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Cant put unit back together

\015 Mitsubishi mr slim ms-a12wa took wall fan unit apart and i cant figure how to put it back together no manuel im an electrician so many parts to take apart in order to get to termination block for power\015

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You can go to the manufacturers website and download everything you will need. Their tech literature is pretty extensive.

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Cant put unit back together

You can go to the manufacturers website and download everything you will need. Their tech literature is pretty extensive.\015\012\015\012http://ww ... Air Conditioners

Goodman a/c j41 fan not running, turned off and on at fuse box, took a look at the box next to a/c unit and opened the box on the wall and pulled the plug and pulled the plastic panel off, there is no fuses. So i put back together and turned the a/c unit on, now at thermostat the snowflake is no longer flashing, some cold air coming out of vents, but outside a/c unit fan still does not run.

First you need to disconnect all power. Try spinning the fan blade, if it spins freely, then try moving the shaft from side to side to see if there's any side play. If not then the bearings are OK. If there seems to be some drag when your spinning th ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

I have a goodman Air conditioning unit CKL49-1. The fan motor connects to the top lid. Recently the metal cracked and broke and the fan fell down inside. I purchassed a new lid mounted the fan back on to the lid. It doesnt seem that any major damage was caused. I put everything back together the way it was. When I turn it on it will only go on for a sec then a switch inside turns it off. When i looked at the electrical on the ac i noticed when i turn it on a little spark on a switch and the swit

Sounds like it is overloading and tripping the circuit breaker (that thing that pops up). More than likely when the fan fell down it stopped the blade from turning which caused the motor to overheat, melting the windings insulation which caused them ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

I have an outside propane heater, there is gas emitting from the hole on the backside of the regulator. I removed the burner and blew out the lines, put the unit back together and turned on the gas and it is still doing the same thing. Can it be a bad regulator? The unit is only a year old

Disconnect that regulator rat now and take it bak. ... Air Conditioners

Burnham Oil fired boiler-burner unit Model # RS/112. Probably over 25 years old. The unit would run for 20 sec. or so and cut off. A little smoke was coming out of the little hole. Took it apart and cleaned the flue tubes/ turbulators etc. It was pretty dirty. Some of the tubes were completely blocked w soot. Cleaned the electric eye. Put it back together and it would still shut off after 20 seconds. Took out the gun assembly and adjusted the electrodes to specs. It appeared one of the electrode

Hi,\015\012The problem is the nozzle and quite probably the air adjustment is off.\015\012To be quite honest, working on an oil burner is not a DIY project. When any changes are made the air should be readjusted using a combustion analyse ... Air Conditioners

I have a 13seer unit i cant put my fan motor back can u tell me where my 3 wire go

Black is common it goes to the T-1 terminal on the contactor switch the yellow and brown connect to a capacitor. ... Air Conditioners

Batteries on the control unit thing ran out, so I took the whole thing off the wall (not realising that the batteries can be replaced by pressing a button at the back of the unit to reveal the battery compartmnt), replacd the batteries and it looks like it works (display on, showing temperature etc), put the unit back on the wall and ... nothing, zip, no response. Help! Surely taking the unit off the wall wouldn't break it? It came off easily enough, and goes back into place just as easily.

Hi, check the wire connections to make sure the Red wire is good and tight. This is only low voltage, so don't worry about getting zapped. If all wires are tight. you may have blown the control fuse at the indoor unit. Go to it with a good light, pul ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I just installed a Goodman GSX130421 3.5 Ton R410a unit alnog with a Goodman CAPF3642c6 3.5 Ton Evap. The outside unit cam with a #076 oriface, along with instructions to put it in. The Evap came with a #78. I put the #76 in, I evacuated the Evapand lines back to the O/S unit. It held 1050 microns for 10 min. The unit hardly cools the Discharge is 430psi, Suction is pegged, outside temp is 93 deg F. High humidity. Where do I go from here?

