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My LG air cond will only work when put on to manual ON

\015 My LG air cond will only work when put on to manual switch on and not using the remote control.somehow the remote is not functioning at all. (remote lg 6711a20010a )the funny thing is that, whenever the unit is on for a while, then the remote control can be used (or even be switched on) but only for a limited time.anybody can assist me on why this [email protected]\015

Answers :

Hi! there,
\015\012 have you ever check the batteries,try to replace a new one.or if not function after replacing
\015\012try to clean the pads behind in any button of your remote.doing this open your remote there are quick lock in the side of your remote,use flat screw driver to loosen this be carefull to break the
\015\012lock,try to cleran the rubber pads by cotton buds
\015\012to remove oily debris and on circuit board if you have an eracer in pencil try to rub this gradually
\015\012until carbonize element disappear.then put back
\015\012pads and cover together and try.cheers and have a nice day don't forget to rate me thank's

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My LG air cond will only work when put on to manual ON

Hi! there,\015\012 have you ever check the batteries,try to replace a new one.or if not function after replacing\015\012try to clean the pads behind in any button of your remote.doing this open your remote there are quick lock in ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have an goldstar model # wg5004r air conditioner. its in my sons small room, works great but for some reason the front coil froze up. that night it was cool an he left the ac on. . i lost the owners manual, cant find one on line. im trying to trouble shoot the freezing problem . we put it on fan only an let it thaw, seems ok now, and compressor working. i noticed no manual switch or lever for vent, and it has a dry feature on the control pad i have no clue what this is for. any answers or solu

... Goldstar WG5000 Air Conditioner

P1 - My friend has lent me a Midea portable air con which is just saying P1. I have put new water in the water container but it just doesn't work. I have no manual and no instructions. It worked for about an hour but then P4 came up. That has since disappeared since turning on & off, back P1 is back. Help please!

... Midea MPM-08CR-BB4 Portable Air Conditioner

Janitrol Central Air Condition out side unit is not working. When manually press the relay the unit is working, what should I check. How should I check if the realy is getting correct voltage. How to check the circuit board out puts.

Thermostat output to the relay is 24v on the small 18ga. thermostat wires. Is the a-c's coil clean if not look for a high pressure reset button, it looks like a cylinder mounted to the small tubing in the unit with a button on top. ... Weather King 10AJA3001AH Air Conditioner

Window unit LG-LWHD7000HRY7 fan and a/c works great, but it does not heat well. It took over 30 minutes to notice a little difference with temp outside of 25 degrees. Ventilation lever is closed to keep cold air out. There is nothing in the manual on troubleshooting heating problem. Would putting insulation board around the outside of the window unit help? Appreciate your help. Brent T.

Hi,There could be many Reasons. But, more often it seems that the Reversing Valve is not working. More often, it would be inside unit by compressor. Check the wiring to it for proper voltage.Let me know, if needed further assi ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

I have a carrier Modle No. 38YXA042300. I am getting an H5 error message on my Thermistat Control. I have run the Fan only mode and the fan in the air handler unit works fine. On the unit when I ingage the manual override, the condener unit and fan motor runs and cools. The unit will not run when I put the Thermidistat on Cool mode. Can you help me. Andrew Construction Mangement Speicalthes, Inc.

On some carriers they have a lock out feature outside to reset shut down power to furnace for 90secs. and then restart ... Air Conditioners

We conected for the first time a frigidaire portable air conditioner. I dont have the manual. It works great, but I don't know where am I suppose to connect the black thin hose that came with the a/c system. When I woke up in the morning it was all floded. Can you help me do you think there is a leak, or is the black hose needs to be installed? I saw online that people put a pan to collect water

That black hose is for the drain as air conditioners collect moisture as a side effect of cooling the air. That black hose should connect on to the outside bottom of the unit. It wll flood if the drain hole or nipple are plugged or blocked off. The a ... Air Conditioners

