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I have a Intertherm model# FEH-015HA It is no longer blowing heat

\015 I was told by someone that it sounds like it is the heating element. I just know IT IS COLD.... I called a mobile parts and deliver and they said it would be about $300.00, but I found one for $189.23. The mobile part place told me the only problem is if the fuse box thing goes out they don't make them anymore I would be better buying the whole unit from them for $550 and then they will charge $350 to install. I don't have that kind of money right now. My question is does it sound like it is the heating element? If so, how hard is it to change and What if that things goes out that they don't make anymore?\015

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I'm a dealer for a Nordyne product and I was on the website trying to find your model number and I can't find your unit anywhere even in archives. Can tell me if the a/c coil sits on top of the unit? Also, can you varify the model number? But anyway, even if Nordyne doesn't make the heat kit anymore (which I doubt) you can restring the heating element anyway. You need to remove the heat kit from the system and physically look at it to determine if it is bad. You can do a continuity check as well. The heat kit is easy to remove. On most Intertherm models, the heat kits sit right behind the breakers near the bottom of the air handler. Also check to see if the tstat is actually calling for the heat to come on. That can be done with a volt meter. Also check that the sequencer isn't faulty as well. If I could have the correct model number, I can pull up a wiring diagram of the unit and tell you exactly where everything is located. If you can varify the model number and also the serial number, I can call Nordyne monday morning and find out exactly what you need and if they are still making the heat kit. Just let me know what you would like me to do.

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I have a Intertherm model# FEH-015HA It is no longer blowing heat

I'm a dealer for a Nordyne product and I was on the website trying to find your model number and I can't find your unit anywhere even in archives. Can tell me if the a/c coil sits on top of the unit? Also, can you varify the model number? But anyw ... Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm electric furnace in my mobile home model # FEHB 015A. The heater started acting up by first blowing warm air like normal but then blowing cool, not heated air after a few minutes of operation. At some point it seemed when it was blowing heated air that it was really hot, then cool. Then it just quit heating the air at all. I am looking for a schematic to identify the heating coil or igniter coil if it has one for possible replacement.

Http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/707716c.pdf\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012http://www.nordyne.com/Literature/359a.pdf\015\012\015\012The diagrams above may not be exactly what you are needing. But they will be close. Usually the diag ... Air Conditioners

My 1991 model Intertherm 2 1/2 self contained heat pump was fine Sunday morning, then in evening was blowing 75 degree air and not having success against current mid-to upper 90's. My call to HVAC repairman brought his visit. He verified compressor working, so recharged freon. Unit began blowing 60 degree air. Next day, by evening in same terrible heat wave, is blowing 73 degree air. Is there a leak??? Seems the repairman spent long enough to tell pressure was being kept... My call to his

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Best things to do is find your Return grill in the home.\015\012Get a measuring tape and measure the Hole size with the grill removed, Or filterback grill whatever the case.\015\012Then simply go to a home retailer with the size, or in ra ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

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Inside unit The control transformer blowed up when when water got on it from thawing out the coil after it froze over due to being low on coolant. I call a repair company and they installed the wired transformer backwards Where would i get a wiring diagram for a Intertherm heat pump Model#: E1EH-105HA SERIAL#: E1E9505-06625

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Intertherm feh-015ha electric furnace blower makes a loud noise when kicks on and runs heats just fine but all of a sudden it starts making this horrib;e noise help

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Model# E2EB-015HA is blowing cold air instead of heat.

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If it's only a two wire system, it should be on the R/RC and W. Fan should kick on automatically.Not too familar with that unitA is usally for a heat pump pick-up coil or heating element Pay attention once you've rewired the t'stat. Make ... Air Conditioners

I need the capacitor size on the Intertherm heat pump unit Model # E2EB-015HA.

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Wiring diagram for model FEH-015HA-04 - Intertherm P3RC-030K Air Conditioner

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Carrier Heat Pump Model 38EYG042300 airhandler blower operational, T-stat set to emergency heat still operational and does not blow the 5 amp fuse . When T-stat is set to Cooling or Heat from the Heat pump after about 3-5 minutes the 5 amp fuse continually blows, checked the transformer both primary and secondary checks out good, check transformer to ground not grounded, is it posibble for the T-stat to ground out and blow the 5 amp fuse when calling for the heat pump to heat or cool? Hard for m