Since you got it new i think the best way to get this fixed would be to cotact the manufaturer instead of playibg around with things, however these are the causes of the problem : your condenser may be dirty and the evaporator coils should be cleaned ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have just purchased and installed a Samsung AQ12FEN. A qualified Airconditioner company installed the unit. The slpit unit installation is a back to back configuration It replaced a 8 year old split airconditioner that was removed.I purchased Samsung as it seems they use good technology and the unit is quiet according to the technical brochure. When it was installed and put on, the compressor noise was heard through the wall and was louder than the fan noise from the inside unit. It makes an

This could be caused by an installation problem. The system could be severly overcharged, causing the compressor to load up and can cause a failure. i would start there. Is your intaller qualified to install these systems? (does he know what he is do ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I replaced my outside unit with a 3 ton goodman heat pump unit. My old unit was a 3 ton bryant and the compressor burned up in it. I left the old unit under the house since it seemed to be in good condition. the pump worked fine on ac to start off. But then you had to switch it in heat and back to ac for it to work. So the tech replaced the expansion value and put filters in both lines. I still have to switch it back to heat to get the ac to work. The tech told me that i would have to repla

You said it had rwo filers on the line. I know one is a liquid line drier. If you have one on the suction line it need to come out ASAP. The trash in the line can be removed by running in cool.pump down unit replace drier. While the unit is pumped ... Air Conditioners

I have an American Standard Heat pump. The unit is one piece is is outside. The problem that I have is that sometimes when the unit kicks on cool, the fan motor will not start. The compressor will run, but quickly freezes up. I can put unit in off and wait for thaw and then put back in cool mode and fan will start. Any ideas?

Definitely a low voltage problem then i would look for the obvious like loose connections good luck you might have to call a tech ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Rudd central unit , turn A/C on[therm. inside] all U can hear is a Buzzing noise coming from the outside unit , found that [1] capacitor wire had been BURNT , changed wire , then changed capacitor , turned unit on[inside], 1st nothing ???? went inside & ck'd *breaker box* , fuse is operated by "dual arm[tied together] flipped off then on & went back turned a/c back on , came on for [maybe couple of minutes] then STOP'd , tried '1' more time , all U hear is the BUZZ noise? U could smell SMOKE & H

Hello\015\012Before you buy a new condensor fan motor check the contacts to the motor are not worn or pitted.\015\012\015\012Hold or push the contactor in by using an insulated screwdriver and see if the fan motor turns.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

We had a brand new unit put in a couple of years back. When it was installed it worked. Once winter came, it obviously was turned off. Then the following summer, it would turn on but just blow air, would not cool at all- so the unit installers came out and repaired it. It worked through the summer, then the following summer-it wouldnt cool again-they came back out and fixed it again. Third summer in a row-it is not working again!! A friend told me this morning, on new units there is a

Yes but you should have to keep resteting it you might have a major problem are you beiing charge for freon if so you have a bad condensor unit (it have a leak ) check your bill if the same thing happens again go see what the techs are doing ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Fujitsu astg14luca - lights flashing (green and red - what looks like a clock) but unit not going on. Have turned off house electricity and put it back again, taken batteries out of remote and put it back again. These things haven't worked.

... Air Conditioners

Freon leaking my unit is only 4 yrs old. in the winter it was not working, he put 2# of freon, said that the sequensers needed replaced. Then they came back when summer hit and put in 7# of freon, did not check for leak, and now are saying that they have to come back and empty freon to find the leak, they should have done that when it was almost empty, not just add freon. which was 140.00

First, you need to complain to the owner about the tech not informing you that the freon would leak out again. It's addtional costs that were not explained to you. If he's a good guy, he may credit you something if you decide to use him to complete ... Goodman CLJ30AR32 Air Conditioner

Good heat pump. I put a t-stat and the unit came on. took it off and put it back on the unit would not say a thing. What do you think the problem is.