A Valy universal a/c remote control model VA-CR1000U has become possessed. Working fine, then batteries died after one year. New (expensive) batteries put in. A/C manually shut off so that universal remote could automatically locate 3 digit code (which I'd forgotten after 1 year. It did and air conditioner started but there were 2 beeps instead of the usual 1 beep. Thought this strange so wanting to stop and restart the a/c I pressed the on/off switch on the remote, but the a/c did not resp

... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Gas Furnace Model # 395CAV024055ABJA, I works fine if you keep the temp low, like 68, so that it doesnt come on very often, but if you try turning it up and it needs to run for awhile, it wil start this cycle where the flame will kick on and off, the blower is continously running and only blowing cold air, I have tried new batteries in the thermostat on the wall, and have tried putting it on manual heat, no change, another thing is that once it starts this cycle, if you shut it

It sounds like it is going into overheat mode. Check the overheat sensor, make sure the flue is clean, make sure any filters are clean, also check the gas passage inthe heat exchanger, if there is a blockage from soot the system will overheat ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My low cool air works, but when I put it on high cool, it does not blow air. The low fan works but when I put it on high fan, nothing happens.

Most likely the control switch is bad or burnt wire terminal ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Don't panic, but I have a question about my 40 year old duo therm RV roof top AC. I know, it shouldn't be working, but it does. My problem is it will kick on, compressor starts to work and puts out cold air, then I hear the relay kicking out and it stops putting out cold air. This past fall I took the shroud off and cleaned everything and observed the operating system. Again, it starts, runs for a minute or so, than the relay opens. If I push on the relay, it will run again. A friend suggested a

When you say relay I'm assuming the contactor. Does it shut off again when you let go of the contacts (relay)? Most likely it's low on refrigerant and the low pressure switch is shutting it down. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Before I had the air conditioning compressor, belts and idler pulley replaced, the vents in my 1995 Oldsmobile 98 Elite were working fine, after the work was done the vents on the passenger side of the car do not put out any air the ones on the driver side work just fine. What do I do to get the air to the other vents???

I was not getting anywhere with your experts toward solving\015\012the problem, I gave up on them and sold the car, let someone else\015\012solve the problem, they are aware of it.\015\012\015\012Sorry your actions did not help. be sure I am no ... Air Conditioners

Hi, My remote won't work for my air conditioner. Batteries changed. Can't tell if it's just remote or air conditioner unit as well that aren't functioning. Can you tell me if there is a manual way of operating the airconditioner without the remote? If it is the air conditioner, what do I try to get it to work? I have taken filters out and cleaned them and that's all the ideas I had. My air conditioner is a LG Model LST 244H-2 split system. At least 6 years old. thanks for your help

Here is the main ONLINE SUPPORT page for your LG model LST 244H-2: ... LG Air Conditioners

Tappan air conditioner stopped working after taking the fiuse out for exteriror/siding work, then after I put it back the way it was, it did not work. No cool air or no fan. Please any idea would be appreciated. - I turned all the electrical controller off and on which did not help resolve the issue.

Not knowingg the brand of fuse box Try looking at the holder where you grab it to see if it has any wording on it like power or service Some brands alow the fuse holder to be put in upside down for the service man to work on the unit If not have some ... Air Conditioners

I have a CAPF4860C6AA air cond. I emailed your tech about a problem I have but I sent it in under the wrong model.My unit doesn't cool properly. It stopped working recently. The out side fan was working but the in side one wasn't. I shut it off for about 12 hours after which I changed the air filter and cleaned the overflow unit(pump). I turned it on and it worked but not cooling right. It's freezing or something to the touch on the outer cabinet. I recieved an email from you but I wasn't sure w

May I suggest? or ask, can you feel air being pulled into the front of the unit? If so, you may have a baffle or shutter misdirecting the air flow and it is not being channeled through the vent outlets into the room. The unit may need to be slipp ... Air Conditioners

