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Lennox G40UH-60D-135-14 Furnace will not ignite

\015 Everything seems to be in working order except the furnace will not fire up. I checked the thermostat, the fan will run on auto and manual. This happened out of the blue with no warning. What is going on? Do I need a service call or is this something simple that I can do myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks\015

Answers :

Do you have an inducer on the unit (no access to the lennox model number tonight)? That is a motor that comes on shortly before your unit fires that blows the combustion gases up through the flu. Does this motor come on at all if you have one? If it does and the furnace will not light, then there is a device on the unit called a pressure switch. This switch has two wires to it and a small tube that leaves it and goes to the inducer housing. Remove the tube from the inducer and blow into and draw in air lightly or until you hear clicking noises. Replace the hose and try again. Sometimes the pressure switch gets stuck but can also go bad. If everything is coming on all the way up to ignition but the unit won't come on, then it's probably one of the limit switches that need to be reset. These are little disks about the size of a penny and have two wires going to it. In the middle is a small button that can be pushed to reset it. Some units have 2 to 3 and others have more. You have to use a flash light and look all in the unit around the burners and around the flu pipe looking for the limits. Once you have found them all and tried to reset the unit, then try to start it up again. Hope this helps.
I had a similar problem that started right after i changed the batteries in my Honeywell thermostat. I know this is really dumb, but it had me scratching my head thinking my furnace/pilot light was having issues. When i plugged my thermostat back into the wall, i accidentally bent the far right pin and it wasn't connecting (or was also touching another pin). This caused the same symptoms where everything seemed to be turning on when it was supposed to, yet the heat never fired. Frustrating, but in case anyone just changed the batteries, you'll want to make sure it fits perfectly back on the wall and that you didn't bend a pin.

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Lennox G40UH-60D-135-14 Furnace will not ignite

Do you have an inducer on the unit (no access to the lennox model number tonight)? That is a motor that comes on shortly before your unit fires that blows the combustion gases up through the flu. Does this motor come on at all if you have one? If ... Air Conditioners

Lennox Conservator III G16, Furnace, Burners stay lite for 90 seconds; no blower; but exhaust fan runs continuous. If I use a jumper from the white heat wire (including white heat wire) to the green blower wire terminal (removed the green thermostat wire) the blower fan runs (non-stop) & igniter & burners restart every 10 mins. when I remove the jumper (& wire to specs from the thermostat to the furnace) igniter & burners kick on for 90 seconds then nothing on the unit works except the exhaust f

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Lennox furnaces G2603/4-100-5 not igniting Left LED OFF and right slow flash. I have cleaned the in-let I find water standing in it and little lint. Even after that it is not igniting. I saw he fan that is connected to in-let is not able to rotate, I saw it trying to rotate but could not pick up the speed as it something is stopping it. When I touched it, it was very hot.

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I have a Lennox Conservator G8E furnace with Johnson Y79ABD-1 ignition control. More and more often now, when the thermostat calls for heat the ignition seems to go through it's spark/sense sequence and then shut down. Then of course the heat never comes on. Other times it operates normally. Do you have any explanation for this erratic behavior?

You need to check the flame sensor and make sure it is putting out 4 to 6 microamps from the wire to ground ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox furnace. The pilot light is lit, but the burners do not ignite...no heat to the house as a result

You have a multitude of things it could be.From a open safety switch to a bad gas valve. I need to know what the model number is on the furnace. You can find that by opening the door where the burners and gas valve are and it should have a sticker in ... Air Conditioners

Replaced century 1/6hp fan motor on a lennox furnace, with a 1/4hp A.O. Smith. When energized, motor starts up w/ thermostat on lowest setting and does not stop. Call for heat, main burner ignites but shuts down after 2 min or so. Wire hook up calls for ccw rotation, but it runs clockwise. No or very little air flow. Motor rotation is supposed to be reversible by changing the leads, but Still clockwise rotation. Only 2 wire leads plus gnd. Black and Yellow. Right side pulley. Bl to L

Hi,If you only have two leads on that motor then it is not a reversible motor or there is another way to reverse it...Are there other wires with a plug connecting them on the end of the motor? If so then you reverse the rotati ... Air Conditioners

I have a lennox 2 stage gas furnace and a lennox XP15 heat pump controlled through the Lennox 7000 touchscreen thermostat. I want to disable the heat pump due to excessive noise due to lower temperature at this time of year (+5C and lower) and have the furnace operate without the dual fuel feature. Can this be done at the thermostat or it requried to disable at the furnace? Any input would be helpful. Unable to locate 'installer manual' for thermostat.

