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Increasing liquid line size from 3/8 to 1/2 on a 100 foot plus line set. How will affect subcooling charging? (R410A)

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Your unit is designed for a max lenth and size.confrim the max.Over sizing lines will just cause you problems of over charged for compresser capacity.in my opinion,30 plus yrs

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Increasing liquid line size from 3/8 to 1/2 on a 100 foot plus line set. How will affect subcooling charging? (R410A)

Your unit is designed for a max lenth and size.confrim the max.Over sizing lines will just cause you problems of over charged for compresser capacity.in my opinion,30 plus yrs ... Air Conditioners

Liquid line size r410a charge ton - Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

... Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

Noise I installed a new amana 2ton r410a unit from r22 for a friend. The system runs great, cools great and all pressures are normal but where the line set runs through the wall upward you can hear a swishing sound like water in one bedroom and in attic through the liquid line. any ideas on why, or how to quit?

... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Do you have to charge a 3 ton split syt goodman syst. 410a with liquid on a 85 degree day. top off a new inst. with 35 ft line set , I know cond unit holds around 25 -30 ft. thank you.

No you dont have to charge it manuelly as All units come fully charged and tested– direct from the factory. ... Whirlwind FH-778 Air Conditioner

A r410a central system requires a line dryer, this devise has an arrow pointing the direction of flow, which should be at the condensing unit, does it matter how far from the unit it should be placed. when installing a new r410a system, do you open the liquid line valve to pressure test / leak check the system with nitrogen? and also to attach the vacuum pump, keeping the suction line valve closed until the lines are at -500 microns and ready to open and release the stored factory r410a gas i

Hi,Okay... I hope I get all of the questions for you....First....no the filter can be anywhere in the system....but are you using s liquid line filter or a suction line filter....often you will use a liquid line filter and in that case th ... Air Conditioners


Hello Wm_kidd,Here are the steps:1. You must take the 410 out of the cylinder in liquid form to ensure that\015\012the blend of the refrigerants that make up the 410 are kept in their\015\012original mixture.\015\0122. Y ... Air Conditioners


1) this is not a question.\015\0122) the subcooling temperature should not be 80 degrees above ambient. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

What size line set does this unit take?

3/4 and 3/8. will get you started ... Weather King 10PJA2501AH Air Conditioner

Low charge? weatherking 14.5 seer, r-410, low side 135#, highside 255#, 85 deg. ambient temp, liquid line temp around 84 deg. suction line temp about 64. house thermostat at 78 deg. looking for 72 deg. register putting out about 62 deg. can we damage anything until we can get tech support? what should normal operating ranges be?

System is running a 24°F superheat and a 0°F subcooling at those readings. Saturation temperature is approx. 30°F lower than return air temperature.Indications are of a low system charge. Ensure all your filters are clean an ... Weather King 12AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

Installed new compressor on Carrier 3 ton a/c unit. Compressor comes in, but only runs for about 2-3 minutes and then trips out. Have installed new compitcor. Have 24 volts coming in. Will not take freon charge. Liquid line coming back to compressor behind dryer is extremely hot. Do you think the dryer may be stopped up causing unit not to take charge?

Hello,The trpping off may be as a result of dirty condenser. please clean the condenser to stop this problem.The dryer may be stop up causing unit to take a charge.Thanks ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Can a ductless split have a 40 foot verticle line set without a p trap

... Fujitsu 9RLS2 Wall Ductless Air Conditioner Heat Pump 27.2 SEER 9,000

Need line set size for goodman ck-36-1a - Goodman Air Conditioners

If your running gas heat it's 5/8 3/8 tubing.If it's elec. heat it's 3/4 3/8 tubing. Etheirway 3/4 3/8 works for both. Use 6 wire for tstat from tstat to furnace or air handler, and you need is 2 wire from condensing unit [outside] to furnace or air ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I just installed a Klimaire KSWG009-C113. It cycles on and off approx. every 3 minutes. Line set vertical drop is 20 ft, total is 25 ft suction pressure is 115 to 125 psi indoor temp is 32 degrees C evaporator is in a 9 x 10ft room apartment size is 500 sq ft I'd appreciate any solutions. Thanks

... Cfm Klimaire KSWG009H113 Split System Air Conditioner

Suction line size r410a lineset - Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

... Carrier 38BRC036 Air Conditioner

I am replacing the filter dryers on a carrier gemini 38ard024 I'm confused cause there is 2 compressors. so I vacuumed down both sets of lines to 500 microns. Then I filled the high side with r-22 on both compressors. thinking I can finish charging it when I turn it on. I turn it on and it runs for bout a minute and cuts off. my gauges both spike. and the circut breaker pops. It wont run long enough for me to get my pressures accurate. Is it locked out now??? What should I do???