You should check the low voltage fuse on the control board. check power to unit and check to see if you have low voltage. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

50DF024 Unit had too much oil put in by someone that didn't know better. Compressor died of course. Burnout. I put in a reman comp (06E)and a suction line filter core with cleanout filter. After start up, ran smooth, some oil migrated back to crankcase. High oil level, drained a gallon, oil level barely 1/8 in sight glass. Ran unit for 2 wks, (14 hrs per weekday only)all ok. Changed a filter core again, upon start up, comp was shaking badly and drawing high current. Enough to trip breaker. Oil

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a bryant out door unit heat pump 661cj030-a. I recently lost the 27vac transformer in the indoor unit. Replaced it and ran fine for 4 weeks. I lost the 27vac again but wasnt tranformer this time. Outside unti was holding the 27 volts down. I disconnected all outputs to logic bd on outside unit only leaving wires connected from inside unit. 27 volts held up. I started putting outputs back on. lost the 27volts when i connected defrost thermostat to logic bd. I ohmed out thermostat and it sh

... Air Conditioners

My unit stopped blowing cold and started blowing hot.i turned off unit looked into furnace and saw pilot was still lit.i put out gas pilot and turned unit back on and it is blowing semi cool air (like fan)but not cool as it should.checked outside ac and it is running....munual says to turn unit off for 2 hrs and if it does not do right then it is compressor.we are currently in the 2 hr process. Any help would be helpful at this point.is there a reset switch or anything I could do to troubleshoo

100 degree temps/high humidity puts an extreme load on air conditioners - but if everything is right with the AC - 'overheating is not a big problem.\015\012\015\012The first thing I would check is whether or not the compressor is running ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Everstar MPM 08CR BB4 P1 light is on and unit wont start. I emptied the bucket, I drained the hose inside bucket area and put back where it wouldnt be in the way of the bucket, I unplugged and plugged back in while holding button and it did a recycyle and went back to P1. The black plate with floater in the bucket looks like it is displaced or something. Where does it fit in the bucket. Could this be the prob? Thank you

Http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.618686/sc.10/category.71/.f ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

My alarm is blinking and beeping. This AP077R unit has not been used for 2 years. I unscrewed the back but could not get it off so I put the screw back in and laid it on the front so I could clean the back. I then plugged it in and it ran for maybe 2 seconds and it shut off and the alarm light came on and it beeped. What's wrong? Thanks, Barry

... Amana AP077R Portable Air Conditioner

What outside temperature can you not charge an air conditioner unit?when is it to cool outside to put r-22 in a condenser unit? sometimes i hear from techs that it to cool in outside temp. to charge a unit with freon,but no one has told me the range of temp.to which you can or cant service charge a unit.does anyone know the official answer?

If you need to charge a unit whe it is to cold. if you know how to un plug out dooor motor take wire off that well let head perssure go up . or you can cover up condenser that will work to good luck. ... Air Conditioners

Just installed a new thermostat because the air/heat would not come on. I have put the new thermostat in and still nothing happens. I can hear the thermostat click but the fan nor the unit turns on. I have turn off the breaker and turned it back on but no luck. Is there a reset button on the unit, unit is a E1eb015ha

On some thermostats there is a delay when you first apply power. Look at the owner's manual and see if this applies to you. ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier HVAC unit model #38TKB62300 and the unit outside stopped working. From the exposed wires outside the unit, I noticed that when I pulled gently on some wires, it make a clicking sound. So I took off the cover and back panel and literally the wire connector, feel out of the box. I have detailed pictures of the wires that are not connected. There is a "Brown" wire and "Red" wire that are not connected, so I touched them together to find the Capacitor moving in and out. However,

There is a short either in the wiring or one of your motors ... Air Conditioners

I have three mr slim inside units...live in a very clean place, non-smoker, no pets, brand new renovation....problem is that the fans are constantly getting dirty. less than a month ago i had all three units taken down, thoroughly cleaned, drain hoses cleaned, etc. Put them back up and now they are accumulating what appears to be an abnormal amount of gunk on the fan blades. the filters are clean, the coils are clean, and the air intakes at the top of the unit are clean as well. anyone have any

Very strange indeed! The ffault is on anyway and there is a dirt that comes on to stick to the fan. So the logic is that the fan is bringing up the dust to the fan either from the inside of the unit or from the outside. if you are spot sure that ther ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

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