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I have a ruud achiever 90 plus furnace. Thermostat is set for 70 degrees. I hear the furnace click on and try to ignite. It does this four times and blower comes on without the furnace igniting. Cold air is coming out of the vents. What is happening to my furnace?

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Lennox furnace not heating up

Sounds like the ignitor is bad. there shoule be a 2 wire plug going to it. after the inducer motor starts, you can check the voltage at the 2 wire plug located under the burners. you can unpug it to check voltage or you can probe the back side of the ... Air Conditioners

Lennox G40UH(x) series - Air not coming on

Electrical connections @ the furnace may the thermostat .Tom ... Air Conditioners

I have a EVCON furnace DGAT070BDC. I replace the igniter control, the gas valve and the thermostat. Same problem continues: glow stick works, then the pilot lights works.The igniter control clicks continuously and tries to light the furnace. After a while the system cuts off and then starts trying again with the same results.

You may have a dirty/rusty burner that is clogged or your gas valve \015\012manifold pressure setting may be too low. Normal manifold pressure\015\012is 3.5 inches water column on natural gas furnaces. ( 1 psig is equivalent to 28 inche ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Rheem-Gas Furnace I have a gas furnace that will not ignite. I have attempted many times to start/ignite it using the manual suggested sequence, and I have been unsucessful. In diagnosing the problem(s) the technicial manual flowchart suggests that I replace the vent pressure switch. How do I not know I need to replace the igniter. What tests can I do to ensure it is.If I let a proffessional trained technician perform the work, How much should I expect to spend?

It may be a little difficult to diagnose if you don't have a volt/ohm meter to check the switches with, but I will try to help what I can.\015\012\015\012The first thing to check is the pressure hose from the vent fan to the pressure swit ... Air Conditioners

Carrier furnance wont ignite. electric current to furnace ok. furnace makes a hum but kicks off rather than igniting. filter is new-gas is on and doors are secure

Unplug the ignitor and check it for continuity. If it checks good see if it is getting power from the board. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Hello, I have a Amana Air Command 80 model #GHI90A50, 22 years old. This furnace is on its third ingnition module (last one two yeras ago). The symptom I am trying to diagnose has been ongioing since this latest ignition module was installed. The furnace is short cycling, meaning it runs often once every 8minutes but for less than 3 minutes at a time. The sequence is as follows: Cycle start (small blower turns on), followed by the ignition module illuminating (yellow) for 3 seconds then turns g

If your furnace lights and the gas stays on for 8 to 10 seconds, then shuts \012right back off, then you need to clean your flame sensor with light sand paper \012or steel wool. You might need a new flame sensor, but most of the time th ... Air Conditioners

Our Carrier Furnace will sometimes work fine, however, at times, it will just not go on. Our thermosat is set to 68 and many times it will drop to 65 or even 63 without turning on. It happens every so often and we usually just flip the switch on the side of the furnace and it will ignite and start right up. We have changed the air filter. Is there something else that needs to be done, so that we can always get it to ignite?

Obtain the code it flashes on the board next time it goes down and let me know what you got. There are too many variables to guess Id rather hit it right on the head. I will be waitiing for your response. The board is usually located in the blower se ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Lennox Furnace I have a lennox furnace the bracket on the blower motor broke. I fixed this but now when it gets ready to turn on the blower it blows a fuse. It was still running just before i fixed the bracket. Motor work just fine it only was making a rubbing sound on the cage. everything spins fine by hand. Please help

Make sure to check and see if you do not have any bare wires touch ground or if you have any wires pinched causing a short to ground. Safety first so turn of power before checking. Also check to see if any wires on unit are touching one another. Hope ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Weathermaker 8000 furnace. it will not light.I tested the igniter on my upstairs furnace and it will glow and light that furnace. I can manualy light the furnace with a match. flame sensor works and furnace will run till thermostat turns it off.wires look good. Controer maybe???