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I have a Central Electric Furnace for Mobile it is an Intertherm Model FEH-015 HAC-04 Serial # FEH-9101-0237 It needs to be replaced, I'm wondering if you could help me in providing a model that can replace it.....I always have to turn my old furnace off at night as it is so loud it wakes me up and is there anykind that are more quiet now and maybe more efficient? Is Intertherm furnace better than a Trane ? Thank you in advance for some help with my problem. Michelle

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No heat I have an Amana heating and a/c unit model # pth153b50ae. It was blowing heat all winter then just stopped. It now blows cold air and is either bringing in cold air from outside or is blowing a/c. It does not change no matter where the control knobs are set. I checked the fuse and actually changed it but no difference. The only way I can turn it off is either unplug it or take the cover off and switch of the little micro switch. I'm thinking the board is gone. Any help would be appreciat

Check to see if unit has a contactor,they arc and weld together,keeping your unit on ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

I have a intertherm model feh-017h electric

It's the heat kit in the unit that is causing the problem. You need to do a continuity test on it to eleminate that they have shorted. This is the only thing in an electric furnace that will blow a fuse on it. Intertherm is a Nordyne product for ... Air Conditioners


There should be a chart or list on the inside of one of the panels that says what the fault codes mean. Check it out and report back. Maybe we can be more helpful. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Evcon gas furnace model# DGAT095ADA last year I replaced the T-O-D #60T82 - 313675 fan switch and works fine. This year the unit started fine, but slowly started taking longer & longer to heat up, then finally not heating up enough to trip fan switch. Manually tripping fan switch resulted in some warm air through system, but not enough to heat a house. Gas comes on and is blue what would be my next course of action ?

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I have an Intertherm EP1500 portable heater. It's 7 foot long exactly, 120 Volt, 1500 watt. Intertherm was bought out by Cadet and this model equates to the Cadet model EPA 1500. I need to find what I believe is a thermostat connected to the heating element, but some are referring to it as a limit. It's black, round plastic, a bit smaller than a dime and has two wires going into it. It's physically broken. I'm hoping to find a replacement as this things virtually indestructible minus this part.

I would take this part out and take it to a local mechanical supply house in your area. The service people are very knowledable about heating and a/c parts and they can physically look at the part to see if they have it in stock or if they can order ... Air Conditioners

Not heating,when the setting is placed on high heat, the unit blows cold air,here are the model and serial no. model no. is atr1545spp-0 and the serial no. is qrr26705465

Check 3 ways valve he must change position. ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Heating unit model number PCB024075-1 is blowing cold air...note this is first time this year using heat...gas is on and unit is coming on fine it's just blowing cold air

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Goodman outdoor AC/Heating unit, model #: GPG10420901A will not turn on heat. If I place the fan mode to "ON" it will blow the cold air, and the Air Conditioning works fine. When placed on "Auto" the blowe will not turn on and no heat is produced.

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My heat pump continues to blow air almost right up until the compressor kicks back on. It makes the room feel cool because it is blowing air that is no warmer than room temperature. The a/c is a Miller model number PCZD-030KB and the thermostat is a Honeywell model number T874R. They are both over 15 years old. Should i simply replace the thermostat? And is there any rule of thumb as to what thermostat i should replace it with or will any do?

Any thermostat will work, I recommend digital thermostats. Ones that you can program are a plus, it will save you money as well as help the environment. It is normal for your blower to continue blowing well after the heat stops, this is called cyc ... Air Conditioners

Intertherm mmha070 not getting heat,,,fan just keeps blowing and blowing cold air...red light constantly flashing...says limit switch is open but furnace guy has been here twice and says the switch is fine...got sporadic heat for a few hours...yellow LED light stayed on indicating flame was sensed but after a few hours , red light flashing again and no yellow light at all...

Hi, did he bypass the high limit to see if it was bad? Sounds like you are getting false codes and you have a problem in your module or main board, which ever you have. The way it is acting, saying the high limit is open but the tech says its not, I ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Heat Pump no longer produces cold air. Blows good but not cold.

It sounds like you have a refrigerant leak. If both coils are clean and air fiter is clean nad you can hear compressor running, most likely refrigerant leak. If this unit has heat strips verify they are not running during cool mode. ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a sanyo ac model # xs3622, c3622 and was wondering if there is a heat setting. I live in a warm climate and have never needed the heat. The remote control has a heat setting but when I change it to heat it still blows cold. Any help would be helpful. Thanks

Your a/c model is only cool, but remote may be heat and cool which normally supplied by all manufacturers. Don't worry. In your remote heat mode will not respond by unit. Helpful advise? ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

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