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\015 We live in condos and our central heater is no longer working. I asked our HOA and they said it's our system. They came in and said it maybe the filter. OMG, I just moved in (Dec 08') and when they took the filter out...LONG OVER DUE FOR A CHANGE. So, she changed the filter. It still wasn't working. Her husband suggested the system maybe backed up because it had nowhere to go. So, we may need to reset it...ummm, DUNNO HOW. He told me to contact the manufacturer. Of course I jumped on the internet and found this site.\015\012\015\012Name of unit: RUUD AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM\015\012Model#:QA1000BBS\015\012Serial#M09800106\015\012Volts: 240/208\015\012Manufacturer: Rheem Manufacturing Company\015\012\015\012I don't see a reset button and I am wondering if that will fix the problem. IF ANYONE CAN HELP, I WOULD MUCH APPRECIATE IT.\015\012\015\012Signed, \015\012Confused House Wife in Long Beach\015

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There is no reset . some part somewhere has gone bad it had nothing to do with the bad filter ........ troubleshooting a hvac unit is tricky thing to do and if you want someone here to talk you through it , thats just a bad idea . i have spent years learning how to troubleshoot and spent lotts of money on the tools of the trade . i think you should call in a hvac repair person to check out your heater and find out the problem , its money well spent .......if this answer helped please rate this 3 or 4 stars . the high rateing will keep me in the paid answer department thank you
One of the best responses i have seen their are alot of hacks here
only been around a few days

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There is no reset . some part somewhere has gone bad it had nothing to do with the bad filter ........ troubleshooting a hvac unit is tricky thing to do and if you want someone here to talk you through it , thats just a bad idea . i have spent year ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Hello! can you help me.I have air condition GREE splite system. SOme days ago when he start to work( i put heating, to warm) in some minutes stops and write on the air condition (up, not in control) H 1 Can you explane ,what it is? I have 2 air condition in different rooms one bigger then other and they make the same Thank you Yulia

Also have you cleaned your filters? ... Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning I have a ruud system with the air conditioner outside and the air handler upstairs in the attic. My systems appears to be running, and I can feel cold air at the vents, but I can barely feel it. Like there is no flow. The fan outside is running and the unit in the attic is running. I have no clue what the problem is. The large coil coming from the heat pump outside is cold and has condensation on it. It also seems to have a little ice. It has been extremely hot here in Ge

Open the access panel on the air handler in the attic and take a look at the evaporator coil. If you have no airflow, and you just changed the air filter, then you probably have a buildup of airborne crud on the coil that's blocking airflow. \015\01 ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

I have a Rudd natural gas heater and central air system. The Air has been working fine all summer and now nothing works ,AC,heat and even the fan does not work. I tried changing the thermostat with no luck. Any suggestions. Thanks

Check for power at unit, as it may be the disconnect fuse/breaker. The only other thing is the main board, but it sounds like there is no power to the unit. I hope this helps Tim ... Ruud Air Conditioners

1998 GMC safari heater and air condition was working fine but all of sudden heater failed to blow hot air only i get cold air i think the panel celector woking properly please let me know what do u think

The panel selector may be working, but the blend door inside the heater may not. Also, check you coolant level and the condition of the coolant, Is it dark and looks like coffee grounds? If so, the coolant has failed and may have clogged your radiato ... Air Conditioners

Ruud central air conditioning and heat system

There is a fan relay in the unit. it is stuck and needs to be replaced ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Hi i have an alpine air oz split system air conditioner and trying to work the heater part out. when i go down to the heat on my remote it skips it altogether??? can u please tell me how to get the heat working???

... Air Conditioners

We live in southwest Florida. Our HVAC system consists of a air conditioning system with heating coils when it is cool. Yesterday morning we tried the heat nothing come on. Later in the day I tried the air nothing. I tried turning in just the fan nothing. I just checked the breaker I have power where the wires are connected. I went out to the outside unit and pulled the cover. Pushed in a spring loaded plastic switch the fan on outside unit works and shut off when I released the switch. But noth

Hello. Sounds like you do have power. That spring loaded plastic switch is a 24v contactor. It pulls in when energized. If you push it in manually everything shoud run normal. Ck your 24v transformer. On one side (feed) you should have 115v or 220v ... Air Conditioners

OUr air conditioning system works well until the circuit breaker trips. We added another large return vent in the hall to try to get more air circulating and that didn't work. We just replaced the outdoor airconditioning unit and the circuit trips again. The electrician says the wattage is fine. Any ideas what could be the problem. Everyone is baffled because the house is only 5 years old.

Current (amps) is voltage (volts) divided by resistance (ohms) or I=v/r. Breakers "trip" when there is too much current flowing through them. ... Air Conditioners

Hello, Can you help me please. We have a Fujitsu Air Conditioning / Heating System installed into the ceiling of our local club. The Company that installed it have gone out of business and unfortunateley, no-one can find any manuals regarding the working of the units. Worst of all is the fact that when it is switched on it blows cold air instead of warm air and nobody knows what to do about it. It is our only source of heating in the Club so we are pretty desperate, Your advice would be very muc

Paul, it sounds as if the jumper on the thermostat between r/c and r/h is not installed properly. Heres how you can check to see if it is the thermostat or another problem\015\012First turn off power to the unit. second remove the thermostat c ... Air Conditioners

My wa1200 works only as a fan. air condition mode doesnt work, it shows all the images it shou like falling snow flakes and the word "COOL" but then it also says "E4". what does that mean and how do i get it to work?

