also. Make sure it is wired the same way at the furnace terminals also. Sounds as though you have 24 ... Air Conditioners

When I turn on the heater and set it to the temperature I want, it goes off when it reaches the temperature. It is not merely in standby, it is off. It beeps repeatedly (when it shuts itself off after being on for a few minutes) at odd intervals. I have tried not setting a temperature for it, and it still goes off after a few minutes of being on. When it shuts off, it will not stay on when I try to turn it back on. I just bought it today. I don't see how it could have a clogged filter or anythin

Make sure nothing is blocking the front of unit/reset unit unplug unit plug back in ... Air Conditioners

I have a new Goodman GasPack heating and A/c unit. I turned the a/c on for the first time this year and I'm having problems with the theromastat. When it is set at any set point say 77 the a/c comes on even though the set point temperature is 77. If I set the set point at 78 the a/c comes on and off. My question is if the set point is a certain temperature shouldn't the a/c only come on when the temperature goes above the set point and turn off when it gets at or below the set point? If it still

If the space temp is (example) 72 degrees and you set at 80 degrees the unit should not come on. The A/C comes on when the space temp gets 2 degrees above setpoint temp. What type of tstat was installed digital or old syle mechanical. I'm leaning m ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Hi,my heil durafused furnace won't kick on,ones I turn the thermostat off and wait couple minutes then turn it back on,it start and stays on into reach the set temperature.. Ones the temperature goes down and it's time for the sistem to go back on it won't start.... I need to know if there's a part that I would have to check or replace thanks for your time

... Air Conditioners

I have a Monacco Motorhome with dual dometics. Have a problem similar another to one described in on your forum - mostly the Front A/C will turn on for a few seconds and then quit. Sometimes the back unit just doesn't turn on when it should. I notice that this happens much more often when the inside temperature is much higher than the A/C Temp setting. Sometimes rebooting the thermostat helps sometimes not. Sometimes I have set the A/C temperature setting close to the actual room temperatu

Hi, Yes you're right - the dual thermostats can and do get out of synk.I suggest you take it to a qualified dealer if your in some kind of warranty - if not a worry - just remove the cover [s] at the unit and clean very thoroughly with a ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My newair ac-1000e turns on and the temperature reads correctly at first and then runs for less than a minute before turning off and saying the temperature dropped dramatically, even though it hasn

... NewAir ACP-1000E Portable Air Conditioner

I purchased a siemens temperature monitor #QAA2071, the monitor comes in two pieces a base and a front. The wiring terminals on the base are 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,and8. The terminals on the device and wiring diagram are G, GO, U..., I...,G..., C pos, and C neg. Where do I apply 24vdc to the base and where do I connect my 4 - 20 ma output on the base

... Air Conditioners

Our total line thermostat was set on 73 degrees and all of a sudden it went to 99 degrees and I counld not turn it off, it just kept running. So I turned off the breaker and turned in back on and now I can't set the temperature. It's just set on 99 and won't do anything. When I turn the fan on, the air won't get cold.

Hi, it sounds as though you have a faulty thermostat that failed before your eyes. The circuitry in the sub-base has failed. If the stat is set in the off posistion and you turn the fan switch on, just the fan will run. If it is on cool and you turn ... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner/furnace was working for the past few months. Came home today at it is at 81 degrees, although my set temperature was set at 72 degrees. Temperature is rising to 83 degrees and I can't figure out why the air conditioner won't run properly. I turned the fan on from auto to on and it's blowing warm air. The default scree on reads the current temperature at 82 degrees with a circle and snow flake above it and an downward arrow where the word room is written. Any suggestions? I t

Check outside breakers. Open up outside panel and see if contactor is pulled in. If so you have a voltage problem or a bad capacitor. Sometimes a wire burns off. So look for this. If you have a float switch on the inside unit it may be tripped. Stopp ... Air Conditioners

I have a SG-PAC-08E4, When I set my unit to auto, it seems not be be adjusting for the room temperature as explained in the manual. Why do my temperature LCD always show 77 degrees even when the unit is turned off. Also my thermometers in my room say the the temperature in room is 73 degrees. Shouldn't I see a difference the the operations of the unit?