If you're sure the igniter is good and the controller is sending voltage to gas valve to open, but not to the igniter then, yes, the controller is bad. The only way to know for sure is to remove the igniter's molded plug from the board and test volt ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Furnace starting Lennox furnace model G6OUHV(X) series. Furnace would not start heating cycle unless I ran thermostrat temmp. setting up and down. Most times it would than start heat cycle. If not I would shut main power switch on furnace, wait a few seconds and then the furnace would start the heating cycle. I suspected the thermostat so beofre purchasing a new one I installed the old from my privious Lexxon. It now seems worse than ever. I either move the set points up and down (sometimes it w

Hint number 1, get HVAC license. One mistake or misunderstanding and you could blow your house up. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox pulse 21 furnace. It will not turn on when I turn it to cool or heat. I checked the main computer module and the LED light is off. I had reset the furnace by using the switch next to the furnace, and this will not turn on the light. Is there anything else I need to check before I call a service tech to look at the main module? The switch to turn on and off the furnace with the removal of the bottom door may be bad. Is there anyway to check this?

The switch you are talking about can be checked. Turn power off to unit. Disconnect wires on both terminals of this door switch. Next use a meter that will show Ohms or just connectivity to see if switch is closed when pressed all the way in. You cou ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell thermostat; Lennox elite series furnace thermostat reaches and exceeds temperature setting but frunace continues to run, remove trermostat from wall and furnace continues to run. Not just fan- entire system, I have removed both panels from the furnaced itself and as soon as power is supplied the furnace immediately lights (gas) and begins to heat house. Current inside temperature is 77; set to heat to 70.

When the furnace exceeds the temperature set by the thermostat, this could be indicative of several issues. The thermostat mounted crooked. When a thermostat isn't level on the wall, it can affect the automatic on/off function. To fix this pro ... Air Conditioners

Amana air command 90 model ghn90a35 once in a while on ignition the furnace is makeing a rumbing sound. most of the time when it happens is in the morning after the furnace has been off for a while. flame sensor has been cleaned other than that the furnace works great but i cant figure out what the intermitant noise is. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Johnny

It may be a delayed ignition.Try removing and washing the burners. ... Amana Air Conditioners

I bought a forclosesure this summer and not all that familar with the furnace in the guest house. I'm use to having a furnace with a pilot light(yes, it was 34 years old)now I,m trying to get a goodman furnace going. I know it was sitting around for atleast 2 years. The home inspector said everything works.The model number is gmnt040-03. The gas is turn on the outside line. When I start it she begins to hum and then the ignition light goes on. then a blowing noise but then I get no flames-after

Hi,A few things to check...Is the gas line valve on at the unit....follow the gas line back a bit sometimes the gas valve can be out of view.Also check the gas valve in the furnace... it may also be in the "off" position.... ... Air Conditioners

Someone idiot fixed a crack in my 25 year old furnace with J B Welding which according to the packaging says it is only good to 600 degrees. Is this true? I obviously need to get a new furnace. I heard that J B welding emits toxic fumes so I wanted confirmation that I should not use the furnace. It's in my crawl space. Can you recommend a good brand. I live in Alaska and I know we have dealers for Lennox, possibly Crane. Thanks!

According to the manufacturer's website, J-B Weld is non-toxic, but they do not recommend using it in equipments or things that you use for cooking. So I think, you really need to get a new furnace. Sorry about that, but that' ... Air Conditioners

I have a problem with my Johnstone furnace "Mod.# MBA 040 nh2r" every time the furnace calls for heat the gas valve release the gas a few seconds before the igniter witch causes a small explosion. This happens after the firt initial start and continues every few seconds.Also I can't seem to find this brand of furnace.

Hi, this is called delayed ignition which raw gas is let into the combustion chamber and ignited a little to late. which causes this explosion. I have had my eye brows and eye lashes burned completely off do to this. Johnstone is a very popular brand ... Air Conditioners

Furnace motor turns on but ignitor will not ignite. I took drain hose off once and ignitor fired up and furnace ran. i turned furnace off to see if problem was corrected and it happened again.

Sometimes the condensate lines can vapor lock of condensing style furnaces. Check all rubber lines. Make sure they are all snug and in place. ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

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