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Power to the roof but not working

\015 I have power to the roof but I think the ribbon cable that connects the t-stat to the board is separating. Do I have to replace the entire board?\015

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In my own oppinion I would if it is available, as you do not know if something shorted out..also note that you may have too as updates are constantly done in the RV bussiness..I worked at 2 RV dealerships and there were constant updates especialy Dometic refrigerator and cooling units. Stop at the local Rv shop and see what they have or they may order it for you.

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We have a hampton bay ceiling fan with 2 pull chains and a remote the remote works ok as the little red light comes on i checked the wall switch for power with a tester and it has power but when i turn the switch on the fan does not work and also the lights do not work we tried the pull chains and still it does not work can you help me.

... Air Conditioners

Srk50zix-s airconditioner not working worked for 5 minutes then turned off . it done this once before after 9 hours started working again looks like there is no power but all checked same as last time aswell. is it frozen up? what can i do? also have now held down the power button for longer than 5 seconds it says in the book dnt do this only for service and moving aircon what do i dop now any help would be appreciated. ****

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Goodman hvac unit not working no power. touchscreen thermostat not reacting to touch unless pressed very hard. swapped thermostat faceplate with downstairs unit and it works fine. No power for a/c or furnace. Fusebox shows all power is on and emergency switch is on. What could be problem?

As I said, bad t-stat.When you switched covers it worked correctly. The t-stat sends a signal through the fuse then to the components you are calling for.The original t-stat blew the fuse and is hard to push.Replace your t-stat and ... Air Conditioners

Howdy , I have a 5 year old or so Goodman model pckj060-1, I have no heat a/c seems to work ok not sure if its heat strips are working or what, it was working fine a few days ago when we dropped below 37 or so, it has power to the breakers and the thermostat in house was jumped out so its ok, being disabled now hinders my movements so from what i can tell its getting power to the heat strips and ive done an ohms reading on them and they do not seem to be any dead coil strips or open strips to ac

Hi,\015\012If everything elese checks out, I would be checking the contactors or relays... whichever is used to energize the heat strips....\015\012If you have power going to the unit and the strips are good then the relays are not placin ... Air Conditioners

Carrier thermostat Hello, My Carrier electronic thermostat is connected to a heat pump.  It was set to the COOL position during a summer thunderstorm when the AC suddenly began running no matter what the SET temperature was.  It works normally when I change it to the AUTO position.  The HEAT and EHEAT positions work normally. I tried cutting power to the unit for 2 days, after which it worked normally even on COOL, but after a short power failure it resumed the problem of running the AC continuo

I hate to say it but Ive had trouble with Carrier's Tstats doing similar improper things. Unfortunatly the only repair is going to be replacement of the whole tstat. I recommend Honeywell's FocusPRO or VisionPRO tstat. Ive yet to have one fail and th ... Air Conditioners

Suburban sf30 rv unit.. I had a new board and limit switch installed. The service tech said it was working. I marked the wires when I removed the unit. I re installed the unit conecting the wires the same as when I removed the unit. I have 2 blue wires, 1yellow and 1 red coming from the furnace. There are 3 thermostat wires 1 grn, 1 wht and 1 red---The power source are 2 solid white wires and 2 blk and wht striped wires, there is power to the unit. I am at a loss as to why it will not work. T

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

8333 8664 my ac wont run, but when I turn fan it runs but runs slower than normal and compressor seems to be straining also. I had a power melt doun prior to this problem it worked perfect. my power cord to the camper melted and my brkr box melted also. I repl brkr box and cord every thing works great but a/c

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My A/C unit is not functioning properly. When switched on by remote or by power source, the left yellow light will come on for a few seconds, then the yellow indicator light on the right and middle orange light all begin flashing. I have tried everything - resetting the remote, on/off from the power source, on/off from the remote, and all with the same effect. I desperately need the A/C function to work as soon as possible and have been trying all day to make it work. Please help!

It will be helpful if you provide the manufacturer name and model no. of your air-conditioner.\015\012\015\012Do you hear the fan or the compressor run? ... Air Conditioners

Hi i am getting an error on my fujitsu aotrcf3l ductud system it is eof abnormal discharge temperature. it was working fine in 42 degree heat 108f and the power went out for about an hour the house heated up then the power came on i turned the air cond on and it worked for about a minute before turning itself off.

Condenser coil is blocked by full of dust.-Clean it. Fan motor less rpm -Replace capacitor. As you said, 1 minute running compressor due to weak capacitor. Replace running capacitor and clean coil with water and then check. Hope, helpful. ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Amana PTAC (PTC153B35AM). Unit has simply stopped working. Power is fine from wall to capacitor and control board (but I don't know how to check other leads off of capacitor or board). There is no response from the buttons, nor does the system light even come on. There is a very slight hum when the unit is recieveing power (I think from the capacitor, but I am not completely certain). But nothing else -- resetting breaker on plug doesn't work, nor does switching off/then on the internal

Hi,\015\012\015\012The hum that you arehearing is probably the transformer so that is working...as far as what the problem is...\015\012that could be many different things...\015\012\015\012The control board just went ba ... Amana DigiSmart PTC153B35AM Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

I have a NewTeam 1500xt Therostatic power shower. With this shower you should be able to press the eco button to engage the pump for higher pressure but this isn't working. The shower works fine under normal gravity (with much lower pressure) but this defeats the purpose of having a 'power' shower. Can this be fixed or is a new shower needed?