... Soleus SG-PAC-08E4 Air conditioner

I hv dawlance split ac 1 ton....the problem is that the outdoor unit is nt turning off even at 26 degree it wont turn off..i mean when a normal ac reaches the temperature the outdoor unit turn off automaticaly...bt mine is nt help plz..thx in advance

Sounds like you need to replace the thermostat ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Comfort Zone II Smart Control in one zone frequently cycles unit (every 20-30 minutes) even when temperature in the room does not change significantly and the indicated thermostat temperature does not change at all (stays on 77 for example). Shouldn't the thermostat temperature change at least a degree or two in order for it to turn the unit on or off?? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of these controls?

Sounds like your zone control tstat needs calabrated or maybe replaced,in owners manual there should be a section on calibration if not you may have to replace it ... Air Conditioners

Temperature regulation GE Zoneline AZC906DAV1. Problem started in summer when I had to set the the thermostat control knob to a higher and higher temperature to prevent over-cooling. I replaced the room thermostat. Now it's winter and I have to set the the control to a lower and lower temperature to prevent overheating. It turned cold here last night (20 F), and I now notice the compressor only runs for a short time (maybe 30 to 60 seconds), then shuts off and just the heat strips are working.

I am going to attempt to help you locate the issue as best as I can but im limited to the information you provide me. Its a lot to take in so see if I have understood. \015\012Overview \015\012 1) Zoneline has all temp controls mounted ... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

I just had a new compressor installed in my heat pump. My heat pump compressor turns off (I can hear it) in air conditioner mode when the outside temperature is greater than 95F. The temperature inside the house rises quickly in the afternoons during these conditions. It works great when outside temperature is < than 95F. Is there a problem?

It sounds as if it is tripping on high pressure. This can be directly related to outdoor temp. Most residential a/c units will run a maximum capacity over 95 degrees. The compressor should not be shutting down though.The best thing you ca ... Air Conditioners

The Dual capacitor went out and I replaced it with the same numbers listed on the side. I went to set the temperature and turn it on and it will not even turn on. The thermostat has power, but the A/C unit will not turn on. Do I need to wait awhile for it to work?

Hi,\012Check the power to the outdoor unit it may be off...\012\012Also the t-stat will have a five minute time out...\012\012heatman101 ... Air Conditioners

Model number AEW10AMG1....I have a problem my air conditioner will continuously run and when we try to power it off it will not power off we have to unplug it. We also try to turn down the temperature and when we get through messing with the temperature it will go back up to the same temperature on its own. The filter is clean so we know it's not the filter...please help if you can..thanks

... GE Air Conditioners

I have split dual zone art cool air conditioners. Both worked this morning when I turned them on for the first time this season. I came home from work and nothing. I checked power sources and reset remotes. On both art cool screens is the temperature and "ch" flashing back and forth. The remote will turn it on for a split second and then turns off and goes back to flashing. Help! Thanks Bianca Zick

... LG Air Conditioners

THe thermostat seems to be "stuck" at 69 degrees for the temperature in the room and 62 degrees on the area where you increase or decrease the temperature. We have installed new batteries and tried to increase the heat but the button still won't let us turn up the temperature. Model # IF78 Thank-you

Most likely need a new t-stat ... Air Conditioners

We recently had Marley Double line break interrupter Thermostats installed as we could not turn our old thermostats "off". The lowest setting was 5'F. The heaters are in our cottage and when we set the thermostat at the lowest setting, it was still too warm and our heating bills were very high. With the Marley thermostats the temperature is controlled by "comfort zones" instead of individual degrees on temperature control dial. I am not sure how to control the temperature. Is temprature lim

Hi zone controlled thermostats are controlled normally by a master control stat that is wired ( linked ) to each zone. If you had them installed, they should have left you with the sequence of operation to explain to you how these stats work, and wha ... Air Conditioners

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