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I have a a/c unit mitsubishi electric ms-12rv r22 when starting it on cooling or heating mode it stops after 30sec and the operating light flashes and the otdoor unit does not run the indoor unit fan stops can you help thanks

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Here is where you can find all the info you will ever need about Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units...
Check out this tip that I wrote about that...

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair


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I have a a/c unit mitsubishi electric ms-12rv r22 when starting it on cooling or heating mode it stops after 30sec and the operating light flashes and the otdoor unit does not run the indoor unit fan stops can you help thanks

Hi,Here is where you can find all the info you will ever need about Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units...Check out this tip that I wrote about that...Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair ... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

Model Indoor Unit RAVSM800KRTE Outdoor Unit RAVSM800ATE The air conditioner runs for 20 minutes the shuts of and the operation led light flashes green, the time light flashes yellow the def light flashes organe/red we have had the outdoor unit checked and the compressor and pcb is suppose to be okay but the technician cant get any help to diagnose what the problem is

... Air Conditioners

Hi my name is Tony and i attended a site with a sharp wall mount split, don't have indoor details but the condenser is a AE-X099E R22 unit. the problem is that on heating the system works fine for about an hour then the indoor fan stops and the yellow light flashes on and off at the same time the compressor stops and the outdoor runs for a while before it stops. any ideas.

... Sharp Air Conditioners

Please help, I've just installed a split and the head unit blew warm air for about twenty mins and the outdoor unit would run for about 1min intervals. After 20 mins it stopped all together then the heating led would flash twice followed by one flash of the cooling led. I tried to shut down and reset but had no result. Any ideas ?

Try to check the program on the remote, together with electrical connection and the refrigerant charge if if ok. also check main breaker. ... Air Conditioners

The timer light on my Aircon fujitsu flashes 3 times and has stopped blowing cold air. The power cut out in my unit this morning while the Aircon was running and this has happened. Please help

Nothing searious take out the plug for about 15 minutes and i think it will wirk or something is bearnt sorry for my english ... Air Conditioners

I had to change the compressor of my 2 ton bio-sleep split AC from samsung (6 months old- but stopped working at 5 months). Now when the ac is powered on the compressor starts instantly, without the 3 minute delay. When the indoor unit is switched off with the remote or switch, the compressor continues to run. The only way to shut it off is to shut off the circuit breaker. Help please.

I would say control board. Get on Samsung web site and go to technical support and get there 800 number. I have called several times and they can walk you thru it. Just have your m They model number handy. They can also tell you wether you need a ser ... Samsung AW0503B Air Conditioner


What is the make and model number of the unit? ... Air Conditioners

Hi. I recently installed 1.5 T, 3 * Split AC, LG. Whole day the AC works fine and no problem in cooling too. But once in 2 day outdoor unit start making thudding noise continously and does not stop for 4 to 5 second and after that indoor unit stops cooling and just fan runs. No cooling is done after that and room temperature keep increasing. The green LED of compressor in indoor unit is ON, compressor does not work. To achieve cooling again I have to switch off whole unit for like half an hour a

HelloSounds like the compressor is shuting down on high heat.There could be a couple reasons for this.1 Check that proper voltage is being supplied to compressor.2 Freon level may be low.This would be a service call.3 Ba ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo Split System the indoor unit is a KHS0921 and the outdoor unit is a CH0921. When i first turn the indoor unit ON the fan will run for a few minutes and then go off. The outdoor unit never comes ON when there is a cll for cooling. The only way to get the fan to come ON again is to turn the breaker OFF and then back ON. The Operation loght will come ON when the fan is running but it will start flashing when the fan goes OFF. What should i look for?

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

Fujitsu AST30LBAJ Indoor Unit & AOT30LMADL Outdoor unit . Outdoor unit not operating . Indoor unit fan is operational.rnThe Operation (Red ) Lamp flashes 5 times then stops for about secs then starts again, while the timer (green ) lamp flashs continuously.

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Fujitsu inverter air cond. Just stopped working properly. Model outdoor AOT30PMAL indoor unit AST30PBA-W. Code oper. Red led flashes fast continously green led (timer) repeats 13 slow flashes. After power reset it takes rem. Con. Commands however while inside it looks normal the fan in outdoor unit starts but compressor only makes attempts to start. After a number of series of 3-4 starting attempts it stops and fan stops. Three way resistance test does not indicate open or short circuit compress

It sounds like your inverter is at fault. You will need an inverter tester ( most good service techs will have one ) to prove that the output to the compressor is correct. If the inverter is okay then it will be the compressor at fault with a locatio ... Air Conditioners

Fujitsu inverter air cond. just stopped working properly. Model outdoor AOT30PMAL, indoor unit AST30PBA-W. Code oper. red led flashes fast continously, green led (timer) repeats 13 slow flashes. After power reset, it takes rem. con. commands, however, while inside it looks normal, the fan in outdoor unit starts but compressor only makes attempts to start. After a number of series of 3-4 starting attempts, it stops and fan stops. Three way resistance test does not indicate open or short circuit c

Hello, my name is Heath and it will be my pleasure to assist you. Try using a hard start capacitor on the compressor. It sounds like the compressor is having a hard time starting and overamping the circuit. If you get a hard start capacitor it may he ... Inverter Air Conditioners

Samsung model MH050FXCA2A not addressing indoor units, flashing red and green, I have gone through alll the tech manual and tried everything, voltage is good. tech believes it's the outdoor unit b

