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How to find the wattage of an old baseboard heater?

\015 I have an old 60'' baseboard heater from the mid to late 1980's that some idiot painted over everything on (Including the elements!). Seeing as this is most definatly 'not safe' I want to replace it, but am unable to figure out it's wattage, make, or model. The room it is heating is approx. 110 sq ft.\015

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How it up to power and use a amp meter and read the load or measure the ohms or the elements

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How to find the wattage of an old baseboard heater?

How it up to power and use a amp meter and read the load or measure the ohms or the elements ... Air Conditioners

I would like to know how your new baseboard heaters compare with an old baseboard heater I need to replace. How much more energy effecientis your product than an old unit(s) my grandfather put into his apartments in 1968? How much can I save per month on my electric bill? 10%, 40%, or what ?

Glenn, we don't sell anything on this site except ways to solve repair issues. You need to contact several dealers or manufacturers of electric baseboard heaters to answer your question intelligently. Researching online can be a great resource. ... Air Conditioners

I just purchased a home built in 1981 - it has intertherm heaters thru-out - 3-in floor models, 2-in wall (little - bathrooms), and 6 baseboard EBH - the little ones in the baths do not work at all - can not find parts for thermastats, and the baseboard ones all have the knob on side of units with OFF - 1-5 - no matter what number you set it on, you are blown away by the heat - can not control the heat - and can not find any replacement parts.

INTERTHERM parts can be purchased through a local american supply ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

RV Parts, needed a new coleman mach 13500 that was a good price. Went to www.arvparts.com like you suggested and you are Right, this business did have good prices and I had them locate a water heater part for me also. I have an old RV - 1989 that I bought and no other rv place would help me with finding the part for my water heater, Except This Business, they did help me and you were right in saying if they do not have the part they will find it and they did!! I will continue to use affordable r

You are welcome If you are in need of any other assistance let me know. A Referral to www.arvparts.com is the least I could do. ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a 12 fin Radia Delongi oil heater that is about 4 years old. For a two week period there had been the odd whiff of fuel type small when the heater was on then one evening the lounge absolutely stunk of this smell and we had to air out the room all evening to get rid of the small. We turnrd the heater on the next day to teat it to find it didn't work. Is it completely kaput or can it be fixed. What do you think caused the presumed oil leak? There was no evidence of fluid leaking from anyw

... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

I have an old Coleman Oil Burning Heater, Model R-32 Factory # 863D. I am trying to find out the age of this heater. Can you tell me when it was made?

... Air Conditioners

Have an old Rinnai Gas Heater (approximately 30 years old) still working well, but we had to turn off the gas, and now cannot turn it on again. We have two buttons, one below the other, one is red and say On, the other is black. We also have an ignition button at the side. However, we were under the impression that we had to push the red button to get the pilot alight, then hold it there for a few seconds for it to fire up BUT the pilot light does not stay on - just fades away. Can't find

You are half-way right, to light the pilot, light it and push down the red button and hold it for at ----least2-minutes-- till the flame heats up the pin (thermocouple- which fire-thermocouple metal makes electricity which sends it to the gas valve a ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

Hello everyone, We live in rural Alaska and things of any sort are hart to find up here. I am looking for a schematic of an old (maybe 70's vintage) Intertherm forced air heater. I doubt they even make them any more. It is a model NGH 100 AB. Appliance #f000669249. Date code: 81 AG26N-02. It also has the # T737822 on it. It is propane fired. Can anyone tell me of a website where I might find the wiring diagram to this beast? [email protected] Thanks Jamie

Go to google and type in Intertherm furnace.Search through the listings/ ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

Trying to find out if I am being played with by others. The heater does not work on the unit. It blows, but no real heat. Told by repairman that the model is old and parts are hard to find. It is almost 3 months now. Does it take that long to locate a part for the CARRIER FK4CNF006?

Carrier parts aren't that hard to find and there also is a generic part that can be used if needed. Sounds like there is someone who doesn't know where parts are to be purchased ... Air Conditioners

Does anyone know how many watts are in a 7 1/2' and 8 1/2' baseboard heater. These were installed new, approx 30 yrs ago. I would like to install an electronic thermostat but need to know what the wattage is. Does it say anywhere on the units what the wattage is?


