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Amana Prestige Ultra A/C compressor won't cycle on

\015 The thermostat makes the fan kick on and when the compressor tries to cycle on I hear a buzz like it's trying to come one but then it stops without coming on. The lights dim slightly in the house indicating the draw of power as it is trying to cycle on, then return to normal when the compressor fails to start.\015

Answers :

When the compressor tries to come on is the fan motor running? If it is, then the compressor could possibly be bad or it can be just the capacitor that is bad. The compressor won't start if the capacitor is bad or doesn't have enough energy to help start the motor and it will also cause the lights to dim. If the comprssor was bad, in all likely hood the breaker would trip. You can do an ohms test on the compressor to determine that. If you have a meter that tests microferods, then you can test the capacitor as well. But if the fan motor doesn't come on as the compressor is trying to start, then check the contactor to see if it is not making good contact. I would check it just for arguments sake anyway. Also make sure that you are getting 220v to the unit as well. Good luck, hope this helps. Oh, you can also look at the capcitor and sometimes, they will puff up and look swollen when they go bad as well but not all the time.
Sounds like a bad compressor or the brushes in the motor need to be changed

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Amana Prestige Ultra A/C compressor won't cycle on

When the compressor tries to come on is the fan motor running? If it is, then the compressor could possibly be bad or it can be just the capacitor that is bad. The compressor won't start if the capacitor is bad or doesn't have enough energy to help ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana Prestige A/C compressor that is not turning on when my fan turns on to cool the house. I replaced the capacitor because my old one was bubbled up at the top. After I replaced it, it still did not kick back on when I turned on the A/C unit from inside. There is an override switch on the compressor that turns the compressor on manually but does not stay on.

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Sounds like a dirty coil or stuck thermostat ... Air Conditioners

2006 amana prestige 2 model rcc60c2c condenser fan continues to run and stops displacing heat and compressor stays stuck until unit is turned off recently the condenser and inlet coils are cleaned i i

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First check to see if contactor is pulling in\012if so check you have 230 volts across terminals\012if yes check the capacitor\012if good check compressor windings\012you did not indicate whether to condenser\012fan is r ... Air Conditioners

Armstrong Air Ultra V Tech 91 Furnace Wont kick back on after initial cycle. replaced thermostat, not problem, power to thermostat is +24-28V.

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Amana Ultron Compressor cycles on for 20-30 sec. then turns of for 5 min. Thermostat is set at 70F and indicates temp is currently 78F.

Thermostat settings mean little. Mainly because thermostats are usually not level, or they're dusty inside. The way to test is turn the thermostat all the way hot, or all the way cold.None of which has anything to do with your problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Amana Prestige Ultra a/c unit and trying to find a condenser unit fan motor but I can't find the exact one that is rated the same

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Have an lg reverse cycle was sitting for 12 months. the fan works fine but cooling or heating is not working.when i first turned it on it took about 5 minutes then compressor kicked in once in got to temperature it turned off and now wont come back on

I think, your compressor gets over heated due to condenser block-clean it. Less rpm fan speed. -Replace capacitor. 3.Check compressor running capacitor. If weak replace it. Helpful? ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

My amana ptac unit compressor does not come on either cycle heat or cool what might be the problem?

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My Amana Prestige Ultra Central Heating Unit doesn't seem to be working, I would like to know if there is a hard reset switch or button on the unit?

Ok sounds like your transformer is not working. Now as long as no one has removed the doors to the furnace cabinet and they are in place just like the are suppose to be, because there is a door switch that turns off the power to the whole unit until ... Amana ABC2037SS Air Conditioner

Good noon! I have an Amana prestige II, but the fan for working compressor keeps running out of door when fan stop in the attic.

This sounds like your contactor is fused shut. Normally the contactor disengages when your unit turns off, but if the unit is getting older and runs for long lengths of time the metal will actually meld together. I would have someone replace the cont ... Air Conditioners

Wont cool!! We have 2 LG 2ton heat pump outdoor systems, but I believe the remotes are cool only. The 01 system cools perfect, but the 02 outdoor fan runs half as fast as the 01 system and the compressor keeps cycling on and off, and they are hot enough to burn you. I am totaly stumped on what the proble could be.... We swaped just about everything between the 2 systems and still the 01 frezzes you out while the 02 will not cool at all.. Any kind of seguestions wold be much appreciated, Thanks i

U may have a heat pump thats not reversing into cooling. Any number of items can cause this. I would start with the reversing valve coil assuming its a heat pump. If your not acquainted with a reversing valve it is a 4 pipe (1 on one end and 3 on the ... LG LM-2430H2L 24000 BTU Heat and Cool Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner

We had a terrible thunderstorm and I saw a flash of light near our transformer. All the lights in our house dimmed. Since this had happened before and we damaged our capacitor, I immediately turned the AC unit off(Amana Prestige II). When the power stabilized I turned the unit back on but the compressor will not come on. I tried turning the breakers off and on but it did not work.

Well, that;s not good. whenever there are thunder and lightning around, you should always UNPLUG, to disconnect EVERYTHING from the wall, simply turning OFF, is NOT sufficient. \015\012I would expect that the induced current from the lightning, will ... Amana Air Conditioners

Compressor wont start

It is probably a failed run capacitor for the compressor. Without the capacitor, the motor can't even try to run, but it will draw extreamly high amperage until it trips the thermal overload (avarage trip time 5-10sec) after it has a few second for ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

A/C runs cold when first turned on. Will run fine for about 1 hour, then the compressor starts to cycle on and off. Will run cold for approximately 2 minutes then compressor kicks off for about 4 or 5 minutes. Compressor then kicks back on for another 2 minutes and then kicks off. This cycle will continue for as long as you leave the unit on.

It sounds like your unit is low on refrigerant. Have it checked and refilled if necessary. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

After a cooling cycle, when the thermostat call for more cooling, it take up to 5 minutes after the air handler starts for the compressor motor to restart. The top fan operates on the outside unit, but since the house is not circulating cold air, only the room tep air the house heats up about 3 degrees before the compressor comes back on and cool air begins to come from the ducts. Yes. I know there is a safety feature to protect the compressor, but can the cycle be shortened?

No, this cycle cannot be shortened due to the simple fact that this feature is in place to protect your system. Even if it could be, I wouldn't recommend it.Mat ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Amana Air Conditioner Portable AP125d vibrating with cool cycle

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Duotherm sunchaser compressor wont kick in today-worked yesterday


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