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What would the correct high and lo and diff settings for the Honeywell L8124A Aquastat I have a wood fired boiler with the oil fired boiler side by sides,

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I would say high if you need cooling. If the tempature is cool enough for you then set it to low.If you are hot and need more cooling then high.

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What would the correct high and lo and diff settings for the Honeywell L8124A Aquastat I have a wood fired boiler with the oil fired boiler side by sides,

I would say high if you need cooling. If the tempature is cool enough for you then set it to low.If you are hot and need more cooling then high. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hello I am installing a new slant fin boiler system, EC-10 oil fired unit. 2 Zone Valves are V8043G. My problem is how do i wire in the Stack Relay switch type RA116A all equipment is Honeywell except thermostats they are White-Rodgers 1F78. The Honeywell system in the boiler is L7224/L7248 Electronic Aquastat. Plus how to wire in thermostat. Thanks for your help Rob. email addy [email protected] if you have to send me anything. Thanks again

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

When firing the lochinvar knight boiler it went to "man reset high limit" on computer and says LOCK OUT !?!? is it air locked? the pump in on the supply side instead of the return side. does that make a difference?! please help asap! thank you

This kind of Manual High Limit issue can most likely be caused by two things : \015\012\015\0121) If it's a Knight XL (399MBH and up), it's equiped with a manual high limit with is located in front of the boiler, behind the front panel ju ... Lochinvar Air Conditioners

Have an oil fired boiler for baseboard heat and it also has a tankless heater for domestic hot water. No heat being called for only getting hot water for use. Boiler goes to 210 degrees before it knocks off. It seem to push hot water through baseboard eventhough not calling for it. The controls are set to high limit 160 degrees

These boilers usually have multiple controls. The control that would take it out of the circuit at 210 degrees is a safety. \015\012\015\012You should definitely have a professional take a look at this unit before you continue using it. ... Air Conditioners

I get 146 degree water with my aquastat set at 100 degrees. I replaced the aquastat and checked the well for tank buildup. The water heater is John Wood 30 gal. oil fired. Do you think it could be a bad Primary Control? I have a Honeywell R8184 G 1427.

If you changed the aqua-stat ...this means that you are sure that will work and will stop the heating on the temp you desire...my suggestion is to use a second measurement device (thermometer ) ...to check the temperature..cause I suspect the actual ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell L4103 Aquastat & High Limit Controller for my oil-fired hot water tank won't set the temperature no matter which direction the setpoint scale is turned. Instead it cuts off via the high limit controller at around 140ºF which is too hot. I would like to set it to 120ºF. Can this be repaired or do I have to replace the entire controller? [email protected]

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Domestic oil fired central heating. Keeps tripping out with no oil feed(has tiger loop and this is empty) If oil is drawn through filling tiger loop again boiler will fire up and run for betweeen 2 days and 3 weeks then same again. Was told that 10mm feed pipe was to large so changed to 8mm but has tripped out again, have checked all connections and all seem to be airtightTank is top outlet bunded and boiler is 50/70 eurocal. and about 4 to 5 metre total pipe run from tank out let to boiler inle

Many times the feeder tube from the bottom of the tank becomes perforated. the return tube is ok most of the time . try switching the 3 8 tubes from inlet to outlet and see if problem resolved. if so the the tube down into the tank is flawed. ... Air Conditioners

My oil boiler is a Danesmoor SLPJ 20-25 with an Electro Oil Inter 2011 burner. The oil tank ran out and after refilling the burner ran ok for approximately 6 minutes, the control box chattered and the boiler sound indicated flame out, with the blower continuing then re ignition, flame out, re ignition, flame out and then lockout. Considering restriction / air lock in fuel line, the tank filter was changed, pump filter was cleaned and fire valve was cleaned out which was giving a gunge restrict

The actual final solution was to replace the fuel valve/solenoid following which the boiler has run without failure.\015\012The conclusion was that the fuel valve solenoid was ok when cold but when heated up had some sort of electrical breakdow ... Air Conditioners

Ruud uprl-036jez is tripping on high head pressure. Indoor coil seems to be clean, filter is clean. ref charge is good. Indoor txv was replaced. Fan is on high speed. Hooked up to a 10yo olsen direct vent oil furnace with direct drive blower. This coil is on the return. I have another hp, same model number that is on another oil furnace buts its on the supply side and its doing the same thing but doesn't always trip. The pressure goes really high and then it just drops back to normal. Neither un

Check your TXV outside just like you do inside. Strap temperature sensor to outlet of TXV, disconnect the bulb.and let run 5 min, Get temperature reading, then put the bulb in your hand and watch the bulb open up. Next stick in a cup of ice water ... Air Conditioners

Boiler wont fire up. changed old relay to new L8148j aquastat relay. boiler ran fine all day. now boiler wont fire again.