Maybe the fuse in the supply has busted. The gravity only function woud still work then as you are only opening the valves. ... Air Conditioners

The two A/C units on our RV aren't working. We have shore power and the 10 breakers are okay. The refrigerator doesn't have power but the microwave works. My wife is on the road and needs help

Find and reset any GFCI breakers you can locate. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

My Art cool was working fine. Airconditioner guy came to check all units, now it is not working. Inside unit will not power up. Checked power input out side - fine - 220VAC. Outside circuit board clicks (constant slow)

Hi, Are you getting any error message , on the display screen or its just completely a no power situation. The problem could be caused due to bad inverter or control panel . Would request to call up the service guy again so that he can check ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

Fedders window model A6Y12F2B "New Unit",,only 10 days in use! Just stopped working No Power To Master Panel Air Conditioner Not Working Fuse Panel/Breaker ok,Outlet ok,,power to plug ok(lights up) Reset button on plug functions normally Master Panel is dead, will not light up, non functioning controls

Take it back to the store. Manufacture defect if it died after only 10 days. Attempting repair or disassembly will probably void warranty. ... Fedders Air Conditioners

Our AC won't come back on after i turned the power at the wall off and then on again. It was all working brilliantly till then and now i can't get a bit of life out of it. I can't even tell if any power is going to it. Remote works fine. House fuses are fine. Any suggestions? It's a split system.

To OzAndayIf the light indicator of your unit have light with power "on", then there is a problem with the unit. May the fuse of your pcb is open or the pcb itself has a problem. You have to call a qualified technician to check.To f ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

It has power because the screen is lit and shows E-2. Unit does turn on but dies after a few seconds and E-2 comes back on. I also have a another Friedrich, a WallMaster that is also not working. I do knot know the exact model. It too is not working. The green light shows when I plug it in but the unit will not turn on when I press the power.

E2 error code means indoor coil temperature sensor broken (fixed in evaporator coil)..This error means that the\015\012unit has gone into a protection mode, its the reason because not operating. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a GE window unit model number aeh12amg1. It has worked perfectly but all of a sudden it quit working. Nothing happens when you push the power button. I have reset the breaker in the plug and there is a green light showing there is power there. When I unplug and then plug it back in there is a beep and all the green lights come on on the key pad. any suggestions.

... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

No Power Unit will not power up. Display is dead, control panel and remote does not work. Power is present at outlet and power cord. 230VAC detected at Frigidaire part number 5304476450 power board wiring blocks and terminals. Am I to assume this board is bad and needs replacement

... Frigidaire FRA124HT2 12000 BTU ThruWallWindow Air Conditioner

Model: Klimaire KSWG012-C113. It has power, the fan is working, the inside unit seems to work, but the outdoor unit does not seem to work. Therefore, only the fan works. Thanks

... Air Conditioners

I have a model # faa065p7a A/C The power cord burned out with some sparks by the test and reset part. Called frigidaire and they said you could not replace the power cord and had to buy a new unit. This AC is not very old and worked fine. Is this true because I see that power cords are for sale and never heard of the whole unit going bad from the power cord. Did the electronics fry or was I talking to the wrong person? They were not very helpful and just said to buy a new air conditioner.

Hello, i have replaced cords on many window units so yes you can replace the cord. I believe if you go to a online appiliance website they will have the cord you need. I have found this website online with frigidaire parts http://www.repairclinic ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hi, I,m working on A therom king, tripac system in a 2005 kenworth T2000. I have never worked on this type of system before, The proble is the system won't start, I've checked for power to switches they are good (as far as i can see)I started tracing wiring but don't have working understanding of how system should work. How can I get a diagram of wiring harness or any trouble shooting info?

You can get the wiring digram from here...\015\012\015\012 ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Air conditioner stopped working, nothing works, breaker is on, power to air conditioner is good, It was working just fine and then every thing stopped. All the other electrical things are working just fine.

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner,\015\012 the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. \015\012If the unit ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

No Power Like everyone else the unit was working fine the 1st summer. Pulled it out again and nothing. It powered up for about 30 seconds then shut down. Now no power at all to the control panel. Is there a fuse link, or some kind of auto shut off I should be looking for? I can't say if it still blows hot and cold as I can't power up to find out.

Did you check the drain switch ?? this will shut them dowbn as well? ... Danby DPAC8399 Air Conditioner

I live in central fl We have a older tempstar electric heating/cooling unit there is power to the indoor part and the heat works. I have power to the inside breaker for the cooling but no power to the outside unit breaker. theres no power to the outside unit at all.

The outdoor unit should have it's own 220 volt breaker, and on the wall near the outdoor unit should be a disconnect box, some disconnects have breakers, others have just a disconnect bar, and behind the metal plate are fuses.\015\012I would c ... Air Conditioners

Model: HPS91F splt ac worked for about 1hr then nothing will work, power is getting to the head unit but will not actually light up???

... Hotpoint Air Conditioners

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