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Thumping noise while running

\015 While heating the room, the fan starts good, but, after a few minutes of running, it starts making a loud noise like it is coming loose with a lot of thumping sounds. We turn the unit off as soon as we hear the noise. I am just assuming that there may be loose bolts holding certain part of the unit. Can you help\015

Answers :

Sounds like the bearings are bad or something is catch in the fan

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Thumping noise while running

Sounds like the bearings are bad or something is catch in the fan ... GE Zoneline AZ55H09D Air Conditioner

The refrigerant line in the wall of my guest bathroom running from the Lennox A/c condensor outside makes a loud buzzing noise when it is running. The supervisor of installation of the original installation company examined the unit thoroughly outside and up in the crawl space where the line runs and says the loud, irritating noise is normal. He claims that his unit makes the same noise in his house and that I am hearing the normal noise of the outside unit running inside the house. He explained

It may just be a loud condensor, otherwise, it could be a vibration from the unit housing and the noise carries. You could always replace the relay and see if it helps any. Also check unit pressure with pressure guage to make sure it is not over pump ... Air Conditioners

My recently May 3rd, 2010 purchased LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner runs very well and cools great. Noise is not bad at lowest fan setting which is all I need really. My only complaint is the rattle buzzing type noise coming from the Air Intake or the Inlet Grille in the front of the AC. When you lower it the noise and rattle stop and the AC keeps running great. When I put it back up and connect both sides the rattle returns. I notice that if I put it back up but only connect one of the 2 prongs

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

I have a new furnace with a humidifier. Both work fine. The trouble is, the water running through the hose to the drain makes a LOUD dripping noise when it runs into the drain. Is there some way to stop the noise besides turning everything off..I have of tying a string to the hose and then the water will run down the string, but I am afraid the string might break and help clog the drain. any suggestions

Not seeing exactly what you have. I am guessing...does the humidifier have a trap on it coming out of the furnace?. Is this some type of over flow from the humidifier? If so...\015\012\015\012 I would suggest run ... Air Conditioners

I have new Samsung 1.5 Ton Window AC ( around one month old). Whenever AC is switched on in FAN or Cool mode the AC (probably FAn motor) make irritating Humming Noise. The noise slightly reduces after awhile. The noise level reduces when lower Fan speed is selected. This problem was not present in first few days of operation. Whether Compressor is on or off does not make any change in noise level. Noise level is same when AC is run in fan mode as well. We have contacted the manufacturer

It is possible that your AC is not getting the right voltage or frequency and hence is trying to scavenge in gettting the current. It will be good if you can check on the mains voltage or on the wiring for a good 15 amp supply line. If there is any r ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier Model# FA4BNF048, It just started making rattling noise and a thump sound like a car intake, the system is still cooling fine, its just the noise that is bothering us. I managed to get the cover off to listen carefully to the noise, that seems to be coming from the blower motor, I took it of with a few just bolts and wire diconnects, to ensure there were no loose parts in there, which I did not see or felt any. The system seems to be cooling still, but the noise after the au

Hi\015\012\015\012If your air conditioner is making a rattling noise, your fan is probably loose. Open it up and tighten the screw that is located in the center of the fan. You can also try a piece of plywood or Plexiglas that sits betwee ... Air Conditioners

A) I am trying to obtain a manual for a model #HWR12XC6-RB air conditioner. Can you send me one via email? B) Although it seem to run, the compressor only seems to run for a minute or two before shutting down for a time. Then it restarts. The temperature display seems to decrease while the compressor is running, and rises again when it is not running. The temperature never seems to aproach the set temperature. C) There are two types of noise I wasn't expecting. One seems to be a kind of klunking

... Haier HWR12XCB Air conditioner

My AC unit is not blowing cold. I have two. One small and one big . I just noticed that My upstairs was not cooling off. So I turned both units on and went out sid to check them. The small one is running fine fan blowing cold freon running through. The big was not running at all. I sprayed them off and while doing that the fan on the big unit began to turn. Now it is running but every now and then it keep making a noise like a motor is trying to turn on. and the freon line is not as cold as the

The start capacitor is in question and the fan appears to be overheating, That is where the water camre into it. You may need a HVAC tech to make your repairs. Good Luck _Ned_ ... Air Conditioners

My unit is running on heat but every 10 seconds makes a clickiing noise like something has been tripped. This is followed by a whooshing noise. My repair man says it's normal and the unit is trying not to freeze. Very annoying noise. Do not remember hearing this noise last year.

Trying not to freeze every 10seconds ha.it goes in defrost every 20mins . if something has been tripped it would fully stop and you would have to restart it at the circuit braker. its not the fan hitting something ? repair man is an air con mech? is ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Loud Noise The Duo-Therm roof mount a/c 559 series unit on my 1981 Avion TT makes a very loud noise when running. Somewhat of a vibration or unbalanced type of noise. Any suggestions as to how to repair it? Thanks

Check the mounting gasket. Make sure they are tightly screwed on. Installing 2nd gasket can also be done. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

1996 Coleman Model 7333C8876. Have 2 units on our Motor Home one day it was hot so I had both units running controlled by a Electronic Climate Control system. It got cool in the evening so I turned them off. The next day when i fired them both up on high the rear was fine. But the front will only cool on Low. The fan will not run on high and you can hear a slight noise coming from the unit. But the fan will not run on high.