We installed a Honeywell RTH230B thermostat on a Trane XE60 Air Handeler this winter. When we put the system on heat it works fine. However, when we put the system on auto for cool the compressor fan comes on but not the air handeler fan. On the air handeler the terminal strip from left to right is R W Y G B/C. The red wire on the R terminal comes from the contactor on the compressor unit. The other wire from the compressor unit is connected to a gray wire that goes to the thermostat. The W

I ran into this before and had to call Honeywell for help in the wiring...it seems the wiring was not done to standard, and they were able to help me get it straight in about 10 minutes and at no charge. ... Air Conditioners

I have a hotpoint mac 130, i can't find the manual though. I turned it on today since last year and only the fan works, the air-con won't work and there is a red light blinking with an icon which seems to be like there's air inside the air-con? I'm not really a professional when it comes down to appliances so any help would be great. thanks

... Air Conditioners

I have a Holmes humidifier HM1895 that has a new filter. The auto fan has quit working and it does nothing if you put it on auto. On manual high it still doesn't put out water. How can I get the auto fan to work again? Also, why does it not put out water when it's running fulltime?

It will only put out water if your humidity level is low enough to require it. ... Air Conditioners

Central air unit out side will run non stop in hi temp cond and not cool very well, coils have been cleaned along with condenser and evap. it will run and turn off in early morning hours, freion is wher it sould be put in buy hvac tec. termostat is set @ 72 deg. apt will not cool under 77 deg during hot condtions. not sure what air out put sould be @ vents, or return cold air intake sould be.

Here is what you need to do to make sure your system is charged correctly go to the furnace take the temperature of to supply temp and take the return temperature at the furnace. You should have 18-20 degrees temperature difference if your return tem ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Need the manual for a polar wind air cond modal 3 YPC-1-09C-1

... Air Conditioners

Repair for air condition for Toyota Vista Ardeo 1998. The air condition of the car is not working. Twice I have gone to a mechanic who put gas which lasted a couple of weeks then the AC seemed not to be working any more.

You need to have your system recharged with dye then check system with a black light to see where the freon is going ... Air Conditioners

I have a AMANA PTh153B50AE (PTAC unit). The air conditioner works fine. It is when I turn on my heater and it does not get warm. It just blows cold air. I have looked at the board and it appears that there are no bad spots on the board from where it had burnt. It appears that it may have a manual heater reset button. I am not sure if that will work but I can;t find the reset button. I am wondering if my heat pump has gone bad. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have the same problem, and I found the manual reset inside the unit. Turn the power off, and unplug the unit. Remove the outer cover of the unit ( inside cover ) , and remove the 2 screws holding the " wire mesh " in the front of the cover. Pul ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

My Air Conditioner has stopped responding to the Remote. I have checked with my mobile phone camera & the 1 light still works on the remote. The Air Con manual button works but remote does not. Is this a remote control issue or a circuit board issue?

Try with this method which happened last week experience. Replace new batteries. And also remove dc wire to indoor unit display sensor. And after 3 minutes fix it again. And now start with remote. Mostly it will. If not, you have to replace receiving ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Feddders A7T12FA air conditioner. It was just put in for this summer and it is now not working. When I first plugged it in, the control panel would light up, air would come out briefly and then it would shut down. This happened twice. I then got it turned on after taking the plug out and putting it back in. It was turned on less then 5 minutes before it shut off and now I can't get it to start up again at all. Please help!

Unplug the AC remove the casethen follow the plug wire until you see a fuse this is probably burned out but, is only a symptom not the problem next look carefully at the silver cans with the wires on top these are the run and, start capacitors one sh ... Air Conditioners

I have an Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner AP12000HS. The Air Conditioner works wonderful, however I can't get it to heat, I put the Mode Button on red which is supossed to put the heater on, it will run for a few minutes and then shut off and it does not take the chill out of the room I have the unit in, is there some kind if thermostat internally which can be set? The way it runs now does not do me any good as a heater.

The unit has a built in thermostat in the front control panel, this is what maintains the set temperature, it is very likely that this control is defective, all the controls for the unit are contained in the CCU (central control unit) ... Air Conditioners

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