... Air Conditioners

Hi the outdoor unit turns on ( fan runs) the indoor unit does open, no heat or cold air blowing. In just fan mode the unit works fine etc speed setting ok. Its a sharp split type air model # ae-a244j outdoor,ay-a244j indoor unit what would be the problem, theres only two parts in the outside unit behind the side plate where the wires info is,small black box three wires and a round unit with wires. I hope this is help full cheers andrew

My gut says that this is evidence of a bad control board(circuit board). As usual, double check that your batteries are good in the thermostat. I have seen some weird things happen when the batteries are low. This one may be a job for your local con ... Sharp Air Conditioners

My unit stopped blowing cold and started blowing hot.i turned off unit looked into furnace and saw pilot was still lit.i put out gas pilot and turned unit back on and it is blowing semi cool air (like fan)but not cool as it should.checked outside ac and it is running....munual says to turn unit off for 2 hrs and if it does not do right then it is compressor.we are currently in the 2 hr process. Any help would be helpful at this point.is there a reset switch or anything I could do to troubleshoo

100 degree temps/high humidity puts an extreme load on air conditioners - but if everything is right with the AC - 'overheating is not a big problem.\015\012\015\012The first thing I would check is whether or not the compressor is running ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Hi ...we have a split fujitsu air con for just over 5 years. The compressor in the outdoor unit is not starting up and the indoor unit blows ambient air. The operation light is lit and the timer light is continuously flashing when in use. Have reset the breaker and the units and also the remote to no avail. Can't find any info on the net or in the manual. Any tech help most appreciated. (Also doesn't seem to be a auto/manual reset buttn as such in the indoor unit)

There is a relay that the thermostat pulls in, in the unit outside. When this happens, the compressor pulls in and the unit outside will run. The compressor has to run before the unit will cool. ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

My MSY-A17NA UNIT will start functioning normally then after about five minutes it stops blowing air and the operation led signal starts flashing. When both the operation and indicator led's are on the unit works properly. After I shut it down and start it up again the unit works fine. How can I get it to stop shutting down every 5 minutes? I'm in Hawaii and it is Hot here! Please help.

Hi,Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo mdl.# CG1411, gas heater- A/C unit that starts on heat, compressor runs, combustion fan runs, fires up, sends heat to indoor unit. Runs for short time [1-2min.] then stops. No indicater lights come on. Any ideas ? Rick

... Sanyo Air Conditioners

My 38CKCK24330 Unit stopped running, it will try and turn on every 10 or 15 mins you can here it outside buzz, I looked outside at the unit and the fan is not running. The system has power, the breaker switches are working, the furnace turns on fromt he attic. What do I need to trouble shoot, someone told me to check the switch on the unit by pressing it in to see if the fan will turn on once the button is pressed in. I did this but the fan did not turn on. Any help would be appreciated it, I

Hi angelagaddy,With the fan not running and you are hearing a buzzing noise outside this is more likely that the fan motor needs to be replaced or the capacitor ... Air Conditioners

We have a Carrier A/C Unit 38YCC048340 that just stopped running. It will not turn on. The system is blowing air but the A/C unit itself outside is not running. HELP!

First of all check with the remote functions whether they are changed or not? that is in dry mode or fan mode. if the functions of remote are OK then their might be a gas leaking problem. If their is gas leaking problem then request you to contact se ... Air Conditioners

Can someone help me with a problem i have with a carrier split system the temp here at the moment is about 43 celsius aircon worked good last nite in same condition but 2day it will run not blowing out cold air then it will stop with light flashing 5 times stop then flashing again for 5 and so on so on what could be the problem cheers

Reset the unit by disconnecting the power supply for 10sec. and "on" again then test. If it won't work, then there is something wrong with the unit safety devices. You need a qualified tech. for this problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a chigo kfr-51gw/gx1a two piece air conditioner that runs in cool for 10 minutes then shuts down for 3 minutes and keeps repeating cycle while The indoor units fan keep running I've read that this unit has a dehumidifier mode that dose this same cycle. If this is what it is doing is it possible to stop this mode from cycling Thanx

... Air Conditioners

Help!! Our unit is draining on the inside and dripping on the floor, it has stopped draining outside. We have been running the ceiling fan a little while unit was running I do not know if that had something to do with the problem. Thanks, Debbie

Looks like your condensate line has either come loose, or it may have a restriction in the line somewhere. ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Split System Air Conditioner AS1CD12AA0/AS0CD12AA0

Model aot24pmal with ast24pba-w,red light flashes continuosly,green light flashes 10 times,outside unit,stops running,have to turn power off,and back on ,unit trys to work,but cuts out again

Hi, that sign you get means the outdoor unit fan drive system is abnormal, and you need to call authorized service technician to check it. ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Hi there can u please help me with the commissioning of the above unit . my customer bought mdv iii with 9 indoors from china so all manuals are in chinese , we did the installation to the best of our knowledge and i feel its fine .having installed over 20 vrv daikin units . we wired the controll from the furthest ending with nearest ,well i am not sure weather there is to be bridge at the end but we did not put it. trying to run it well it comes on on cooling then it runs for a few minutes the

I believe you wired it correctly, E-22 should be something related to air-flow. check the Thermistor (R2T) for your Suction Pipe. ... Air Conditioners

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