I am replacing 2 100" long Electromode baseboard heaters. The service from the thermostat is on the lefthand end facing the unit.They are 240 volts and I do not know what the wattage is. 1.Can I use the present thermostat for your unit. 2. Can I connect both together as they were before. 3.The room is 20x30 ft. with a high ceiling and I still have 2 Electromode units as described on the other side of the room that I am not replacing at this time. They are completely seperate from the units I am

Ahh watts = volts x amps or power = electric potential x current ... Air Conditioners

My Carrier thermostat keeps running my heater. I adjusted the temp lower but it didn't stop running. I changed the mode to off and then it stopped. However, the mode button was insensitive and I had to push it several times until it finally switched to off. This thermostat is 6 years old. I know how to program it so I am not the problem---just so you know. I pulled the thermostat off the wall. Checked out the wiring (y, r, g, w). Can't find an energy source, yet there are no batterie

Sounds like that thermostat has reached the end of the road. My advice is to replace the thermostat because its 6yrs old and is worn out due to continued use. programmable t-stats have a wide price range to meet your needs. and the batteries in a the ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have an old vulcan oil heater that has not been turned on for years, I am now selling the house and need to find someone to service it in perth western australia

Look in the phone book under furnaces service and repair ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier heater that is 18 years old. the motor just went on it. where can i find a new motor for a goo price?

Grainger will probably have the motor yoyr looking for really don't agree with there prices but they have the older parts that are needed most times. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have baseboard electric heat. My units are 27 years old. I'd like to replace with more efficient units but can't find any comparitive data.

Hummm, well, the newer units are trying to meet or exceed energy standards, so good on you for updating. You can look at Consumer Reports data to see which is best, but this method of heat does not lend itself to the same refinements as a gas furnace ... Air Conditioners

Have old fedders a/c and heater. Seems to rub on something when using and makes noise. Need to remove front or back cover to see what is making noise. Can't find anyway to remove either cover. Please help. Have a great day!

All depends how old. The 70's and 80's models slid out of the case. If this is what you have, take the front off and slide the unit out of the case. If it had screws to take out, they would be around the bottom of the unit. ... Fedders A6X05F2D Air Conditioner

I have a very old duo therm oil heater model # 989-0 and the serial # 1616 where can i find replacement parts or a digram for it at

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I am looking for a manual for a old 12 volt truck heater. It is a kysor model # 933666. I looked online but cannot find any.

... Air Conditioners

I have a conia air conditioner 5 years old it stops and a green symbol flashes on the front panel and it wont go off until the heater starts up which takes sometimes up to half an hour I can't find anything in the manual as to what this green light means can anyone help.thank uou

... Air Conditioners

Old gravity Heater kicks off to early

I recommend that you begin by calling your supplier of natural gas. They offer a free service whereby they will come to your home and check out your heater. They will also show you exactly how it operates. good luck. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I bought a home built in 1935 with a Perfection Brand gas forced air heater, any info or a website on this old brand of heater would be greately appreciated. I was told it is over 25 years old, I just want to read about this heater and get to know how it works, until I get money to purchase a new one. Thanks in advance.

Any and i mean any ac and heat company you call in the yellow pages can and will be happy to repair yor heater. parts are all generic. problem is the heat exchanger needs to be tested every year with a co detector so no one gets killed. thats pretty ... Air Conditioners

Gas heater I have a roof model airconditioner/gas heater. The trouble is, when it gets cold enough at night, the gas heater kicks off but no heat. I have to turn it off at the thermostat and back on, then it starts to warm up. Had the same problem with the old setup. The heater/airconditioner is new and have a new thermostat but the same old problem.


I have a old dimplex infrared bathroom heater, the type with a glass element. i have a new element but cant remember the exact way the old one came out. there is a small piece of silver card that attaches to the heater and the element but i dont remember if it goes between the wire and the element or where ? please help

... Air Conditioners

We have a old house and the gas hot water heater and the central heating unit is vented out an old chimney and the heater is building up condinsation, how do i vent the heating unit out the wall, unstead of the chimney.

A CHIMNEY Liner is your best and cheapest solution to your problem,as furnaces and hot water tanks have gotten much more efficient over the years,a lot less heat actually goes up the chimney to help remove the contaminants,up the flue ,depending ... Air Conditioners

I need help locating the reset button for an old Miller HVAC (heat pump) - i had one of those micro-filters in and the compressor shut off - my A/C repairman friend told me the reset is now what I need to do but I cannot find the button and he hasn't answered his phone in 2 days - I don't have a manual and cannot find one online - it is an old unit with model number PCZD-030KB (?)

I don't believe " Miller" brand has a manual reset for high pressure. The disconnect box on the wall next to the out door unit is fused. It has a pull bar in it and has the fuses attached or behind it, depending on the box. The fuses are " slow bl ... Air Conditioners

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