... Air Conditioners

I have GWB(-100IH boiler it goes through the regular stags of purging,firing and starting with a beautiful blue flame but only runs a few minutes. Then the flame goes out and the purging and firing repeats it's self. This goes on and on continually until the thermostat is sa tisfied . The boiler never reaches it set temp of 180. It stays between 125 & 140 I've had the ,pressure switch,aquastat switch checked okay, all the intake,exhaust, condensation line are all clear.The exhaust fan runs

... Air Conditioners

My rayburn 480k boiler and cooker is making a whirring noise when switched on and will not fire up. it is oil fired. Any advice welcome. Thanks

... Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

I have a 1988 Prowler TT with a Coleman TSR Mach3. I've installed a new blower motor.The fan side works fine on high and low but when i move the selector to High Cool the compressor does not turn on..however when i move the selector to Low Cool the compressor turns on and it cools for a few seconds then locks up..now fan no cool air. Any ideas?? Is there a way to change/add oil to these units? Thanks, Hot in Alabama

... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

My oil fired boiler wont stay fired i cleaned it out it will run for about 30seconds then shut

This can be a result of several things. The most common problem is the photo sensor. If there is a flame, and the photo sensor can't detect it - the furnace will shut down. If the furnace has run dirty and sooty - there's probably black soot cover ... Air Conditioners

What is the best oil fired central condenser boiler using oil ?.

Hi, there are numerous types of oil boilers catering for various user requirements and preferences. The usual different factors influencing the choice of boilers are spare space in the home and whether or not there is a need for an immediate hot wate ... Air Conditioners

I have a boiler ( hot water heat) oil fired. Can I convert this boiler to propane?

Hello YES! They have power conversion burners for that.Make sure you ask for a L.P. conversion kit as some can ship already set up for natural gas.Try CARLIN.com ... Air Conditioners


I would suspect a water circulation problem, most likely air in the system, if the water can't flow it will overheat. If the problem persists after bleeding check to make sure the pump is running ... Air Conditioners

I have a fulton boiler that keeps misfiring due to a low flame signal error. had electrode and flamerod replaced. i am afraid the tech guy did not place the flame rod correctly. my boiler is still mis firing. dont know what it should look like... please help..... small business suffering, west virginia

Easy fix take a piece of steel wool clean flame sensor lightlly also check your ground very important. but most times\012cleaning rod will solve good luck ps turn off power peforming any maintenance ... Air Conditioners

My Quadra fire 1000 Pellet stove is not igniting correctly, the fire box fills with lots of smoke, the when it finally does the flame is erratic, extremely high and is giving off alot of black, and does not appear to running right, and sometimes it is not igniting, I have had two techs out here to look at it they can not seem to get it right or fixed, any suggestions?????

Hi lovinthepine: \015\0121st. clean the unit, inside and out! Clean fire bowl/pot, it'll have small'ish holes for air and a larger one for the igniter. Clean out all holes in fire pot! Make sure fiberglass gasket material between firepot and ... Air Conditioners

Have a Rite Boiler Model No. 325 Serial No. 8419237 has dual draft with a balanacing damper and forced air exhauste. Problem: gas pressure is correct, but low fire first 2 burnrers fire but the other 12 does not. So i have gast going out to exhaust email me at: [email protected]

If it has only one ignition source then it sounds like a crossover is plugged or maybe one of the burners is not set correctly. If it has multiple ignitors then I would suggest that a circuit board or relays are faulty.Either ... Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Halstead Hero 60 Boiler about 4 Years old, I have got power to the Boiler and all the control wiring is correct, yet it does not fire up, any advise would be appreciated Regards John

... Air Conditioners

Weil McLain cg 4 boiler with intermittant spark ignition fires then stops after 5 mins. Then won't fires for many attempts then repeats same condition. Checked spill, roll out, and high temp limits. All had continuity and seem fine. Damper is open and no blockage in chimney or at exhaust vent connection. Circulator runs continuous and relay is very hot. What might cause hot relay? And will bad relay cause this condition?

... Air Conditioners

Where do i adjust boiler temp on a gas fired boiler

Difficult to say just where the temperature control is on your system. it will likely be an immersion type control located some on or near the boiler. it should have a temperature range scale on it. ... Air Conditioners

Furnray firefly oil fired boiler

... Air Conditioners

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