Hello,The e4 is an error code signifying there is a connection problem in the air conditioner.It simply means there is a malfunction in the system and that is why it is not getting cold.Check the compressor of the ... Sunpentown Air Conditioners

We have just purchased a new heating and air conditioning system in our house the air conditioner is putting so much humidity in the air that it does not cool the house, we purchased a 2 1/2 ton unit for a 1650 sq ft. house. what needs to be done to get the humidity out? the old unit worked better than the new one.

Is there a humidifier on the furnace? ... Air Conditioners

I pull out my am/fm radio and pry to this the air condition was working find , but after re-installing the radio and cranking the truck, the air compressor would not come on or kick in. The air compressor haven't frozen and there are feon in the system. Please advice or help.................Lester

Hi,Recheck the wires behind the dashboard...it is very easy when removing and installing a radio to knock off or pinch a wire that would go to the A/C...The best bet is that you knocked a wire off of a terminal on the a switch. Also ... Air Conditioners

How can I get a split system air conditioning system to work consistently and efficiently? I am renting in Queensland, and the system I have tends to struggle quite frequently. I've heard that t

... Air Conditioners

Fedders air conditioning cooling system seems not to be working

... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Blueway split system wall air conditioning doesn't work properly.

Hi,I have had problems with my Blueway A/C it was very cheap but NASTY,anyway I might be able to help, I made a website with my manual that includes the error codes that I could not find on the net anywhere ,I have also sourced a company in sydney wh ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioning system was working fine, till last night; it blows out hot air when it is set for cool mode. I checked the outside unit and the fan does not engaged. What do you believe is the problem?

Check circit breaker for outside unit and fuses to be sure they are okay. ... Air Conditioners

Ruud UPNE- 036JBZ 2 years old (outside unit) Ruud Acheiver air handler 1 year old inside unit... outside unit will not come on. voltage (120) ready at contacts. push manually and it comes on. yellow wire and brown wire go to board. no power on these when inside unit is running. power bill has doubled......must be running off heater coils? What would be the next thing to check. I did look at thermostat seems to be working normal. Can't get knowledgeable help.

... Air Conditioners

I have Jaguar S-Type 2000, and I am facing a problem in the Air Conditioning System. When I switch On the A/c, the compressor sometimes works and sometimes no. Also sometimes it works for a while, for a short period of time and then it goes Off. I replaced the (Relay), but the problem remains. I hope you can help me defining this problem. Thanking you.

If it is low on Refrigerant, it will cycle the clutch off. When the pressure rises from the lines equalizing, it will come back on. When it does stay running, does the larger line get cold? If not, it is probably low on refrigerant. Roger ... Jaguar Air Conditioners

My Fujistu AST9LSACW split system air-conditioner wont blow cool air. the outside unit AOT9LSAC doesnt seem to be working at all. The power light stays on but the timer light flashed about 15-20 times a minute. please help...

There are two things you can check outside before calling a service technician. The first is the breaker to the outside unit. There is a breaker or disconnect near the unit. If there is nothing wrong with the electrical supply, check the refrigera ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Have a Amana Wall Unit with Heating and Air Conditioning - Model PTC123B50AE. The unit's heater just stopped heating. The fan/blower and air conditioner are working fine. Unit says the fuses are OK. Would appreciate any guidance in fixing this unit. Thanks, NC


I have Ruud Silhouette ii, about 5-6 yrs old...heater will work for a while, then it shuts down, house gets cold, I'd bang on the heater box, it comes back on..why does it do that? It does that every couple days. Doesn't matter if I have it on auto or on hold. Also I'm confused about air filter with the arrow, which way to use as I'm not sure which way blower is blowing (I'm deaf). Thanks so much!

Rob, the blower always blows into the furnace therefore the arrow should always point to the furnace. As far as the unit failing at times, you may have a lose wire. Inspect all wires and reconnect them after cleaning if they look suspicious. Turn off ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Split air conditioning system, evaporator unit in attic working but outside unit not running blowing hot air


Ruud Problems Hey Need help, I replaced the capacitor last night and it worked air was fine all night, but this morning it triped again. so I replaced the breaker switch and it started up again and the fan was running outside with air comming out of the vents inside. but breaker popped after about 30 seconds and cant get it back on!!! Only a buzzing noise comming from the system outside even with power off!!!! Any clue???

Compressor is probably bad. disconnect it tape the wires off and start unit. if breaker doesnt trip it is the compressor.  ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

Our air conditioning was working during the day. when one family member turned the air up from 72 to 75 she saw the screen process what she wanted and walked away. when another family member went to turn it down, the screen was off. i have a honeywell visionPRO thermastat but no air conditioning at the moment. is my air conditioning not working because the honeywell theromastat needs to be trouble shot or is it not working because the machine that produces the air conditioning itself not wor

Open the thermostat and look for batteries, 3 AAhttp://www.heater-home.com/photos/2129-5b.jpghttp://www.heater-home.com/manuals/th8321u1006manual.pdf ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

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