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Central Air will not come on.

\015 My AC Ruud, Model Number UPLA-042JAZ has a bad relay switch where can I find a replacement I'm in Ocala Florida 34470\015

Answers :

You can get it at www.myhvacparts.com you dont have to be an a/c contractor to buy parts from them.
You may want to call around to the different supply houses in your area. Most supply houses will not sell to unlicensed people but occasionally you will find one that will but there isn't a warranty and they jack up the cost. You might have a hard time finding the right relay as well because Ruud/Rheem in the last few years are designing their parts to fit just their brand just like Lennox, Carrier, and Trane does. It keeps money in their own pockets. Good luck finding what you need.

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Bryant furnace I have a Bryant forced air furnance series 3C-G serial # 44Y 368450 model # 125-394U upflow and model # 125-394C The furnance or central air is not coming on to run. The breaker has not been tripped the pilot light is lit and when I turn the thermostat I here it click but the furnance or central air does not come on to run. Can you help me with a solution to to get it running?

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I just bought a 2002 mobile home and it is centraL HEAT AND AIR...My problem is I just turned on the central air, but there is heat still coming from the top part of the wall furnace which is in the small hallway. I have a switch in the laundry room which turns the heat off, but there is still some heat coming from the wall furnace...Do I take the cover off the wall furnace, but not sure what I would be looking for...I use oil for heat.. Thank you very much..

You need to make an adjustment inside the thermostat on the wall. To make the adjustment, lift off the cover from the thermostat and locate the anticipator. If your furnace is running short cycles, the anticipator is probably set on .2 or ... Air Conditioners

Bryant furnace I have a Bryant furnance and central air. series 3C-G serial # 44Y 368450 model # 125-394U upflow and model # 125394C down flow. My problem is it is not coming on. the breaker is not tripped, the pilot light is lit, when I turn the thermostat i hear it click but the furnance or central air does not come on to run. Can you help me get it working?

... Air Conditioners

Have an amana central air duelfuel heat system.when aux heat[gas] heats the house and shuts off the fans still blow for 3 to 5 minutes with the last couple of minutes being cold air which cools the air it just heated. also heatpump will start heating when it comes on then after 3 or 4 minutes it starts blowing cold air like when the air conditioner is running.i have had problems from day of install 4 mounths ago with problems that keep coming up. please i need help fast i do not think comp

Change your heating delay to shut off sooner, you can find this in the installation manual. Also the Thermostat may have delay after heat as well. It is true there could be many variables, but it also sounds like the Heatpump is not charged properl ... Amana Air Conditioners

We have had a coleman central air system for 5 yrs. It stopped blowing cold air into the house about a week ago. You can still here it running but no air is coming out. my husband replaced the fuses and over night it did the same thing so when my husband went to check out the unit outside he said that the line had ice on it. Is there a filter within the central air unit that needs replaced?

Ice is an indication that the refrigerant is not flashing off correctly in the evaporator coil. In most cases you can simply turn the unit off (until it completely thaws inside and out) and replace the filter. Make sure that all the vents in the hous ... Coleman Air Conditioners

We just turned on our central air conditioner last night. today the temp of the house was 80 degrees. someone in the household placed the tempature on 70 degrees cool on auto. we have not felt any air coming out of the vents. the central air unit is running. any idea why this happened. our thermstat is not programmable.

Did you hear the indoor unit running (the fan blowing)? If so, there's a good chance that either the filter is plugged or more likely, the evaporator coil is iced up and preventing any air from flowing into the dwelling.\015\012\015\012T ... Air Conditioners

I recently had a new outdoor unit installed on my central heat and air conditioning sytem. I have had the installer out 3 times and the system still does not operate correctly. Sometimes when it cycles (every other time or every third time) the unit does not blow cold air. Sometimes the unit comes on not blowing cold air and the compressor fan is running but not the compressor. Sometimes after 15 minutes of this the compressor will come on. What is the problem.

It sounds like the compressor needs starting components installed on it. All a/c units have a run capacitor for the compressor and another one for the condenser fan motor. These motors use these capacitors all the time when the motor is running. H ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Central Air/Heat System. This year, the outside compressor (or whatever it is called) is shutting off within minutes of the air conditioner coming on. This is resulting in the home never cooling down. I can reset the system by shutting the air off inside the home for a few minutes and the outside compressor comes back on, but again, only for a minute or two, and the unit only blows what seems to be room temperature air.

Do you know the devices model. It would help in locateing the manual. also I beleave you have the manual?\015\012\015\012As micromaster already said, check for sleep timer.\015\012\015\012has the system worked fine before has ... Air Conditioners

Goodman central air conditioning. Little air is coming from the vents in the house and the air that is coming out isnt very cold

Inspect your unit for dirt - filters, fan blades, condenser/evaporator coils, vents. Check refrigerant pressures. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant 561C central air, 5 years old, The Motor on the outside unit of this air conditioner went out, trying to sve some money on a service call I ordered the new motor and put it in my self and was able to make it run but no cool air inside the house. The motor that I took out was made by General Electric with three wires coming out of it, now the new motor I bought was made by Emerson with 4 wires coming out of it, also the lady from the Bryant dealer where I bought the motor also sen

Hi there, \015\012\015\012here is the wiring diagram of you air con unit...\015\012\015\012http://w ... Air Conditioners

My central heater is not blowing hot air, I am having to turn the thermostat on and off. I have the thermostat to 70, and the heater will blow hot air and then it will just circulate the air in the house, therefore bringing the temperature down. I looked at the unit and noticed that when the thermocople (heating element) goes red, the gas valve makes clicking and the flames come and then go out very fast. I noticed lots of clicking in coming from the gas valve. help please

Hi!!! relax your flame sensor is bad change and you will be fine..If it turns off and on change your flame sensor ... Air Conditioners

WE live in ND and have an Amana furnace that is 30 years old. We also have a Central air unt. OUr central air unit started coming on today when our furnace kicks on. Can you tell me why, it was 24 deegrees here today.

