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Lg 2hp split air condition needs original refill gas

\015 I have 14 split LG product 2hp in my office premises. and i realise they are not cooling. and one engineer told me the gas in all of them dry fast and no traces of leaking. \015\012\015\012the engineer now advice that i should buy a proper refill gas to be refill back into all this air condition. Please expert, which gas is very good and not quick drying gas i can buy for my engineer for refilling. \015\012\015\012and where to buy in essex area if london\015

Answers :

Hi! there,
\015\012 well! there several factor to be consider in
\015\012 insufficient cooling effect,
\015\012 1. under charge, low charge of freon
\015\012 how to detect: Check oprerating current
\015\012 using clamp ammeter ,
\015\012 clamp on one line and
\015\012 take reading compare
\015\012 this to rated current on
\015\012 manuals if below
\015\012 your system is under
\015\012 charge,recharge
\015\012 freon 22 ,if same is good
\015\012 check also on sight
\015\012 glass located on hi side
\015\012 if bubbles appear your
\015\012 system is under charge
\015\012 irecharge if clear still
\015\012 good.
\015\012 Freon 22 and others are refrigerant gas and easily evaporate when they escape on athmospheric pressure.they are dagerous to our athmosphere if they expose,they destroy our stratosphere that filter sunlight coming to earth the radio active of sun cannot enter or block by stratosphere if this destroy radio active affect our mother earth.
\015\012 so in charging freon,they should not escape or leak in our athmosphere take all necessary precaution,there is international law about freon leaking on air,try to update on this issue.
\015\012 2. evaporator coil and blower should always maintain in obstruction and paricles blocking the fin.if the ice is developed on eveporator this mean evaporator is dirty need to be clean also with fan and blower.they cannot blow air sufficiently due to ice solidified on fin to block air passage.also, on condenser tube fin don let to distored rejection of heat sufficienly help good evaporation of freon .
\015\012 if fan and blower has insufficient in blowing of air, change bearing, perfomance
\015\012will improve in full effeciency.
\015\012 so cheers and have a nice day to london
\015\012guys thank's

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Lg 2hp split air condition needs original refill gas

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