Check to make sure the drain tube is clear. It sounds like the blower fan is dragging in water buil-up. ... Air Conditioners

Ive had this air conditioner over 2 years and never had this happen it cuts off and all three lights flash i read the back it says if it does that to drain it i dont have the hose your supposed to have to drain it but i just drained it into a pot. i done exactly what it said and then cut it back on it runs any where from 5 to 30 minutes then shuts off again. it doesnt make any noises it seems to run fine when it does run it just keeps shutting off. i dont know if thats the exact model but its c

... Sharp CV-P10MX Air Conditioner

I have a whirlpool quiet miser, ACE082XSO that is cooling fine, but makes quite a lot of tinnie rattling noise when I listen to it run on the outside of our bedroom. is there a fix for this noise problem and/or is there a place to purchase a new unit that will fit into this through-the-wall case? i'm suspicious that the unit is old and may fail soon.

Normally a sound like this is vibration or the fan making contact with the casing. If you pick up on the unit a press on it in different places and the sound goes away it i vibration. If its the fan there will be evidence on the edges of the fan blad ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Blower motor run for ten to fifteen min. then stops makes a humming noise on motor.cools down and then will run for the same amount of time.

Hi,\012The motor is going bad...you can try to oil it, that may help..Here is a tip about trouble shooting your air cond ... Air Conditioners

Loud noise when fan is running. I think its the blower motor. any suggestions like wd40 to rid of the noise..

Get a new a/c. Cannot economically fix this. ... Frigidaire FAH08ES1T Air Conditioner

Turning on the heat makes a loud noise then i turn it off and just run the fan no noise

This sounds like an oil burner, which would mean your getting an oil biuld up in the fire chamber when the burner fires up. If it is a gas furnace you need to ajust the air flow. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I noticed some straining noise coming from my a/c unit today. The fan on top of the condenser runs fine but as soon as the compressor tries to kick on the fan stops for a split second and you get a kind of surging noise from the condenser unit. Then the fans kicks back on, the the process repeats itself every couple of minutes. Meanwhile no cold air is being produced inside the house. Any ideas?

You amy ahave a bvad capacitor on the outside unit. It starts the fan and the compressor. You can change this yourself. Open the outside panel and you will see a silver canister with terminals out the top. Replace this and I think your problem will g ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I have a danby premiere model DPAC10071 & the dehumifier now wont fill external tank. every 2-3 minutes it makes a noise kind of like a fog horn way off in the distance(as if its trying to run again, not very loud but noticeable). No noise at all when on just fan mode. its been filling the external tank quite a bit up til now. please advise

It sounds like your compressor is failing to start ... that usually means a bad starting capacitor ... if thats the case it will hum loudly for a few seconds periodically .. thats the compressor trying to start but it cant if the capacitor is bad .. ... Danby Air Conditioners

Have a 5ton straight cool ac system. It's a Payne puron split sytem. metering device,txv. It will run for about 5 miutes during that time u can feel some cool back on the suction line. after that run time it will start to make a hissing noise. Over amp and shut off on internal overload. Any suggestions? Complete system is brand new and was put in around November.

Brand new systems won't require cleaning. Debris could get trapped inside the internal parts/lineset and break loose and cause a blockage which could cause high head pressure, hissing and over amp. It is possible that the charge requires readjustment ... Air Conditioners

HORRIBLE NOISE!! I have a Goodman A/C unit (Model CM18-1EB) that is running and cooling but making a HORRIBLE noise!! It a high pitched scraping sound. It's driving me and my neighbors mad.

Call tech or installer and check condensor fan assuming noise is outside. shut down outdoor unit and hand spin the fan blade to see if it is rubbing ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I. The outdoor heat-exchanger fan runs at a low speed (with a humming noise), when the home temperature is below the set-point. ii. When home temp. in high, fan runs at full speed, like normal. iii. When A/C breaker is shutoff (in main switchboard), the fan stops. Need help diagnose the problem.

It could also be the contactor; basically an electrically-controlled switch that in turn controls the compressor and the condenser fan. If it's a 220 volt motor, and one side of the contactor has very high resistance, it'll be seeing 110 volts inste ... Air Conditioners

Unit running but blowing warm air. has been making clankin noise for months but running smooth now?

Sounds like your compressor inside out unit is not running,could be burnt wire,bad run cap, or compressor bad,also may be out of freon. ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Rumblin noise rumbling noise when running but it does cool

Sounds like it needs to be recharged ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Air handler is running but outside unit fan is not running. Just a buzzing noise.

The buzzing if it is real loud is a very wore out contactor and could be the cause of your unit not running. Check your circuit breaker. you'll likely need service and have the unit cleaned for best performance. Good luck Tom ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Turned on AC was running fine. 30 minutes later began to hear a strange noise. Opened AC/Furnance closet & heard a sound best described as air letting out of a tire. It seemed to be coming from copper pipe. Minute later sound stopped & air was suddenly hot. As if AC was turned on fan not cold. Went outside & neither fan nor motor was running. Turned fan manually. Ran for about a minute then stopped. Outside unit was making what could best be described as a buzzing sound.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012This means that the condenser fan motor (outside unit) failed, this caused to build hi pressure and either activated a safety valve to release the extra pressure or blew a line and R22 Refrigerant escaped from system. ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

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