... Carrier Air Conditioners

What should the high pressure line read to be fully charged on my RUUD UAKA-042 a/c unit? The specs on the unit has a design pressure of 300 PSI on the high pressure line and 150 PSI on the low pressure line. Is that the operating pressure for the high pressure charge or the maximum value that the system can with stand before rupturing a line or component?

That is a desing pressure not an operation pressure. opperating pressuers will vary with load so pressure alone will not tell you if you have the proper charge. the proper method is with superheat or subcooling, depending on the type of metering devi ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

Very low pressure liquid line without any cooling performance

It sounds like a problem with the Metering Device. If you have the unit in heat, it would be the Outdoor Metering Device. If you have the unit in Cool, it would be the indoor metering device. ... Weather King 10AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

My central air conditioner is not cooling. The liquid line was extremely hot, you couldnt touch it. I cleaned the condenser, evaporator and filters. Suction line is cold liquid line is warm, still not cooling

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a suction line, liquid line and a third line for liquid; what is the proper gauge hose hook-up? Thanks

What type of unit are you working on? ... Air Conditioners

Have a model 38TRA018330 condenser keep losing compressors. Run is 223ft with 1/2 suction line and 1/2 liquid line. Can you help? I know the compressor is only rated at 200ft and i can shorten the run will changing it to 3/4 suction and stay 3/8 liquid help?

Too long of a lineset for sure. You can put a suction line trap in and add 1.5 ounces more oil to new compressor. This should keep compressor better lubricated. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

What coolent Set at 65'o output is 86'o?... set at 65'0 output is 87'0

... Amana AP095R Portable Air Conditioner

Our total line thermostat was set on 73 degrees and all of a sudden it went to 99 degrees and I counld not turn it off, it just kept running. So I turned off the breaker and turned in back on and now I can't set the temperature. It's just set on 99 and won't do anything. When I turn the fan on, the air won't get cold.

Hi, it sounds as though you have a faulty thermostat that failed before your eyes. The circuitry in the sub-base has failed. If the stat is set in the off posistion and you turn the fan switch on, just the fan will run. If it is on cool and you turn ... Air Conditioners

Just installed this system. Have a tech coming to set up. 2 line sets are 50ft long and 2 are 35 ft long. should all long pipe settings be turned to the on position and would you be more specific as to this boards location...thanks for the help...

If you are talking about opening the refrigerant line valves to open releasing the refigerant, I would not these line sets need to be pressure tested and evacuated with a vacuum pump. ... LG LMU360CE/LMAN090CNS Split System Air Conditioner

We recently had Marley Double line break interrupter Thermostats installed as we could not turn our old thermostats "off". The lowest setting was 5'F. The heaters are in our cottage and when we set the thermostat at the lowest setting, it was still too warm and our heating bills were very high. With the Marley thermostats the temperature is controlled by "comfort zones" instead of individual degrees on temperature control dial. I am not sure how to control the temperature. Is temprature lim

Hi zone controlled thermostats are controlled normally by a master control stat that is wired ( linked ) to each zone. If you had them installed, they should have left you with the sequence of operation to explain to you how these stats work, and wha ... Air Conditioners

Hello I just had DrifterK helping me, so he knows the problem I have been having with my split system. I don't know why I didn't think of it before but I have already changed the temperature setting on the remote. I am at work at the moment and could no picture it. Anyway, the temperate set up on the control has like a long line of temperature settings for both cycles (hot and cold) and you have to move the little marker thing up or down, as you do, the system beeps to recognise there ha

Don't start a new Problem, use the original problem, u can either use the email link that was send u when the expert answered you are u can find the problem by going to the My Profile page, look at top of this screen to see link, click ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

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