That would only really happen due to one of two things.\015\012\015\012A bad thermostat.\015\012\015\012A stuck relay. If the relay to the AC is stuck closed then it would come on whenever power goes through to the furnace. ... Air Conditioners

Cold air coming from the intake of the central a/c unit. The unit is switched off and it is winter, so why would cold air come from the intake

Thanks for your question,Just a couple of questions first, is your ducting insulated ? is there a fresh air intake on your system ? if either of these is the case, the first would be that you need to have your duct insulated, it is good practic ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Have a Grand Aire Central Air and Heating unit a/heat pump...has been working fine. Switched it over to heat and nothing came on. Switched it back over to air, which was working and still nothing came on. Switched fan from ''auto'' to ''on'' and the fan will not come on. Used a screwdriver to push the contact in and everything runs (air and heat) as long as I am holding the contact in. Changed the t-stat, still the same problem. I really don't have the finances to call a pro in, any advice will

The fuse may be in line (red ) wire check control voltage if not present transformer (or fuse) needs replaced \015\012 the problem probably was caused by white wire (heat control voltage) has been wired to common not heat control ... Air Conditioners

We have central heat an air , the heat is up in the attic and the air is outside, our problem is that the air is blowing in the house but th unit outside doesn't come on , what could be the problem. Thanks

Check your breaker or fuses. for the outside unit. It may be getting the "Signal" to come on but there is no power. Start there and let me know. ... Air Conditioners

Wont work I have a Maytag central air thats about four years old. Once in a while it would stop blowing really cold air and would just blow mildly cool air. What I would do to fix this is flip the breaker off and then flip it back on again. When I did this the "high cool" light would come back on and everything would work just fine. This time that solution wont work. I have left it off for an hour at a time multiple times. I played with every switch and checked and cleaned every filter. We live

... Maytag M7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

No heat coming from central air unit when heat is turned on.

Check t stat make sure its set up for you system some stats have to be set up for a heatpump or iits gas or electric heat ... Air Conditioners

Central air conditioner does not come on.

You need to check to see if you have 230 volts to the L1 and L2 side of the contactor and 24 volts to the contactor coil. If you do then the contactor coil is open and needs replaced. If not you need to check the disconnect outside by the outdoor uni ... Air Conditioners

The fan motor doesn't come on with the central air nor if I switch the fan switch to "ON". But the fan motor comes on if I switch to heating.

This is an either - or.. thermostat or bad green wire . To find out ,go to the unit where the thermostat wires are, or the terminals strip ,and connect the red wire from the unit to the green. Or connect a jumper wire straight to the red to gre ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, Yesterday I noticed that my central air had low air flow and wasn't cooling the house, so the A/C was running all day. Just had an HAVC guy come in a filled and saw I was about 3LB low on Freon, he said I have a freon leak and wants to replace the indoor coil, which costs about $500+labor. In the 5 years I've been living here, I've never had the freon refilled before. Does it make sense that I would need to get the indoor coil replaced?

Hi\015\012\015\012It is always recommended to contact a repair tech. in case of Air Conditioners. I believe its been 5years and during this time you did not spend anything towards your central a/c. If you want you can also compare his cha ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Third control board has been installed on a goodman 3 ton central air unit in the attic...the only that happens is when the thermostat calls for cooling...the inducer fan comes on and then the blower motor stays running but the condenser does not come on......There is always 6 flashes on the control board.....which says roll out switch....please help me on this one....Calvin from Memphis

Temporarily jump out roll out switch. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a Inter therm Model# FEHB015HA central heat & air unit that I had problems with in the summer as the out side unit would not come on but the blower would kick on but nothing on the outside unit(No cold air).Ok I fixed that as it was the the transformer that switched it down to 24 volt to go to the outside.Now I have noticed that when the heat is on it will not kick the outside unit on?It has been very cold here in Georgia but right now as I type it is 50 degree's and the outside unit is s

Hi, if this is not a gas fired split system, it is a heat-pump with aux heat strips. The outdoor unit must be on to warm you're home by way of the reversing valve. The strips in the indoor unit are for emergency and auxiliary heat only. ... Air Conditioners

My central air unit blower fan doesn't come on but the outside unit comes on & the fan works with the heater and continuous setting

Check wall thermostat and wires ... Air Conditioners

Central air just stopped running, was running all day. I turned down the thermostat about an hour ago and I heard it come on. I noticed it wasn't running just a little while ago. Looked an the thermostat says it is 78 while the aircon is set for 72. It wont come back on I tried resting the thermostat and checking the breakers. I even switched the furnace off on the side. The furnace is about 30 years old...

Possible you have a bad contactor switch.. Have a tech look at this since it is dangerous due to high voltage and age of unit\015\012\015\012Good Luck\015\012\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

I have central air and it comes on but blows out air (not cold) and only stays on for a few minutues and then shuts off and continues this cycle

Your central air needs Freon R-22, do not use it, it is going to damage your compressor.\015\012\015\012Check the leak first, fix it and fill up Freon R-22 by professional licensed AC person. ... Air Conditioners

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